Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 2537

2537. Chapter 2511

    Chapter 2511

    The king’s sword broke the air behind Su Xiao, and the sharp sword broke the air and vomited the whisper of the infiltrator.

    Su Xiao ignored the king’s sword, and the crystal layer climbed under his left arm and his neck, and he held the knife in his hand and stabbed a knife.


    Blood exploded in Carlos’s chest, her ten fingers stabbed into the ground, shaked her head, and some could not understand what just happened.

    The blast, the green light, will be blown out of the crown’s sword.

    Carlos did not see what happened, but she saw younger sister Camilla on her back.

    When Su Xiao was surrounded by previous and subsequent attacks, he first climbed the crystal layer under his left arm and his arm, while at the same time he cut a blade Aura to the forefront.

    Blade Aura cut off the carrot chest and slowed her pocket for a moment, and at this opportunity Su Xiao immediately stood on his side and dumped his body, lifted his left arm and allowed the crown sword to be killed.

    In the instant of the sword, Su Xiao tightened his left arm, grabbed the sword with his throne, and he climbed the crystal layer under his left arm and his neck in order to ensure that there was no loss.

    Is that it? No, of course, while holding the sword under the crown, Su Xiao flipped the body in half the air with the blade, with a 20-class crown sword, blocking the Trigreen light from Camera.

    The king’s sword turned over in half the sky, stabbed on the ground, Su Xiao’s foot stepped at the end of the sword, and the other foot stepped on the guardian of the sword, and the broken crystal layer fell off his left arm.

    “Just now, what happened?”

    Carlos didn’t care about his bloody chest, but he died staring at Su Xiao.

    “Something happened to terrifying.”

    Camilla opened her mouth, and then she looked at Su Xiaos, and she was thinking, fighting such monster, and they really won?

    I don’t care what I think about younger sister, Carolith’s right hand, the arm, the sword of the crowns, while flaming silver grey flames, pulled out of the ground and flew towards her.

    Su Xiao fell in the middle of the sky, and he didn’t stop Carlos from recovering the sword, but was waiting, waiting for each other to hold the sword.

    Carlos took the king’s sword, and she was just about to rush, and she felt the mood from her arm.

    Break it up, freshblue arc exploded on Carol’s hand, climbing her arm, and eventually all fell outside her chest wound.

    The pain in the instant, and let Carlos do it for a moment, is this moment, and Su Xiao has appeared in front of Carlos.

    “Be careful!”

    young sister Camilla screamed down and took care of it, and there were some tattoo green fluorescent spots in Chad.


    The crystal layer climbed in front of Su Xiao, and everything that was shot by green fluorescent was wooden.

    One word, Carlos, one sword, cracked the crystal layer, and a long knife came after the broken crystal.

    A giant force came from Su Xiao’s hand, and the ground under his feet was like a detonation of explosives, but he didn’t step back, grabbed the knife’s arm, and stepped forward.



    wave spread in front of Carlos, the uncontrolled rise in her sword’s arm, and she was halfway back, not only in the light of her unwillingness to believe, but she had a sense of blurry, and her body was somehow powerless.

    In the instant of Carlos’s retreat, Su Xiao jumped straight on Carlos’s little leg, which left Carlos on the ground.

    Oh, yeah.

    The knife was cut off from Carlos’s head, Holy Spirit level 12, and the Dragon Flash, embedded with the stones, cut the half-head of Carlos, not only blinded her eyes, but also injured a large number of brain organizations.

    Ahh! ”

    The pain inspired Carlos, who, while pointing down on the ground, waged a sword with her arm long, and slashed the front.

    When, when!

    After two knives were blocked, Su Xiao was on the side, not yet landed, and the third sword came.

    Su Xiao’s whole muscle bandages, long knife blocked in front of him.


    Su Xiao has also succeeded in blocking his whole body’s strength, his body’s forehead.

    The sound, the wave spread, the carrot that had fallen on the ground, and she threw blood out of her face because of her immense backwards, just to support her arm, and Su Xiao had hit her.

    Still straight, Su Xiao’s feet are on the bottom of Carlos, and if you look at Carlos’s whole muscle, she’s got her whole muscle in an instant bandage, and then she’s squeezed by the full bandages, eventually relaxed naturally, asbestos.

    Carlos was crushed by Su Xiao to the rear, and Camilla on her back was pressured to a bitter, blade Aura.


    shocking scene appeared, with two times the size of Carlos, twice the size of Su Xiao, who was rolled out by Su Xiao, and even stood by do not raise.


    Carlos threw out a big piece of blood, standing on the ground with her body, and then looking at her, she had at least ten marks, and most seriously, her left arm, which was almost cut off.

    Su Xiao Young Master moves forward, unless Carlos proactively came or attacked weak spot, and Camilla on her back is more dangerous than Carlos, and any part of her body’s trees are fatal for Su Xiao, who fought with skill.


    ability of the two sisters, Chadian, is nothing, but killing intent conceals, as long as they are dragged by Carlos, will definitely hurt Su Xiao on her back. Once Su Xiaos’s clone trees are planted, it will soon fall into the wind for Carlos, who can switch speed and power, leading to a larger area of wood in her body.

