Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 3387


Chapter 3365 Hold back, don’t let the tears fall

At 11 o’clock at noon that day, less than one kilometer south of our base camp, the mountain within the body was excavated in the space. This has been named Warehouse No. 2. The large Transmission Array inside can remove the pig head from freedom Warehouse No. 1 over the city, teleported to this place.

At this time, in Warehouse No. 1, the rays of light of Transmission Array lit up, and the hunting tide with a lot of bandages wrapped around the abdomen fell to the ground.

The 135 wild boar warriors guarding here all increased their vigilance. Dorothy stepped forward quickly and helped the hunting tide to walk towards his base camp.

The route for the hunting tide to escape back was chosen very well. She did not come straight to the base camp fortress before. After she got out of the danger, she treated her wounds and rushed to Liberty City at full speed. Then she went to Caesar, meaning , Let Caesar look for a doctor over there, she almost couldn’t hold it.

Caesar told Hunter Tide that there is a Transmission Array, which allows Hunter Tide to return to the Doom Fortress as quickly as possible. There is a more brilliant ‘Doctor’ over there.

At this moment, in the commander-in-chief room on the top floor of the Doom Fortress, the hunter is sitting on the sofa with weak breath, no blood on his face, and the bandage wrapped around his abdomen slowly soaks blood.

“The doctor Caesar said is you?”

Although the hunting tide was treated by Su Xiao when he was in Alliance Star, it was only injection of medicine + suture of wound that time.

In the cognition of hunting tide, no matter how you look at it, Su Xiao is not in line with the doctor’s temperament. Her current injury is particularly serious, and she may die of serious injuries at any time, all supported by the source of within the body .

Su Xiao sat on the sofa opposite the hunting tide and judged the hunting tide’s injuries.

“I am very hurt now, don’t kill me, I don’t want to die in your hands for the second time.”


Su Xiao didn’t speak, but had a general medical plan in mind.

“How about, my current situation, is there any help…”

The hunting tide was deeply exhaled, and she looked a little fuzzy just now.

“Some rescues, but surgery is needed.”

Hearing Su Xiao’s words, Boubo Wang, A’Mu, and Baja shivered.

“Then operate as soon as possible, I won’t last long.”

“Is this your own request?”

“Ah, yes, let’s get an operation soon.”

“As you wish.”

Su Xiao got up and pushed open the secret door of the Alchemy laboratory. The hunter, who was barely able to walk, walked into the Alchemy laboratory and lay on the operating bed by himself.

After moving the equipment nearby, Boubo Wang, A’Mu, and Baja all slipped away.

Su Xiao wears a mask with a dozen thick finger catheters and medical rubber gloves. Considering the amount of bleeding, he puts on a plastic coat.

The operation process went smoothly. With the stability of Alchemy’s medicine, the lifeform sign of the hunting tide gradually stabilized. Except for the mental shadow, everything else is fine.

The semicircular gap on the ventral side of the hunting tide is too serious. The organs, skeletons, nerves, flesh and blood, skin, etc. all need to be recovered. After stabilizing the injury of the hunting tide, Su Xiao took out the [source] stone.

On the operating bed|, Hunter Tide’s body gradually turned into cyan water, and it was submerged in [Source] Stone. In [Source], Hunter Tide’s body can gradually recover. According to the agreement, wait for Hunter Tide’s injury to recover Later, she was released and continued to perform this contract.

As soon as the hunting tide entered [Source], Su Xiao decisively closed the connection between [Source] and the outside world, and then threw it into the storage space. Vaguely, he heard the sound coming out of it. The voice was both unwilling and surprised.

In this world, Su Xiao does not plan to call out the hunting tide. Judging by the hunting tide’s injury, she wants to fully recover the battle strength in [Source], at least about 10-15 days, wait until then, or If you are defeated, you have almost developed, and you have started fighting with the enemy.

At that time, when the hunting tide was called again, she did not play a big role. Su Xiao’s appearance was not the most important thing, it was easy to use.

The hunting tide is a particularly useful type. Her drowning ability is simply a boss killer. Even insects have been beaten by the drowning ability.

[Source] is now closed. In the judgment of the contract, it is because the hunting tide is seriously injured and unable to continue to perform the contract. In other words, the contract will be reset, and the hunting tide needs to help Su Xiao as a high-level cannon fodder. Get free.

A few days ago, Su Xiao ordered the hunting tide to do. In layman’s terms, this is a prostitute and the experience is excellent.

There is one thing Su Xiao can’t figure out, that is, why the hunting tide was attacked. According to the hunting tide, one of the people who attacked her was a girl with a metal pattern on her face, and the other person looked like a family member.

After listening to the description of the hunting tide, Su Xiao found that the girl with metal patterns on her face was just similar to her family.

The family members have a clone body made of metal and an active metal. Simply put, it is a metal with life force, instead of flesh, skeleton, nerves, etc., normal blood flows in it.

To be more accurate, it is a metal cell, not a metal attribute in the true sense.

