Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 3392


Chapter 3370 The strongest dumping pot in history

Su Xiao stared at the test tube on the metal table. The boiling red solution inside cooled down quickly. It appeared purple at first, and then turned black quickly, turning into a waste liquid.

It failed again. Su Xiao has tried many times to get rid of the inhibitors in the [Rapid Change Solution]. The two are combined too closely, as if they have been fuse together.

If you want to reproduce the [rapid change solution], you must first purify it to eliminate the inhibitors in it, otherwise there will be inhibitors mixed in it. Even if the [rapid change solution] is analyzed, it will be useless, and the blended solution will only be [ Sudden Change Solution·V Type], not 100% pure [Rapid Change Solution].

Su Xiao really wants to know what exactly this inhibitor is and why it is so incomprehensible. With his current level of Alchemy, it feels very difficult.

For a moment of pondering, Su Xiao picked up a beetle in the experiment box and threw it into the black waste liquid, preparing to see how the inhibitor changes after it comes in contact with the organism.

Throw the beetle into the black waste liquid. The beetle struggled violently in it, but within a few seconds, the beetle was forced to sink to the bottom.

Su Xiao observed for a while and found no special changes, so he picked it out with tweezers and threw it into the waste bin on the side.


A crisp sound came into Su Xiao’s ears, which made him feel a little surprised. He had just passed the Sensor. The beetle was only dead. You can hear the crisp sound, as if throwing a small iron lump into the waste chute. .

Su Xiao clamped the beetle out of the waste chute, and again the Sensor, no exception, it was still a beetle, all biological structures, he tried to pinch the forceps in his hand.

With a click, half of the beetle’s body is broken, and the remaining half is close to the hardness of the metal. This is the metalization of the cells and is a characteristic of the family.

Su Xiao observes the remaining half of the metalized beetle. No matter what the Sensor is, this thing is still a biological structure, but it is metalized.

Seeing this scene, Su Xiao thought about what inhibitors the family members would use as inhibitors, thus inhibiting the effect of [Rapid Change Solution].

At the beginning, the world had a “black rain”, and only then did there be mechanical pollution. What the family members used as inhibitors should be the diluted “black rain”.

Before, Su Xiao wondered why the inhibitors made by the family members were so difficult to peel off. Now it seems that it is of course difficult to peel off. “Black Rain” is one of the Peak creations of the Second Age·Alchemy civilization, even if diluted Many times, it is still a hard bone.

It’s easy to handle what understood is. Su Xiao took a dozen beetles and threw them in the diluted [Rapid Change Solution].

After a while, these dozen beetles died one after another, and all of their bodies were metalized. Su Xiao took them out and sensed the remaining solution. The inhibitors in them disappeared. The encryption method is left. According to Xiao, it is not difficult.

After 10 points, Su Xiao put down the pen in his hand, and the primordial formula of [Rapid Change Solution] has been interpreted. He believes that several of these more than a dozen materials will be strictly controlled by the Family Alliance. Important, finding a substitute is what Su Xiao does best.

Take out the communicator and contact Caesar. After the call was connected, Caesar was very noisy. He could hear the shouts, cheers, and roars of the audience. After learning that it was related to Alchemy, Caesar immediately hung up.

One hour later, in the Alchemy laboratory in the base camp fortress, Caesar pushed in. In Alchemy, Caesar put a lot of enthusiasm into Alchemy, but his innate talent in this area is more eye-catching than he took off his shoes.

Through Caesars as an intermediary, Su Xiao contacted a trader remotely. These guys dared to sell anything. They also bought items from hunters and scavengers all the year round. The supply is very wide.

After cautious probing, Su Xiao gradually understood the market situation in terms of materials. The family members did not ban the sale of all the materials needed for the [rapid change solution], but there are two main materials strictly prohibited, even if it is a trader in the gray area, today If you dare to sell, the whole family will die tomorrow.

Su Xiao did not buy everything in the hands of a trader. He first ordered the life polymer material, ionized flesh and blood, the soul blood of mechanically contaminated creatures, and several other things that were not available for use with 16 units of active ore. After that, let Caesar help and contact other traders through channels.

