Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 3389


Chapter 3367 impossible, that’s my best friend!

Su Xiao lightly coughed, calmly took the [Drifting Bait] into his arms, and Caesar on the side scratched his heart.

“My dear friend, that is…”

As soon as Caesar’s words were spoken, Su Xiao had taken out a parchment and handed it to Caesar.

After opening the parchment, Caesar received a prompt and learned that this is a formula called [Ancient Secret Medicine], which belongs to a particularly ancient and orthodox Alchemy formula. This formula is superior to any formula he has come into contact with before. many.

Caesar is also lightly coughed, and his expression holds the Alchemist Elixir Formula into his arms as usual. At the same time, he shakes the [evil footbands] in his hand, hoping that Angel Morey will come up with some more items.

Little Angel Morey has few choices right now. After hesitating again and again, her breath exploded, and she rushed towards Su Xiao. It can be said that she has come up with full A.

A few minutes later.


Su Xiao’s fist wrapped in the crystal layer hit Morey’s lower abdomen, and Morey’s back immediately hit the ground below him. A huge cracked pit was exploded on the ground, and little blood came from Mo There was a splash from the thunder’s mouth, and smoke and dust surged from the surrounding area.

At this time, Morey was beaten until the HP slipped to 30%, below, she crawled out of the huge pit with difficulty, and in the next second, the sole of the boot was enlarged in front of her eyes.


Morey was plunged into darkness. She had a feeling that if the opponent was not trying to save her a life and extorting soul coins from her, this kick could kick her little head like a watermelon.

In a daze, Morey felt like she was being picked up from the ground and carried on her shoulders. She only had a small line of sight. She vaguely saw the person carrying her with a long knife on her waist and a A thumb-sized lock lamp and a moon-white animal tooth, which should be a wolf tooth.

Confirming this situation, Morey passed out in a coma. Before she became unconscious, her only feeling was that her face hurts.

Morey’s choice made the best use of Gou’s life skills. First, she did not choose to report Su Xiao. After the report, it is unknown whether Su Xiao can be driven out of this world. At that time, it will be Reincarnation Paradise and Apocalypse Paradise. The rules of competition.

This will take a while to proceed. During this time, Morey believes that the person she reported will definitely use all means to take her life. If it is Morey herself, she will also choose All of this was reported, and of course it was fucking him. It would be hard to solve the hatred of not killing him.

And Morey feels that her own “Apocalypse father”, really may not be able to beat Reincarnation Paradise, she had a feeling long ago, Reincarnation Paradise awesome!

If Morey were to be the contractor or Hunter of Reincarnation Paradise, she would never agree to it, because it was too cruel.

In the case of not choosing to report, Morey rushed to Su Xiao and wanted to fight Su Xiao to the death, which highlighted her ability to survive.

Morey has determined that Su Xiao is an Incursio member and surrenders in this situation. Once Apocalypse Paradise conducts a statistical liquidation afterwards, if she fails to surrender, she will be judged to be a sabotage.

So Morey chose to fight, but she couldn’t fight anyway. After being beaten to death, she believed that in Apocalypse Paradise’s judgment, her behavior would change from surrender to heroic resistance. She couldn’t resist, so she chose to forbear. Well, yes, just forbearance.

I don’t know how long it has been. When Morey woke up, he found himself lying on the sofa with a blanket on her body. A female pig head was standing in the vicinity with concern.

Morey first checked her clothes. After nothing was wrong, she relaxed in her heart. Then she looked around and found that there were no guards in the cabin except the female pighead.

Morey put her index finger in front of her mouth, and gestured to silence the female pighead in the apron. She slowly lifted the blanket on her body, and walked to the outside of the room, passing the door, she vaguely I heard the noise outside.

“How come it’s all beef stuffed, pork stuffed is better…”

As soon as these words were spoken, Morey stopped chewing, and she found that the wild boars around her looked bad.

Baja looked towards Morey, and said: “You TM are really a genius.”

A moment later, Baja took Morey to the top of the fortress and pushed open the door of the command room.

Before Mo Lei entered the door, she glanced at Hausman and Gangya who were guarding both sides of the door, and then walked into the main control room. She first saw Su Xiao, but after not seeing Caesar, she felt relieved. Tone.