Su Xiao is the first to rule out the attack on the hunting tide at the trial house. Lei Siniwei has already served in the middle of the trial house. Right now, he and the old vampire in the trial house are in a period of mutual favor. If someone touches the old vampire, Su Xiao will assist immediately.

On the other hand, if someone moves Li Siniwei, the old vampire will also help immediately. This is a common interest and a common advance and retreat.

Assuming that it is the opponent of the old vampire, wouldn’t it be better to attack Lei Siniwei and attack the hunting tide? There is no cerebral thrombosis for 30 years, and it is impossible to make such a wise operation.

The suspicion of the trial office has been eliminated, which is very fascinating. The hunting tide’s strength in the eighth level cannot be underestimated. If you surprise her, you must take a lot of risk. At least in the eighth level, the drowning ability comes with every arrow The HP’s maximum percentage damage can be described as All living things are equal.

Does anyone have a toothache? Going to ambush the hunting tide is really fascinating. Su Xiao felt that he was in a misunderstanding of thinking.

“Boss, it was not done by the contractor.”

“Contractor? The hunting tide has the characteristics of a summoning object and will not drop a treasure box……”

Halfway through Su Xiao’s words, he suddenly thought of a particularly funny possibility. First of all, suppose that “Loas”, where the “Judgment House” is located, has become the site of Holy Paradise or Watch Paradise.

At this time, my imprint is disguised as the imprint of Apocalypse Paradise, and the breath is also, which means that the hunting tide has the summons of the contractor of Apocalypse Paradise, the unique breath fluctuates, which is like Sensor other paradise The same as the contractor.

For the contractor of Sensor Apocalypse Paradise, the imprint of the other party will faintly reveal the blue sky, while Reincarnation Paradise will reveal the scarlet, Holy Paradise is mild Light Gold, and Sacred Paradise is deep Dark-Gold.

The breath of imprint, except for very special circumstances, will not change.

Su Xiao estimates that there is a probability of more than 80% of the hunting tide being attacked by the contractor of Holy Paradise or Watch Paradise.

Putting this matter aside for the time being, and continuing to develop our own base camp is the most important thing at the moment. Regarding the analysis of the “rapid change solution” used to upgrade the fortress level, Su Xiao has already thought about it.

According to his analysis, the [Rapid Change Solution·V-Type] is divided into two parts, one is to promote the transformation of the fortress, the other is to suppress the increase of the fortress, the ratio of the two is about 1 to 9.

Among the ingredients of [Rapid Change Solution·V Type], only 10% is to help the fortress to promote, and the remaining 90% is to inhibit the fortress’s transformation, so that the fortress can only be transformed to TLevel 4, and there will be no jump from T5. Small probability event to T3.

If you want to know with your ass, this is a method used by the rulers of the family to increase the value of the [rapid change solution] and reduce the effect.

According to Su Xiao’s analysis, the [Rapid Change Solution] originally had only one model, with no V-type, IV-type, and III-type classifications.

The fortress actually only needs one injection of [Rapid Change Solution] to unlock the potential for growth. Later, if you want to advance to a higher level, you can have enough active ore. If you want to upgrade the fortress to TLevel 0, that is, you don’t move the fortress. The level is no problem.

After analysing all this, Su Xiao understood the minds of the family members. The family members were worried that once the real [Rapid Change Solution] spread out, the fourth TLevel 0 fortress would appear.

The three TLevel 0 fortresses are the foundation of the Three Great Influences and the ultimate killing move.

The problem is that fortress promotion is necessary, and it is accompanied by huge benefits. It should be a genius of the family who invented “inhibitors”. According to the content of inhibitors, the [rapid change solution] is classified.

The more “inhibitors” contained in it, the lower the model of [Rapid Change Solution].

The dependents will not provide 100% pure [Crash Solution], because once the [Crash Solution] is injected into the core of the fortress, the fortress is eligible to be promoted to TLevel 0. For the current rulers, It is absolutely impossible to endure, on the side of the couch, how can you allow others to sleep soundly.

What Su Xiao has to do right now is to restore the 100% pure [Rapid Change Solution]. After injecting the core of the Doomsday Fortress at that time, only active ore is needed in the future to continuously upgrade the fortress level.

Apart from the benefits it brings to itself, although this thing cannot be sold, it can be used to unite allies.

The current terrain is the position occupied by Su Xiao, on the easternmost side of the family’s territory, which is:

Alienated Beast Territory → Border Area (Su Xiao Location) → Family Territory → Human Race Territory.

The Alienated Beast Territory and the dependents territories sandwich Su Xiao, and the Su Xiao Territory and Human Race territories sandwich the dependents territories.

The two sides of the forces, that is, the north and south directions, are the “Southern Cold Sea” and the “North Sea”. The shape of this continent is long rather than circular.

As long as the 100% pure [rapid change solution] is prepared, Su Xiao can form an alliance with Human Race. The first bottle will be sent, and the second bottle will cost a high price. The loss of the first bottle will be made up for. To make a lot of extra money, you must first let the counterparty taste the sweetness before the counterparty will pay a lot of money.