At 11 o’clock that night, with the efficiency of Caesars’ handling of the money, all the materials needed by Su Xiao are placed on the test bench in front of him, processing materials → blending → medicament cooling → final product, the whole process is in one go, Caesar’s eyes are full of envy and grinning.

Su Xiao threw a collection of Gold Coin to Caesar. Caesar did not hesitate this time, and after greeted Su Xiao, he left the fortress.

Su Xiao took out the core of the fortress that looked like a pocket watch, opened it, and saw the bright red flesh beating like a heart. As long as the 100% purity [rapid change solution] was injected into it, the subsequent promotion of the doomsday fortress would not be a big problem. Active ore is sufficient.

Stuck the glass tube containing the [rapid change solution] in the injection gun, Su Xiao injected it into the core of the fortress, and nothing changed. After a few seconds, the fortress under his feet shook first, and the entire fortress seemed to come alive , The internal structure changes rapidly.

A few minutes later, the changes in the fortress subsided. This is still a TLevel 4 fortress. Su Xiao looks at the fortress’s information.

Name: Doomsday Fortress (living body).

Level: TLevel 4 (Fortresses are T0~TLevel 5).

Total population: 7,322 people.

Active energy reserve: 5780 points (can be converted into 5780kg active ore).

Active energy required for promotion: 5000 points.


There is no need to get various types of [Rapid Change Solution]. The current Doomsday Fortress only needs enough active energy to upgrade it all the way smoothly.

Su Xiao immediately chose to consume 5000 points of active energy to promote the doomsday fortress to TLevel 3. He had just made a choice, and hemorrhagic tentacles appeared on the core of the fortress in his hand, submerged in the wall of the fortress.

It takes a certain amount of time to get promoted to TLevel 3. Su Xiao walked out of the command room and came to Fortress 2-Layer. There are no wild boars living here, and there are organs or metal equipment connected to the fortress itself.

At 2-Layer, Su Xiao stopped in front of a wall made of black flesh and blood, and took out a refrigerator box from the storage space. After opening it, there were three rows of injection guns displayed inside, and the cold mist dispersed.

Su Xiao pondered for a while, and took out two of them, one was the gene of the insect nest · evolution room, and the other was the gene fragment “instinct” of the evil demonic beast.

Because Su Xiao took out these two injection guns, the black wall in front of him became concave, and the Doomsday Fortress was a living creature. It felt the breath and ideas of insect race that swallowed all evolution.

Su Xiao pierced two syringes into the black wall of flesh and blood in front of him at the same time, and injected them. After doing all of this, he is always changing the Sensor fortress, ready to rescue this fortress at any time, so as not to die.

A few minutes later, Su Xiao Sensor found that the biological fluctuations in the Doom Fortress continued to weaken, and he signaled to the side to prepare for the long-term A’Mu operation.

A’Mu is holding a syringe nearly half a meter thick, aiming a needle at the wall of the fortress, and then injecting it. Behind it, he carries eight such oversized metal syringes.

A dull wailing came from the surrounding area. Su Xiao was a little surprised when he heard this sound. Will the fortress still call? He had never heard of it before.

Su Xiao’s preparations are correct. Under the genetic fragments of the insect nest gene and the evil demonic beast, the doomsday fortress is hovering between half-death and violent death. If it weren’t for the rescue by Su Xiao, who was an Alchemy teacher, the fortress would have withered. Turned into a pile of scrap metal and rotten flesh and blood.

Su Xiao has been busy until 6 a.m., and the situation in the Doom Fortress has finally stabilized. It is evolving to TLevel 3 itself. Injecting insect nest genes at this stage is the best time period.

[The Doomsday Fortress has evolved to TLevel 3 Fortress. 】

[Warning (Tree of Void): The genome of the alien war species has been checked! 】

[Gene sheet source: Devil insect race. 】

[Ethnic danger: super high intensity! 】

[Warning (Void Tree): This world is in the World Snatching War stage. If the contractor transfers the demon insect race summon to this world, it will cause essential changes to this world, or biological extinction. 】

[Warning (Tree of Void): It is verified that you are the contractor of Apocalypse Paradise. 】

[Warning (Tree of Void): According to Article 127753 of the Initial Regulations, Apocalypse Paradise’s notary reputation in this World Snatching War is -5. 】

(End of this chapter)

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