Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 3384


Chapter 3362 Magic Art Machine Gun

Not long after, the door of the commander’s office was pushed open, and A’Mu took Dorothy into the room.

Dorothy is bandaged on most parts of her body. The biggest difference between Boiling Red and Black A is that she takes a route of precision and speed, and her recovery ability is not the same level as Black A.

At the beginning, Aiqi had one third head cut off, and she still got up from the ground like a okay person. On the other hand, Dorothy, let alone the one third head cut off, she was fatally hit on the head, and she might die .

Dorothy didn’t jump off so much, and stood aside with her hands behind her back when she came in.

Hausman and Steelfang also walked into the room. After they transformed into the Boarman, their appearances changed. On the skull without hair, a black stiff mane was born, which has been spreading. Going to the back, the two of them looked more savage and ferocious, coupled with their sharp eyes, it was no longer the original image of the pig head.

The hard black bristles on the top of Hausmann’s head, back of the head, and spine are extraordinarily thick, and they look extraordinarily powerful and Haki, with the temperament of a leader.

The steel teeth are more protruding fangs. The flat metal teeth in his mouth have turned into interlaced metal fangs, which looks even more stunned. The knot wrapped around his left wrist is obviously not his clumsy Fingers can make up. Just after returning to the fortress, there are new clothes to be rinsed and dried. It can only be said that Boars with a wife are different.

If Hausman has a leadership temperament and can command on the battlefield, Steel Fang is the wild boar pioneer who dared to rush to the forefront and take the lead. As long as Su Xiao’s order is received, there is nothing he dared to do.

The two people now have a common feature. They are both wrapped in a lot of medical bandages, and the injuries are not light.

Su Xiao Checking Hausmann’s information, Hausmann is now equivalent to the little boss among the wild boars, and has growth potential in the future.

Name: Hausmann

Category: Boar leader

HP: 72.53%

Wild beast value: 0/500 points.

Strength: 192 (True Attribute, has been blessed by the war lord.)

Agility: 170 (True Attribute, has been blessed by the war lord.)

Stamina: 201 (True Attribute, has been blessed by the war lord.)

Intelligence: 57

Charm: 1 (originally 5 points, due to the leader, it has fallen to 1 point).

Skill 1, the more fights the more stronger is (Passive, LV.68): HP +14000 points, body defensive power +32 points, and every 1% HP loss can increase HP recovery speed by 2 points per second.

Reminder: This ability can stack up to 35 HP recovery per second (that is, 2100 HP recovery per minute).

Reminder: If this skill is activated for a long time, the energy and life force of the body’s cells will be overdrawn.

Skill 2, Tenacious unyielding (Passive, Lv.65): HP +5200 points, Willpower +10 points. After the pain is caused by injury, it will greatly stimulate Hausman’s wild beast and increase the value of wild beast. .

Wild beast value: 0/500 points.

Su Xiao needs a compromise. The talents of the five wild boar brothers cannot be wasted, and they may not be useful in the future.

Take out the [Spellcaster diary (Gradeless item)] from the storage space. This is the item that Su Xiao opened through the treasure box obtained after killing the scraper Luo Xi.

Opening the diary, Su Xiao only read the first few pages. This is the low-level legal system ability recorded by Luo Xi when he first became Spellcaster.

Su Xiao was not satisfied with the first several legal system abilities, until he saw a particularly classic legal system ability, which was called Great Fireball.

Arcane Eternal Star’s large Fireball capability. After release, the diameter of the Fireball is 1 meter. It does not fly straight, but has a certain tracking ability, but it is tracking, in fact, it can turn a little arc, at most and kick out. Draw arcs like football.

Grand Fireball is one of the most classic abilities in the legal system. Arcane Eternal Star improves it not once or twice, but mainly to make it simple, rude, formidable power, fast flying, and to improve the novice Spellcaster. Viability.

The arrogance and high threshold of the legal system? There is no such thing at all. Arcane Eternal Star is also absolutely pragmatic. The fierce battle with Extinguisher was not Hakuda’s.

