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The target is successfully shot, how to leave is a more critical issue.

Before deciding to assassinate the leader of the league, Toin, Su Xiao has arranged the assassination plan and retreat plan.

There are two retreat plans. 1. Bring Haomei on the way to the assassination, and then let Haomei attract the attention of the search team, and A’Mu, who is in the outer city, hits the inner ring wall with a heavy blow to attract again Attention from the enemies, Su Xiao took the opportunity to leave the inner city.

In addition to this regular retreat route, Su Xiao also prepared a backup plan. If Hao Mei is willing to take out a large amount of soul coins, it is a better choice to plan to retreat.

The sirens outside became more and more rapid, and the screams were endless. Su Xiao pushed open the iron gate of the roof, came to the edge of the roof, and jumped to the roof of a hotel next door.

From the top of the building, I jumped onto the 6-Layer balcony of the hotel, opened the sliding door and walked into the room. The light was on and there was no one in the room. Obviously someone had opened the room long ago and left the room empty.

Of course, this is not a coincidence. Su Xiao sat on the sofa, lit a cigarette, and looked not anxious under the blowing of the night wind.

Su Xiao is not in a hurry, but Hao Mei is very anxious. She has a lot of money and is worthy of Fanghua. In addition, she has the strength of many people yearn for something even in dreams. She doesn’t want to die, she belongs to the one who has died a huge loss. Kind of people.

“We are running for our lives, shouldn’t we be a little nervous? You just killed the leader of the confederate. Toin, in less than 3 minutes, the inner city will be blocked by the military police, even you, it is impossible to be surrounded by these military police Kill it in the middle.”


Blowing the cool night breeze, Su Xiao was still calm, which gave Hao Mei the feeling of chatting across servers.

Ignoring Haomei, Su Xiao opens the kill prompt that just appeared.

[Hint: You have killed the leader of the alliance·Tyne. 】

【You get 14.59% World’s Origin. 】

[You get the box of authority (treasure box type item). 】

[Box of Authority]

Origin: Sear Star

Quality: Immortal level (this quality is not directly related to the treasure box itself, it is determined based on the rank and world Difficulty Level of this world).

Type: treasure box type item (can be used once).

Use effect 1: Open this treasure box.

Use effect 2: This item can be transformed into a heart of power, so that a sacrificial offering can be given to the “Guardian of Youxiandian” for a transaction, in exchange for an equivalent soul in the Youxian prison.

Score: 1000 points (the item score is constant 1000 points).

Introduction: The gathering of power and the souls of leaders may be worthless or rare treasure.

Sale price: this world · World’s Origin 7% (after leaving this world, it will not be sold).


[Box of Authority] is a treasure box type item, but it has many functions. First of all, its quality. Immortal quality does not represent the real value of [Box of Authority], but represents the level of the world that produced it. And World Difficulty, etc.

The score is also a constant 1000 points. When this thing is turned on, it is possible to open only ordinary items, or it is possible to open valuable treasures. More specifically, in this world, this thing can be sold directly as World’s Origin.

In addition to opening and selling, the [Box of Authority] can also be transformed into the [Heart of Power], which can be used to trade with an existence named “The Warden of Seclusion”.

Judging from the brief information, this existence named “Youxiandian Warden” guards the “Youxian Prison”, and uses the [Heart of Power] to trade with it, in exchange for the equivalent of this [Heart of Power] soul.

Su Xiao is no stranger to this kind of transaction. He has traded with Mao Shengzhi frantically several times and once with the Lord of the Old Day. He originally planned to try to trade with the candle girl. After some consideration, he decided to say it steadily. .

Although these three are all emptiness and existence, their styles are quite different. The frenzy of Maosheng is invisibly dangerous, but it rarely takes the initiative to kill creatures, usually when creatures look at it. Just go crazy, or the peng sound of the head explodes.

The old lord has strong malice. This being will spread the knowledge of other worlds. Not to mention the interpretation of this knowledge, even if you look at the text recording this knowledge, the viewer will suffer extremely serious consequences.

These words that record knowledge of other worlds are not enough to completely present the distorted, treacherous, and filthy knowledge. Those knowledge can neither be recorded completely by words nor taught by voice.

Even so, I don’t know how many worlds have become dead or destroyed because of this knowledge.

The old lord is dangerous enough, but at least he can make preliminary negotiations, and he will only die if he makes a slight mistake.

