Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 2603

2603. Chapter 2577, Baja’s ancient Kop

    Chapter 2577, Baja’s ancient Kop

    Su Xiao had predicted this result long ago, and he would spend a long time, worth investing in resources, and after all [lightly said] the soul was short blade and could be fully added to Sword Technique Grandmaster.

    [Strengthened has begun, and please ensure that the number of Palestinian souls held is adequate.]

    [NOTE: This reinforcement will certainly succeed and will increase consumption according to the intensification level.]

    Seeing this hint, Su Xiao has a bad feeling that the use of the Palestinian soul must be successful, and that consuming aspect…

    Five minutes later, the equipment was able to spray vapor within the enhanced machine and to strengthen its success.

    [If the lightly said said to 2 of the soul is to be strengthened, it will be necessary to consume 2 of the soul.]

    Su Xiao’s feelings are getting stronger, but he still chooses to continue, 10 minutes later, [lightly said, the soul] strengthens two successes.

    [If the lightly said said to 3 of the soul is to be strengthened, it will be necessary to consume four Palestinian souls.]

    Su Xiaos thought it should be tested that this time four appear to be very small, but next, eight, then 16, and then at 8: 00, a single reinforcement would require 128 Pakistani souls.

    Two hours later, Su Xiao held only 113 souls, [lightly said] successfully strengthened to 8.

    Su Xiao was intended to strengthen [Metal Stone], where sniper shells were not compatible with the soul of Palestine, with less than 23 per cent of the impact.

    [Man lightly said 8]

    Origin: The Beast continent killed the King with only weapons.

    Quality: Holy Spirit Level

    Type: Weapons (short blade)

    durability: 132/132 (decrease by 20 points)

    Attack Power: 342 – 382 (upgrade 32 – 10)

    Equipment Need: Real Agility 149, Soul Vitality over 80.


    Abstract: At least 56 minutes (based on intellectual attribute), the enemy will die in 56 minutes.

    Abstract: This weapon cannot be manipulated by the head, leader, Overlord Level unit.

    Indicator: During the control of the enemy, the weapon will be integrated into the enemy in the body.

    Equipment Effect 2: Spirit vibration (passive), user Soul Vitality, can upgrade the weapon at 1 o’clock and penetration.

    Abstract: 240 points of sharp interest and 240 points of penetration have been upgraded (this is extremely limited and Soul Vitality overflow becomes invalid).

    Commentary: 1150 point (this equipment has exceeded the Holy Spirit rating as a result of a special strengthening process)


    After seeing ‘will’ erosion ‘, Su Xiao’s hands touched his chin, and he felt that it would be surprising to work with [previous masks].

    After manipulating an enemy, Su Xiao was wearing an ancient mask and pretending to be a person, that would be the infiltration of a dual character, and puppet could be brought to the attention of the enemy at a critical moment.

    When Su Xiao is considering [the lightly said of the soul] and [the previous mask], there is news of God Sovereign.

    Half an hour later, God Sovereign Adventure Group headquarters, third floor.

    Su Xiao sat with God Sovereign in a few pairs of tea, several on a cup of tea, and there were dozens of round cups of tea, and there was heat.

    Beyond Su Xiao, Boubo Wang, A Mu, Baja, look at God Sovereign, God Sovereign himself, sitting next to her famous OL sister-in-law, the chief Sensor.

    Feral Fox stood behind God Sovereign, with a bottle of wine in his hands, and he was a member of hundreds of groups, so many of whom God Sovereign meant to be confused with Su Xiao so that Su Xiao would work in the next five stages of the world to kill his crew.

    From the beginning, the atmosphere was somewhat wrong, and one of the young people in the crowd swallowed down the sewer, and he leaked sweat on his forehead, the stronger the feeling that the upcoming ‘negotiations’ would seem that next moment would be a table, and then the two sides would fight together.

    “The painting winds are wrong, and, uh, who put the music away, shut it down.”

    Mocha is bigger, and heaven knows what’s going on, and the atmosphere and negotiations are becoming more like.

    “Brother Feral Fox put it in.”

    “Feral Fox!”

    “Ah, burp?”

    Feral Fox hit a booze, apparently drunk again.


    God Sovereign lightly coughed, the atmosphere had returned to normal and music had stopped, and Feral Fox had been stared at by Mocha for a little bit.

    “cough, White Night, long time no see, these are more active crews, if they encounter in the mission world…”

    God Sovereign didn’t keep saying that.


    Su Xiao took out an item from the storage space, and God Sovereign side Mountain Goat was stopped by Su Xiao’s hands just before he was on his way up.

    [Mechanical structure charts’ liquid bump hammer ‘and’ CU ‘tattoo’ 949 ‘particle ship’ Su Xiao did not take it out. This is Barack human race’s technique, which he obtained during the powerhouse hegemony, are not core secrecy technologies, but it is difficult to master, and the technology that needs to be matched.

    “Falcon and arrow Grandmaster Scroll, I can deal with you without Paradise Coins.”

    White Night, you’re…

    “I need the base to be activated, and when the next World Progress is over, get a base to be rolled out.”


    God Sovereign hesitated to know, of course, what the base is, which is a rare product of low-class world output, and, of course, a small number of medium-sized and high-ranking world production.

    Assuming that [3 per cent of the output rate of the base rolled axis] in the lower world, the middle class is 0.5 per cent and the upper class is below 0.02 per cent.

    [The base scroll has a character, a low starting point, but the end point is very high, and this is Reincarnation Paradise’s preference for low-ranking contractor, and it is only possible to explore the contractor of hidden areas in the low-ranking world.

