Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 2535

2535. Chapter 2509 Special physique

    第2509章 特殊physique

    Caesario, look at Carlos. Can’t talk for a while, kill them first? And then put on the “Pernil ring”, pick up the ‘Dawnes’, so listen, no problem.

    “Since you insist, then.”

    Caesar slowed back, inside the dorm room, Carlos handled long sword, which represented the death of the Silver Flame, while her younger sister Camilla was on her back and was on her shoulder on the left side of Carlos.

    The black mud flowing in the rest of Carlos, including the Camilla parcel on the back, reveals only the upper half of Camilla, two sisters are soft, one half monster, three metres old sword, and it’s not that big.

    Camilla’s son was turned into Trey Green, representing the breath of life, two sisters representing life, one on death, two on the other, and two on the other, friendship, which was the power acquired after devotion of the gods, life was the god of Peru, and death was the god of the flames.


    main thrust of the fighting is, of course, elder sister Carols, whose probability is that of younger sister Camilla is remote and can cure the damage suffered by elder sister Carlos.


    The cold ice spreads in the dorm, seals all the exports of the dorm, separates this huge dorm from the outside world.

    The cold is spreading in the hands of A Mu, forming a cold warhammer that has been intermittently closed since entering the world, swimming over that many days of depression in the sea and finally having the opportunity to reveal it today.

    Boubo wandering into the environment, Baja spinning over the bedroom, which has a dozen metres tall bedroom, enabling it to take advantage of its flight advantage.

    Grey fog and tree branches spread on the ground, and Carlos looked at Baja, and looked towards A Mu, which, in her view, had never seen the most intractable cow.


    Carlos disappeared and went straight to A Mu, and the next moment she disappeared appeared before A Mu, when Carlos was higher than A Mu, a senior representative of Su Xiao’s team, and A Mu was confronted with a strong enemy.


    Two broad long sword cuts into A Mu’s chest, A Mu can’t escape and a hammer hits Carlos’ head.

    A bang, a wave spread, Carlos slight, and there were some ice marks in the forehead, but that’s all.

    The broken wind came from behind Carlos, Baja, whose goal was to lay on Carmela’s back.

    The sharp eagle claws stabbed into Camilla’s neck, and Camilla didn’t move, or even close it.

    “Whoo Sawyer.”


    strange incantation in the Camilla mouth, whose blood was steep into Trigreen and climbed to Baja.


    A giant fist formed by branches fell from above and pushed Baja into the ground.

    Compared to the fighting between Camilla and Baja, the recent war between Carlos and Baja is more brutal.

    The sword in the hands of Carlos, the first sword that killed A Mu in the air, the second sword, the chest of A Mu, the third sword, the back of A Mu, and the blood of blood.

    The three swords, the sword in Carlos’s hand turned back into a counter-competitive sword, and a sword stabbed in the chest of A Mu during the moment of the landing of A Mu, nailed on the ground, while the silver grey fires spread and lifted large stones on the ground.

    “too weak.”

    Carlos is holding the sword, pulling out the sword on the ground and bleeding under A. Mu.

    “You’re here.”

    Carlos is moving a long tail, just approaching Su Xiao, a big hand on the ground.

    A Mu, who stood up from the ground with cold temperatures, blacked his neck, blacked it, and corrected the wrong vertebrates.

    A Mu was whispering in his nose, the sword of the enemy, stabbed it very painfully.

    Just before A Mu was ready to go, it heard a knife scratch.

    “Go back first.”

    Steps from behind A Mu, A Mu touched his head and went back to the side.

    Carolith looked at Su Xiao at her height, and her eyes were somewhat confused, but soon she noticed the wrong.



    Blade Aura was killed and Su Xiao disappeared sharply in the place of origin.

    And when the carrot sword was blocked, that was when the crisis felt steep on her side.

    ‘The blade knife.’


    A shock spread, and Carlos felt that everything around was slowing down.

    ‘The blade knife.’

    Long knife slap, take out a giant blood chain, and cover the sister Carlos.

    Ahh! ”

    Camilla’s tragic scream came from within the blood chain, and the blood chain had not been dispersed, and an green energy ray had struck Su Xiao.

    Su Xiao is just about to rush, right on the side, with a rough green light coming from his ear, bombarding the walls behind him, rapidly treeing the walls, which is a very troubling capacity.

    Su Xiao had a few walks of disease, hitting Carlos’ side, and Carlos’s back was a sword.


    longsword was blocked by Su Xiao with a knife, with a large turtle under his feet, with a small power gap, but he stopped.

