Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 3277


Chapter 3256 Two-handed preparation

The screen on the deathmatch terminal becomes black and white. The puzzle-solving game DLC has a total of three scenes, each with 10-12 small levels, which is a total of 33 small levels.

Seems simple? No, every scene only has an archive point at the entrance. After a hard day’s hard work, you only need to make a momentary mistake to return to the archive point and eat cookies.

The original word for using fat skin is that this DLC is not perfect yet, so it will not be on sale for now. Let Su Xiao be inside first.

The actual situation is that the difficulty of this thing is too high, and Pi Pang is afraid that after the release, he will be checked by angry gamers.

Please don’t laugh, playing games in the park is a dangerous job, because you don’t even know who will play your games, and if that guy will come offline after being abused to autism I am looking for you and have an offline daoist PK with you. Perhaps Pi Pang never does fighting games because of this.

Su Xiao thought of deathmatch games. In terms of nature, deathmatch games are fighting games. Right now, the headquarters of the game company has been blown down, and the boss is also running away.

Put away the deathmatch terminal. This thing is sold by him for a few hundred thousand Paradise Coins. The performance is very powerful. This deathmatch terminal can play any game except deathmatch games.

Su Xiao leaned back on a recliner, and the cool night breeze was blowing in front of the window. At this stage, he has to solve a very important problem, how to know the situation on Lord Lieyang.

There are a total of 21 picture scroll fragments in the Supreme Sun Cult’s inventory. Su Xiao does not participate in the battle on the side of the Lieyang Monarch. The problem is that after he enters the world of sand, Received a Side Mission.

This Side Mission is called Collectorism, and the content is to collect 25 picture scroll fragments in the sand world.

Mission Reward is [Origin Stone randomly draws permissions]. This is a reward that Su Xiao cannot refuse. The penalty for Mission Failure is a charm attribute-5 points, and a lucky attribute-3 points.

The charm attribute slipped, Su Xiao can accept it, and the lucky attribute slipped 3 points, which is very heartbreaking. Su Xiao’s current lucky attribute is 43 points, of which 8 points are the passive effect bonus of destiny.

In other words, his own lucky attribute is only 35 points, not counting Su Xiao’s 1 lucky attribute when he just entered Reincarnation Paradise. In other words, Su Xiao has only increased 34 points from level 1 to level 8. Fortunate attributes, there are 15 points from the chain achievement mission · Sweeping the sky, and the lucky attributes improved by other methods, totaling 19 points.

So sorted out, this Side Mission needs to deduct 3 lucky attributes, which makes people very sad. Su Xiao knows that his fortune is not very good. If I deduct 3 lucky attributes, it will be fine.

The 21 picture scroll fragments that Supreme Sun Cult will stock, for Su Xiao, even if it is not stable, the probability of success is more than 90%.

The 4 missing pieces, judging from the current situation, can only be started from Lord Lieyang, so Su Xiao needs real-time intelligence there.

Grab the scraps of the picture scroll from Lord Lieyang? Of course not. This is the least efficient method. Su Xiao is currently a member of the Supreme Sun Cult. Tomorrow morning, the two bishops, four deacons, and 12 priests of the Supreme Sun Cult will be with him in Major Sect Hall 5. -Meet in the warm room of Layer.

The reason why so many Supreme Sun Cult executives want to see him is because he issued a commission through Caesars. The commission is to get paid first and then do things.

The content of the commission is to be determined. The content will not violate the creed of the Supreme Sun Cult Association. It is dangerous, but it is definitely not a certain death situation. The commissioned remuneration is the pre-determined power of the seven medicines. The seven medicines correspond to strength, speed, and spirit. , Life, body defense, nature, the blood of the gods.

The materials required for the seven medicine formulations are listed. The believer who accepts the request only needs to bring the corresponding materials, and Su Xiao will help the other party to prepare the medicine.

When Su Xiao needs it, he will draw up the content of the entrustment. At that time, believers who accept the entrustment can refuse, but they have to compensate Su Xiao 600 sun Gold Coins. This is Su Xiao helping them dispense medicine, but they No compensation for helping Su Xiao.

No matter how you look at it, Su Xiao’s actions are suspicious, and Supreme Sun Cult has always been rude to suspicious people.

The problem is that Su Xiao is too suspicious, suspicious to just and honourable, suspicious to make a surrounding Sects executive feel at a loss. Generally speaking, people in harbor ulterior motives should not be so blatant. This is not courting. death.

