Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 2602

2602. Chapter 2576

    Chapter 2576

    Successful upgrading of spiritual cohesion capacity to LV.70 is costly at every level, and 500 souls are required at the level.

    In terms of fighting at this stage, the spirit has been strong enough to look at LV.70, which is a qualitative change every time LV.10 is upgraded, that is, at least 5,000 soul coins are consumed in order to counter the eight stages of control.

    There are 415 moneys left, and Goddesss Affection’s capacity has been temporarily upgraded, trying to naked attribute to 20 points and a distance.

    Su Xiao tried to consume soul coins to upgrade the expertise of firearms, although he said that he had a Holy Spirit Level. He could temporarily upgrade the capacity of firearms to Grandmaster Level Lv.10, but it was too short to be reliable for himself.

    Firearms are either ineffective or, once the right time is found, can inflict pain on the enemy, especially when many enemies are ambushed.

    Su Xiao met many times‘ exceptional circumstances’, when the enemy came with his fire and tried to hit him with the pain of war, a distant sniper, which was very good for him, and he was really not afraid of the enemy and himself, rather, of the enemy’s flight.

    (“Yes”) No. Increasing firearms precision: LV.36 (passive), the ability to upgrade will need to consume a soul currency.]

    Specialized competencies, which are the core competencies of low stages, are not costly to raise up after 7th grade, of course.

    Su Xiao chose to upgrade 10 consecutive times, upgrade the warehouse, and a large number of knowledge about firearms appeared in his mind, and absorbed these firearms soon with his strong physique.

    [Firearms have reached LV.40, which is a very limited level of artillery precision, and if they need to be promoted to Grandmaster Rank, they need to consume a particular scroll or interfere with a dramatic person who has the capacity to do so, they can be transferred to the theatre once certain conditions are met.]

    Only four souls were spent, and firearms were stuck, and the underlying capacity was not Su Xiao, and it could be taken into account to teach a theatre in a world.

    The promotion of the Master of the Firearms would be enough to find a gun in the mission World, Grandmaster, so that each other could ‘teach’. As for the impact of charm attribute, there is no need to worry that Su Xiao is not a low-class contractor, that he needs to see the face of Grandmaster, who can well arrest a gun Grandmaster.

    Su Xiao found one thing that was more of a soul coin than imagined, and that some of the things that Paradise Coins could not do, could be done with a soul coin.

    For example, the ability to upgrade in the form of a soul coin is either impossible to upgrade, such as Sword Technique Grandmaster, or can be upgraded to a high level, such as spiritual starvation.

    Su Xiao thought of a very stable and dynamic approach, which, while not clearly effective, could grow itself, such as by upgrading its physical defense, HP, speed, physical coordination, power determination, life-saving recovery rate, stamina recovery rate, Mana recovery, etc.

    Su Xiao will have an inconceivable basis for foreigners if a large number of such moves are held and the use of the souls coin is raised to a high level.

    These [bases are passive] seem to be single and costly, but this is the basis for strong capacity.


    only challenge is that this capacity is expensive and difficult to buy, and Origin, which is generally a hidden area of low-ranking world, is that for low-class contractor, they have the possibility of having a life.

    As for Su Xiao’s failure to obtain [a base passive axis] at a low stage, it can only be said that Fortunately Goddess smiled at him and that Extinguisher was lucky.

    Su Xiao is now trying to get a “base scroll”, Nahyeo’s soul money is not enough, and there are only 411 left, and he feels that, regardless of the additional amount of soul money obtained, as long as he starts to upgrade himself, he will soon become poor, and that there are many opportunities to become stronger within Reincarnation Paradise, and that it will cost a lot of soul money relative to it.

    After looking at the list of skills and seeing Azure Shadow King’s abilities, he resolutely consumed three points of gold skills upgrading.

    You’ve consumed Gold Skills Point 3.

    Azure Shadow King: LV.5 (Profound Truth skills)

    Su Xiao in the body’s Azure Steel Shadow energy was energy-intensive, beginning with a sense of stabbing throughout the body and slowly becoming a pain.

    An hour later, Su Xiao threw out his breath, and he apparently felt a lot lighter, visual, hearing, even Sensor.

    Azure Shadow King: LV.8 (Profound Truth skills)

    Active effect 1 (shadow): Physical speed is 1.3 times higher permanently (0.3 times higher)

    Physical speed includes: speed of movement, rate of attack, mental reaction speed, etc.

    Active effect 2 (Azure Shadow King):


    It was still Level 2, Azure Shadow King, who was able to complete the first qualitative change, and felt that Azure Shadow King at this stage was merely a preliminary reminder of the blade of extermination and had considerable development potential.

    Su Xiao is going to develop ‘secrets’ in the habitat, and the sale of ‘secrets’ will be a significant gain when this capacity is successfully developed.

    Step out of the door to the skill upgrading hall, Su Xiao takes out a precious stone from the storage space, which is called “Flash Stone”, embedded in equipment that can raise 5: 00 fortunate attribute, directly using it, permanently elevate itself at 2: 00 fortunate attribute, which is the characteristic of a small part of the Holy Spirit jewellery, and that is why this Holy Spirit class is expensive.

    [Fate Stone Su Xiao has been left for a long time and has been useless, just to use it as a ‘bait‘ and to lure Goddess in a sealed space.

    Fortunately Goddess can’t kill, and if there is a significant reduction in lucky attribute after the misunderstanding of each other, it will have to be lost and how to capture Goddess will be crucial.

    Su Xiao felt that it was still a bit difficult to get lucky Goddess with his force on the 7th grade right now.

    Su Xiao has arrived in the front of Equipment Enhancing Hall, and there are 368 souls he has acquired in the Kobe, and of course he has to try to strengthen the equipment with the Palestinian souls.

    On the ground in front of the strengthening hall, a large number of awakening messages are written here, stepping on those messages and Su Xiao entering the strengthening hall.

    Pending an armoured reinforcement machine in the corner, as Su Xiaos operates, the reinforcement machine plays metal plates.

    Su Xiao had long thought about what equipment was to be strengthened with his soul, that’s what lightly said.

    The strengthening of equipment with the soul of the Bahamas is higher than the normal strengthening threshold, but the ceiling is lower and only strengthened to 8.


    soul of Palestine can only strengthen equipment above Mythical, and [lightly said] as a deputy of the Holy Spirit class at this stage is used to strengthen the most appropriate, narrow terrain, [lightly said] the best weapon.

    [“Yes”] No “consumes the soul x 1, strengthens the ‘lightly said of the soul (Holy Spirit Level)’, and, if so, the lightly said of the soul (Holy Spirit Level) will not be able to upgrade the level by normal means and only to strengthen the weapon at the expense of the consumption of Palestinian souls.]

    (This chapter is over)

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