Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 3393


Chapter 3371 impossible!

Something related to the demon insect race was warned. Su Xiao used to survive Trial by Fire in the world of the tree of the void, that is, when he was in the primordial continent, he used the insect race to harm it too badly. .

The Trial by Fire area on the primordial mainland was missed. The Hornet tribe outside the Trial by Fire area was wiped out. The primordial tribe was also raze to the ground by the insect race. Until now, the insect nest is still primordial. On the mainland, Ji La was eating and drinking.

If it was not Incursio’s visit to Selstar this time, and the World Snatching War is going on here, Su Xiao is more than 80% sure that he will come to the insect race summon, and he was only warned and not punished by Incursio. For the status, forget it.

Su Xiao looked at the series of prompts below. They were all prompts from Apocalypse Paradise, but these prompts were garbled, and they were obviously blocked by Reincarnation Paradise.

The content of these tips should be warnings. Now Su Xiao is disguised as the contractor of the Apocalypse Paradise party. After he was warned by the Void Tree, the notary reputation of the Apocalypse Paradise party in this World Snatching War is -5. What it is, Su Xiao doesn’t know, presumably, it should not be a good thing.

This reminds Su Xiao that he was reported to the’big red name’ on the Apocalypse Paradise side. When the contractor of the Apocalypse Paradise side checked his information, the font of his name was red to purple. This was reported. It also killed too many contractors from Apocalypse Paradise.

Su Xiao can be sure that he is on the list of dangerous units of Apocalypse Paradise. If this disguise ends, is it possible that he will be directly blacklisted by Apocalypse Paradise?

[The Doomsday Fortress has evolved to TLevel 3 Fortress. 】

[The conversion of active ore has been increased from 60 units per day to 100 units per day. 】

[The defensive power of the outer armor of the Doom Fortress increased by 18 points, and the building HP increased by 35%. 】

[Due to the fortress level upgrade, you can choose one of the following three characteristics for the fortress. 】

1. The fortress movement speed increased by 45%.

2. The volume of the fortress is increased by 1.3 times.

3. The work efficiency of the Evolution Nest is increased by 30% (originally 5 hours can complete a batch of evolutionary transformations, after choosing this reward, it will be reduced to 3.5 hours per batch).


Su Xiao chose Reward 3 without any hesitation. The new “evolution nest” is what he wants to seek.

He has just made a choice, and on all the walls on the right side, black and red flesh and blood spread, and he began to build a huge architectural organ.

The thick meridians are born in the black and red flesh and blood, a sharp claw made of flesh and blood sticks out, and then a head resembling an alien. This flesh and blood monster looks to the sky, in this brief moment, a sense of rejection from the world appears.

This kind of monster made of flesh and blood is called evil demonic beast, but it has not come to this world. It is just that when the “evolution nest” grows, because of the evil demonic beast gene fragment and instinct, it has the current This scene.

Looking at all of this, Su Xiao knew that he went along once, and there were a lot of discomforts after choosing to develop the pig head. For example, the wild boar was not as helpful to the early development as expected, and it is difficult to raise the battle by fighting, and it is difficult to develop quickly. Get up, now it’s finally turning around.

The formation of the “evolution nest” is very fast, forming within two hours. This is the characteristic of the insect race building. If it is inside the insect nest, the speed will be several times faster.

[Hint: Doomsday Fortress has evolved a new organ·Evolution Nest. 】

[Evolution Nest: It can hold 500 soldier units/summon objects/this world alienated beast at a time, making it forcibly evolve once. In this process, the active energy stored in the fort will be consumed (the amount of active energy consumed will be based on The number of units in this evolution depends on the strength of the individual). 】

[Reminder: If you enter the evolution nest and evolve, once you fail, you will have a high probability of death. Even if it succeeds, the original life force will consume 42%-50% due to this evolution (that is, the survival time will be reduced by 42%-50% ). 】

[Reminder: Because the evolution nest is changed from the insect nest organ, all units that enter the evolution nest will become more offensive after inheriting the “instinct” ability of the insect race, and treat this fortress as ” A home that must be protected”, this is the evolution of the insect race’s desire to protect the insect nest. 】

[Reminder: The evolved unit has a certain level of teamwork and requires mental synchronization to activate this ability (without the insect race queen, Doom Fortress cannot perform this function, this ability is invalid). 】

[Reminder: At this stage, the evolution nest requires 3.5 hours each time to work, and it can complete the evolution of a batch of soldier-like units/summon objects/this world alienated beast (originally 5 hours/time, time has been reduced through the fortress promotion rewards) 30%). 】

[Reminder: Evolution Nest will be upgraded as the fortress level increases, and different evolution routes can be unlocked. 】

[Existing evolvable route: instinctive endowment (passive). 】


Seeing these tips, Su Xiao knew that the resources he had paid were not in vain, and he had just come up with a lot of good things to rescue the fortress.

The effect of the “evolution nest” is still unknown. It can accommodate 500 pigheads at a time and evolve a batch in 3.5 hours.

When you change to other organisms and evolve with the gain of insect race genes, the mortality rate must be extremely high.

The pig heads are different. They were sacrificed by their families to become the powerhouse aptitude, in exchange for tyrannical tolerance and adaptability. They dig for 22 hours a day and eat the worst food. With such treatment, pig heads can persist If they mine for 20 hours a day in a few years, they can last for more than ten years.

