Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 3424


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The “Alienation Hothouse” occupies a large area in the fortress. The color is similar to the “Evolution Nest”, but the structure resembles a honeycomb.

The “Alienation Hothouse” and the “Evolution Nest” are connected to each other in a large area. If you are in a fortress 2-Layer, you will find that the area where the two meet is more tight and harmonious than expected.

In principle, the constituent materials of the “Alienation Hothouse” and the “Evolution Nest” are similar, but the structure and internal working methods are different.

This also represents one thing. The two can be transformed into each other. For example, the active structure of the two is a whole. Now the central organization of the “alienated greenhouse” occupies 20%, and the “evolution nest” occupies the remaining 80%. .

Let “alienated greenhouse” or “evolution nest” mutually transform, which fortress organ’s central tissue occupies more active structure, and the work efficiency of that fortress organ will be greatly improved, not only the number of single batches of metamorphosis and cultivation Improved, time-consuming will be shortened.

As a TLevel 0 fortress, the Sun Fortress is close to perfection and has the potential to continue to build. However, Su Xiao is not prepared to invest any more resources. The current level is sufficient.

Returning to the general control room on the top floor, Su Xiao just came back, holding the communicator Baja with his wings and blinking, meaning that there is the Confederate Marshal He Kandewei.

Su Xiao signaled Baja to continue to deal with it. It is not convenient for him to talk to the other side. The purpose of contacting himself there is nothing more than to attack the wild beasts as soon as possible.

It does require the flesh and blood of extraordinary creatures to breed war beasts for riding, but now is not the perfect time to attack the wild beasts.

Su Xiao is not going to send troops tonight. At least he has to wait until tomorrow morning. After certain things are confirmed, he can attack the wild beast clan. In addition, the wild boar warriors have just mastered the “Heavy Hammer Specialization”. You have to give time to adapt.

The first question is what genetic samples of war beasts should be selected. Su Xiao first thought of wolf cavalry. He led a wolf cavalry war on the Azure Dragon continent before, and he has great experience.

If I change my mind, I can’t help but the temperament of the wolf mount and the wild boar warriors does not match. This is a trivial matter. The key is that the two do not match.

Azure Dragon Continent follows Su Xiao’s orc army. At that time, although the orcs had been defeated year after year, they lost more than 90% of their territory. The problem that cannot be ignored is that those orc soldiers are veterans, and each of them has 2 to 3 types. The use of weapons has received certain riding training.

Although they are not very fleshy, they attack sharply. They often charge in one round, and the enemy’s formation is split. Everywhere they go, there are stumps and arms, and blood can soak the ground.

Strong attacking orc soldiers, coupled with fast wolves who can be called city wall climbers, can play a battle strength not as simple as 1+1=2.

If the wild boar warrior sits on the wolf mount, let’s not mention that the average height of the wild boar warriors is 2.5 to 2.8 meters, and their sturdy stature. The Warhammer they use is very heavy. The length of these Warhammers is 1 Around 5 meters, the hammer head is like a bucket.

In order to make the wild boar fighters more resistant to fighting, Su Xiao previously ordered a large number of heavy armors on the Human Race side with the combat uniforms seized from the family side.

These are not plate armors, they are more like time armors. The armor pieces are stacked in layers, which not only guarantees defensive power, but also can move freely. The only problem is that this armor is very heavy, no, it is special weight.

Because of Su Xiao’s previous economic problems, it is impossible to use light, defensive power and strong metal materials. Instead, you can use the kind of combat uniforms of the family members.

Su Xiao originally placed this order with three requirements, 1. to ensure defensive power, 2. to have a large quantity, and 3. to make it faster.

Human Race’s military factory is also real. On this basis, it is really reckless. Before Su Xiao’s acceptance, the Human Race squeezed sweat. This kind of armor manufactured in large quantities in a short time. It’s too heavy. With the successful acceptance, there was a celebration for it.