If Su Xiao did not dispense Sun Cult, Supreme Sun Cult would be responsible for dealing with heretics. The executioners had already taken action. The problem is that it will not take long for Su Xiao to join Supreme Sun Cult and reveal his identity as a pharmacist.

This makes a surrounding Sects executive even more at a loss. What is this going to do? Are you really here to join Supreme Sun Cult? It’s not like, this guy is too suspicious, to avoid him running away a lot of Sun Gold Coin and supplies.

Yes, there are more than a dozen believers in the dark surrounding Su Xiao’s residence.

Just when the senior executives of the Surrounding Sects Association thought that Su Xiao was going to abscond with the money, Su Xiao announced the commission for the advance payment of advance payment. There are two most ruthless commissions of this commission: 1. Can get the payment in advance, 2. If you regret it , Unwilling to complete Su Xiao’s request afterwards, just pay 600 Gold Coins as compensation.

The seven medicines listed by Su Xiao are not included in the Supreme Sun Cult. Even if there are, the cost of preparing each medicine will cost the pharmacist nearly a thousand Gold Coins. Moreover, those pharmacists will not be like Su Same as Xiao, a success rate of 90% is guaranteed.

It is difficult to refuse. Su Xiao’s played this card, and the surrounding Sects executives were silent, and they found that the situation was beginning to be tricky.

Get rid of Su Xiao? Of course not. Su Xiao’s series of actions have benefited many believers. Under this circumstance, if Supreme Sun Cult would eliminate a pharmacist who came to take refuge, I don’t know how many people’s hearts would be chilled.

Su Xiao just came to mix and sell the sun medicine. Although it is a bit expensive, the performance of this medicine is the best of its kind, and it is expensive.

This has led to Su Xiao’s special status in the Supreme Sun Cult. A surrounding Sects executive wants him to leave because he is suspicious, while ordinary believers want him to stay.

The current situation is beginning to balance. This is exactly what Su Xiao wants to see. He has no plans to fight head-on with Lord Lieyang. There is no need to do that. He is now a member of the Supreme Sun Cult. Based on this status, It is a good choice to reach a secret cooperation with Lord Lieyang.

In the confrontation with the gray gentleman, Su Xiao borrowed a strategy from the opponent. Before laying out a plan, he must have two hands to prepare.

Plan 1: At the Supreme Sun Cult Association, one-time recruitment will be carried out on a commissioned basis. After enough believers are recruited, this is a terrifying force.

Plan 2: To reach cooperation with Lord Lieyang in secret, when Lord Lieyang and Sin Yas and Wood. When Morey and the others broke, he stabbed the Lord of the Sun with a knife back, and while capturing the scroll fragments, he could also obtain World’s Origin, treasure box, etc.

Prioritize the implementation of Plan 2, and if there are errors, the forces recruited in Plan 1 can be used to attack.

Su Xiao has made up his mind. In fact, the core of his plan is very simple. It is the most important to seize the scraps of the picture scroll and resources.

He checked the current reputation, and a reminder of Reincarnation Paradise appeared.

[Existing reputation value: 903005/30000 points (respect level). 】,

The prestige level is stuck at the respect level, but the existing prestige has reached 900,000 points, which is already not far from Su Xiao’s expected goal.

There are still 44 bottles of Sun Pharmacy. If nothing else, all of them will be sold. Su Xiao will earn a net 924,000 prestige points. Judging from the current sales speed, the Sun Pharmacy will be sold out at noon tomorrow and is very popular.

Looking at the sky, the night is dark and the wind is high, it is time. Su Xiao took Boubo Wang and Baja out and went straight to the Major Sect hall.


The ruins of the dynasty, the city of Sacred Pill, was dominated by the Lord of Lieyang at this time. If you want to live here, you must not only wear a neck shackle, but also pay a high housing fee.

The city of Sacred Pill at night is magnificent, dilapidated, and quiet. It is located more than 20 kilometers to the east with rugged rocks and a winding river. The howling of nocturnal animals can be heard occasionally.

A temporary camp was built in a shelter sheltered by huge rocks. The firewood was crackling. Two figures were sitting in front of the fire. One was sitting with salted fish and the other was sulking with his hands on his knees.

“Morey, when my summon ability is restored, I will sprinkle them all, and sprinkle them all!”

