Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 3425


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The battlefield was ignited by flames, and everywhere you could see alienated beasts screaming and screaming, and wild boar warriors holding Warhammers and smashing the skulls of alienated beasts.

In the sky, there was a blast, and a black blue afterimage went straight to the top of the fortress of the sun and hit the sky leader of the storm Winged Dragon.


The storm Winged Dragon is like a falling meteorite, hitting the top of the fortress. The Sun Fortress is a TLevel 0 fortress that can resist heavy artillery weapons. Of course, it will not be hit by the storm Winged Dragon’s outer armor.

The impact caused by the impact drove Su Xiao to the top. After flying a certain distance in midair, he began to free fall downward.

The head of the storm Winged Dragon is slightly tilted, and a jet of white air is ejected from the mouth. The thick air column of this bucket looks ordinary, but it hides murderous intention. After hitting an enemy or other matter, it will decompose the hit “Atomic state”.

This ability is similar to the “Dust Shield” of Naruto world, but the power rank is much higher. The technique of “Dust Shield” is more detailed, and the “Breath of Annihilation” of Winged Dragon is more violent. Only pursue formidable power.

The “annihilation breath” that looked like a translucent ray swept across Su Xiao, in a posture that he was about to be cut in half, his body affected by the “annihilation breath” did not decompose.

During his fall, Su Xiao quietly escaped from the state of space penetration. He was first bombarded by an impact, and then swept by “Annihilation Breath”, but he did not fight back, which involved many problems.

First of all, Su Xiao felt that Winged Dragon of Storm was a good mount, flying fast enough, and secondly, Winged Dragon of Storm resembled dust shield, but more violent breath energy, which made Su Xiao very interested.

Based on his combat experience, he has judged that the principle of this ability is similar to the dust shield of Naruto world, but the decomposition of the target hit is much more powerful than the dust shield.

The dust shield seems to be unable to defend, but in fact it is not. The separation and decomposition of matter depends on the texture of the matter itself and whether there is extraordinary energy inside. Once it involves high-level extraordinary power, it will be very slow to decompose.

As an analogy, with the defensive power of the crystal layer currently constructed by Su Xiao, he created a crystal wall with a thickness of 5 cm, so that the dust shield users would not wear it all morning.

The energy of the storm Winged Dragon that constitutes the “breath of annihilation” is ridiculously high. Su Xiao estimates that even if his defenses are fully deployed, once he is hit by this ability, he has a 95% chance of being hit. second.

The use of “annihilation breath” is crude, the formidable power is large, the formidable power of the dust shield is average, and the composition principle is exquisite.

Combine the two to create a trigger trap, or an explosive with a small range but rapid excitation, which has a good effect in dealing with various situations.

Previously, Su Xiao’s idea was to develop a kind of’black hole grenade’, after throwing it out, with super suction, plus a center point for Devouring Destruction. Unfortunately, the technical difficulty of the’black hole grenade’ is relatively high, and it is still in a conceptual explosion. Things.

At the moment, Su Xiao’s temporary idea of ​​“decomposing the bomb” has a high probability of being realized. If there is no accident this time, he can return to Reincarnation Paradise alive to purchase the dust shield scroll. This idea is not to say that it is tenable, at least There is more than 80% probability of success.

Because of this, Su Xiao was blasted by the impact first, and then swept away by “Annihilation Breath.” He didn’t choose to fight back. Once he shot, bloody aura would be exposed. If the storm Winged Dragon scared away, he would lose. Now, this thing not only can fly, it also flies extremely fast.

Su Xiao continued to free fall downward. The fortress was 100 meters above the ground, and he landed in about 4 seconds.

At this moment, the storm Winged Dragon is on the top of the fortress. There are some doubts in its eyes. First is its subduction and impact, and then the “annihilation breath.” Why did that weak standing animal not die?

The storm Winged Dragon looked towards below, in the open space in front of the fortress, a. The wild boar warriors were staring and some had already made hammer throw poses.

The storm Winged Dragon knows that if the humans fall into the warriors below, they will be heavily protected. Although it can kill those warriors, if there are too many, it can only be avoided.

In this brief moment, the smart IQ is occupying the high ground. The storm Winged Dragon is the first time since it was eroded by the unknown energy, and IQ is turning from sunny to cloudy.

The storm Winged Dragon spreads its wings. It actually has four wings, two big wings, and small ailerons on both sides of the tail feathers.

