Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 3422


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The steel fortress, the front area, the grandiose team is lined up here, any suspicious personnel should not be approached within half a kilometer.

In front of a steel building with a tapered top, Su Xiao walked into it under the guidance of Brigadier General Retz.

The overall tone of the steel building is gray and black, and only the activated conveyor platform at the center shows a blue light.

Su Xiao stepped forward and stood on the Transmission Array without any hesitation. Now the Sun Fortress and the dependents have completely entered the “honeymoon period”.

His advantage is that how long this “honeymoon period” can last is up to him, not the dependents, who also count on the sun camp being used as a tool.

Don’t think that Su Xiao knows the strategy of the dependents afterwards. After the “Borderland Ordinance” is signed, the dependents will publicize that Pigheads and Boar Warriors are not the same species, and tell the world that the Sun Camp is their ally .

Once the news is announced, our wild boar warriors will inevitably be shaken, after all, they are transformed from the pig heads.

This strategy shakes the heart of our army, but also has a heavy backstop. The dependents will surely provoke the relationship between themselves and the wild beasts and tell the wild beasts that the Sun Fortress will invade there sooner or later. , Passively beaten, it is better to take the initiative to attack, they are willing to sell weapons to the wild beast family cheap.

The wild beast clan has long been guarded against the sun fortress. For the sake of development, they hunted a lot of alienated beasts. Then through the provocation of the dependents, the wild beast clan has a probability of over 80% and will choose to attack. Fortress of the Sun.

This is understandable. The Sun Fortress signed the “Border Territory Treaty” with the dependents, and peace has been reached there. With limited resources, the Sun Fortress can only invade and occupy the territory of the wild beast clan in order to continue its development.

At that time, it was a melee between the Sun Fortress and the wild beast clan. The family members were watching the show. What’s more, the Sun Fortress and the wild beast family were both enemies of the family’s family. The two groups of enemies fought, and the family members had How happy you can imagine.

Don’t think that this is over. With the battle strength of the Sun Fortress, the wild beasts must not be opponents, and the weapons of the dependents will definitely become the necessity of the wild beasts in the war.

The family members said it was sold at a low price. It did happen at the beginning. With the development of the war, the price of these weapons will increase a thousand times, or even ten thousand times. They can’t even defend against the Sun Fortress.

The emergence of the “Borderland Treaty” not only helped the dependents resolve the threat of the Sun Fortress, but also resolved the until now attacks from the wild beasts. In the end, they could make a lot of money by selling weapons. Got.

The person who drafted the “Borderland Treaty” is simply a ghost. The only drawback is that the contract is not strong. Besides, if this thing is very binding, Su Xiao cannot break the contract at any time, nor will he Sign this thing, but continue to fight with the family.

Su Xiao thought, the transmission device under his feet shimmered, and the space fluctuation enveloped him.

When the surrounding rays of light disappeared, Su Xiao was already standing in a hall of thousands of square meters, and there were many people in it. It was not the one who immediately attracted Su Xiao’s attention, not the one with the chest and the hips. Heisiyu|Sister, but the three famous auras have nothing common with each other.

Among the three, one is the tallest, with a height of about 2 meters. He has a large skeleton. Although he is 2 meters tall, he has no sense of incongruity. On the contrary, it gives the race a spiritual oppression force. This is the alliance. Field Marshal H. Kandewei.

Beside He Condwell, there is a famous fat judge who wears a woolen judicial wig and is shaped like a pear. This is Chief Justice Fowo. Next to him is a handsome, slightly thinner man. The leader of the sentry tower Ferdinand.

Because the two sides were mortal enemies 12 hours ago, they didn’t have much politeness and went straight to the discussion hall.

Half an hour later, around the metal round table in the discussion hall, Su Xiao was sitting opposite the main position, with the pen of contract between his index and middle fingers, and the second “Border Treaty” was placed on the table in front of him. “.

In addition to the three confederate marshals, ten members of the Aurora Council came and they all sat in distress. They looked like stable as Mount Tai, as if they had forgotten. The day before yesterday they also strongly requested to live in the neighboring room of the conference hall. In order to avoid being assassinated by the Sun camp, in the words of a congressman:’I’m only 97 years old, I’m still young, and I haven’t lived enough. ’

“White Night, haven’t you seen this treaty yesterday? Don’t watch it for so long now. Time is precious and everyone is busy.”

