Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 2534

2534. Chapter 2508

    Chapter 2508

    The veterans completed their presence north of the city, and civilians and guards in the city were very welcome, and some sand guards even went out of town to talk to the veterans.

    Su Xiao enjoys lunch in tentatively constructed battalions, and is waiting for a decree from the Rosai Palace.

    Su Xiao was not allowed to wait for ten minutes, and a commanding officer came in a hurry.

    “Brilliant Kukulin, Your Majesty.”

    “Well, I know.”

    Su Xiao put the fork in his hand and washed one hand and took Boubo Wang, A Mu and Baja out of the camp.

    Through the city gate, Su Xiao just entered the sand, and saw the popular celebration on the streets, the two countries ceased fighting, nothing more than that, and the Kingdom ordered that the celebration in the city lasted three days.

    The enthusiasm of the civilian population of Saudi Arabia is demonstrated at this time by the full enjoyment of alcohol and food and the sweaty of small street traffickers.

    In this exciting atmosphere, Su Xiao arrived at the door of the Rosai Palace, and it was surprising that no guards were guarded here.

    In the Rosai Palace, the front hall was quiet, and only the fountain tank oh la’s water voice, Su Xiao, remember, was here beating the Uno stopped.

    Get on the ladder, get on the way to the dorm.


    The doors of the dorm were opened by Su Xiao, which flowed out of the crack, and a body appeared ahead when the two metal gates were completely pushed out.


    contrast to Uro’s treatment, the Shah Emperor, who had no head, was lying in a crystal coffin, and a fibred silhouette was sitting next to the crystal coffin, and she was looking at the bodies in the crystal coffin, with a complex eye.

    “It is a shame to attack the President in Peru, who dares to come alone.”

    Carlos left behind the curtain, and her upper half has grown a lot, hair, fingers, etc., but the overall proportion is proportionate.


    rest of Carlos is black worms, like black mud, and this black mud forms a rough snake tail, and the surface pumps are mixed, with nearly a metre of roughness and a dozen metres of length.

    In the hands of Carlos, a sword of almost three metres long, with a sword of 20 centimeters wide, seems thick, and the edge of the blade is weak and sharp.

    “Young sister, he’s just using you, as the descendants of the Pennier family, you can’t, nor can you allow true love for the descendants of the fake king.”

    “I know, I know.”

    The Queen of the white dress, Camilla, opened the door, and she had some light crystal coffins, and eventually climbed to her elder sister Carols, she was still a normal human body, and, somehow, the rest of her body lost consciousness.

    “Give you an opportunity to hand over all your soldier powers, leave the flame, like your subordinate Oss, he’s smart, and I hope you’re as smart as him.”

    The fact that Carlos had a sword with a black tail on the ground was at the expense of devouring the two gods in a short period of time, and the special physique of the Pennier family was strong, but would face a variety of side effects if it were to wake up thoroughly in a short period of time.

    Su Xiao found a seat in the dorm, a cigarette, and he hit a ring.


    Caesar came in from the door, and he was kicked in by A Mu.

    Caesar was there, and Su Xiao’s whistle could be slowly exported, and he was ready to validate all his ideas and borrow Caesar’s mouth.

    “Get out of the way, Caesar’s gonna act cool.”

    Baja flew, hearing this, Caesar had a really thin chest, sneaking around the socks in a pocket, and, once dangerous, he was ready to throw out the socks to attract the enemy, and then run.

    “Madam Honor, don’t you feel anything missing as a descendant of the Pennier family?”

    Caesar, look at Carlos, Carlos, endured a sword that ripped down Old Man’s impulse.

    “We don’t need anything.”

    “and the ancestors of the Pennier family?”

    Caesar’s hand rises, and the Pernial ring appears in his hand.

    “Father’s legacy.”

    Carlos moved forward, a pale hand grabbed the rotten black robe on her, she younger sister Camilla.

    “Don’t be so anxious, it belongs to you, distinguished lady.”

    Caesar’s thumb bullet, and he goes to Carlos.


    The sword has been wiped out, the ring has been cut into a crippling shadow, and Carlos can remove the Emperor and Uno, and the vigilance will certainly not be weak, as is the case with the “surprise” on it.

    “The rings of Pennier, the Dawnes, are the things your family guarded, and you will not miss them.”


    Carlos sneered, looking at Caesar, said, “You’re smart, but the Darnez is not what we guarded. That’s the guardian of God. My family only guards the Penny ring.”

    “That’s what I’m wrong about, let me see, the Flame God in the body in half of the Dagnys, and the other half in Divine Physique, the birth of the birth, and the Pernil ring, is the only thing that belongs to the Pennier family.”

    “Enough, no more bullshit, you die here.”

    Carlos is not prepared to continue to delay, and the situation is in her favour.

    “No, no, no, no, no. Let me finish the last sentence. You’re not curious. What the hell are your ancestors and two gods guarding? You’re not curious that only the Pennier family can wear the Pennier ring, and if you want to pick up the Dawnes, you should be the one who needs to be wearing the Pennier ring. The Dañez is more like a key.”


    Carlos didn’t talk, looking at Su Xiao.

    “Stupid legend, you wouldn’t believe that legend, would you hold the world? This is ridiculous.”


    Halberd was nailed on the ground, and saw this halberd halberd, and Carlos’s nerves were slight.

    “So you believe in that legend, and you’re still looking for the ‘Pernial ring’ and ‘Dawnes’? So this is how you first came to Sadu?”

    A wonderful misunderstanding emerged, and Su Xiao obtained power, and that was good luck with the Pennier ring, that’s all.

    Carlos’ hands up, inside the dorm room, and she waited for a moment, half a long halberd to fly, caught in her hand, was the upper half of Dañez.

    See this scene, Caesar laughs more tricky.

    “The Pernil ring, the Dawnes, the two are all together, and you’re the Peñer family, don’t try it?”

    Caesar continues to ignore.


    Carlos was silent, and she felt that there were too many plots, but under absolute strength, everything was useless, just like the Emperor and Uno, and those two were defeated under her absolute strength.

    “In the legend, only the Pernial family can pick up the Darius, and the World will be in the hands of that man, and if you succeed, we will destroy the Kingdom of Peru together, the flame will be yours and the territory of one third of Peru belongs to us.”

    Caesar’s acting is unpleasant, even ‘ambition’.

    “We only work with victors, you win, so we work with you, okay? Do you accept this proposal?”

    Caesar had some expectations, and that was what he thought in his own brain, like the “double nuclear processor”.

    Su Xiao never spoke, and he didn’t expect Caesar to succeed at all, and his purpose was simple, so that Caesar could deceive the first half of the Dawnes and then kill the enemy, that’s all.

    “I’ll try, but after you die.”

    The increase in the sword of more than three metres in the hands of Carlos is a sign of death.

    (This chapter is over)

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