With a bang, the storm Winged Dragon, as the lord of the sky, rushed to the vicinity of Su Xiao in the next instant, and a dragon claw grabbed Su Xiao.

Su Xiao stopped falling, and almost at the same time, his eyes opened.


bloody aura exploded in midair, as if forming a huge beast head, grinning at the storm Winged Dragon. Compared to this huge beast head, the size of the storm Winged Dragon is not small, it looks like this Like a storm bird.

The vertical pupils in the eyes of Winged Dragon of the storm shrank quickly, and the feathers all over his body became fluffy. Its instinctive reaction was to throw Su Xiao away from its claws, the farther the better.

Su Xiao just waited for Winged Dragon to approach him. He would not let this opportunity pass.

Consisting of five blood spears, these blood spears did not shoot out, but immediately exploded. Su Xiao was too close to the storm Winged Dragon, the blood spear’s flight distance was not enough, and the penetration power was greatly reduced. It would be better to just throw the storm Winged. Dragon exploded.

After successive bloody auras exploded, the storm Winged Dragon screamed and fell unbalanced, and finally crashed to the ground.

With a scream, the wind is raging, the storm Winged Dragon is not stupid, it has already felt the breath of Su Xiao, the tremor is stimulating its biological instinct, making it want to escape here as quickly as possible.

The wings of the storm Winged Dragon flew into the air, ready to slip away by flying advantage.

In the smoke and dust, a “blood spear · Jian”, which is used for close combat and has stronger strength and Attack Power, was constructed in the hands of Su Xiao, and he made a throwing posture.


The blood spear was thrown like a spear by Su Xiao. After piercing a series of sonic booms in midair, the dragon’s blood splashed, and the blood spear pierced the right wing of the Winged Dragon of the storm. Many black blues nearly 50 cm long Feathers fall.

Storm Winged Dragon gave Su Xiao a hateful look. This kind of injury will not affect its flight.

On the ground, a blue glow appeared in Su Xiao’s eyes. Almost at the same time, the storm Winged Dragon in the sky fluttered its wings indiscriminately, and its flight altitude dropped instead of increasing.

Why is this? Fighting requires wisdom, especially if you want to capture a strong enemy alive.

If the storm Winged Dragon wants to escape, and wants to kill it half-dead and not simple, Su Xiao has another way. The blood spear he just cast is on the surface of the exile fragment.

Su Xiao can remotely control the exile. The moment the blood spear penetrates the wings of the storm Winged Dragon, all the exile fragments on it are peeled off, following the blood flow of the storm Winged Dragon, the branches are scattered throughout the body.

At present, the storm Winged Dragon flutters lower and lower in the sky. For this reason, it was forcibly torn down by Su Xiao.

The storm Winged Dragon also found that there was a foreign body Incursio within the body. It was dragging it down. It simply didn’t resist, so as to prevent its body from being riddled with holes. There is a good saying, the best to face fear The method is to overcome fear.

The storm Winged Dragon swooped down and crashed to the ground as it retracted its wings. It hit the soil and grass clippings and flew across. Its wings spread out and its probe roared at Su Xiao. This is the provocation of their wild beast clan, which probably means to One on One Duel.

Su Xiao doesn’t understand the meaning of Winged Dragon. It looked towards Boubo Wang and Baja. Both of them shook their heads. Boubo’s eyes were: “It doesn’t know what this bad dragon is roaring.”

Beast language has encountered obstacles. Although Su Xiao can fully understand the meaning of Boubo Wang, Bailey, and A’Mu through his calls, his’beast language’ has great limitations, and it is very limited to other wild beasts or Extraordinary creatures are invalid.


Bailey Eldest Miss, sitting on top of Boubo Wang’s head, called out, meaning: ‘This wind Tyrant Dragon applies for One on One Duel. ’

Su Xiao understood Bailey’s meaning. To his surprise, the storm Winged Dragon also understood Bailey’s call.


The storm Winged Dragon is another roar. Bailey incarnation translates. The storm Winged Dragon means that the wild beast tribe swears to death and unyielding, plus the kind of One on One Duel.

Su Xiao looking thoughtful nodded. Seeing this, the storm Winged Dragon has a serious look, and is ready for Su Xiao One on One Duel.

Su Xiao ordered: “Pump it to half-dead, don’t beat the wings to rotten.”


The wild boar warriors around Su Xiao immediately rushed forward, and other wild boar warriors also swarmed up when they saw this.