As for the candle girl, the vanity and alien existence of this Li ghost painting style is difficult to negotiate with. It kills living beings without any reason. See → kill → eat the soul → continue to wander and wait for the next one victim.

The “Guardian of Youxian” should not be the existence of the void. Su Xiao’s understands that the existence of the void is not so peaceful.

To deal with the “Youxian Diandian”, Su Xiao can even choose from the “Youxiu Prison”. As long as the price is equal, the souls imprisoned in the “Youxiu Prison” let him choose. This is too “reasonable” and different from the void Existence is not a style of painting.

Su Xiao thought about it for a while, decided to invest this time, and exchanged a soul with the “Box of Authority” and “The Warden Warden”.

Previously, Su Xiao had an idea. From now on, he will enter the mission world and release the Devourer·Dark Sun for preaching, and fudge more indigenous people to praise the sun, in order to obtain more strength of Faith·Sun.

Su Xiao’s idea is to exchange the soul of a god stick through the [Box of Authority] and the “Guardian Warden”, and then merge it into the Devourer Dark Sun.

Su Xiao does not want Devourer Anyang to have independent thinking, which is not feasible, but to make Devourer Anyang have mutual attraction with other god sticks in order to find the god stick host.

At that time, a broken soul of the god stick will interact with the host of the god stick, and the symbiosis of the dark sun will surely create a god stick version of the Devourer host.

The idea in his mind got better and better. Su Xiao glanced at the time and the noise coming from downstairs. From a moment ago, there was a scream of a lady, which was forcibly pulled out of the guest room. Was frightened.

The noise was getting closer and closer, and in a short while, it was on the lower floor. Seeing this, the magnate took a few sips of wine. Even if she died here today, she had to drink before she died.

“15000 Soul Coins.”

Su Xiao suddenly spoke, and the tycoon girl who was ready to work hard frowned. Things have reached this point. It is already very difficult to get out.

“Are you sure you can succeed?”

“Pay soul coins now, if you can succeed, you will die if you pay in 20 seconds.”

“Just bet this time.”

Love to drink and gamble once in a while is the shortcoming of Haomei. This is normal, and anyone will not be perfect.

[Reminder: You have received a transaction request. 】

【You get 15,000 soul coins. 】


The money has arrived. Su Xiao got up from the sofa and motioned Hao Mei to kneel on the carpet with her back to herself.

Hao Mei hesitated and knelt with her back to Su Xiao. She said, “What are you going to do?”


Su Xiao didn’t speak, he pressed one hand on top of Hao Mei’s head, realizing this, Hao Mei’s eyes lit up, and she asked anxiously: “You have the ability to have long-distance space? Say it early, say I am early Give the money, hurry up…”


Su Xiao punched Hao Mei’s back. As a melee Grandmaster, her strength immediately penetrated Hao Mei’s torso. She was unprepared to get the blow. Hao Mei’s eyes went dark, and she didn’t take it. , Fainted on the spot.

Hao Mei’s internal organs were shaken by the force penetration effect. She was lying on the carpet and couldn’t move. Su Xiao took out a pair of inner city gendarmerie standard magnetic handcuffs from Reincarnation Paradise and handcuffed her hands. live.

Suddenly, Hao Mei thought that she seemed to be a man of the pot. When she saw Su Xiao wearing an ancient mask and disguising herself as a military policeman, she was even more sure of this.

“My old lady fights with you, your old Fart from Reincarnation Paradise, your heart is dirty, return my 15,000 soul coins.”


Su Xiao still ignores the heroic girl, pulls the other party from the carpet, and walks outside the guest room.

With a bang, Su Xiao kicked open the wooden door, and walked out of the room with Hao Mei. In the other’s room, three military policemen walked out of the room while pressing the two men and women in disorderly clothes.

The two sides bumped into each other. Su Xiao walked towards the nodded three military policemen in the door diagonally opposite, escorting Hao Mei to the corner of the corridor.


A military policeman holding a mini terminal in the back spoke, Su Xiao expression stopped as usual, and looked at the three people behind him with doubts.

“Which aspect of this woman is suspicious?”

The gendarmerie holding the mini-terminal in his hand speaks. This kind of knotty is now grabbing at the sight of people. Whoever dares to resist will be killed on the spot, and the sound and fluctuation of the battle will attract a large group of gendarmerie in a short time.

“She entered the city today.”

After hearing Su Xiao’s words, the gendarme looked at Rin and said, “Did you enter the city today?”


