Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 3415


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Su Xiao has not always paid attention to the battlefield situation. In the case of a protracted battle, it does not matter whether Su Xiao pays attention to the battlefield in terms of his own wisdom in executing orders.

Even if he is observing the development of the battle 24 hours a day, what can he do at a critical moment? Mobilize your own wild boar warriors and let them start various battle formations?

Let’s wash and sleep. You have everything in your dreams. After this period of hard training on the wild boar warriors, they can finally execute two orders neatly, charge, retreat, um, and then nothing.

Form a battle formation, use various tactics, etc., don’t even think about it, gang fights tactics for ten thousand years, whoever refuses to accept will hammer to death.

So Su Xiao doesn’t have to pay attention to the situation on the battlefield all the time. Baja over the battlefield will stare. What’s wrong really happened. Su Xiao has two choices, 1. Throwing Sun’s Fury Apollo, 2. He I took a knife to the battlefield, no one stipulated that the lord of the sun camp could not go to the battlefield in person.

Su Xiao checks the fortress information to get the number of wild boar warriors that he has been declining.

There is a plan that has been planned in advance. Every two hours of the melee, one’s own side will charge once, stop after the charge is 300 to 500 meters, and then gradually retreat in the fight with the soldiers of the family.

Su Xiao glanced at the time. The battle has started for 1 hour and 55 minutes, and is about to test the results of the latest training, that is, charge and retreat.

A signal bomb blasted into a Fireball after it lifted off. The explosion sound was very special.

Hearing howling and explosions, there were one third wild boar warriors in the melee looked towards the sky. After seeing the flare, they roared forward. The remaining 2/3 of the wild boar warriors saw this and remembered the training content. Also followed the charge of fierce and unafraid of death.

For such a charge in the melee, the family soldiers are certainly not willing to change their lives with the wild boar fighters. They can only fight and retreat. Such a reckless and disorderly charge will inevitably lead to bad results.

Sure enough, after forcibly charging out of several hundred meters, the imposing manner of the charge was exhausted. The soldiers of the family took the opportunity to kill many wild boar soldiers. Following the counterattack of the soldiers of the family, the wild boar fighters were in the same position as before. .

The war knife slashed the flesh and blood. A red-eyed soldier of the family slashed at a pile of rotten meat. When he turned his eyes, he suddenly saw a strange’wild boar warrior’, this’wild boar warrior’ He is about 1.4 meters tall and has a solid build. Instead of holding a weapon in his hand, he is holding a few combat uniforms torn from the body.

The red-eyed family soldier saw this. Without saying anything, he stepped forward and chopped off the ‘Wild Boar Warrior’, Number One Blade, the enemy howled miserably, the second knife, the enemy died.

Blood-stained, the family soldier who killed a “Wild Boar Warrior” with two swords was stunned. He glanced at the sword in his hand, and a sense of self-confidence emerged spontaneously. He actually became stronger than two Behead a’wild boar warrior’.

This family soldier thinks too much. It is not a wild boar warrior that he killed, but a dwarf pigman.

There are 70,870 dwarf pigmen in the Sun Fortress. After the battle, they all stopped mining.

Su Xiao’s strategy is to let the wild boar warriors fight with the enemy first, and when the number of corpses of the family soldiers on the battlefield reaches a certain level, let the wild boar warriors who have been trained to charge to charge and temporarily retreat the enemy.

At the same time, the dwarf pigs who were hiding in the rear with their’height advantage’ swarmed up, and while the wild boar warriors rushed back from the enemy, the dwarf pigs swept the battlefield as fast as possible, and took the battle uniform from the enemy’s body. , Picking up weapons on the battlefield, etc., then immediately slipped away and fled to the main gate of the fortress.

After that, the dwarf people enter the first floor of the fortress, enter the residential area through the back door of the first floor, and then go around the tunnels of several mountains within the body to Warehouse No. 2, and classify the uniforms and weapons with blood stains Pack it and transport it to Human Race through the large Transmission Array in Warehouse 2.

The slave merchant Azba at Human Race will sell these things as quickly as possible, and sell them to his own pighead at the price of 3kg of active ore each.

With this set of procedures, Su Xiao barely managed to support the war by fighting. He cultivated 118 heavy tanks before the start of the war, in order to be able to rush off the enemy at a critical moment.

In terms of explosives, Su Xiao is not worthy of his family. With a speed of 120,000 explosives per day, he does not believe that the family can always afford it.

The melee lasted from the afternoon to the evening, and at around 12 o’clock in the evening, everywhere all is flares, reflecting the battlefield as bright as day.

At 2 o’clock in the middle of the night, the enemy and us showed a wonderful tacit understanding. After a few flare bombs were launched, the two sides ceased fighting and did not withdraw. Instead, they were separated by 1 km from each other, dug trenches, and slept in the trenches.

For nearly nine hours of melee, it is difficult to count the number of deaths and injuries on our side. The reason is that batches of deaths have been killed, and the rear evolution nest has been supplemented in batches. The number of wild boar soldiers has always been between 310,000 and 350,000. .

The enemy is not getting better either. The front lines die in batches, and the follow-up troops arrive in waves.

Some family members’ recruits, when they first arrived at the front line, everyone was scared and stupid. Everywhere all is “heavy artillery salvo” or “heavy artillery falling rain”, these they have seen, but the sun falling from in the sky , And the first-born giant beast with a 4-meter-wide T-shaped horn and Dark-Gold flames. These recruits have never seen it.