Obviously, there are many people on my side, and the one on the opposite side is One on One Duel. It is recommended to see a brain department for this symptom.

Su Xiao sat on the metal seat raised by the two dwarf pigs and motioned for the chef Ms. Morty to come nearby.

“My lord, I am here.”

“Go to the back kitchen and get some food.”

“Can you add meals?”

“Standard meals are fine.”

After hearing Su Xiao’s words, the chef Ms. Morty sent her staff to prepare food. The so-called standard food is the same food standard as the wild boar warrior.

There are no superb chefs in the Sun Fortress. Su Xiao chooses to eat canteen meal when he can’t enjoy the food. Moreover, this big pot meal has a unique flavor.

In the clearing ahead, the roar of the dragon continued, why is there only the roar of the dragon? There is no way. The wild boar warriors submerged the Winged Dragon in the storm. They piled up into a 30-meter-high wild boar warrior. Only occasionally they could see the flash of fire, or something in the human mountain was’churning’, leading to a The Boar Warrior was thrown out.

Because it was time for supper, dinner arrived soon, Su Xiao simply sat on a large metal seat, holding an oversized lunch box in his left hand, and a spoon in his right hand. The lunch box was filled with braised pork. Bibimbap, there are boiled vegetables, 4 peeled eggs, half grilled fish, half grilled sand chicken, and sliced ​​bacon sausage.

In terms of food, Su Xiao has not been stingy. No matter how you say it, the wild boar warrior is always fighting for his life. After a meal, he may not have a meal. Of course, this meal must be satisfied.

The fight on the frontline of the beast tide is very fierce. The wild beast clan until now wins by quantity and fierce and unafraid of death. As long as the Beastmaster orders it, it can change the minds of some lower alienated beasts and make them fierce and unafraid of death.

In the past, when fighting with the dependents, the soldiers of the dependents were killed, and the dependents had to pay a pension.

The alienated beast of the wild beast died, and there was no follow-up expenditure. This also caused. When defending against the tide of beasts, the dependents are more willing to win by consuming resources instead of using more expensive lives to fill them. Sometimes for To reduce the loss, the dependents will even take care of it appropriately.

But this time, the Beastmaster encountered the Ultimate Tiehanhan, the Sun Legion · Wild Boar Heavy Hammer. They are meaty and powerful, and they are good at endurance. The most disgusting thing is that their self-recovery ability is not weak. When they were seriously injured and dying, other comrades in arms would drag them back and throw them near the Maid of the Sun to save their lives.

After the beast tide faced the Sun Legion, it was like a rushing river that was broken by the gate of the dam. Even if the sharp claw and teeth of the alienated beasts are weapons, don’t forget that the wild boar warriors are not weak.

Half an hour after the start of the battle, the alienation beasts’ charge was contained. From above, you will find that the wild boar warriors in the battle line are pushing forward, which makes the golden red flames continue to spread forward. Become the barren wherever he went, all turned to scorched earth.

To confirm the situation on the battlefield, Su Xiao looked towards Winged Dragon, the storm Winged Dragon is no longer the lord of the sky. It was pressed on the ground by a wild boar warrior, and it was said to be a big man. There was no problem, but Storm Winged Dragon is male, and will not be mentally hurt by the whole body.

The dragon head of Winged Dragon of the Storm was pressed to the side, and the swollen face was almost swollen with the word disobedience.

Su Xiao came to the front of the storm Winged Dragon and pressed one hand on the opponent’s dragon wing. With the spirit strength Sensor, he found nothing at first. A few minutes later, he found a kind of kind among the organs of the storm Winged Dragon. Strange organ.

This organ is like a flat head, but the hanging part is larger, like a fist sized meat|egg, in it, there is an energy that Su Xiao has never seen before.

This energy is the source of power for the storm Winged Dragon to carry out the “annihilation breath”. This is a good trick, but if you want to transform the storm Winged Dragon, it is best to remove the unknown energy of the opponent within the body, so as not to overturn the ship on the way. .

To get rid of this unknown energy from the storm Winged Dragon within the body, it is the best choice to remove the organs that generate and store this energy.

This organ is alienated from the day after tomorrow. Su Xiao is going to store it in cold to facilitate the study of the unknown energy inside.

Su Xiao’s thoughts, the storm Winged Dragon that was pressed on the ground turned his attention, because the mouth was held down, it could only growl in a low voice, Bailey on the side translated, the storm Winged Dragon was asking, what would Su Xiao do to it? kind.