Based on the weight of the wild boar warriors, the weight of their weapons, and the weight of their armor, they croaked and rode on the wolf mount. The wolf mount would be pressed to the spot and choked on the spot, and then split on all fours and croaked on the ground. On the ground.

The elegant wolf ride is hopeless. This time the mount must have endurance and endurance. Thinking of this, Su Xiao standing in front of the curved floor-to-ceiling window saw the piggy people on the open space in front of the fortress. Add up the planning of the building.

In addition to being good at mining, the piggy people also have some talents in construction. They are not exceptionally talented, but they build stone houses and they are also very beautiful.

Seeing these Dwarf Races, Su Xiao thought that he could get a kind of war pig gene and cultivate a wild boar mount that is strong enough and big enough.

There is no need to worry about the endurance of the war pig mount, and the strength is also great. The most important thing is that the wild boar warriors also have a certain wild boar gene. Choose the war pig as the mount, and then the two will use the supreme strength of yang as the’ After the network cable’s stand-alone interconnection, the rejection will be much smaller, after all, there are similar gene sets.

Thinking about it this way, after successfully ‘connected’, the wild boar warriors will be more comfortable with controlling the pigs under them.

War Pig is very good, but the problem is that Su Xiao does not have a ready-made genetic sample.

Su Xiao asked Boubo Wang to find Hausman, Gangfang, Gluttony, and Fireball.

After a while, Hausmann and the others arrived. Hausmann’s height is amazing enough. It is 3 meters 4, which is not the tallest. Gluttony outside the door is 4 meters 97. It is taller. He was fat again, with a big mouth cracking to the roots of the ears on both sides. Because of its size, it could only hold a big face outside the door, waiting for Su Xiao’s order.

Among our leader-level and elite-level units, Fireball Five Brother Sneak Attack is the strongest, Hausman has the strongest frontal attack and charge, followed by Gluttony and Steel Tooth.

For the Gluttony among them, Su Xiao always wondered how he cultivated this monster. Gluttony tore and eaten the soldiers of the family, not to mention a few hundred. In addition to its large size, it also has a particularly good mouth.

This guy once bit through the armor of the living war chariot, and then took out the soldiers of the family members in the war chariot one by one, like a can.

In addition to a good mouth, Gluttony’s resilience is also amazing. He was once shattered to one third body, but he regenerated within a few seconds.

This gluttonous Big Fatty has a feeling that the more you eat, the stronger it is. It used to be about 4 meters tall, but now it will have a breakthrough of 5 meters.

This is not without cost. Originally, Gluttony had an IQ of 13-14 years old, but now Gluttony is an IQ of about 7 years old. Before Su Xiao went to the dependents and didn’t let it follow. He sat on the ground and cried. , A’Mu, who was being carried the Dragon Heart Axe, glanced at it, and then he held back and did not dare to cry.

Gluttony is particularly afraid of A’Mu. I am afraid to see A’Mu once. It is not far away from peeing his pants. The reason is that once it provoked A’Mu and was almost chopped off by A’Mu. If it wasn’t for Boubo’s yelling during the mining machine, Gluttony was gone.

Facts have proved that although A’Mu is often bullied by Bailey and Boubo Wang in the Su Xiao team, he is not a silly cow. When he chopped Gluttony into two sections and was about to throw it into the shredder, The nearby steel tooth wanted to intercede, but did not dare. Fortunately, it did not dare, otherwise it might have been chopped by A’Mu.

In the commander-in-chief room, Su Xiao ordered that the rest, led by Hausmann, and then 300 elite fighters, entered the alienated beast territory overnight.

This trip will not go to several gathering places and habitats of the wild beast tribe. Instead, go to the woodland in the south-east direction to hunt down the “lower Overlord Level creature·Mane Oak” there.

The mane oak is an alienated beast that metamorphoses from a wild boar. After many metamorphosis, it becomes a lesser Overlord Level creature.

Su Xiao didn’t say anything to the Overlord Level creatures in the Alienated Beast Territory. It was fake. Of course, he was investigated.