The Chief Justice Fowo speaks. He is a violent temper. He has not forgotten that he was almost killed by Di Zong the night before.

Fowo doesn’t believe it, Di Zong, as the patriarch of the killer clan, will come to him to go crazy, don’t even think about it, this must be hired by Su Xiao.

Now that the situation has developed, revenge is impossible, so the attitude is as good as the mood.

“I did read this treaty yesterday.”

Su Xiao speaks, hearing this, Fowo said: “Then not sign yet?”

“In a bad mood, I don’t want to sign.”


Fowo was stunned, and turned to said with a smile: “You may not believe that the dark is not in our hands.”

“I believe.”


Chief Justice Fowo smiled more happily, not because Su Xiao believed him, but because he felt the situation was interesting.

“As far as I know, the secret has been stolen.”

“Yes, it was lost, is it possible that you know who stole it?”

Fowo is still joking.

“Golden Earl, Hymn, Orlandi, these three people stole it.”

“Really speaking?”

The smile on Fowo’s face disappeared, and the leader of the sentry tower Ferdinand looked serious, and the Confederate Marshal He Kandiwei, who had closed his eyes and opened his eyes.

“I pledge as the Sun Lord.”

Su Xiao while speaking, recall who first called him the Lord of the Sun? This is called unfathomable mystery, which is very good as a guarantee.

“My staff will handle this matter.”

He Kandiwei expressed his opinion. A confidant on his side leaned over and listened. After hearing He Kandiwei’s secret order, he repeatedly nodded. After a while, he was about to leave, Su Xiao opened the mouth and said:


He Kangdewei’s confidant stopped, Su Xiao continued:

“The three people are very strong. I sent the Assassin who assassinated Toin. I found the three people last night. After that, my Assassin disappeared.”

The reason Su Xiao said this was to make He Kandiwei pay more attention to the three gold Earls, so as to send more troops.

Su Xiao chose to create a fictitious Assassin who successfully assassinated Toin, and revealed to the public that that Assassin died after meeting the three gold Earls. Nothing is more convincing than this, let H. Condive know the gold Earl. What is the strength of the three.

Sure enough, as soon as Su Xiao said this, He Kandiwei’s browse tightly frowns, he was about to add a few words to his henchmen, Su Xiao said again:

“They still have hundreds of accomplices. If you guessed right, these hundreds of accomplices are now within the “Kwab Ring”. “

“Hundreds of comrades?” Chief Justice Fowo was a little bit ridiculous. He teased: “White Night, do you eat shit when you are the gendarmerie of the “Kwab Ring”? Will it allow hundreds of people of unknown origin to enter the ring? “

As soon as Chief Justice Fowo finished speaking, Su Xiao raised his hand, and the steel teeth behind him placed a large stack of documents in his hand.


A large stack of documents were thrown on the table, spread out like a poker. Seeing this, Fowo gave a wink at Captain, a military policeman standing by.

Gendarmerie Captain stepped forward, using the terminal in his hand as the database, one after another scanned and compared every document on the table. These were the data of hundreds of people.

How did Su Xiao get the information of these people? Quite simply, in the previous battle, the contractors of Apocalypse Paradise all showed up, flying in Baja in the sky, and captured many faces through the battle video device.

During the capture, Haomei participated in several contractor rallies. The monitoring device on her body obtained a lot of facial information of Apocalypse Paradise contractor.

Doing this is not the prophet Su Xiao. He originally planned that if he could defeat the family members, then the contractor door of Apocalypse Paradise would be scattered, and if they fled around the mainland, he would use this information to look for them. , To avoid one of them, and keep running away with a secret.

Now this information has played an unexpected role.

After some comparisons, the Gendarmerie Captain confirmed that the information about more than 200 people is true.

“Are these people related to the frontline war?”

Chief Justice Fowo speaks. He seems to be irritable and irritable, but in fact he first thought of the key points. These people are all in the “Kwab Ring” and are not the most important, but if these people They are all related to the war on the front lines, so the problem is big.

“This, this…”

The military police Captain began to hesitate. Seeing this, Chief Justice Fowo said angrily: “If you have any farts, let it go!”