The family members sent recruits, not because there is no one available, but because the distance is close. Before the “large teleporter” is installed there, all troops within a certain range from the border area will be sent here. Side tone.

The early morning sun rises, and the wild boar warriors who have a super-large metal lunch box for breakfast heard the explosion of in the sky, which means the enemy is coming.

Called in the early morning, and only half of the breakfast was eaten. This made the wild boar fighters angry. At the beginning, more than 98% of the wild boars were willing to follow Su Xiao because of the good food provided by Su Xiao. Too fragrant, they can’t help it.

With the sun faith, this situation has changed, but the reason why the wild boar warriors are willing to sell their lives is that the food in the Sun Fortress is good, and it still accounts for a large proportion.

The melee continues, the screams and slashing sounds on the battlefield are endless, the blood is burning, the iron is melting, the war giant beast is roaring, and the heavy artillery weapons are roaring.

Unconsciously, night fell again, and there was no truce tonight. It was not until the next morning that the two sides temporarily truce. Depending on the posture, it means truce for one or two hours.

In the commander-in-chief room of the base camp fortress, Su Xiao sat on the sofa and looked at the title shop in front of him. There are a total of 7 six-star titles in the list, with an average price of about 4000 soul coins.

【For this title purchase, you need to pay 29,300 soul coins, whether to pay. 】

Su Xiao bought all the six-star titles. Looking at the rapidly dwindling soul coins, his heart is not very heartbroken. These soul coins come easily, and naturally they don’t feel distressed when spent. I can only say, many thanks “Friendly Sponsorship” from Morey, Moon Apostle and Hao Mei.

Su Xiao looked at his list of titles, from four stars to ~ six stars, a lot of new titles were added, which was messy, and he began to synthesize these titles.

A few hours later, after the title burning disc cooled down, a six-star title named [Immortal Will] was completed.

After consuming a lot of soul coins, in the six-star column of Su Xiao’s title list, 11 six-star titles such as [Glory of Insect], [Battle Master], and [Hematite Will] are displayed.

1 main title + 5 sub-titles memorability One-time title burning, or without the main title, only 5 sub-titles are used for random burning. Su Xiao has suffered a loss in this regard. Random burning looks like The title that consumes less is actually a big hole with a failure rate.

Su Xiao currently has 3 seven-star subtitles for title synthesis, that is to say, he can obtain two seven-star titles to promote the war lord to eight-star title.

At the moment, Su Xiao can achieve this with only one six-star title, but unfortunately, he is stuck in this six-star title.

Now you can only wait for the exchange level to reach Lv.7, even if you can only purchase 1 Seven-Star title, Su Xiao can start the [Warlord] refining.

Su Xiao has reached the prerequisite of the exchange level to Lv.7, so as to be able to redeem the title of Seven Stars. Su Xiao has reached 3 types. The total conditions are as follows:

1. Soldier-type units under his command kill more than 250,000 enemies (overreached).

2. Win more than 3 local battles (overreached).

3. Destroy an enemy TLevel 2 fortress (not reached).

4. You or your elite unit, kill 2 enemy colonel-level officers (overreached).


Four conditions, only to capture a TLevel 2 fortress. The problem is that there are two TLevel 0 fortresses in the border area, one for your own and one for the enemy.

Don’t talk about the TLevel 2 fortress, the original TLevel 1 fortress in the border area retreated to the border of the dependents, for fear that the frontline of the dependents could not stand it and was robbed by the rushing sun camp.

From the beginning of the melee to the present, it is the early morning of the 3rd day. At this time, Su Xiao couldn’t think of where to find the TLevel 2 fortress.

Just as Su Xiao was thinking about this, the communicator beside him sounded, and after the connection, Caesar’s voice came:

“My dear friend, it’s time to start, do you want to come in person?”

“At risk?”

“Absolutely not, I guarantee it with assets.”

Hearing Caesar’s words, Su Xiao confirmed that it is indeed safe there now, as well as I want to come. The front lines have been hit to this level. The “Kwabo Ring” located behind the enemy must be outside the pine and inside Tight, the inner city is checked layer by layer, and the outer city is relatively loose.

Hang up the communicator in his hand, Su Xiao took Boubo Wang and Bailey to go out. He was going to “Kwabo Ring”. Although he had to take a certain risk to go there, he was not the one without battle strength. Kind of leader.

Caesar’s contact means that Hao Mei’s reputation has almost been wiped out. How can I say that she has stood on the battlefield for two days, plus’infiltrated the enemy camp 12 times’, and’stolen important enemy secrets 15 times ‘,’Hijack the Sun Lord 2 times’.

The addition of these ‘contributions’, as well as the super high prestige gain bonus of Haomei, has given her massive faction prestige.

Upon hearing these news, Su Xiao knew that it was time to go to the “Clan Alliance” to make a fortune.

We must hurry up in this regard. Caesar’s servant has another plan. The Three Great Influences of the family members, how can they only harm the “League of Family Members”? In Caesar’s words: ‘this is too unfair for the family alliance! ’

Caesar’s suggestion is that we must hurry up and harm the “Alliance of the Family”, and then go to the other two, namely the “Sentinel Tower” and the “Aurora Council”.

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