Su Xiao is willing to fight against the wild beasts. The need for extraordinary flesh and blood is one aspect. Hunting Overlord Level creatures is also a very important point. It can not only develop power, but also obtain resources that can bring out the world. it is good.

Su Xiao put the target on the lower Overlord Level creature, mane oak, which looks like a large wild boar, in order to give the war pig mount a high starting point.

The combat creatures produced by this kind of mass cultivation will not survive for too long, but it is not important.

In addition to the survival time, because it is cultivated in large quantities, the resulting combat creatures cannot be the same as the sample body in terms of overall quality. The solution is to make the starting point of the body higher, such as “second The overall literacy of “Overlord Level Biology·Bristle Oak” is 100 points. After mass production, it can reach 5-10 points at least.

“Guaranteed to complete the mission.”

The Sun Maid sitting on Hausmann’s shoulders spoke. Her name is Mida. Unlike the usual silent Hausmann, Mida is full of vitality.

Hausman and Mida are not lovers, they are more like close friends or siblings.

“Sir Lord, don’t worry.”

Mida sitting on Hausmann’s shoulders was full of confidence. Seeing her so confident, Baja turned her gaze and stared directly at her. Mida shrank her head in shock, not daring to lose confidence anymore.

Half an hour later, the hunting team assembled and set off. Watching the hunting team disappear into the night in front of the curved floor-to-ceiling windows, Su Xiao returned to the solo sofa and sat down, picking up a cup of hot maple tea.

The wild boar warriors have mastered the “Hammer Specialization”, and their skill levels are between Lv.33 and Lv.35.

The good news is that because the war lord is promoted to eight stars, the bonus “full power level increase Lv.12”, although it is a 100% bonus to “Warhammer Specialization”, But it also increased by 1Level 0.

If placed in the past, a seven-star warlord would be able to upgrade “Warhammer Specialization” from 3 to Level 4 at most.

The initial level after the skill is awakened, plus the bonus of the war lord, makes the “Warhammer Specialization” of wild boar fighters generally reach Lv.43~Lv.45. Some wild boar fighters with extraordinary talents can even reach the skill level. Lv.48.

“Warhammer Specialization (Passive, Lv.44): Increases the Attack Power of hammer weapons by 36%, greatly improves the proficiency of Warhammer weapons. When attacking, it comes with True Strength attribute ×1.7 shock damage (310 points) Concussion damage).”

“Hint: The attack has a moderate knockback effect.”

“Reminder: The attack has a moderately broken armor effect.”

“Hint: This ability can be tempering the body, the current maximum HP is increased by 10%, and the current body toughness and physical defensive power are increased by 12.5%.”


At first glance, “Warhammer Specialization” does not improve the attack ability very much, but this is after all the’wild’ skill ability, far less than the orthodox system bonus, and there is no Lv.10, Lv.20 The additional ability or ultimate ability.

Su Xiao chose this ability because what the wild boar warriors lack is not Attack Power, but how to develop the formidable power within the body supreme strength of yang.

Not to mention, the Warhammer specialization alone “significantly improve the proficiency of using Warhammer weapons” is enough to produce a qualitative change in the attack strength and attack methods of the wild boar warriors.

With supreme strength of yang clinging to Warhammer, the wild boar warriors have no lack of offensive ability.

The core problem of them is that they can’t attack the enemy. When they are One on One Duel with the soldiers of the family, they all seem to be slapped with Warhammer in their hands.

The momentum was indeed mighty, but in the end, the soldiers of the family members pierced their throats with a knife, swiping Warhammer and sprayed blood, fell to the ground and died. In addition to exploding the enemy with a large-scale flame explosion effect, the output of the entire game Only angry roar is left.

The current “Warhammer Specialization” perfectly solves this point. Now a wild boar warrior and a dependent soldier One on One Duel, even without a mount, the wild boar soldier can hammer the dependent soldier to kneel and sing to conquer. .

