Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 2538

2538.第2512章 躺赢

    Chapter 2512

    When White light withdrew, the rocks in the dorm were disappearing and the metal shacks and walls of the pit were exposed.

    Mars are flashing in metals, metals are not dissolved, but have produced a short “burning phenomenon”, which makes it clear how terrifying White light is.

    The crystal layer, which spreads into ashes, falls on A. Mu, is full of Mars, standing on the ground.

    Su Xiao was standing behind A Mu, throwing a cold breath in his mouth, which was stronger than his vitality, as a result of the multiple cuts in the capacity of A Mu, the crystal layer once again increased the viability of A Mu.

    You’ve killed the God-fearer, Sister Pennier.

    [You get 292 souls and 292 (7th grade), you can exchange the incentives required for the purchase arbitrarily in the following awards, and if Hunter does not make a choice within five minutes, you will have the souls’ currency.]

    1. Mystery Holy Spirit (rare item, special prize)

    Price: 64 souls coins.


    2.Holy Spirit class treasure box swallow (40 per cent)

    Price: 73 souls coins.


    3. King Remnant Soul (Holy Spirit)

    Abstract: If this item is used against the sword of the crowns, the sword will be transformed into equipment, taken out of the world and acquired ownership.

    Price: 203 souls.


    A total of three types of incentive exchange, with no choice but to calculate the amount of 292 souls, plus 48 souls, and Su Xiao converts all three types of incentive.

    [You got the spiritual bone Holy Spirit class.]

    [You got Holy Spirit class treasure box swallow (40 per cent).]

    [You got Prince Remnant Soul.]

    Su Xiao looked at a group of half-transparency objects in hand, some of which were quantifiable and were close to the entity, within the income storage space of Holy Spirit Level treasure box.

    Everything else in the dorm has become ashes, but the king’s sword is still, it’s just a little dark on the surface, it’s okay to wipe it out.

    Su Xiao shattered his hand [Prince Remnant Soul], the sky fog came out and did not enter the sword of more than three metres long enough.

    [You got the crown sword (Holy Spirit).]

    The King’s sword.

    Origin: The Pennier is unique (only)

    Quality: Holy Spirit Level

    Type: Supergiant sword (329.4cm)

    durability: 157/205

    Attack Power: 329 – 421

    Equipment needs: True Strength 170 points, real stamina 160 points, more than 75 points of will.

    Equipment Effect 1: The King (passive), after possession of this weapon, will be eroded by the King, who will be subjected to 60 to 105: True Damage per second, and will be reduced by 50 per cent by all treatment effects.

    Equipment Effect 2: Dead (passive), 10 per cent of HP per loss will be upgraded to 2 per cent of the weapon Attack Power.

    Equipment Effect 3: (passive), the damage caused by the use of this weapon will be accompanied by 100 per cent disregard for 20 per cent True Damage.

    Commentary: 1000 (Holy Spirit Level equipment rating 700 to 1000 points)

    Abbreviations: With the exception of the children of the Pennier family, the warriors who dare to pick it up are not afraid of death.

    Price: 635000 o Paradise Coins.


    When you see attribute, Su Xiao has a slight disagreement, so special, he saw it for the first time, that this thing is not exaggerated as a suicide sword.

    True Damage, at 105 o’clock, every minute it’s 6300: True Damage, fighting this True Damage, not suicide?

    Compared to this effect, 100 per cent of [the crown sword] attacks ignore defense injuries and 20 per cent True Damage, which are quite strong.

    Moreover, as users of HP slides, Attack Power of this weapon becomes more terrifying.

    Good. Users can kill a 7th grade boss with a few swords, and just less than a minute with the enemy, killing themselves, the hardest part of this is cutting the effect of treatment.

    The use of the Pennier family’s sword is another effect that will not hurt itself, and it is known that the use of this sword across the enemy will result in a flame explosion, depending on the nature of the flame itself.

    Su Xiao, of course, will not use such a special weapon, and it’s a pity to feed Dragon Flash, which once it is found to be the appropriate buyer, can sell the price of the usual Holy Spirit grade full rating equipment several times.

    It’s impossible to take away the memory of the soul without finding Carlos’s body.

    “The battle is over?”


    the entrance of the dorm room, Detective Caesar’s head, it’s strange, it’s been beaten so long inside the dorm, and the guards in the city didn’t rush into it, which only means that in the corner of power, the ultimate winner is hiding in the dark.

    A slight breakthrough came in, and a little ball was thrown in the window and rolled around Su Xiao.

    Su Xiao picked up a little ball on the ground, crushed, and a wooden hug came up, beautiful, and the word “White Night” was on it.


    Su Xiao went outside the dorm, went out of the Rosai Palace and went outside the sand.

    Su Xiao took Boubo Wang, A Mu, Baja out of town, summoned Black Dragon and took Black Dragon and headed towards a Google Beach.

    When, when…


    bell came within the sand, stopped after the three noises, and then, immediately, the entire shooting of the ground in the sand was the beast knights knocking at the ground with weapons.

    Su Xiao stood on the back of the dragon, claiming the broken black cloak, throwing it down, and the black cloak flew in the middle of the sky, and a silhouette slipped over and picked up cloak’s knees.

    In the lobby of the Rosemary Palace, a child who was only two or three years old sitting in a broken hole in the walls, looking at the sand underneath the walls, he was wrapped up, with water marks on his skin and, under the light of the sun, his fingers were somewhat transparent, as if he had just been born ‘.

    “What a miracle, is this the resurrection of the life god, which only strips out part of Goddess’ energy, is not perfect, and Goddess is going to feed their sisters, is not going to rob them.

    “But many thanks to those sisters, not them, the children of Uno are going to do it, Uno, why are you so loyal to me, and why are you producing those stupid things?”

    The boy with water laughed, looking at Black Dragon from the sky.

    “Luckily Kukulin is not interested in the throne, otherwise there will be no hope at all.”

    The microwind blows up, the wrong marks in the dorm, and it seems to be describing what happened here.


    Within the flames, high altitude, on the back of the dragon.

    “Boss, who do you think this is winning? The kingdom is useless for us.”

    Baja started meditating.

    “The Emperor and a faithful rabbit won, and the rabble died for the guardian.”

    “Hey? The Emperor is not a bubble.”

    “Carlos and the Camilla sisters died a few days ago. How did they get back?”

    Su Xiao, with a flat computer and an offensive to the mystery game, is also answering Baja’s doubts.

    “Yes, the power of the Great God seems to be resurrected? But he was swallowed, and his resilience was a natural pit.”

    “Goddess is the same source as the breeding gods, or Goddess is a mixture of gods and humans.”

    “I am! How did that tree bleed with humans?”


    Su Xiao picked up a flat computer, looking for Caesar.

    “Caesar, are you sure you can do this?”

    “hehe hey, my dear friend, probably.”

    Caesar laughed very tricky, and before the war with sister Carlos, Caesar made a promise that even if it wasn’t the bloodline of the Penny family, he could wear the “Penny ring”, which was not known.

    Su Xiao had collected more than 90 per cent of the ‘Dawnes’, and he wondered what would happen after someone had brought ‘Penny’s ring’ and picked up ‘Dawnes’.

    (This chapter is over)

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