“Be a key record, where is her ID…”

The gendarme with the terminal in his hand hadn’t finished speaking, and he saw Hao Mei’s appearance. He was surprised at first, then looked at Su Xiao strangely, and asked: “What are you doing with her? Li Sha, war hero.”

“I know, but she is entering the city tonight and must be brought back for filing.”

Leaving this sentence, Su Xiao walked downstairs with Hao Mei. Along the way, a military policeman and a black clothed person passed by him on both sides.

The journey went smoothly. Su Xiao got on a patrol car of the gendarmerie, while Hao Mei was in the back seat with iron bars and metal nets behind.

Su Xiao drove to an office of the gendarmerie. When Su Xiao took Haomei into the office of the gendarmerie, the place was full of people, shouting and crying. The cursing became one piece.

Su Xiao is lined up in a queue of dozens of military police. Today, many people will be arrested. However, some people need to be filed if they are arrested. For example, as a hero of war, you need to file for the record, not like civilians. In that way, they were thrown directly into the crowded detention room.

Two hours later, the tyrant girl sitting in the interrogation room was completely confused. She was holding a disposable water cup with hot coffee in her hands. On the opposite side were the military police disguised by Su Xiao and a military police Captain. .

Su Xiao has understood the general situation. According to the news from the top of the gendarmerie, the leader of the league, Toyin, was not dead but was seriously injured.

After this, the **** media in the inner city interviewed the leader of the league, Toin, who was lying on the hospital bed|, his face was not good, but his mental state was not bad.

these all are bullshit, the leader of the alliance Torin has been burned into a gaseous state by the sun flame, and the kill prompt also appeared. Su Xiao can confirm that the leader of the alliance Torin is completely dead, and the leader of the alliance Torin appears in the camera. Because, it must be a stand-in, or a dependent family with the ability to change.

The news of the death of the leader of the League, Toyin, will never be passed on to the Family Alliance. He broke his teeth and swallowed in his stomach.

The Dependent’s League has lost the leader Toin. Although the sky has fallen in half, the other half is still held by the League Marshal He Kandewei.

Compared to this side, the situation of the Confederate Marshal He Kandiweina is equally smashing. He Kandiwei himself is not dead, but his younger brother He Seville was poisoned. The glass of wine should be ·Condive was right to drink, he left midway through something.

People of that level and their relatives, of course, don’t care about wasting, but his younger brother is a bit lazy, thinking that it’s his Old Brother drink anyway, and there is no sense of disdain, so he will continue drinking with friends , As a result, just took a sip and died on the spot.

Except for these two sides, the house of the leader of the sentry tower Ferdinand was flattened by a meteorite dropping from the sky, except for himself, but his family died suddenly.

The Chief Justice Fowo was cut off with one arm and two legs, and the head was cut off one third, and the “trial house” standing hundreds or so years was razed to the ground. This is not the most exaggerated , The seaside city “Loas” where the “Judicial House” is located, the one third area in the center is turned into dust.

Tonight is destined to be restless. Before the family members tried to assassinate Su Xiao hundreds of times, he never responded. The reason was that he was holding the big move, or he didn’t do it. Once he did it, the enemy would not be able to eat.

The inner city of the “Kwabo Ring” now seems to be raging, but in fact, in order to conceal the death of the leader of the league, Toin, he dare not search for Assassin in a frenzied manner. At most, it is a layer of investigation.

Leader Toin is the leader of the league bureaucrats. Just half an hour after he died, the bureaucrats under his command agreed and decided to use a substitute. They need a leader of the league. As for who it is, it doesn’t matter, the league’s Rise and fall has nothing to do with them, they want rights.

As long as the alliance is still alive, they will hold over this power to death. In fact, the bureaucrats know everything, but they must do this.

They are all ordinary people who do not have military force themselves. Once they lose the shell of power, they will end up miserably. If that happens, even if the alliance is still or more prosperous, what meaning is there for them? ?

In the interrogation room, the military police Captain breathed out and looked at the interrogation record in his hand. The gangster on the opposite side was still bewildered.

She couldn’t even dream that things would develop to such an extent. The person who assassinated the leader of the confederate Toin, was participating in the investigation of this matter at this time, and had no intention of leaving the inner city, and was still in the military police. The office had a supper.

Whenever I think of this, Haomei feels incredible. TV series dare not act like this. What about a tyrannical raid? Investigate with other military police what the hell is that? What was even more exaggerated was that I had a midnight snack.

