Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 2604

2604. Chapter 2578 Invitations for airline feasts

    Chapter 2578 Invitations for airline feasts

    After saying good-bye to God Sovereign, Su Xiao returned to the exclusive room, and the benefits of a long deal with God Sovereign were demonstrated at a time when there was a low probability that the other side would get to the scroll of the base, which was no longer expensive, but too difficult to buy.

    坐在专属房间内的床|上,Su Xiao 从怀中取出一颗宝石,这宝石通体呈azure ,名为【狼魂石】。

    Try to see the attribute of the Wolf Spirit, a sign.

    [This Holy Spirit class of jewellery has not been able to access information.]

    Su Xiao won the gem until now it is not clear what type it is, and it can only continue now.


    Boubo howled, meaning that Black Maple Tree’s leaf and branches have been packed, so you want to cut some new branches and leaves.

    “These are enough to look at the air feast.”

    Su Xiao threw the World Nucleus into Boubo Wang, allowing Boubo to plug it into mud near Black Maple Tree, at least a few meters away from Black Maple Tree and try to help Black Maple Tree grow.

    Su Xiao, of course, needs to be prepared before the air feast is close to the eye, and his number is Black Maple Tree’s dry and leaf.

    Blade Demon has a Black Maple Tree with a black Maple Tree of 27.54 metres high, the highest known Black Maple Tree in Void, about three metres higher than Arcane Eternal Star.

    If Blade Demon brings a big blackMaple Tree to the air hospitality, Su Xiao’s benefits will be limited.

    But a long time ago, Marvin Waltz passed a message to Su Xiao to make Su Xiao chip with Black Maple Tree and raise the price as much as possible.

    Marvin Waltz is indeed an unsatisfactory mentor, but the other party never lied to Su Xiao, plus knowing that Blade Demon is also a member of the Astronomical Council, must be thinking of ways to let Blade Demon produce an empty feast without Black Maple Tree.

    As a result, the Black Maple Tree output, which Su Xiao holds as the single output of this empty feast, can rise to a higher price.

    Su Xiao would be more interested to know if, after meeting Blade Demon, the other party would cut the knife directly, and if so, would he not have died?

    This is likely to occur very low, and Su Xiao doubted that Blade Demon had long been removed from the starboard.

    Assuming that the members of the Astronomical Council are credible, Su Xiao can take another chip, which is his Alchemy.

    Tree Sage was a well-known Alchemy teacher in Void, and Su Xiao believed that, with his current Alchemy level, he would be given a higher general membership in the starboard.

    到时,星空座成员如果需要订购Alchemy 药剂或Alchemy item ,就让他们自带Alchemy 配方与材料,Su Xiao 只收制作费,届时不仅能获得一大笔好处,还能弄到很多配方,one move, two gains 。

    Moreover, Su Xiao does not consider Blade Demon to be as unreasonable as it is in the legend, and if so, Blade Demon may not be very ambitious to join an empty banquet, and Blade Demon may only be less sensible, sometimes wandering the slaughter spirit, or Blade Demon will wake up for some time.

    Assuming Blade Demon ordered Alchemy pharmaceuticals or Alchemy item, Su Xiao had no idea why each other would kill himself.

    Not to think about this, and in any case, an empty feast is an opportunity to see if it can rise altogether within 7th grade and pave the way for a stronger one.

    In the Alchemy Laboratory, Su Xiao began to convert materials and transfer [marine raw liquid], when five bottles of [marine raw liquid] were completed, he took Alchemy Secret Scripture out to page 2 and looked at the mysterious eyes above, thereby increasing spiritual intensity and resilience and seeking to open the second page as soon as possible.

    After half an hour of mysterious eyes, Su Xiao came to bed and just fell asleep.

    Su Xiao saw blue glow, and as his eyes were close, these blue glow were clearer, and finally, he found it to be his own ungrateful mentor, Marvin Waltz.

    “Blade Demon, over there.”


    “Can you hear me?”

    Marvin Waltz’s voice was interrupted and eventually disappeared.

