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One after another, buckets of thick fluorescent blue beams of light fell and crashed on the battlefield. The battlefield was still fighting half an hour ago. At this time, no family soldier and wild boar soldier could be seen. The two sides either hid in a hole or Hiding in the trenches.

Hundreds of half-meter-thick, 3-meter-long metal pillars are erected at high altitude. This is the attack form of heavy artillery weapons after they are launched. The tops of these metal pillars gather energy, and the bottom blasts out fluorescent blue beams of light, forming cannon rain. In the area affected by the salvo, except for heavy tanks, the survival rate of other arms of one’s own side is very low.

Today was the 3rd day after the melee began. It was only in the afternoon that the family members assembled the firepower of heavy artillery-class weapons and carried out five rounds of cannon and rain volleys.

Only in this way can we suppress the offensive of the Sun Legion, otherwise the offensive of the wild boar soldiers will be too difficult to stop.

The border of the dependents, the twilight fortress.

As an unfolded TLevel 0 fortress, the specification of the Twilight Fortress is a slightly compact city. The buildings here are built in a short period of time. In addition, the army of the dependents is stationed here. Looking down from the sky, the Twilight Fortress It is like a steel city with neatly arranged buildings.

In the command post in the middle and rear area of ​​the Iron City, a holographic map is suspended above the sand table, and a dozen or so family officers are standing around here.

A man wearing an officer’s hat and a woolen coat sits in front of the sand table. His elbows are on the edge of the sand table, and his fingers are crossed. Although he is nearly 40 years old, he looks like 30. Around the age of.

The man looked cold and solemn, with his eyes lowered. This is the commander of the family side this time, Lieutenant General Whitley, a senior general of the “Sentinel Tower” military.

After the first battle under the command of Brigadier General Leitz, the dependents were slapped. As the strongest Overlord Influence on this continent, the dependents immediately mobilized their army to give the sun camp a cruel blow and let other forces Seeing, this is the price of offending the family members.

After the war restarted, things did not develop as expected by the senior officials of the family. The war has been on for 3 days. Because of the eagerness to destroy the sun camp, the family Three Great Influences sent troops to the front at all costs and heavy artillery. Class weapons everyday all set fire 5 to 6 times.

Even so, the enemy still wants to defend the line like an iron wall, and use heavy artillery-class weapons to strike the enemy fortress. This has been tried more than once.

The enemy fortress is very strange. According to the information given by professionals in this field, the mobile fortress about 100 meters high and close to the height of the TLevel 3 fortress is actually a TLevel 0 fortress.

In the beginning, the senior members of the family did not believe this. How could there be such a small TLevel 0 fortress, but after that fortress resisted three rounds of cannon rain, everyone no longer doubted it. The fortress is indeed not big enough, but the defensive power is too strong.

You should know that even if it is a TLevel 0 fortress, it should not be able to hold the heavy artillery-class weapons fire salvos, but the outer armor of this fortress is resistant.

Any choice, there are both gains and losses. The same is true for the Sun Fortress. The Sun Fortress does not have a huge volume, does not have super active ore processing capabilities, and its movement speed is not excellent. It focuses on two points, the evolution nest. And external defense.

Su Xiao developed this deliberately. In his opinion, no matter how strong the evolution nest is, the fortress itself does not have enough defensive power, which is meaningless.

This world has heavy artillery-class weapons such as war weapons. Then a wave of concentrated fire will blast through the fortress, resulting in the destruction of the evolution nest, and the previous development will be meaningless.

The Sun Fortress can be called the TLevel 0 fortress with the strongest defensive power in history. There is no one. This is achieved after giving up a lot.

Heavy artillery-class weapons, which have never been disadvantaged in the past, have rarely hit the next wall.

The family members want to destroy the Sun Fortress, they have only two ways, either to break through the frontal defense of the wild boar warriors, or sneak into the Sun Fortress and detonate huge might explosives inside.

The first way is in progress, and heavy artillery-class weapons are being washed daily in the War Zone.

The second way tried many times and sent a total of 129 infiltrators. Not to mention sneaking into the Sun Fortress, these people were discovered as soon as they approached the Sun Fortress and were besieged to death by the wild boar soldiers stationed around the fortress.

The stalemate made the senior members of the family members very dissatisfied, especially the bureaucrats. In their opinion, the enemy should be wiped out on the first day of the expedition to the border area. It was actually delayed for so long.

Not only the bureaucrats are in a hurry, but other factions are also in a hurry. This battle is different from the battle for territories and resources of Human Race, but to avoid pigheads from getting up from the ground.