The military police Captain knelt on the ground with a frightened thud, wearing a vibrato and said: “Big…sir, these people have participated in the front-line war in various capacities in the near future.”

Hearing this, Chief Justice Fowo’s complexion is not pretty. These hundreds of people are in the “Kwab Ring” and have participated in the frontline war. This is actually okay. The problem is that these people privately No one can be sure whether these people are spies on the Human Race side.

Suddenly, Chief Justice Fowo thought of another possibility. He pondered for a while and asked: “White Night, the current situation, both of you and I know in your hearts that our two sides are impossible to be hostile again, saying that it is the same trend. , Is also the norm.”

Chief Justice Fowo paused when he said this, and continued: “We all give the truth to each other. The night before, you sent no one to assassinate the four of us.”

“The night before yesterday, I sent someone to assassinate the leader of the League Toin.”

Su Xiao thought of what Chief Justice Fowo meant, and the other party wanted to get crooked. It is likely that they mistaken those contractors for the spies on Human Race.

“Do you think we will believe?”

The attitude of the tower leader Ferdinand is indifferent expression.

“Actually, I am more puzzled than you, who sent someone to assassinate the three of you, and how my plan to assassinate the leader of the league, Toin, was leaked.”

As soon as Su Xiao said this, Chief Justice Fowohu stood up. He really brought the wind.


The Chief Justice Fowo slapped the table and said anxiously: “It can’t be wrong. These people must be spies from the Human Race. They planned the assassination of the three of us the night before. Put blame on White Night.”

The Chief Justice Fowo’s tone is resolute and decisive, and Ferdinand on the side glanced at him, as if it was a look of caring for the mental|impaired.

When he noticed Fernandi’s gaze, Chief Justice Fowo sneered, loudly said:

“First of all, I was assassinated by the patriarch Di Zong of the Xin Clan. At first, I thought it was Di Zong hired by White Night. Now when I think about it, it doesn’t seem to be the case. Human Race, there is no backing behind. Even if Di Zong is powerful, he will not come to assassinate me. My subsequent revenge will put the Xin Clan in an embarrassing situation.

Just yesterday, the Xin Clan moved and settled in the capital of Human Race. Is this a coincidence? “

The Chief Justice Fowo’s words almost made Su Xiao side Baja laugh. The Xin Clan moved to prevent the family’s retaliation. They moved to the capital of Human Race, where Su Xiao and Human Race executive Xu Favor.

“And Ferdinand, kill your family, have you investigated.”

“Found some clues.”

“Is it from Human Race?”


“That’s right!”

The Chief Justice Fowo wanted to slap the table again, because he had used too much force just now and his palm was still a little numb, so he patted his stomach.

“The people who assassinated you and me were all from the Human Race. Condive was poisoned. I estimate that this was also done by the Human Race. You can’t go wrong. These hundreds of people, there are Earl, Holy Eclipse, and Orland are all spies over there and must be eliminated.”

The Chief Justice Fowo gave a final word and made a conclusive statement.

Su Xiao looked at Chief Justice Fowo. Although the leader of the “good teammate” Toin died, the second “good teammate” appeared.

According to Fowo’s meaning, Golden Earl and others will be charged with the following crimes, 1. espionage, 2. stealing secrets, 3. disrupting the war… 148. Intent to murder the quartermaster Nicholas Wrath Caesar and steal Munitions depot.

In general, all the incidents that occurred in the “Kwabo Ring” during this period are all tied to the gold Earl and the others.

In the eyes of the seniors of the family camp, this is when a friendly alliance with the sun camp was reached. How could the incidents that hurt each other before fall to the sun camp? This is an ally, and an ally will not do bad things.

On the other hand, gold Earl and the others, this is a ‘spy’. Any bad thing can be done. They may have stolen the broken pants that the old lady lost recently.

The Chief Justice Fowo seems to be possessed by the’big clever’, and he used nonsense reasoning and analysis. In fact, this guy knows very well that the unpleasantness that happened before needs someone to take the blame, those suspicious guys. , Is the best backer.

Furthermore, Chief Justice Fowo has lived for more than 60 years. He has never seen him before. Someone is willing to take the initiative to get together in War Zone.

Su Xiao revealed that Gold Earl and the others are very strong, and after Chief Justice Fowo analyzed that those people are spies, Union Marshal H. Condive rearranged the arrest and siege plan.