Su Xiao pointed to the opposite seat. As soon as Mo Lei sat down, she found all kinds of delicacies on the table. The closest thing to her was a bowl of bear paws the size of a basin. She wanted to taste it.

The meat buns in Morey’s hand suddenly no longer fragrant. What’s more tragic is that she ate more than a dozen big meat buns along the way and was full. Because she often fights, she never worried about eating The problem of being fat, but her stomach pouch is actually not big, which prevents her from enjoying the food in front of her.

“Don’t eat it, A’Mu, leave it to you.”


“It’s not that I don’t want to eat, anyway, forget it.”

Morey looked at A’Mu gorge oneself, looked at it, and was a little hungry again. She used a fork at a cold sea lobster. As soon as she was about to move, she realized that A’Mu’s eyes were not good.

“The time limit is up.”

Su Xiao tone barely fell, he activated the [Endless Darkness] collar on Morey’s neck and let Morey’s consciousness go into darkness for 1 hour.

With a click, [Endless Darkness] opened, and Morey’s consciousness was locked in the Little Black room for an hour, and if it was not even a second in the outside world, the Little Black room would make the consciousness feel longer.

Don’t even think that Morey is a sand sculpture girl, but her Willpower is not weak, she is just in a daze. Even so, she also perceives how terrifying the [Endless Darkness] collar is.

[Endless Darkness] fell on the table and Morey discovered that her imprint could be activated again at will. Because she just lost consciousness, the connection between her and imprint was interfered by the collar.

Want to isolate or cut off Morey’s connection with her imprint, Su Xiao thinks he can’t do it, but he can do something on Morey. For example, once Morey wants to communicate with imprint, it will trigger [Endless Darkness] ] The collar, in the way that consciousness was locked into the Little Black house, prevented Morey from activating imprint normally.

Su Xiao picked up the [Endless Darkness] collar and glanced at it. The indicator light on it flashed once and it seemed to be entering the cooling stage, which could no longer prevent Morey from activating the storage space and taking out the props and running away.

Actually, the [Endless Darkness] collar has not entered the cooling stage. Using this thing as a consciousness interception consumes durability too fast. Even more how, the next plan must give Morey the opportunity to use imprint.

Baja fell on Morey’s shoulder to prevent Morey from taking out the props and running away.

“We have found the position of the Moon Apostle. As her friend, it is better for you to pick her up. It can avoid the death and injury of her summons. Her summons are very useful.”

Su Xiao lit a cigarette, picked up a cold sea lobster at the meal, and placed it on the plate in front of Morey.

“Don’t lie to me, you are impossible to find the Moon Apostle so soon, and I won’t betray her, that is my best friend, although she is a good beep when she plays games.”

Morey’s calm expression looks like he doesn’t worry.

“I really can’t, but you can.”

Su Xiao activated the power of contract. Morey immediately felt that her lower abdomen was hot, she put her hand into the clothes and tore off a contract attached to her lower abdomen.

“You, you, you, despicable!”

Morey knew that Su Xiao must use this contract to learn about the position of the Moon Apostle through her. This made Morey anxious. How could she sell her teammates? ! You can’t sell teammates even if you die.

Although Morey said that she was a little bit sand-sculpted, she does have this kind of character. She would rather die than betray her friends.

Morey glanced at the [Endless Darkness] collar on the table. The six indicator lights on the table have already lit five, indicating that they will be available soon. Time is running out. She quietly activated imprint and gave the moon quietly. The apostle sent an email with only two words:’Run away. ’

At the same time that Morey successfully sent an email to the Apostle of the Moon, the contract parchment in her hand was broken on its own. As a notarized contract, Morey’s mail was used as a medium to fulfill the contract new Article 015 contract regulation : Contact tracking.

The broken parchment became illusory, twisted into a translucent arrow, pointing to a certain direction, that is where the Moon Apostle is.

“many thanks for your help.”

Hearing Su Xiao’s words, Morey felt like she was petrified on the seat, and she felt like she was split.

At this time, the Moon Apostle does not know what happened. If she understood, she will definitely say excitedly: ‘Morey, you play me! ’

(End of this chapter)

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