    Su Xiao switched up and sat on the bed, and he just seemed to see Marvin Waltz.

    Su Xiao had a slight bed, walked to the bathroom, and he seemed to have stepped on two sweaty sticks, a rough one.


    Bailey jumped on the tail, next moment.


    Boubo Wang, too, was stepped on his tail and saw the scene, and Bailey’s heart was balanced.

    After Su Xiao washed it up, refreshed, in his current state of mind, went to a place of life to study the “mystery” stream.

    Twenty minutes later, Trial Field.

    [The place of birth has been opened, 5-Layer, each hour needs to consume three souls’ coins.]

    In the ski, Su Xiao was sitting on a frozen rock, where a total of 7-Layer was born, and the competencies of 6-Layer had not been acquired, nor could they be known.

    From their arms, Su Xiao will open the scroll, with the size of the rice particle, as well as several illustrative images.

    Su Xiao was informed, after preliminary examination, that “secret technology” was not a preference for the Sword Technique formula of water properties, but rather for the rapid and sharp nature of the wind and a sense of fortune.

    Su Xiao is not going to be completely emulated, and at that time, he was better off using the axis of the “Secret Technique Sky Flow” to hit the competition or scene of the tree with the saved time.

    “The sky flow, the rhyme of the air flow?”

    Su Xiao frowns, the contents on it, he understood in a few minutes, but thought it would take time to get into that unique rhyme.

    The Sword Technique, not the Sword Technique, which was taken out of a particular position, was phased out at four stages, and the Sword Technique formula was more important than rhyme.


    flow of wind, and the blade, is the core element of the [mystery] paradise, which seems simple, very difficult, to find that feeling, a little bit touched.

    Starting up from the frozen rock, Su Xiao pulled out the waist knife and closed the snow around Sensor.

    Oh, yeah.

    A half-circle came out and disappeared as far away as possible, first finding that rhyme and then developing it with its own feelings that would be better suited to its own Sword Technique.

    At first, Su Xiao sometimes cut a knife every few minutes, sometimes sitting on a frozen rock, not moving for a few hours, and only that slow breathing proves that he’s still alive, that strength needs to be costly, sometimes dangerous, sometimes dry cultivation.

    After 54 hours, Su Xiao left his place of birth and returned to the real world half an hour in advance.


    Real World, Quarters 2-Layer.

    Su Xiao was sitting on the floor, and Tang’s red knife flattened to his legs, and his hand slowed up.

    Oh, yeah.

    A half-transparent conduct appeared in the front air and did not disappear directly, but remained static in the air.

    “Still not?”

    Su Xiao put Tang Red back, and the new formula was not so well developed, which he had expected.

    下楼开店后,闲来无事,Su Xiao 开始攻略解谜游戏,他在等,等星空座的宴请。

    This equation is the past two days, and Su Xiao even temporarily postponed the entry of the new World, which is the benefit of promotion to a high class, which can be delayed, but cannot be allowed to enter the new World.

    At the dawn of the third day of return to the real world, a sensation of ignorance should come from within the storage space, and a black card was slowing down in the storage space and an invitation to the air reception came.

    Reincarnation Paradise had a half-hour stay, and Su Xiao chose to return temporarily to Reincarnation Paradise.

    The space fluctuations were dispersed and Su Xiao appeared in the exclusive room, at a time when the black card appeared steeply in front of him, with rapid spinning along with the formation of a black Uzumaki, the rapid expansion of Uzumaki and the formation of a black painted space corridor, with dark paintings as ink, and even a strong sense of touch.

    [Advice: Check Hunter’s coming to Void.]

    [Hunter tried to temporarily postpone the entry of the new World, which was passed for Hunter’s repeated hunting of high-risk violators.]

    [Verification of Hunter’s coming to the region]

    [Verification is completed, permanent consumption of Lv.5Hunter competencies, blocking the region for a certain period of time, with a seventh grade, and after a successful blockade, more than 7th grade units will not be able to enter the region for 48 hours.]

    (This chapter is over)

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