However, after learning that these people might carry huge might explosives, H. Kandewei’s attention to it increased again.

“White Night, you are in a much better mood now.”

The Chief Justice Fowo motioned Su Xiao to sign the “Border Treaty.”

“I am a person who loves collecting soul stones.”

Su Xiao took out the Soul Crystal core from the storage space. If this kind of opportunity does not strike a stroke, he will be the Hunter of Reincarnation Paradise and the Shadow of Extinguishing Law.

“Everyone has hobby, this is a small problem, how many do you want to collect?”

The Chief Justice Fowo glanced at the Soul Crystal core in Su Xiao’s hand. With Fowo’s status, he knew the goods well and knew the value of this scarce resource.

“I am going to collect 1000 pieces.”

“cough, cough~”

Fowo put down the tea cup, picked up the printing towel, and wiped the tea on his hands.

“There are no 1,000 pieces, and 10 pieces are possible.”


“Cough! Cough! Huh?”

Fowo dropped the printed towel in his hand and pretended that nothing happened. After a while, his men brought a brocade box that looked like metal and wood. After opening it, 10 Soul Crystal cores appeared.

Seeing this, Su Xiao signed “Sun Lord·Kukulin·White Night” on the treaty. The next second, a mark appeared on the back of Su Xiao’s hand, and disappeared after a while.

After signing the “Borderland Treaty”, both sides moved to the banquet hall according to the procedure. After enjoying a sumptuous lunch, Su Xiao at the table lit a cigarette.

The atmosphere is much more relaxed than before. After feeling the actual situation is almost the same, Su Xiao asked: “Fowo, the Battle Arena around the city, when is it going to reopen?”

“This…maybe, your rise this time, there are a lot of wild ambition guys, they want to steal technology from you first, and then buy pigheads to train them, but then again, how do you treat the city around Interested in Battle Arena?”

“I did this business before.”

Su Xiao’s external identity is that he used to be engaged in the pig-head business and trained fighters with pig-heads, but because of the ‘too good’ training, he developed the technique of transforming pig-heads into wild boar warriors.

“The impossible reopening of the Battle Arena around the city within a few months, but the pig head business can quickly recover.”


Su Xiao didn’t speak, as he expected, the family members would guard him, it didn’t matter, he just mentioned it by the way to pave the way for the future.

Whether the Ring of the City Arena is reopened is not important to Su Xiao. He wants at least one, and the safest to be ten. Pighead fighters who have mastered the Warhammer ‘wild’ skills.

“I need to approve heavy artillery weapons recently.”

Su Xiao’s words were shocking, which suddenly brought the atmosphere in the banquet hall to freezing point.

“The heavy artillery-class weapons of my family, impossible to share with others, including allies.”

The leader of the sentry tower, Ferdinand, immediately refused, and Fowo, who had been pretending to be a good man, hurried out to complete the field.

“No heavy artillery weapons? In this case, I can only move to the south, otherwise conflicts with the wild beast clan will erupt sooner or later.”

Su Xiao’s meaning is simple and straightforward. Since the dependents want to use his side to block the wild beasts, they just use it now to knock on heavy artillery weapons.

Hearing Su Xiao’s words, He Kangdiwei did not say a word. Everyone present had the same heart as Der Spiegel. It was very clear what the “Border Treaty” was about. It is planned that the Sun Fortress and the wild beast clan must break out contradictions, even if there is no contradiction, the dependents will provoke a contradiction between the two parties.

On the side of the couch, you can’t allow others to snore, but if the two people on the side of the bed fight, the dependents will not care about things on the side of the couch, and will continue to provoke and make war fortune.

The atmosphere froze, and the dependents were unwilling to provide heavy artillery-class weapons. Su Xiao’s meant that they would not provide heavy artillery-class weapons. They would rather move the base camp around a large circle instead of struggling with the wild beast clan.

“Everyone, everybody, we have just made peace talks, this atmosphere…”

The slave businessman Azba, who has not spoken, took the opportunity to speak. He took advantage of everyone’s eyes to focus on him and said:

“The family’s heavy artillery-class weapons have no precedent for transfer, Lord White Night, this is indeed not aimed at us.”

“This friend is right, your name is Azba?”

“Yes, Lord Fowo.”