The 490,000 hammer fighters and the 490,000 heavy hammer fighters are not in the same dimension of battle strength. If these 490,000 heavy hammer fighters are upgraded to the heavy hammer Knight, then…

The route of development has been clarified, and there is still a very critical issue at the moment. The development of the war pig mount not only consumes a lot of extraordinary flesh and blood, but also consumes active ore.

Based on the current number of wild boar fighters, at least 490,000 war pig mounts must be cultivated, which is too expensive.

Su Xiao picked up the communicator on the table and contacted the Alliance Marshal He Kandewei. The opponent’s status is very high. After three hours of airing, it is almost the same. If you don’t contact there, it will be counterproductive.

The communication was delayed and no one was connected. Su Xiao didn’t care. The Marshal of the Alliance had acted like this on purpose. Su Xiao didn’t believe it. In the city of H. Kandewei, he would not be able to see all this.

After a while, the communication was connected, and He Kandewei over there said: “It’s White Night, there was a delay just now, so you have to wait a long time.”


“You don’t care what happened just now, so I will not answer your contact for a long time.”

“What’s the matter? Your daughter has a new love again?”

Beep, beep, beep~

The communication was hung up, Su Xiao looked towards Baja, Baja coughed lightly and said: “Boss, you are a little bit eye-catching when you say that, about He Kandiwei’s daughter, eh~”

Baja’s intriguing smile is intriguing. Her eldest daughter, her character, can only be described as debauchery. For this reason, she is a shame for Her.

H. Kandewei is a who thing? With his very ruthless and city mansion, for a while, he was prepared to let his men secretly dispose of his eldest daughter.

At that time, H. Kandiwei’s daughter actually got in love with Chief Justice Fowo’s second son.

H. Condwick is very pleased. Although his daughter was pregnant seven or eight times before being unmarried, every time he had the flesh and blood in his abdomen knocked out, which belonged to the bottomless shoes in torn shoes, but if this political marriage is completed, perhaps Let this careless eldest daughter have a home, and can also form an ally in politics.

The Chief Justice Fowo also had similar thoughts. He didn’t care about the behavior of the eldest daughter of H. Condwell. Therefore, the eldest daughter and the second son were married.

He Kangdiwei and Chief Justice Fowo, both underestimated the eldest daughter. Not only did she green her husband’s head into the Hulunbeir prairie, but she also became pregnant with the three of the tower leader Ferdinand Child of child.

What’s more terrible is that this fierce eldest daughter suddenly overflowed with maternal love. In order to keep the child, the fierce eldest daughter smuggled into the territory of Human Race and really gave birth to the child.

After this incident, H. Condive, Fowo, and Ferdinand gathered together for a special meeting to discuss how to deal with the matter, and Fowo also brought his second son and Ferdinand Brought his own three sons.

The manufacturer, the original husband, and Big Uncle gathered together. The embarrassment of the scene can be imagined. What is even more exciting is that the strange woman actually returned with the child on this knot. It is said that the original husband and Big Uncle Brother fought together on the spot.

It’s not clear how to deal with this matter later, it seems that Big Uncle took the order, your circle is really messed up.

The communicator in his hand sounded, and it was He Kandewei.

“The line is disconnected, White Night, the wave frequency in the border areas is too unstable.”

H. Kandewei’s voice came from the communicator. Obviously, the attitude over there is that it’s normal to disgust each other, but you can’t pick your eyes.


Su Xiao immediately stepped down, and now there is no need to have a relationship with He Kandiwei.

“Tomorrow morning I will be at war with the wild beasts, but the materials are scarce. I want to borrow some active ore from you.”

This is the purpose of Su Xiao’s contact with He Kangdiwei. If the dependents want to use him as a tool, they must take advantage of it.

“How much to borrow.”

“30,000 units…”

Beep, beep, beep~

The communication was hung up again, this ‘signal’ is really bad.

Ten seconds later, the communicator in Su Xiao’s hand sounded. After the connection was made, there was a rustling sound inside. He could vaguely hear what He Kandewei was talking about, which was very vague.

