Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 3385


Chapter 3363 Bailey and Mushrooms

After Su Xiao made four more Fireball staffs, five Fireball teams were formally established.

I originally planned to choose five legal system abilities, but due to the time cost, it is better to use a large Fireball. Although there is no cooperation, the quantity is overwhelmed and the problem is over. What cooperation is needed.

Su Xiao walked into the first floor of the fortress. There was a large open space in front of the dormitory, full of alienated animal fur, teeth, sharp claw, etc.

The wild boar warriors who have just returned, all eat and drink, and rest in the mountain space behind the fortress. When they are not fighting, apart from finding their wives, they are doing other entertainment, such as the playing field they dug up. .

Seeing that means, the Boar Warriors are preparing to set up two bashing teams. This sport is not very popular among the family members, but the pig heads of Battle Arena, who often use this as a performance to attract more audiences.

The wild boars have only heard about it before, but have never seen it before, so the punting they play is basically equal to 12 to 12 unarmed fights. In the end, only the person who can stand is qualified to take the ball. Rush to the center line.

Right now, the bashing field has been dug up in the mountain within the body and put into use. After experiencing the Life and Death Battle in the alienated beast territory, the wild boar warriors generally understand one thing, to have fun as soon as possible, follow Su Xiao Fuck, everything else is fine, but it’s easy to die.

Doomsday fort punting rules:

1. You can’t attack the ball. Those who hit the ball will be lucky enough to enjoy a violent kick with 23 players (12 opponents + 11 teammates).

2. It is forbidden to kick the crotch during the competition.

3. All the opponents are beaten up, and the ones who get the ball are all despicable.


This movement has become popular in a short period of time. Why? The reason is that the female pigheads will give priority to the stronger mate in their choice of spouse. That is to say, the probability of finding a wife for the winner of the punt is increased by at least 90%.

Su Xiao didn’t go to the playing field further to the restaurant to watch the excitement. He was counting the spoils of war during the hunt. The spoils of war were handled fairly well, and the number of female pigheads was far from enough.

Su Xiao has discovered that compared to motivating male boars, other tasks performed by female pigs are also indispensable. Logistics is one aspect. The processing of spoils of war and the fine selection of active ores, etc. They have to do it.

There are currently 500 female pigheads who are responsible for cooking, rinsing, etc., and the pressure is not small, plus the handling of spoils of war, it is already too busy.

You can consider buying another batch of female pig heads. Regarding the mate selection of pig heads, the iron law of the fortress will not interfere. If a male pig head drags a female pig head into the hut, this is not allowed and will cause management and Disciplinary chaos, the offender chopped off the pig’s head on the spot.

The fur on the ground is the most. Su Xiao asked more than a hundred pig-headed coolies to pick up the spoils of war. He himself stood up with a glass tube in which was the life of an Indian ridged tiger|root, this The gadgets are very valuable.

After Su Xiao contacted Caesar, he took the hunting spoils of war and went out of the fortress. He walked along the rock wall to the south and walked less than one kilometer out, before he walked towards a steep wall.

Su Xiao passed through the vertical wall. If you observe carefully, you can find that this is a kind of projection, which is usually invisible. It is somewhat obvious when someone walks through it.

Entering an empty mountain space, Su Xiao saw a large Transmission Array. This thing has been around for years, but Caesar didn’t know where it came from, and it came in handy at this time.

Transmission Array rays of light flashed and Caesar appeared.

“My dear friend, are you going to start trading so soon?”

“en. ”

Su Xiao threw the glass tube filled with the solution to Caesar. After Caesar took it, he quickly discovered the value of this thing.

Including the spoils of war and today’s mining revenue, the total is 55 units of active ore.

There is no shortage of high-quality food for the time being. After cutting the price, Su Xiao finally bought 1670 male pigheads and 500 female pigheads with 55 units of active ore.

After negotiating the deal, Su Xiao returned to the fortress. These more than 2,000 pig-heads will be sent to the hidden mountain space in batches. The wild boars who stay there will send those pig-heads to the fortress. Inside, the reserve soldiers and miners are separated first. The miners go directly to work, and the reserve soldiers are on standby.

Under the operation of Su Xiao’s, the channel has begun to take shape, but in his opinion, the development speed is still not enough. Once any contractor of Apocalypse Paradise, Holy Paradise, and Watch Paradise, find the half of World Nucleus, World Snatching War The high | tide is coming.

The melee won’t last long. When the melee stops and the winner is determined, it seems to take the opportunity to sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits, but what if that party is directly determined by the Void Tree to win?

Su Xiao is not the fourth party now. In the judgment of the Void Tree, he is the contractor of Apocalypse Paradise. If he has not made a move, World Snatching War will end, which is funny.