Su Xiao does not need all the pig heads to become powerhouses, that is not what the human sea tactics can expect, and the pig heads’ tolerance and adaptability will definitely greatly reduce the extremely high death caused by using the “evolution nest” rate.

Once the evolution is successful, it will not only increase the strength, but also make the pig head people have stronger offensive. This is the evil demonic beast gene, which affects the pig head people’s heart. It can be said that drag Out of an ignoble existence, this is the biggest enhancement.

Evil demonic beast has never been counseled, and I don’t know what it is. After being affected by his genes, pigheads can’t reach that level, but they will be completely awakened.

There are many benefits, and the price is also high. Pigheads consume active energy, which is active ore, when they metamorphose in the “evolution nest”, followed by a reduction in lifespan, which is between 42% and 50%.

For some young pigheads, this is not only a reduction in lifespan, but a longer life. Normally, they can live for 12-16 years after they leave the life factory of their families, and they will eventually be tired. dead.

If we go with the flow, the average lifespan of pig heads is similar to that of humans, and not much worse than the dependents. Even if it is reduced by 50%, there are several decades to live.

From Su Xiao’s point of view, this aspect is of little significance. Pigheads are going to the battlefield. They are all going to the battlefield. Are you still worried about lifespan? Only momentary negligence on the battlefield will result in death on the spot.

The unique smell of insect nest floats from the front, it is a kind of muddy smell after rain + lemon smell + a very bad smell, in short it is not unpleasant.

Su Xiao looked around and found that more than 90% of the entire 2-Layer area was occupied by the “evolution nest”, and the raw material of the active ore was swallowed to the first floor.

Su Xiao contacted Caesar and asked the other party to help advance the cost of 500 pig heads, which is 15 units of active ore, and get 500 male pig heads the fastest.

Before Su Xiao was allowed to wait in the fortress for too long, Caesar sent 500 pig-headed men to the border area through a secret channel, and then they were taken over by the wild boars guarding in warehouse 2 and sent to the base camp fortress. Within one floor.

After the wild boars under his command were busy, everything was ready. Su Xiao looked at the hundreds of new pig heads ahead. They all lowered their heads. Some of the younger ones would occasionally take a peek, but immediately Lower your head.

Su Xiao gave an order, and the surrounding wild boars, surrounded by 500 pig heads, went to the 2-Layer and let them walk into the cave-like entrance of each and everyone of the “evolution nest”.

After all the 500 pigheads entered it, dozens of entrances to the “Evolution Nest” were closed, and the entire “Evolution Nest” began to shrink.

[Reminder: It is expected that the evolution of soldiers-like units this time will consume a total of 500 active energy points. 】

[Existing planable route: instinctively given. 】

[Estimated time: 3.5 hours. 】


The 500 kilograms of active ore is within the acceptable range. Su Xiao is looking forward to the evolution of these 500 pigheads. He has created this evolution nest after producing resources and taking risks.

While Su Xiao’s was waiting, the looting team led by Morey came back. Hausman suffered no injuries, with a slight injury to his steel teeth. The remaining 300 wild boar fighters returned 252. Su Xiao gave an order before going. If the situation is wrong, withdraw immediately. As long as the opponent is not ignorant, he won’t be bombarded with heavy artillery weapons. The use and maintenance costs of that thing are astonishingly high.

“Where is Morey?”

Su Xiao glanced at the contract. The contract did not disappear, indicating that Morey was not dead yet.

“She went to mine below.”

Baja spoke up. Before, he and Boubo Wang had been following Morey, watching the battle from a distance, and was responsible for destroying the corpse and evidence of the ordinary Apollo.


Su don’t need to ask, it’s the first time that the raiding team led by Morey came across a fortress with heavy artillery weapons. If they dared to mine near the border area, none of them were good. Besides, this time Su Xiao Just want to explore the way.

The most important thing at the moment is to see how effective the “Evolution Nest” is. Su Xiao estimates that even if it doesn’t work, the “Evolution Nest” can mutate pigheads into wild boars, and what is the death rate, and Whether there are other improvements is currently unknown.

Su Xiao walked to the top floor, and before taking a few steps, Morey ran to the 2-Layer quickly and said in a hurry:

“I will go out first. The Moon Apostle was attacked on the way here, and he is being chased and killed.”

Morey’s expression was anxious, and his speech was fast. After speaking, a few flashes disappeared.

“My Gan, someone attacked the mining girl.”

Baja immediately thought that the 20,000 soul coins on the Moon Apostle hadn’t gotten it yet. Because she was missing her, the contract had not yet been reached, and Morey’s 20,000 soul coins were still pending payment and had to be signed by the Moon Apostle. With that contract, 40,000 soul coins can be obtained.

As a technique type, Su Xiao already feels a little bit poor recently.

Su Xiao took Boubo Wang, A’Mu, and Baja and walked out of the fortress. The life and death of the Moon Apostle in the past has nothing to do with him, but now, it is not the Moon Apostle, it is a walkable 40,000 Soul coin, the mobile withdrawal Ji.

The Apostle of the Moon right now is equal to many summon objects that can be mined and 40,000 soul coins that can be walked. If you die, you will lose blood.

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