On the Human Race side, let alone two bottles of 100% pure [Rapid Change Solution], even 10 bottles will still be able to eat well. They are too eager to have a TLevel 0 fortress.

In recent years, the family members have been oppressing Human Race more and more fiercely. As long as the family members show a slight decline after the battle with Su Xiao, the Human Race side will immediately take action, and Su Xiao will fight with the family members.

From this point of view, a 100% pure [rapidly changeable solution] is very important. Su Xiao sat in front of the experimental table thinking about the composition of materials, and he never knew the characteristics of this thing.

At this moment, the parchment on the table floated up on its own. The red line on the top represents Morey, who has crossed thousands of rivers and mountains to give people his head. This is really good.

Su Xiao took the five wild boar brothers, the Fireball team, and left the base camp fortress.


Borderland area, the Gobi Desert on the north side.

The wind was raging, and the dust was flying all over the sky, crackling on the ears.

A silhouette running in sportswear and a hood is on the Gobi Desert. She wears headphones on her ears and listens to music on the way. This is very common. The sensor is used to catch the attack, and she listens by hearing. By the time the sound came, the attack had fallen on him.

Morey’s pace gradually slowed down and she was hungry. She took out the compressed biscuits and bit down hard, as if biting on the guy named ‘Morley’s old father’ on the contact platform, especially to relieve her hatred.

Morey feels distressed. She is playing ps6 underground with Moon Apostle Go. As a result, the heavens fall into disaster, so she inexplicably speaks and signs a contract.

Morey immediately did two things, 1. Dismissed the team with the Moon Apostle, 2. immediately left the hiding place, Morey never hurt her friends.

Originally, the Apostle Moon wanted to stay forcibly, but finally forgot the gap between her and Morey in hand-to-hand combat. She was pressed on the spot and became a stranger. Her summoners could only be anxious on the sidelines.

“That guy, don’t let me catch you.”

In the squally wind, Morey spoke bitterly. Now she is different from before. In the last world, she and the Moon Apostle found the wild beast heart, which is the scarce resource designated by Apocalypse Paradise.

With the wealth of Apocalypse Paradise, it is conceivable how much benefit Morey and the Moon Apostle can get, and these resources are scarce materials, permissions, etc., which are used to enhance their strength.

Perhaps in Apocalypse Paradise’s judgment, Morey and the Moon Apostle had a good overall performance in the painting world, but the performance of battle strength is not to be mentioned, so it rewards a lot of resources that directly enhance their strength.

The current Morey is no longer on the same level as her previous strength. If she hadn’t been in the last world, Su Xiao and Caesar had arranged to almost shut herself down, so she must have taken the initiative at this time.

The sky was faintly yellow with the wind blowing, Morey’s footsteps stopped, and five uneven silhouettes appeared in front of her. After she stared at it, she found that this seemed to be a pig head? Or, more like a wild boar?

“Hey? Do pig heads still have wild ones.”

Morey looked like she had gained knowledge. Just as she was about to say hello, she discovered that one of the five pigheads raised the’stick’ in his hand, and after a roar, a diameter of one meter Fireballs large and small flew at a very fast speed, dragging out the flame tail.

Morey didn’t dodge or evade, and with a fist, he shattered the incoming Fireball. Although it was hot, the acting cool felt very good.

“It turns out to be a wild monster. I look down on me too much with Fireball Technique…”

Morey’s tone barely fell found that at least two dozen Fireballs had attacked. The five wild boars seemed to have been blessed with a violent technique. With the finger of the staff, five Fireball tú tús burst out suddenly.

bang! bang! Bang…

In the smoke and dust rolled up by the strong wind, there was a burst of The earth shook and the mountain quivered. Morey absolutely didn’t expect. It turned out that with more Fireball Techniques, it would be so difficult.

More than ten minutes later, Morey crossed his shoulders and stood in front of the fallen five wild boar brothers. She didn’t kill him. The reason is that these five wild boar brothers are so talented. She wants to try if she can fool them into Temporary summons, together to deal with’her old father’, thinking of this, Morey’s heart went crazy, this name is too cheap for her.

“Who! Come out.”

Morey Sensor noticed that there was someone in the sand in front of her, but immediately, she also sensed the power of the contract, that is, the person in front of her signed a contract with her.

Morey made a secret compliment in her heart. She stepped on the ground under her feet and rushed forward, the imposing manner was sufficient.

The further forward, the lighter the smoke that was blown up. Morey first went from Sensor to Bloody Aura, which made her feel tight, and the bad memories rise in the mind, and then she saw the man with a long knife silhouette, and a pair of eyes with blue glow.

Perceiving these characteristics, Morey’s heartbeat speed suddenly increased. She immediately changed her body shape. She leaped forward and braked with her feet on her back. As a result, the brakes were too strong and she sat on the ground.

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