Aziba looked flattering, he cleared his throat and said:

“I opened up and said, there is something wrong, please forgive me, my sun fortress and the wild beast clan is going to fight, in my opinion, it is inevitable, this is a competition for resources, there is no possibility of reconciliation. Lord White Night needs heavy artillery-class weapons, and also considers that he wants to go to war with the wild beast clan.”

Hearing about this remark of Azba, the expressions of several senior members of the dependents have eased a lot.

“Even if you can’t get heavy artillery weapons, the adults of the family should always provide some pre-war support. Just now, Lord White Night talked about the Battle Arena around the city. This reminds me of one thing. The pig-headed fighters in Battle Arena in the city are still idle. With a little training, they are a very good pioneer.”

“Why not, the Battle Arena around the city is regarded as the first batch of war funding given to us by the family members. After we start the war with the wild beast family, we will continue to provide funding. Everyone, don’t worry about it. It will be us in the future. Help you stop the animal tide.”

At the end of Azba’s words, his face became cold, and the teacup pā tà in his hand was thrown on the dining table. This meant that although he respectfully said that the high-ranking family member sitting at him was an adult, he was behind the Sun Fortress and was not afraid these people.

Negotiating is just like that. It is weak in imposing manner and can only be left to the opponent.


Fowo looked towards He Kandiwei with a questioning look.

“Battle Arena around the city is protected by the transaction law, even we, can not give away the Battle Arena around the city without the owner’s consent.”

He Kandewei’s attitude surprised Fowo and Ferdinand a little bit. In their opinion, it is a good choice to use the Battle Arena around the city as a deposit.

He Kandiwei declined, naturally he had some consideration. He always felt that Su Xiao must have a plan to come to “Kwabo Ring”.

“Are you sleepwalking?”

Baja slapped Azba out with one wing, and it continued: “Let’s talk about heavy artillery weapons. You will arrange to go to the Battle Arena around the city? Are you crazy as a slave dealer? Why, get to the Battle Arena around the city Later, it’s up to you to run it? Oh, yes, on our side, you are the only one who is good at pighead business, and you can only manage it. Your abacus is good.”

Baja’s eagle claws squeezed the top of the seat back, and its eagle eyes became sharp. Azba, who was slammed into his mouth and nose and left blood, twitched on the ground, and was about to go into shock.

The back plan was launched, Baja flapped his wings out, and Azba’s heart was laughing crazy. Afterwards, a bottle of secret medicine that can strengthen the body and prolong life was obtained.

“Gan, I’ve seen you upset…”

Baja showed a killing intent. Seeing this, Chief Justice Fowo snorted in his heart, knowing that this would not work, and now it is about to develop into public revenge. This is their territory. They can’t watch the show. They are the last to fight s face.

The lunch ended unpleasantly, but Su Xiao’s goal was achieved. The Battle Arena around the city didn’t get it. All the pighead fighters in the Battle Arena around the city belonged to him.

Why did He Kandewei and the others finally agree? It was because Su Xiao initially only proposed heavy artillery-class weapons. After the family refused, Azba brought up the Battle Arena around the city, but the family still refused to give it.

The refusal twice in a row let He Kandiwei and the others know that they cannot refuse a third time. Su Xiao has many ways to make them feel uncomfortable.

Su Xiao just proposed 200,000 pig-heads. He Kandiwei and the others were suddenly waiting here. Chief Justice Fowo immediately interrupted and wanted to take the pig-head fighters in the Battle Arena around the city. , As a gift to Su Xiao.

Never let the enemy know what he wants. This is Su Xiao’s strategy. He first actively mentioned the Battle Arena around the city, deliberately making He Condive and the others suspect, and then threw out 200,000 pig heads. When I heard this, I immediately became jealous, thinking that the Battle Arena around the city was a smoke bomb thrown by Su Xiao.

Su Xiao took Boubo Wang, Baja, and Gangya to the outside of the banquet hall. Gangya was carrying Azba who had passed out on his back.

As soon as Su Xiao left, the two gorgeous doors closed suddenly. At the table, the Alliance Marshal H. Kandewei still sat in the main seat, with Fowo and Ferdinand on his left and right.

“Two, come on.”

Fowo stood up and held up the goblet, which contained a small half glass of wine. Seeing this, Ferdinand got up and also held up the wine glass.

