Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 3278


Chapter 3257 The reputation of fishing black

Supreme Sun Cult meeting, in the Medical Room on the third floor of Major Sect Hall.

“Are you aware?”

Su Xiao took a crystal needle nearly 20 cm long and stuck it on the arm of a bald robust man. The bald robust man shook the head.

“What about now?”

Su Xiao pierced the palm of the robust man with a crystal needle, and the face of this man named Heckley robust man twitched, nodded with joy.

“Your arm is still saved. This is a kind of spore, which will paralyze the nerve sensor of your arm all the year round…”

Su Xiao picked up the reagent bottle and did not mix it up. After a simple blending, he sealed a bottle of medicine and placed it on the table in front of Robust Man · Herkley.

Heckley made a few gestures, and he couldn’t speak. Su Xiao waved his hand to signal the next one.

The reason for the present scene is that Su Xiao came to the Major Sect hall to find Caesar on the first floor. As a result, Caesar didn’t know where to go, and he had nothing to do. He just wandered around in the Major Sect hall and arrived Near the Medical Room on the third floor, he noticed that many believers were queuing here.

There are a total of four Medical Rooms, only one is packed with people and lined up to the first floor of the stairs. After inquiring, Su Xiao learned that it was a famous pharmacist who came regularly to order medicines for the believers or to treat injuries. Illness etc.

Upon hearing the news, Su Xiao, who had nothing to do, chose to join the company. As an Alchemy teacher who can create Alchemy’s life, he is not bad in treating injuries and illnesses. This is a good opportunity. The more faithful the church members, the less the church leaders can do it.

Robust man · Heckley left the Medical Room only after expressing his gratitude with gestures many times. Su Xiao glanced at the time. It was already halfway through Yoruichi, and there was only one patient in line.

Ten minutes later, the last patient also left. Su Xiao lit a cigarette and walked downstairs out of the Medical Room. After a while, he reached the supply desk on the first floor.

Pushing open the door, Caesar was sitting behind the counter, rubbing something in his hands. Seeing Su Xiao coming, he quickly put the things in his arms into his arms and pretended to ignore what happened. Obviously, Caesar’s got good again. .

“My dear friend, are you here this time?”

“Repurchase Explosion Pattern.”

Hearing Su Xiao’s words, Caesar immediately jumped off the high stool, got out of the counter, trot to close the door tightly, and put on a few locks. Actually, this is not necessary, there is Boubo Wang and Baja are there, so few people can stealth nearby.

Before Caesar left, he sold some sun potions. Su Xiao’s reputation has reached 1.11 million points, and it is time to use a strange trick to gain reputation.

Su Xiao activates the prestige store, the item list appears in front of him, and his eyes are on the most expensive item.

3. Solar Flame·Flame Pattern

Inventory quantity: 2.

Pre-exchange: Cannot be purchased.

Exchange price: Cannot be purchased.

Internal purchase price: 450,000 reputation points.


Su Xiao chose to buy two [Solar Flame·Flame Prints], and several prompts appeared.

[Reminder: Your faction authority and cost price purchase have been activated, this time you redeem item, the consumption of reputation value will be reduced by 25%. 】

[You need to pay 900,000 reputation points, and the actual payment is 675,000 reputation points. 】

[You get the sun flame·deflagration pattern x2. 】

[Warning: This item shouldn’t appear in the prestige store. If Supreme Sun Cult finds that this item is missing, it will investigate Caesars. 】


A wooden box appeared in Su Xiao’s hands. He didn’t open it, so he put the wooden box on the counter in front of him.

“Return the goods.”

Su Xiao spoke in a flat tone. Caesar behind the counter took the wooden box. The wooden box suddenly disappeared and returned to where it was originally.

[Reminder: Your faction permission and return have been activated, this return will be based on the marked price of the item to return the reputation value. 】

[Solar Flame·Flame Print×2 has been successfully returned. 】

[You get 900,000 reputation points. 】


The two combo of “cost price purchase” + “return goods” was completed, top secret, Su Xiao earned 225,000 prestige points. This prestige seems to come quickly, but there are huge risks.

Su Xiao, every bit of prestige comes from a reciprocal contribution, such as going to Yongwang Town to complete the commission and sell medicine.

The prestige gained through these methods can be consumed at will, but the prestige hacked through “cost-price procurement” + “returning goods” belongs to ‘excess income’. Generally speaking, this is black money.