    Su Xiao will not, of course, give the enemy such an opportunity, and he has never attacked Camilla, the one who fears to be vigilant, the only chance to kill Camilla in a short time, or just not to attack her.

    By Su Xiao’s dozen blade Aura, Carlos dared to rush, she walked around with her body slowly, while lowering her body, which was telling Camilla on her back, preparing for a win-win round, unable to continue to delay, and the princess’s idea had begun to erode her, and she was in her ear as excited as a meeting.

    Su Xiao operates left hand, informing the nearby Boubo Wang through the team channel, leaving the dorm as soon as possible, and the next attack by the enemy will never be small.

    As with Su Xiao’s guess, his experience in fighting saved Boubo’s life.


    Carlos yelled at her head with no sign, and the Camilla hands on her back on her back neck.

    naked eye’s visible wave spread, which is also mixed with green particles, all of which are wooden, and the earth, the shack and the remains on the ground.

    Su Xiao’s single arm was blocked, and more than half of the body’s Azure Steel Shadow energy was released, climbing on the body table.

    There is no chance that the sound wave will cover Su Xiao at the speed of this wave.

    Trey green particles have just fallen on Su Xiao and have been destroyed by Azure Steel Shadow’s energy, and Azure Steel Shadow’s energy cannot reverse trees, but it can stop treeing, but it has consumed a lot.

    A wind pressure came from Su Xiao, and he waited for this moment.


    long knife was tied to the sword, and an anti-shock was passed on Su Xiao’s right arm, and he found that the power of Carlos had been less exaggerated than before and had been temporarily cut by 15 points.

    “Right now!”

    Carlos loudly roared, the younger sister on her back opened up, the pupil shrink was extremely extreme, staring at Su Xiao.

    “Death… life.”

    Carlos and Camilla’s gown to Su Xiao, one of them is gray, one of them green.


    Like grey rock substances climbing on Su Xiao’s surface, Carol’s hands shake swords and stab them all.

    Come on, big sword stabbed through the grey rock Su Xiao, straight across the chest, and see this scene, Carlos shows a happy smile on his face.


    sword’s blade, a gray rock bandage, shows the situation in it, it’s empty.

    ‘Azure Shadow King.’

    After Sister Carlos, Su Xiao’s left arm rises, fists tighten, crystal layers climb his whole arm, and makes his whole arm and left a little bit transparent, freshly blue, internal mobility is clear and flows Azure Steel Shadow energy.

    Five blocks of extermination of more than four metres, stabbed by all directions into Carlos’s body, crushed her on the ground, and Azure Shadow King, which was instantly used, was not beautiful, but faster.

    Pull away from Su Xiaos’ sleeves and form a blanket sword and go straight to Carlos’s head and be wiped out by five carrots of extermination.

    Throughout the middle of the air, this time it came to Carlos’s chest, but Carlos used to pressure her body, pu chi, and she was cut off all over the edge of extermination and risked avoiding deportation.

    Carlos is obviously Sensor, and once deported, the consequences will be serious.

    Let go again, but even a few stabbings have been stabbed by Carlos, which has made Carlos happy in her heart, and she has adapted to this battle.

    It turns out that sometimes too much, short sense of achievement, is likely to be a trap set by the enemy, and Carlos has not found that at the end of the deportation, a metal line is being haunted.

    Drop the ground, stab the metal layer under the stone, Su Xiao rip the left arm.


    The metal wire is tight and the carrots are trapped, and the outer layer climbs along the line of soul.

    Carlos’s eyes stare, her full teeth upside by side, her arms by side, with a view to breaking the line.

    Blood is bleeding, the line of demarcation is strangled into Carlos’s skin, and the line of separation, with the slightest capacity of the soul, is not what Carlos can earn.

    Su Xiaos was smoked in the left arm, removed from the black king’s escort’s dress status, and the crystal layer was stabbed on the Black Crown’s arm and stepped on the ground by Su Xiao’s foot.

    Su Xiao is on the back of Carlos in a couple of steps, and the blade is wiping cold glow.

    Right now, Su Xiao in the body has a headache, and his HP slipped 50 percent steep! He has been vigilant about Camilla, but he has no knowledge of the capabilities of the other party, slowly eroding his body, all of which is coming out.

    Su Xiao’s forcible neglect of the pain in the body is that you die, that you are not going to alleviate the pain, that you can only delay time, and that life and Death will be solved in an instant manner.

    The three markings were misbeheaded on Camilla, and Su Xiao did not go to Camilla again, but stepped on Carlos’s back, shaking the knife’s right arm with a slight muscle, uplifting the knife and cutting it together.

    ‘The Blade Knife.’


    A freshly blue slashed through Carlos’s neck, she struggled for a sudden impasse, and then she stopped moving, and the shaking hole in her eyes stopped.

    A blood mark floats on Carlos’s neck, and her big head blows down the ground, and blood sprays out of her neck.

    “with us, die together.”

    The broken Camilla opens, her body grows rapidly, and white light shows up.


    white light covers everything, calm down in the dorm room, white light, where the covenant sees a pair of cows.

    (This chapter is over)

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