“5000 units, below this number, I will move the fortress north tomorrow morning.”

As soon as Su Xiao said this, the rustle in the communicator disappeared, and the ‘signal’ was all right.

“After 3 hours, 5000 units of active ore will be delivered.”

After hearing this sentence from He Kangdiwei, Su Xiao hung up the communication. The family members really used him as a tool. From the perspective of other people, the Sun Fortress was helping the family members fight the wild beast family. , Under these circumstances, he was only willing to take out 5000 units of active ore.

Fortunately, Su Xiao was well prepared. He had a hole card in his hand. No matter how he lacked active ore before, he didn’t show this hole card just to play a decisive role at the critical moment. Now is the time.

After dialing a call, a few seconds later, a slightly hoarse voice came from the communicator, saying over there:

“Kukulin · White Night, since you signed the treaty, you are no longer our friend. I told you that the friendship between you and me is very fragile.”

The person in the communicator is the black robed man who has met Su Xiao, and the other person is the top of Human Race.

Su Xiao signed the “Borderland Treaty”, which is equivalent to reconciling with the dependents. In addition to his geographic location, he helped the dependents block the alienated beasts. The current geographic location on the map is as follows:

Human Race territory.

The family territory.

The territory of the sun camp.

Alienated beast territory.


Human Race was already defeated. Originally, the development of the dependents was slowed down by the beast tide every few years. After the sun power appeared, why did Human Race support it? It is to use the sun camp to help them contain the family members.

At the moment, Su Xiao is reconciling with the family members and blocking the alienated beasts. Above the family members, the Human Race adjacent to the family members has reached blood mold. The family members can develop with peace of mind this time, and then clean them up.

Based on this kind of foundation, Human Race executives’ attitude towards Su Xiao’s is of course not good. If it hadn’t been for too many collaborations before, this communication would not be answered there.

“We could have been friends, but unfortunately, we are enemies.”

The black robed man seemed to sigh. The blood feud between the dependents and Human Race is too deep. Signing the “Border Treaty” with the dependents is equivalent to standing on the opposite side of Human Race.

“The formula of the hypermorphic solution, are you interested.”

“en? Are you sure?”

“Of course.”

“We may… No, we are still friends.”

Black robed man’s attitude changed drastically over there. Why? The lure of [Rapid Deformation Solution] is too powerful. This is a necessity to upgrade the fortress from TLevel 5 to T0. If you only sell 100% pure [Rapid Deformation Solution], Human Race is willing to pay a high price, even more how is its recipe.

The attitude of the black robed man responded that there are no eternal friends, only eternal interests.

“White Night, you make an offer.”

“300,000 units of active ore.”

Su Xiao just made an offer, and the communicator suddenly fell silent.

“This…it’s difficult to raise.”

“Really, that’s down to 30,000 units.”


The black robed man’s voice contained a trace of awkwardness. With his calmness and status, he shouldn’t be so. However, with this ten times the difference in quotation, Ka-cha flashed his old waist.

“30,000 units of active ore, plus 200 active spars.”

Su Xiao said his real offer. The fortress cultivation technology at Human Race is backward, and naturally fewer TLevel 5 fortresses are cultivated. In contrast, the active spar that must be used to cultivate fortresses naturally exists. More.

[Activated spar] Get more, this is a good thing.

“The transaction is still the original channel. The active ore you need will be delivered soon.”

Hearing this, Su Xiao hung up the communication, and the material was basically enough. Right now, he is only waiting for the first round of battle with the wild beasts tomorrow morning, and try his ability there.

At this moment, Baja swooped down, and its silhouette flickered. With its spatial ability, it penetrated the glass and flew into the main control room. Anxiously said: “Boss, the tide of beasts is coming!”

Su Xiao first thought that there was an accident on Hausman’s side. Checking the fortress information, Hausman, Gangfang, Wild Boar Brother, Gluttony, etc., did not disappear from the list.