Su Xiao hooked up the pig who looked at the smartest pig and let him sit on the side sofa. The pig became nervous, like sitting on pins and needles.

“Can you understand it.”

Su Xiao clicked on the formation mark of the note. Pig squinted his eyes and stared at it for a long time. He scratched the mane on his head in confusion. He didn’t feel anything else, he just felt hungry. For dinner, the food in the fortress is delicious.


Su Xiao raised his hand and motioned to Zhu Da to go to the side. Zhu Da was relieved and quickly went to stand in a row with his four brothers.

Judging from the performance of the talented pig, it can be determined that the five wild boar brothers have the innate talent for casting spells, but they do not have the ability to master the law system.

Don’t talk about elementary school, the pig heads have not even attended kindergarten courses, and the per capita is illiterate. On this basis, the probability of understanding the legal system formation mark is too low.

Su Xiao was hesitating whether to give up the talents of the five wild boar brothers, but immediately, he thought of a solution.

Walking into the Alchemy laboratory, Su Xiao watched the fireball formation diagram for a long time, conceiving the magic pattern trend of this thing in his mind.

In principle, the magic pattern of the elementary Spellcaster within the body is not much different from the particularly advanced circuit board. After the strength of the Spellcaster is gradually improved, the magic pattern within the body will be complicated beyond the scope of scientific understanding.

Since the magic pattern is only a transmission route, so that the magic power and the characteristics of the elements can be qualitatively changed, can you replace it with the Alchemy formation diagram? The medium and high-level legal system abilities are impossible, and the low-order legal system abilities can still be tested. of.

Su Xiao’s idea is to construct a formation diagram that is the same as the magic pattern of the big Fireball on a dead object. This is actually not difficult. The difficulty is that the carrier must have an unreasonable energy conductivity. And multiple adaptive sexual energy that can resonate.

Black Maple Tree branch + Soul Crystal (Perfect), this is absolutely feasible. One of the values ​​produced by Black Maple Tree is the unreasonable energy conductivity, which is actually the superconductor in extraordinary items. Of course, Black Maple Tree has other uses, superconductivity is just one of its characteristics.

Su Xiao took out a Black Maple Tree branch about 1 meter long, which was fairly straight, and he took out a Soul Crystal (Perfect).

Half an hour later, in the open space in front of the fortress, Zhu Da held a ‘stick’ in his hand. Maybe he couldn’t even imagine how expensive this stick would be.

The staff as a whole is about 1 meter long, with a thick top and a thin bottom. They are held in the hands of five wild boar brothers with an average height of 2 meters 3 to 1.4 meters. Each has a different style of painting.

The dead wood wrapped on the outside of the staff is very firm. Its function is to protect the branches of the Black Maple Tree inside and cover them so that outsiders will find that the staff is made of the branches of the Black Maple Tree. The tip of the staff has a fist sized Soul Crystal (Perfect), which acts as an equivalent to’igniter’, can make the big Fireball stimulate more smoothly.

The front of the staff in Zhu Da’s hand pointed to him, and his whole body was exerting strength, and the mane on his head was about to stand up, and a large Fireball gathered at the front of the staff and blasted out instead.

This big Fireball was less than one meter away, and the second big Fireball was built. It is the Magic Art resonance ability of the five wild boar brothers. The lower the rank of the law system, the easier it is to trigger and multiple spell castings. The more the number of times.

bang! bang! bang! bang!

Counting the large Fireball in the front, a total of five large Fireballs lined up and blasted out. The next second they slammed into the opposite mountain, exploded, and flaming debris splashed around.

The formidable power of these big Fireballs is very satisfying. The first is the damage bonus caused by the True Intelligence attribute of more than 190 points, the second is the formidable power gain of the Black Maple Tree branches + Soul Crystal, and the last is the large number. .

Only Zhuda’s own five Fireball has such formidable power. If his other four brothers have a staff of this kind, it would be the Fireball machine gun team.

(End of this chapter)

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