Actually, Su Xiao does not need to leave. He can be sure that all exits in the inner city must be firmly sealed off. Anyone who tries to leave will be taken down immediately, whether it is the military police or the Intelligence Section. The privilege of leaving the city.

Compared to hiding in Tibet, it is a safer choice to pretend to be a military policeman to participate in the investigation. The disguise can last for 6 hours, and now it has only been more than 2 hours.

Su Xiao interrogated Haomei for more than half an hour, and Captain, the gendarme on the side, got up and left, leaving only Su Xiao and Haomei in the interrogation room.

According to the procedures provided by Caesars, after Su Xiao went through a complete set of procedures including interrogation, recording, and seizure of identity certificates, he decided to transfer Hao Mei to the inner city prison and temporarily detained there.

Out of the gendarmerie office, Su Xiao drove a patrol car with Haomei on the main street. Ten minutes later, he suddenly turned and the vehicle drove into a wide-open grocery store.

The iron gate was slowly lowered. After it was completely closed, Su Xiao got out of the car and unlocked the magnetic handcuffs of Haomei on the back seat.

Going to the inside of the grocery store, Su Xiao took out various materials from the storage space and began to draw the Transmission Array picture on the ground.

“Can you get the Transmission Array picture? Why didn’t you just leave before?”

“Someone is watching.”

“Is the Sensor system, it’s gone now?”


Su Xiao’s turned his gaze to Hao Mei. Hao Mei said a lot. The other party didn’t usually say so much. After seeing the other party’s blushing cheeks, Su Xiao thought that this girl’s eight-nine is a bit too much. .

Ten seconds after the assassination was successful, the entire inner city was enveloped by someone’s domain.

The person’s domain is large, but not offensive. It mainly senses space fluctuations. That is to say, when the Transmission Array is deployed at that time, it will be sensed immediately. By then, the Transmission Array will not be deployed yet, so you have to face it. The siege of the military police.

In the inner city, there are many high-ranking members of the family alliance. There are so many gendarmes here and their comprehensive qualities. After Su Xiao was besieged, there were only two results, either to die here, or to get away with the help of [Drifting Bait].

At this time, the area covering the entire inner city area disappeared. After driving for more than two hours, even if the guy didn’t get tired to fainting, it was impossible to open it again in a short time.

Su Xiao In the outer city, coordinates were set up in the utility room where Caesar was previously located. There is also a Transmission Array over there, which can directly reach Warehouse No. 2 in the Sun Fortress.

Before leaving, Su Xiao set up a mechanism in the quarters. If someone discovers that Caesar is running away, investigating there will inevitably trigger the mechanism and cause the disposable Space Node set up there to be scrapped.

Tested by Su Xiao, the Space Node over there is still there, which is great.

After a while, Su Xiao finished setting up the Transmission Array, and the heroic girl holding the wine bottle noticed it for a while, and said: “If I remember correctly, there is a transmission blocking device in the inner city, we seem to be unable to transmit.”

“Come up.”

“Well, I come up by myself, your attitude is too cold, ah, ah, I didn’t come up by myself, no, why is it so awkward.”

Haomei drank several sips of wine, although she was a little drunk, she was always worried that this transmission would be intercepted.

Actually, Hao Mei is too worried.


Transmission Array is activated, and the grocery store where you are located seems to have been hit by a bomb, all kinds of debris are flying around, and the windows and doors are broken.

At the same time, a round tower building in the center of the inner city exploded and dared to intercept Fiend Race’s teleportation. His courage was commendable.

Outer city, in the utility room of the Quartermaster Department, transmitting rays of light suddenly appeared, Su Xiao and Haomei appeared.

Su Xiao pressed one hand on the wall, leaving a deep handprint, Hao Mei hit the wall with a press forward imposing manner, the concrete dust was everywhere, Hao Mei sat halfway in the wall, tears in her eyes The rapid emergence is not to cry, but to vomit. Before a person vomits, tears can’t help but overflow.

While Hao Mei was negotiating with her stomach pouch, Su Xiao grabbed the opponent’s arm, stood on another Transmission Array, and skillfully dropped a bomb, and the Transmission Array was activated.

In Warehouse No. 2, space fluctuations emerged. Su Xiao and Hao Mei showed up at the same time. Hao Mei covered her mouth and rushed to the wall. She couldn’t help it anymore and threw up.