    150: True Strength attribute Incentive (rare incentive): In the recent war, if the enemy attack has been successfully recruited and the gap with enemy forces attribute is less than 20 points, immunization has been effected, shocks sustained have been reduced by 83 per cent, and power shocks have been shaken, while the temporary reduction of five points of enemy attribute has lasted six minutes without triggering cold time, with a cumulative maximum of three times, which will lead to a doubling of the duration.


    The sword was wiped on Dragon Flash’s blade, the Mars were spilled, Su Xiao did not retreat, but stepped forward and stumbled.


    Su Xiao was stuck in the lower half of Carlos like black mud, and Carlos’s body was uncontrolled, and Su Xiao was on the lower side of the body and kicked.

    In a blast, Carlos, full of cannabis, was swept off by Su Xiao’s foot, and in the meantime, Su Xiao jumped low, the knife turned over in his hand, his hands shaped and stabbed under a knife.

    It’s not over, Su Xiao dragged Dragon Flash through the chest of Carlos, the knife cut over the chest of Carlos, headed straight to the neck, and eventually cut her head into two cuts.

    Long knife cuts out Carlos’s head, bleeding in the air.

    Carlos’s body is twisted, steep up to the top, and Trey green energy appears on her watch, and her wounds are healing at the rate that Naked eye can see.

    Carlos, like crazy, holds a sword with his hands, and kills Su Xiao.

    When, when, when!

    Su Xiao held Dragon Flash in different angles and slowed back.

    After blocking the four swords, Su Xiao sword in the wake of a successive full-fledged chop by Carlos, a countershock and an instant stagnation.

    ‘A blade knife.’

    青blue Blade Aura 斩出,卡罗丝的一片头骨被斩下,她惨叫着退后,单手捂在头颅上。

    Not only is Su Xiao weaker than Carlos, but Carmela on the back of Carlos is somewhat ignorant, and as long as the capacity of each other is injured, “life penetration” leads to a clone body or a whole body afforestation, thus permanently becoming a plant.

    After a real battle, Su Xiao hung two sisters up after Su Xiao.

    Su Xiao had a knife, a knife with a sharp finger on the ground, and he was slowing down, so long as the enemy had another weak spot, he could cut Carlos’s head off.

    Su Xiao was just about to go in, and it was in his ear, and he felt that things were beginning to be blurred, and he was about to shrink Sensor and stop.

    Carol’s angry at Su Xiao, and she’s all over the time, so she’s stronger, why can’t a sword cut each other? It is clear that she is faster and stronger, and within the body’s energy is greater.

    “Young sister, we’re not going to fight, we’re going to fail.”

    “Use me, wake them up.”


    Carlos lifted his left hand, grabbed her younger sister Camilla’s head, next moment, her mouth shut up and her cheeks split, throwing her younger sister in the entrance.

    Come on, come on, come on.


    couple of shots down, Carlos ate his family younger sister Camilla.

    Blood slipped along the corner of Carlos’s mouth, and she looked at her head, and two tears were slipped from her cheek, and that’s where Su Xiao’s ears were dispersed and the sight was restored to normal.

    “Kukulin White Night, show you the strength of my Penny family.”

    “Dark mud” falls under Carlos, and she pulls some dry legs out of her black mud, and goes ahead with her body, even if that’s the case, she still has more than two metres tall.

    “We, we were awake again.”

    Carlos opened up, her voice was strange, she couldn’t tell men and women, like a lot of noises were mixed, there were men and women, and there were fewer old ones, and that was the voice of a crown of the Penny family, dominated by Carlos, and the king of the Penny family was awake.


    Carlos disappeared on the ground, Su Xiao was right on the side, blocking Dragon Flash from the side.

    All right, the sword cut the blade, and after taking the Mars, Carlos ran through Su Xiao.


    The sword chopped the flesh, and then it was a scream.

    Baja broke a wave of gas, went backwards, eventually hit the wall, and went nowhere.

    A Mu planted by a broken arm, a hand grabbed its corner and dumped it, and it blew through the walls and stepped on Baja’s dust.

    The blood flowing on the back of Carlos, her younger sister Camilla broken body, remained on the back of Carlos, and both sisters not only changed their breath, but also their eyes changed.

    Death to the Princes of the Pennier family, the most powerful boss in this world, is the one that can hang the life of a living god on the trees.

    Su Xiao has a slight low body, and it’s hard to deal with right now. No, it’s supposed to be a slight error that could die.

    (This chapter is over)

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