In case the pig heads rise from the ground and unite to form a Great Influence or a country, this is an unbearable loss for the dependents.

The family members can have today’s brilliance. The pigheads who were trampled under their feet are indispensable. In the entire family nation, more than 98% of the heavy stamina labor, dangerous labor, and poisonous labor are all pigheads doing. And the dependents do not need to provide them with remuneration, they only need to provide 1 to 2 cheap meals a day.

The heavy stamina work is done by the male pigheads, and the more delicate and boring work is done by the female pigheads, and a dependent family, even if they do nothing from birth, can still have a decent life.

Have no family ever questioned all this? Of course there is, but the probability is less than 1/10000th. Even if someone stands up against all of this, he will soon find that the “enemies” he faces are not only the high-levels of the sentry tower, the family alliance, and the Aurora Council. , And all the family citizens, among these people, there may even be his father or mother.

When a lie can make people sleep at ease, then the lie is the truth that people are willing to accept, and this’truth’ is spread by the sentry tower, the family alliance, and the Aurora Council. Pigheads cannot naturally breed The low-level creatures of China are commodities cultivated by them through the “factory of life.” Commodities have no human rights.

The appearance of the fortress of the sun has made all the dependents who enjoy the pig head industry chain feel threatened, so this war is irreconcilable.

In the command post, Lieutenant General Whitley sat silently in the main seat, and the dozens of other officers standing around the sand table looked solemn. Now let alone speak, they don’t even dare to breathe.

Not only was the melee fighting for three days, but 170,000 soldiers from the family members were killed here. This kind of battle damage figure has made the family members angry.

Lieutenant General Whitley looked around at the officers at the sand table. When he came to the fortress at dusk on the first day, he was in a good mood. His previous thought was that Brigadier General Reze thundered in front of him. This time the border area The battle must be a sure-fire victory, and he Wheatley accepted this victory that could be left behind.

After the battle, he saw a swarm of wild boar warriors rushing up. Lieutenant General Whitley hadn’t taken into account his own majesty, he almost laughed out loud. He once thought that Brigadier General Retz was jealous and said that the enemy had no tactics After seeing it with his own eyes, Lieutenant General Whitley determined that the enemy did not have tactics.

The battle was fought in the morning. People began to trance at noon and gradually autistic in the afternoon. Yes, Lieutenant General Whitley is a little autistic in his heart. He is a famous general in the sentry tower. Fortunately, the group fight tactics are right. The psychological damage caused by famous generals is even greater.

On the night after the war, Whitley Zhong did a psychological work for himself in the bedroom. His thinking at the time was that it was just a day of war and the enemy could not stand the war of attrition.

However, after the battle started on the 2nd day, the enemy not only was not consumed, but the offensive was even stronger. Not only was the offensive more fierce, the entire charge + the piggy corpse combat uniform was also more adept.

In this situation, Lieutenant General Whitley had no good solution. He could only order heavy artillery-class weapons to gather fire as soon as he saw the enemy’s aggressive charge, so as to suppress the enemy.

There is a fundamental solution to the problem, that is, not to let the soldiers of the family members wear combat uniforms, but this plan is too nonsense. Lieutenant General Whitley ordered the officer who made this proposal to be pulled out and executed.

“What strategy do you have.”

Lieutenant General Whitley looked around a group of officers from the family, their heads lowered.

Seeing this, Lieutenant General Whitley’s expression is a bit gloomy. The situation has developed to such a degree that he has not considered how to preserve his reputation and rank, but how to save his life.

The melee in the border area seems to be evenly matched, but only the officers and senior members of the dependents in the War Zone know how heavy the casualties in these three days are, and how much supplies have been consumed. The war is burning money. The volley of rounds of cannon rain seems to kill a lot of enemies, but the cost is equivalent to the total tax revenue of 3 months around the city.

The past few days the soldiers of the family members who died on the front line and the huge expenditures in all aspects need one thing to smooth out, and that is victory.

But right now, Lieutenant General Whitley can’t win the word victory. In that case, he will be responsible for everything that happens here, commonly known as the back-to-back.

The senior members of the family members will not make mistakes. Only middle-level and high-level officials or military officers will make mistakes. Lieutenant General Whitley knows very well that although he is a lieutenant general of the sentry tower, he can be at the peak of the family’s rights. It seemed to the four that he was just an important chess piece, and he could be discarded at a critical moment.

Lieutenant General Whitley looked around at the officers present again. This time he was looking for someone to carry the scapegoat for him.

No matter what, all the officers on the scene lowered their heads. The higher their ranks, the more their heads lowered. A brigadier general who retreated to the second row wanted to put his head in the ground.