    This whole rank needs a scroll, a rare degree of knowledge, and some low-ranking contractor, seeing the initial increment of such capacity, believes that such skills are not as low as Active Skill, to replace the type of proactive skills with [a base of passive axis], and every time this contractor lives at a high level, it is to be remembered.

    Su Xiao saw a “base passive scroll” on the trading street, and that capacity was simple, LV.1 raised the stamina recovery rate of 1.2 per cent, and the sale price was not clear because he just wanted to see the sale price, the price was not high enough to take it off, but that was the moment when the axis was bought.

    “White Night, I’m not sure if I can get it before the end of the next World Progress, but I have developed seven affiliated Adventure Groups in one phase, and I can send them a mission dedicated to finding [the base of passive axis], so that the probability is higher, and as long as I promise enough resources, people will be willing to spare their lives.”


    Su Xiao does not think that God Sovereign will rely on the accounts, pretending that the condom is just Legendary’s suit, and that it will sell up to 120 souls’ coins, which is too harsh for ordinary people to do anything but get beaten up.

    As for arrow Grandmaster Scroll LV.1, the price is about 600 to 1200 souls, which is acceptable for 7th grade contractor.

    Don’t think there’s an arrow Grandmaster scroll, the arrow Grandmaster, that’s a mistake, that the skill type of capacity consumes the bulk of its resources, and that’s the growth process.

    Much time and resources are needed in this process, and Soul Crystal (Perfect) does not count on its number, the cost of the use of places of birth, etc., to think of better knowledge techniques, [Origin Stone] is the best option, an Origin Stone 5000 to 7000 souls coin.

    These costs are combined in order to immediately crush large groups such as God Sovereign Adventure Group, and, moreover, the technique of genuine good warfare, Grandmaster, is not a mere source of resources, but it is a murder.

    “White Night, you make a contract.”

    “We’re working on it? Are you sure?”

    Baja, open up.

    “What’s wrong?”

    “Nothing, God Sovereign, your Adventure Group doesn’t get into five stages of original world.”

    Baja seems to be a little emotional.

    “Of course, that dangerous place, we rarely go, Derivative World is already in danger.”

    Mocha was sitting at the helm of Su Xiao’s couch, more closely than God Sovereign, Feral Fox and Mocha were dealing privately with Su Xiaos.

    “To date, we have experienced two original worlds, the dawn battlefield and Nether Continent.”

    Mocha’s experience in Nether Continent was too impressive.

    “Oh? Nether Continent?”

    Baja’s here to be happy.

    “Well, in the ghost world, we worked with the sentencing authorities, under the captain of a military captain named Reinheit, who was strong and monster, especially in the rainy days, where the 15-eyed ghost was beaten by him and his grandson, but he often said that he was not strong enough to look at the empire as a whole, and only the monarch HaRhodes could transfer him.”

    Referring to the three words of HarRhodes, Mocha’s instincts were stirred up, and the feeling that one move had long been foreseen was scary.

    “Leon Hart.”

    Su Xiao, who used to work for him, was silent, humiliated in the second half of his face, dressed in high priest, blocked the second half of his face in order not to frighten ordinary person, brutal when he killed the ghost, while the road was haunted by the cat.

    Reinheit’s office capacity is strong, Su Xiao needs to be killed, and the other can deal with a lot of things alone and can be entrusted with heavy responsibilities and trustworthy of trust.

    “The proceeds of the original world are surprising, but it is too dangerous.”

    Mocha shook the head, apparently remembering the original world mission’s own closed journey.

    “You big Adventure Group is really happy, Derivative World, and I’ve never been in.”

    Baja said, make Mocha a little rough.

    “How could it be…”

    “Nothing impossible, by the way, to tell you something, the ghost is a closed original world.“

    “Closed original world?”

    God Sovereign was hooked up, and that information was sometimes not available for money.

    “Yes, the ghost World is, in fact, not dangerous, and the complete closure means that it belongs to Reincarnation Paradise, which is interesting only if the contractor of Reincarnation Paradise is able to enter.”

    “Half open.”

    God Sovereign raised his eyes and heard the three words, and he had a bad feeling of prediction.

    “Half openness to the original world, contracting or access to two to three orchards, occasional strife, one on one Duel’s strongest, cycle maniac, dead knight-errant, and holy orchid, Holy Light’s battles, strong natural resource acquisition, good standing for field battles, the kind that can tear you up.”

    Baja, speaking of Mocha, who listened only to Baja’s tongue, knew that it was a habit to fight contractor in other parks.

    “Running problems, having a chance, half openness to the original world, you can go ‘hung’, all open up the original world, believe me, not to go, the ancient gods and hegemonic creatures have a small probability, and if the world is mysterious, there may be a bunch of neutral gods, and the fighting communities are daily, ‘unusual’ everywhere.”

    “The ancient God?”

    “The ugly guy, the kind of world that doesn’t see a sunshine in half a year, is the ancient God, they’re going to suck ‘the world, and the crazy believers are everywhere.”

    Listen to Baja’s description, Mocha feels a little weird, “suck” the concept of the world, and she’s the first to hear.

    “Fear, dreams, spatial fluctuations, and the instant weakness spot of the mind, all of which they can use until you die, as to how to identify ancient gods, to see black touch, or to see skeleton out of their body, the probability is.”

    Just say, Baja fell on Su Xiao’s shoulder and left the headquarters of God Sovereign Adventure Group with Su Xiao.

    (This chapter is over)

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