The speed of development must be increased again. Su Xiao has always had a rapid development method, but once this method is used, there will be no turning back.

This method is to attack the fortresses above TLevel 3 of the dependents and snatch pigheads from the enemy fortresses. In this way, the process of buying pigheads can be saved.

Doing so is tantamount to a formal war with the dependents. By then, the risk is extremely high.

Su Xiao went back to the command room, sat on the sofa, and picked up the map. If you don’t want a couple of hundreds, or even more contractors, this is the best way.

He looked at the TLevel 3 fortress on the map. 25 kilometers southwest of the border area, there is a mining TLevel 3 fortress named “Twin Forts.”

The leader of the Gemini Fortress is a pair of twin sisters of the dependent family. They look like they are underage, and they are actually over 30 years old. The twins are notoriously psychopaths. They especially like to eat pig’s liver. , It must be 70% familiar. It is said that this is the secret of their appearance.

TLevel 3 fortress, the number of pig heads is estimated to be more than 5,000, which is not a lot. No fortress will be like the Doomsday fortress. TLevel 5 has a population of over 10,000.

While Su Xiao was preparing a specific plan for looting, he received an email from Bailey.

After opening, he saw Bailey’s photo. The picture shows Bailey sitting on a hippo’s head. There are other hippos nearby and the crocodile further behind. Bailey’s eyes are not good, but Bailey is a friend of hippos. The crocodile can only take a few glances at timid.

Compared with this photo, the text information below is more important. The tone is like a text for elementary school students. The content is as follows:

‘Ben Miao picked up a lot of mushrooms with extraordinary characteristics and brought them back for summer cooking. These mushrooms looked so delicious. I stole a little bit, but I saw a lot of Smurfs and never eat raw mushrooms anymore. , Meow~’

‘I cooked the mushrooms today, and they tasted better, and then I saw a lot of little people, wow! I’m poisoned again, and I won’t eat mushrooms anymore (with meow paw print at the end). ’

‘I met the robbery crocodiles today. I distributed the mushrooms to them. After they ate them, they moved in the water really fast (attached, video). ’

‘Become friends with hippos, meow meow~’

‘I found half of World Nucleus’ traces, continue tracking, do we want to get World Nucleus? The tracking of those contractors is so slow. If I don’t want to follow them, I must be at the forefront. Should I overtake them? ’


Bailey is also a veteran of World Snatching War. Because he often turns on orphan mode and goes to treasure hunt alone, his ability to find objects is the strongest in the team.

Su Xiao and Boubo Wang are beyond the reach. In the last world, Bailey found the pure white blood. Otherwise, Su Xiao would not be able to fight against the old Knight, but would not be long before the battle began. Later, he became Spirit Beast because of his sanity.

Su Xiao replied to Bailey, win! Take the half of World Nucleus.

Bailey is not sure about his own situation, so he hesitated whether to take World Nucleus, grab that thing, it is bound to be targeted by the contractors of the other tripartite parks, and a situation of three to one appears.

Su Xiao has determined that the boar man can develop battle strength. In this situation, he will take the World Nucleus first and drag the time. As long as the battle strength develops, his own half of the World Nucleus is an advantage, at worst Just beat three times.

Because it is far away from Bailey, it will take 1 to 2 days for the mail to be sent, so time should be too late.

In this way, we cannot act blindly without thinking, and we must continue to maintain this false peace with the dependents.

Su Xiao checked the contract situation and it was already 99.5%. After a while, the contract parchment appeared, and the front was the vague contract content. He manipulated the parchment to turn it over, using the contract as the medium to track Morey’s position.

A map is gradually printed on the back, a map of this continent, and a slightly curved red line appears on the map.

This red line is Morey’s route. She has fled since the contract was signed. However, her escape direction is very confused. Looking at the route, she is within the family’s influence, so she should have no who line.

This is easy to understand. Morey is likely to be in the same place with the Moon Apostle, and it is strange that he has connections with the family.

In this case, the probability of choosing an unfamiliar family force to seek asylum is much lower than the probability of being betrayed.

Morey took a different approach. She was no longer in the family’s territory. She went to a place that seemed dangerous to most contractors. That was the territory of Alienated Beasts. In Alienated Beasts, All living things are equal, everyone Attack.

Morey’s path is: near the court → fortress city under the rule of the family alliance → a large mining area → border area → alienated animal territory.

This is Morey’s escape route. There is a very critical issue. Su Xiao is in the border area, and Morey is now facing him.

This feeling, no matter how you look at it, Morey seems to have traveled thousands of miles to give people away.

(End of this chapter)

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