It was the first time that she came into contact with Fiend Race’s transmission technology. In addition, she was slightly drunk, and it was hard not to vomit. From her eyes, it seemed that because of this incident, the Transmission Array was a bit shadowy.

Hao Mei hasn’t noticed the more critical point, that is, she has been caught in the Sun Fortress again.

For a while, Su Xiao returned to the general control room on the top floor of the Sun Fortress. Now his army has lost the bonus of the war lord. This is the basis for his own advantage.

Nothing to do. Su Xiao sits on the sofa and rests. He has done everything he can do. If the enemy still strikes in a short period of time, he will let his army escape to save his strength. He himself guarded the front entrance of the fortress.

Facts have proved that Su Xiao’s installation was not in vain. Four great characters of the family members died. The other three were either half-dead, or the whole family ascended to heaven, or the younger brother died suddenly. Under such a blow, the enemy Failed to turn grief and anger into strength.

It’s like fighting between two people. One of them can use anger as the power to fight back after a punch, but if he gets a very ruthless kick, then he is a man of iron. I had to cover my crotch and kneel, screaming through 130decibel.

This time, the family members are not only licking the yin legs, but limestone + yin legs + piercing eyes + liver fist.

The family members were obviously dumbfounded. Not only did the army stationed in the steel fortress not move that night, but it did not attack for the whole morning. It is said that the leader of the tower, Ferdinand, is going to visit the steel fortress in person. Raise gradually.

The noon sunlight reflected in the floor-to-ceiling curved windows, a reminder that made Su Xiao open his eyes while resting.

[Reminder; Warlord has been promoted to the title of eight stars. 】


Origin: Reincarnation Paradise

Quality: ★★★★★★★★

Category: Title

Title effect 1: Lord authority (passive). When the number of soldiers-type units under Hunter reaches 500, 3000, 10,000, 50,000, 100,000, and 300,000, the following six buffs can be triggered.

1. Morale +80 points (500 soldiers can trigger this bonus).

2. Maximum HP increased by 50%, body defensive power +30 points (3000 soldiers can trigger this bonus).

3. All True Attributes +30 points, no bonus for lucky attributes (10,000 soldiers can trigger this bonus, this effect only increases True Attribute, and has no effect on regular body attributes).

4. Increase the level of all abilities by Lv.12 (50,000 soldiers can trigger this bonus).

5. Blood·Soul Power (Passive. Lv.55+12): The weapon you hold is blessed with the power of burning soul. Each attack comes with 150 True Damage points, and there is a 2~3% probability that the enemy will become numb. , Stiff body, etc. (100,000 soldiers can trigger this bonus).

6. Battle skill awakening (passive. Lv. 60+12): After activating this ability, Hunter needs to choose an “excellent individual” from the soldier type unit, and choose an ability of this “excellent individual” After completing the selection, you can wake up the soldiers of the same race and type (300,000 soldiers can trigger this bonus).

Reminder: Not all abilities can be awakened in a wide range, such as Talent, exclusive abilities, or abilities that require specific energy, etc., and they cannot be awakened in a wide range.

Reminder: During the ability awakening process, all soldier-type units that are awakened by the ability can only complete this ability awakening at the cost of “Soul Crystal” or “life force” or “specific rare resources” (the three Just meet one of them).

Tips: After the above six gain effects are triggered, they can be superimposed.

Reminder: Each of the above six effects, each triggered, can stack 1 layer of “Lord’s Pride” effect, and the marching speed of all soldiers-type units under his command will be increased by 12%. The marching speed of soldiers is increased by 72%).

Title effect 2: The whole army…charge! (Active), the morale of all soldier-type units on your side immediately reaches MAX, and the morale tank enters the “burning tank” state. The effect lasts for 100 seconds.

Reminder: In this state, the charge speed of all soldier-type units on your side is increased by 30%, the knockback feature is increased by 1 rank, and the pain sensation is reduced by 90%.

Reminder: This ability can be activated once every day. After using it, all soldiers on your side will feel slightly tired for 1 to 5 minutes.

Title effect 3: Ancient war beast (active), no change…

Reminder: The ancient beasts will exist for 60 seconds, and can be summoned once every 5 days (the existence time of the ancient beasts has been increased by 100%).

Score: There is no score for the title category.

Introduction: Wherever the army goes, barren, all enemies are unable to withstand a single blow.

Price: Unable to sell.


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