Either something happened there, or the Beastmaster of the wild beast clan and four Overlord Level creatures took the initiative to attack.

The power system of the wild beast clan is simple and rude. The most powerhouse is the Beastmaster. Below the Beastmaster are four Overlord Level creatures. These four Overlord Level creatures are called the Four Chiefs of Beasts by Human Race and the dependents.

Sand heart leader, sea fury leader, wind riding leader, sky leader.

This naming method with the cultural color of the Human Race family is not the name of the wild beast family. The cultural heritage there is very simple and simple. After hearing these four names, the four Overlord Level creatures said. Stupid primates are really fragrant afterwards.

It’s not that the four heads of the beast are spineless. In the wild beast clan, their honorary title is:

Survival in the ground excavated by sand.

Great living creatures of the ocean and land.

The blower runs fast.

The flying feathers are powerful.

Compared with the above four, the four titles of “Sand Heart Leader”, “Sea Fury Leader”, “Wind Rider Leader”, and “Sky Leader” are forced to rise, and it is difficult for the four beasts to choose the true fragrance. .

Su Xiao disappeared in the main control room, and when the space fluctuation dissipated, he was already at the top of the fortress.

After a few roars, several flares lifted off in the distance, acting as one’s own sentry.

Located in the open space in front of the fortress, a wild boar warrior rushed out of the fortress or the mountain space in a mess. Although the formation was chaotic, there was no mention of speed. In any case, they were all tested by war.

A total of 490,000 wild boar warriors are on their side, and 100,000 have been transferred to the west side of the fortress to garrison, taking the opportunity to attack by the free dependents over there.

Su Xiao has the ability to break the contract at any time, but he will not underestimate the dependents’ side. In case the dependents also have the means to break the contract, and take advantage of the opportunity to strike by surprise, he will be stabbed from behind when facing the beast tide. At least he was stabbed to death.

The 100,000 wild beast soldiers stationed here, even if the dependents attack, it will not be enough to cause serious damage to their own.

Su Xiao divided the 50,000 wild boar warriors into 10 units and stationed them near the fortress. The remaining 340,000 were all transferred to the east side of the fortress to form a line of defense against the beast tide.

The rumbling sound hits from a distance, and the ground begins to tremble slightly. The flares in the sky illuminate the field of vision. In front of the line of defense formed by the wild boar warriors, densely packed alienated beasts rush in, and the beasts are rushing, imposing The manner is breathtaking.

These alienated beasts have different appearances, some resemble viper wolves, some resemble rhinoceros, large herbivores of the first born Bone Armor, and two-headed pythons that come parade.

There are countless different kinds of alienated beasts attacking at the same time. There is only one possibility. The Beastmaster ordered them to gather them to form a tide of beasts and attack the Sun Fortress.

The intelligence capability on the Beastmaster’s side is not too backward, and the Beastmaster knows that after the sun camp and the dependents are united, the sun camp will definitely target it.


A wild boar warrior who was going to praise the sun first and then charge, just made a posture of praise the sun, and found that it was night and a crescent moon was in the sky.

The wild boar warrior was depressed. It looked towards the alienated beasts rushing from the front, and his heart became even more angry. It was eating supper just now, and the enemy suddenly came.


The wild boar warrior roared and took the initiative to meet the beast tide. After it made a charge, the muscles of the arm holding the hammer handle bulged. I saw it turned sideways, and its right arm stretched to the back, fully charged. A full swing round hammer made Warhammer traverse a 150° arc and hit the head of a Two Tails alienated beast.

With a boom, the flame exploded. With the impact of the smash, the formidable power of the flame explosion was added. It not only smashed the Two Tails alien beast to smash, but also turned it into scorched flesh and bones that spread around. The flame impact also caused the alienated beasts rushing from both sides to be burned to the point of screaming, rolling all over the floor, and the hair was weak and fire.

After hitting this fierce hammer, the wild boar warrior did not stop. It took advantage of the supreme strength of yang on Warhammer to have not completely dissipated, and then attached a supreme strength of yang to Warhammer so that it should have been The anger flame ability that entered the cooling phase is reactivated.