Everyone’s heart is like a mirror, and the war situation has developed to this level. Someone must be back, otherwise the anger of the people will be a big problem.


Lieutenant General Whitley slapped his hand on the sand table, and the holographic projection above flickered. Just as Lieutenant General Whitley was about to open his mouth, he suddenly thought of something. In the current situation, he must not find People come to the back of the pot, but can substitute midfield.

A name appeared in the mind of Lieutenant General Whitley, that name was Rez, and Lieutenant General Whitley now sincerely admired this person.

Without preparation and understanding of the opponent, the army pressed into the border area. Although it was defeated, the Warhammer troops killed nearly 100,000 soldiers and captured more than 30,000. One thing that cannot be ignored.

Brigadier General Reze did not understand the enemy’s abilities and was not prepared to deal with the flames. In addition, without heavy artillery weapons and living war chariots, he fought the enemy. After annihilating more than 100,000 enemies, he led the remaining troops. Exit the border area.

If the opponent’s troops are equipped with living war chariots and heavy artillery-class weapons, even if they cannot win the first battle, they will surely cause the enemy to strengthen great injury.

“Are those people in the courthouse all pig brains.”

Lieutenant General Whitley’s speech suddenly turned to the trial court, which made all the officers of the family members be suspicious, but soon, several officers thought of what was going on, and they also angered the trial court together.

After a while, all the officers on the scene reacted. It was very exciting. Under the leadership of Lieutenant General Whitley, these officers should jointly support Brigadier General Retz. The core strategy is to get Brigadier General Retz back. Now this pot is too big for anyone to bear.

Brigadier General Leyz was here, and he could even match the Sun Fortress. After the replacement, the family was beaten for three consecutive days.


The Sun Fortress, the commander-in-chief room on the top floor.

“The enemy has retreated?”

Su Xiao put out the smoke between his fingers, and glanced at Hausman who was standing opposite.

“Yes, my lord.”


“It is not clear for the time being, it is guessed that it is an internal problem of the family.”

“Well, let’s go down.”

“As you bid.”

Hausman retreated with a sun maid, or in other words, the sun maid, who was about 1.2 meters tall, sat on the shoulders of Hausman who was 3.45 meters tall.

Interestingly speaking, this one is the most special among the 25 Sun Maidens on my side. I don’t know if something went wrong during the transformation, or a change occurred after absorbing the supreme strength of yang. The actual age is 28. The maid of the sun, retired to less than 10 years old.

After that, for some unknown reason, this maid of the sun followed Hausmann, usually sitting on Hausmann’s shoulders or lying on his back, and didn’t follow him when fighting.

This is normal. Hausman is always at the top of the team. If the sun maid still follows him, she will definitely not survive 10 points.

Compared with these trivial matters, Su Xiao is more concerned about why the family side suddenly retreats. The melee has lasted for three days. At this time, the enemy’s commander will definitely have nothing to eat when he retreats, unless the opponent can find someone behind it.

Origin: Sear Star

Quality: Immortal level

Category: Special equipment

durability: 100100 points

Equipment requirements: 30 points for charm attribute, 10 points for lucky attribute, animal-friendly physique.

Equipment effect 1: Romance (Core·Passive): After wearing this equipment, you will be blessed by the “traveler”. As the travel distance increases, there will be a higher probability of discovering treasures.

Hint: The farther you travel, the higher the probability of discovering treasures, and the higher the quality of the treasures (provided that there are treasures in the vicinity of the ancient vestige Earth Palace etc.).

Equipment effect 2: Far travel (passive): After walking more than 30,000 meters, you will begin to be sheltered by “travelers”, thereby increasing the initial friendliness of all non-evil creatures. After encountering, if you ask for help, the opponent will be bigger Probability provides some help.

Hint: The farther you travel, the stronger this effect.

Equipment effect 3: Friendly Heart (Core·Passive): Wild beasts and other animals exist, the initial friendliness of the wearer of this equipment is +45 points (the upper limit of friendliness is 100 points).

Reminder: This ability is also effective for the dead souls and elves of the animal system.

Reminder: The opponent is in the evil camp, and will not actively attack you (this effect is limited to animal evil camps).

Reminder; this effect is invalid for Human Race, Human Race-like, Wraith Clan, Void Race, etc.

Score: 1500 points (Holy Spirit equipment is scored from 1000 to 1500 points)

Introduction: You are good fortune walking and a friend of animals.

Price: 1950 soul coins.

Warning: Your charm attribute is -10 points, which is the initial evil camp. You will never wear this equipment. If you force it, it will cause permanent damage to this equipment!


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