He Kandewei did not get up, he will be the supreme leader of the family from now on, and Fowo and Ferdinand will be his left and right hands.

“Kukulin·White Night is just an evil spirit who got up in the meantime. He is terrifying, yes, but why should he fight with us? Why should I fight with my prosperous family for 260 years? For the alliance, cheers!” /p>

Fowo while speaking, his face is unabashedly happy.

The seated He Kangdewei toasted, Fowo and Ferdinand standing beside him leaned forward, clinking glasses with He Kandewe, to celebrate this victory that was won with wisdom, resources, and blood.

This is indeed the case. After He Kandiwei came to power, the family members did not suffer any more casualties.

But a dike of a thousand miles burst because of an ant hole, today, the three of H. Condive made a small mistake, which is enough to make them die without a burial site.


“Kwabo Ring”, outer city, inside Battle Arena.

Due to the closure of Battle Arena and the rise of the Sun Fortress, as pigheads with battle strength and pighead fighters, they were immediately shackled and imprisoned in a cell in the 2-Layer underground of Battle Arena.

Su Xiao goes down the stairs to the underground 2-Layer. The underground 2-Layer is not too wide, but is narrow and long. There is a three-meter-wide aisle between the walls on both sides. In the walls on both sides, there is a room with prisoners inside. cage.

Su Xiao experienced this kind of cage when he first entered this World. With his figure, it’s okay to sit in it, but with pigheads with an average height of 2 meters to 2.4 meters, they can only squeeze inside. .

Su Xiao walked on the aisle, and the stench spread to the nose. In the cages on both sides of the wall, there was a pighead fighter.

Compared with normal pigheads, these pighead fighters are more independent thinking and knowledgeable.

Su Xiao walked several dozen meters and then stopped and stood in front of a cage inside the wall. Inside the cage, a scarred pig head opened his eyes.

This time to “Kwabo Ring”, Su Xiao did not disappoint. He finally found a pighead fighter who mastered the Warhammer-like ‘wild’ technique.

“Say your name.”

Su Xiao speaks, and the pig-headed fighter shook the head in the cage inside the wall.

Seeing this scene, the steel teeth behind asked: “You don’t want to say?”

“I, no, name.”

The pighead fighter’s voice is a little hoarse, and his throat has been hurt.

“You will be called Oynk from now on.”

Leaving this sentence, Su Xiao turned around and walked out. Legendary fighter Oyink once rebelled against his family. Although he died, he left behind something, that is, the spirit that he dared to resist, he would rather die The beast of freedom.

And this pighead fighter, can he be worthy of the name Oynke? The answer is, yes, he is the kind of fire of the starting prairie fire, or, even if he is not qualified, his role is worthy of the name Oynke.

With a bang, the large iron gate of the underground 2-Layer is closed.

After Su Xiao left the Battle Arena around the city, a military police blocked the way, whispered something, and hurriedly left.

Su Xiao did not expect that the Alliance Marshal He Kandewei and the others moved so fast. Earlier, it was mentioned that the gold Earl and the others were spies, plus the stealing of the dark rain. It didn’t take long for He Kandewei. The edge is about to do it.

Along the main street, Su Xiao walked for less than ten minutes and came to a pedestrian street. In a high-end clothing custom shop in the pedestrian street, the three of Gold Earl, Shengshi, and Orlandi just pushed out the door.

The bells on the door jingled, and the three of them each carried a large box. I don’t know what was in it. The golden Earl of the three immediately noticed Su Xiao standing in the center of the intersection and squatting. Boubo Wang beside his legs, and Baja falling on his shoulders.

The hymn and Orlandi also noticed Su Xiao. After the three of them looked at each other, they were about to lean over here. They were just about to step up, and found everyone on the street, they all stopped, these all are the elite soldiers of the family.

This is not the most terrible thing. Nearly 40,000 gendarmes came from all directions.

“You said, who are these soldiers and gendarmes looking for? Are you looking for him?”

Orlandi took off his shirt and revealed his strong upper body, ready to fight, but he had a premonition.

“They… are more like coming to us.”

After Golden Earl said these words, it was not so much, and he suddenly felt relieved. After experiencing this World Snatching War roar, if anything happens in the future, he will not feel surprised. He has adapted.

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