Yue Apostle’s tone of grief and indignation is to find and obtain the’wild beast heart’. The price she paid, in principle, no one can get the’wild beast heart’, but the Yue Apostle has a summon thing To be able to do this, to make possible what is impossible.

That summon thing is on standby. As a price, the Moon Apostle can only have a few summon Moon type summon things, and the individual strength is very low, even if she exhausts all her strength, she can summon dozens of summon things. , This is equivalent to no, not as good as her’money ability’.

If the idea of ​​the apostle of the month is known by other summon departments, she will definitely be hung up and smoked. What does it mean to be only a few dozen summon objects? For more than 95% of summon lines, this is a lot.

Actually, Lunar Apostle is not acting cool. The upper limit of her summon items is 195,360, and dozens of them are really not many.

“Ah, ah, understood, when your strength recovers, you can take them all over.”

Morey spoke weakly, with dark circles on his right eye. This was a punch this evening.

“Don’t you believe it?”

The Apostle Yue was even more angry, and even her best friend did not believe her.

“Since we met, in my impression, you must be beaten when a big battle comes.”


The Apostle Yue wanted to quibble, but he held back for a long time without saying anything.

She has forgotten how many worlds she has penetrated, the progress of the last world, he also penetrated a Tier 8 world, a Sacred Paradise with dozens of Tier 8 contractors, was besieged to death by her summons. From the beginning to the end, those eighth-tier contractors did not find the Moon Apostle. After she was educated by Su Xiao, she began to like to hide under 1000 meters underground.

It can be said that Lunar Apostle’s progress in the normal world is an illusion. After a period of time, he pushes it all the way, but when it comes to World Snatching War, he immediately pulls his hips.

“It’s okay, I will protect you.”

Morey smiled, her short pink hair made her look very refreshing.

“Reliable, Morey, with you protecting me, I will not…”


The earthquake trembled, and a [cruel saw gun] stabbed down from the sky. With this saw gun as the center, a large circular crack appeared on the ground within 100 meters.

“Be careful!”

Morey rushed to the Apostle Moon among the cracked clods. She leaned forward with one hand and grabbed the Apostle Xiangyue’s arm.

With a swish, a silhouette appeared beside Morey. This person was wearing an iron black barrel, a black leather jacket, and a button buckle as an ornament on the leather jacket.

The man with the barrel-head is holding a large saw hammer with Madara blood stains on it that cannot be washed off. If it is not for capture, the saw hammer has protruding serrations, and once the hammer drops, the hammer will all split up and in pieces.

The head-to-toe man held the saw hammer in both hands and was in an in midair raid. The bright sunlight broke out between his eyebrows, which made Morey turn white in front of his eyes, and his strength was also drawn away.

In fact, Su Xiao overlooked a problem. He offered three [warm sun stones] this time. The bid was too high. This led to this commission attracting a nine-member elite team. Among all the believers, they are The most elite echelon, and the tenth, this is a boring deacon.

The glare suddenly appeared, and Morey stood in front of her with one hand. Her current thinking is chaotic, and an impulse to praise the sun appeared in her heart.

At this moment, the saw hammer in the hands of the male head bucket is swung across.


The gas exploded and the ring exploded, a trail of blood was held in midair, and Morey flew upside down into the distance.

Compared to Morey’s side, the Moon Apostle was even more miserable. A total of nine Toutong people surrounded her, and the sun’s brilliance reflected from all directions.

A sincere smile appeared on the apostle’s face, her arms seemed to embrace the sun, and the expression on her face was extremely happy.

Click, click~

Chains bound Morey’s hands and feet, and a female believer bent and kicked her hind legs to the Moon Apostle and let the Moon Apostle sit on the ground.

The happiness on the apostle’s face suddenly disappeared. She looked around her surroundings as calmly as possible and explained:

“I am not a religious person.”

The Apostle Yue’s life experience is very rich. It has been seen that the people who besieged her came from the religion or the church.

There was no response to the words of the Apostle in May, and a believer greeted her and kicked her face suddenly.

With a bang, Apostle Yue fell into darkness, lying on the ground, vaguely, she heard someone talking, the content read:

“The other one ran away, and the little pink hair was “wave” and disappeared.”

“Shoot? What are you talking about.”

“You must find her, she can’t escape far.”


(End of this chapter)

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