Assuming that in the financial records of the Supreme Sun Cult, Su Xiao has 500 Gold Coins. Once he spends 800 Gold Coins, Supreme Sun Cult will immediately come to the door and ask him about the additional 300 Gold Coins from Where did it come from? It is said that it is through trading with other believers. Of course, there is no problem. Supreme Sun Cult will have a special person to check this aspect.

Whether it is the Sun Gold Coin or the reputation value, it is actually the internal currency of the Supreme Sun Cult Association, and its circulation cannot be hidden from the Finance Department.

Spending black money will cause problems. If you think about it in another way, if Su Xiao hasn’t spent his reputation overspending, is it all right? The answer is yes.

As long as Su Xiao’s expenditure does not exceed his legitimate income, there is no problem. It is true that the reputation of using “cost price purchase” + “return” can exist.

Su Xiao exchanged a green quality item worth 5 reputation points at the prestige store. It was a piece of dried bone, and he began to wait.

If the reputation is hacked by “purchase at cost price” + “return”, it is very troublesome to buy items in the prestige store, so he tried to buy low-priced items.

After waiting for a while, without any prompts, Su Xiao threw the bone fragments in his hand to Caesar, and Caesar didn’t refuse anyone who came, smiling wickedly into his arms.

Checking the existing reputation, Su Xiao’s reputation reached 1,338,000 points, and nearly 1.34 million reputations were obtained, making him one step closer to his goal.

The first black reputation went well. Su Xiao was about to walk outside the room when there was a knock on the door.

dong dong dong.

Hearing this knock on the door, Caesar behind the counter pulled out a big cloth bag from nowhere, and put it on his back to see what it looked like. It was obvious if he was running away.

Su Xiao looked at Caesar, Caesar’s expression was distorted, and he hesitated for a few seconds before putting down the big cloth bag and opening the door.

Outside the door is a man with a head bucket and a saw hammer on his back. He didn’t enter the room, but just whispered something to Caesar, Caesar looked in a daze.

After the Tootou Man left, Caesar cleared his throat and said, “My dear friend, you don’t think Caesar is going to run just now, is Caesar the kind of person who can run alone? Huh?”

Caesar’s righteous words, the first to take the lead, the wicked new complaints.

“It’s good news. You have already caught the Moon Rabbit.”

“Monthly eat rabbits? How cold is it to eat rabbits, Moon Apostle.”

Baja while speaking closes the different channel entrance. In fact, Caesar didn’t need to sue the villain just now. Once the incident happened, Su Xiao, Boubo Wang, and Baja promised to disappear from Caesar’s sight within 0.5 seconds.

“Yes, it’s cold eating rabbits, ah, yeah, moon eating rabbits, moon, month…what a shame.”

Ignoring Caesar’s linguistic confusion, Su Xiao walked out of the room, walked out from the back door of the hall, and along the Yong Road in the backyard, he came to bring a crater within the valley that was excavated the day after tomorrow.

There is a stone altar in the center of the valley. On the open space on the right side of the altar, more than a dozen iron cages are placed here. There is a silhouette lying on the side in the iron cage. It is the apostle of the moon. She quietly opened it when someone came. His right eye was immediately closed.

Su Xiao squatted in front of the iron cage where Apostle Yue was, and looked down at the Apostle Yue who was lying inside. He was already familiar with this matter, he said:

“I am White Night, you give out 50,000 soul coins and take you out.”


The Apostle Moon was confused, she looked around and said mysteriously in a low voice:

“White Night, have you joined the Supreme Sun Cult?”

“en. “

“As long as you can take me out, 50,000 soul coins will be fine, but after entering the world, you know, no one will bring too many soul coins into the world, right?”


The words of the Apostle of the Month actually make sense. The contractor of Reincarnation Paradise will never bring too many soul coins into the world. Su Xiao thought so before. His perception is that all contractors of the Paradise will not bring a lot of soul coins. Entering the mission world, Morey gave him 17,000 soul coins in two transactions, breaking his recognition.

The contractor will not bring a large number of soul coins into the mission world, except for the contractor of Apocalypse Paradise.

“Monthly Apostle, do you have a continuous recovery potion?”


“Drink now, let’s not delay.”

Su Xiao got up and took out a bone stick from the storage space. This weapon was named [Criminal Falling Relic] and was specially used to beat people.

(End of this chapter)

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