It shook the Warhammer which was blessed by the supreme strength of yang to appear golden red. Accompanied by the whistling sound, it was another 180° giant circle beat.

Flame explosion·Two consecutive beats.


The flames are blazing. In the flames, the Warhammer in the hands of this wild boar warrior is burning with flames. It clasps its hands and hammers outwards. The whole person turns around like a windmill. It will rush to the alienated beasts. When the brain cracks, it is flying.

After turning for more than ten seconds with the windmill hammering technique, it was completely full of energy, and saw it smashed out the giant swing hammer again, and smashed an alienated beast full of Bone Armor to burst.

This scene is not an accident, but a continuous battle line between the two sides.

The tide of beasts was stopped by their own heavy hammer fighters. In addition, many alienated beasts had hair on their bodies. Under the basic theory of how weak the hair is, they were burned to scream.

Su Xiao stood on the top of the fortress, and the cool night breeze passed by. He looked around on the battlefield. The enemy was beaten as soon as the battle. This is normal. In order to deal with his family, he developed the wild boar warriors to special Meat, in order to make up for the fact that the wild boar warriors can’t fight, let them choose Warhammer that best fits the flame explosion.

Supreme strength of yang, and the Willpower of the wild boar warriors soars, and the heart is strong, so that you can fight to the last minute on the battlefield.

After adding these qualities, the battle strength of the wild boar fighters still did not reach the level that Su Xiao expected.

After mastering the “Heavy Hammer Specialization”, this ability has become the core ability of the wild boar warrior in the battle. The other qualities accumulated before are all fuse together, not only allowing them to exert their due formidable power, but also These qualities are superimposed on each other to reach another height.

Originally, Su Xiao was going to take the initiative to attack tomorrow morning, but he never thought about how to transport the alienated beast’s corpse back after the war, with the wild boar warriors carrying it on their shoulders. Although it was feasible, it was not efficient.

It’s okay now, this problem is solved perfectly, the wild beast clan takes the initiative to attack, the front is not far from the door of the house.

The battlefield was quickly lit by golden red flames. Su Xiao watched the battle for a while and found a dark shadow hovering high in the sky. He looked up and vaguely saw what the dark shadow looked like.

The black shadow is about 7 meters long and looks like a bird like a dragon. It is temporarily called Winged Dragon.

This Winged Dragon is full of black and blue feathers. It has a bird’s tail, and the tail feathers are slightly longer. The wings used for flight have both bird feathers and the general structure of dragon wings. The neck and Dragon Race The long neck is similar, with a thick, sharp beak on the head.

The speed of this Winged Dragon is very fast, it makes a breaking wind in midair, and the dark yellow vertical pupils are particularly sharp.

This Winged Dragon is the “sky leader” among the four beasts, and its status in the wild beast clan is only lower than the Beast King.

Above, the sky leader waved his wings and hovered. It is an Overlord Level creature. Yes, but it was corroded by a force. Although it has strong battle strength, its intelligence is greatly reduced, but it also makes it More fierce, sharp, and aggressive.

The sky leader looks down below. It can still tell that the battle is not good, and it also found the leader of the enemy. This is an extremely rare opportunity.

The sound of breaking through the sky came from above, watching the sky leader who swept out a black blue afterimage, Su Xiao had a trace of suspicion in his eyes, although he hadn’t killed the enemy for several days, plus he recently drank maple tea Adding meditation made bloody aura introverted a lot, but the Winged Dragon, who looked a lot like the enemy leader, actually let Xiang Xiang take the initiative. This was what Su Xiao didn’t expect.

Su Xiao more restrained bloody aura, so as not to start the Winged Dragon attacking away, it is decided that it is you, Winged Dragon mount.

The sky leader swooping down from the sky doesn’t know what is about to happen at this moment, but don’t worry about it. What it needs to pay attention to later is how to learn to praise the sun.

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