Considering that we will have to ride this thing in the future, it is good to make a good relationship first, Su Xiao said: “I am going to cut its egg-shaped organ.”


Bailey was stunned. It really didn’t understand this way of making a relationship. Why is it so special. Can cutting eggs regulate the relationship? It hesitated, Meow Meow translated it to Storm Winged Dragon.

hearing this, the storm Winged Dragon was visibly stunned, and then, its eyes were widened, its expression was a bit deformed, and the strength of the struggle was so strong that it almost made the boar warriors unable to hold it. Obviously, it understood The meaning of cutting eggs, but also understood the wrong meaning.

A’ Mu, holding the oversized injection gun, took a shot and injected anesthetic on Storm Winged Dragon. A few seconds later, Storm Winged Dragon trembled, unable to move. I don’t know if it was because of anesthesia or what, tears came from it. Out of the eyes.

Su Xiao asked more than a dozen pig-heads under him to drag the storm Winged Dragon to the fortress 2-Layer, where the remaining open space was enough to accommodate the storm Winged Dragon.

The storm Winged Dragon was dragged away. Above, a moth flapped its wings and flew away. This is the eyeliner of the wild beasts.

The tide beast that struck was beaten back three days in the middle of the night. No, it should have fled.

The battlefield was filled with gunpowder and burnt smells. The wild boar warriors had no time to rest and carried the corpses of alienated beasts into the fortress. These corpses seemed to be charred, but there were actually many fresh ones inside. Flesh and flesh, after being absorbed by the “alienated hot room”, it can take in flesh and blood energy.

At four o’clock in the middle of the night, the battle damage statistics were completed. A total of 15,630 people were killed in the battle, and the number of alienated beasts eliminated was at least 200,000.

This kind of exaggerated ratio of damage to friend and foe is normal. Now wild boar fighters, One on One Duel can fight the soldiers of the family members, and the wild beast clan with more than 60% of the fire restraint.

This kind of battle damage figure of one’s own side should be made up immediately. Su Xiao contacted the slave merchant Azba who was temporarily staying in the “Free City” to buy a group of pig heads there.

Now Human Race is no longer willing to sell pigheads to its own side, but the dependents are open to convenience. Don’t think that the dependents are kind. While the Sun Fortress is being used as a tool, it is also selling pigheads and squeezing Resources of the Sun Fortress.

Su Xiao can guess the plan of the dependents. First of all, there will definitely agree to sell the pig heads to him. The number of pig heads will not be too much at a time. I want to buy 50,000 or more pig heads at a time. People, that’s impossible.

Unless there is a large-scale casualty during the battle between one’s side and the wild beast clan, the dependents will agree to a large-scale pighead sale.

While making this money, the dependents will also sell heavy artillery-class weapons to the wild beasts through various channels, but they are all models that are about to be eliminated.

This is not only to maintain a technical blockade, but also to explain to the Sun camp. The reason is that those heavy artillery-class weapons are about to be phased out. They are not sold, but traitors have appeared inside and sold to hunter groups. Afterwards, the hunter group sold it to the wild beast clan for profit.

If Su Xiao turns his face with the dependents because of this, the dependents will stop the sale of pig heads, so as to strangle the throat of the Sun Fortress.

At that time, it was too late for the Sun Fortress to retreat, and the enmity with the wild beast clan had already been settled. Even if they moved away, the wild beast clan would chase after him desperately.

As a result, the two groups of enemies who became family members not only fight each other, but also buy pigheads from them and the other heavy artillery weapons.

What’s even better is that the two will consume each other, speed up the purchase process, and let the dependents grab a large amount of resources. If you don’t buy it, you can’t do it. If Su Xiao doesn’t buy pig heads, the source of troops will be cut off. Wild beasts don’t. Buying heavy artillery-class weapons can’t stop the offensive of the Sun Fortress.

So, Su Xiao felt that the person who made the “Border Treaty” was a genius. Unfortunately, the Alliance Marshal H. Kandewei held it tightly for fear that Su Xiao would get the slightest information from that genius.

Su Xiao has some eyebrows. The information known right now is that the ghost is a direct relative of He Kandiwei, and it is most likely a certain son or daughter.

Compared with these, the transformation of the storm Winged Dragon is the most important thing at the moment. It will not take long to cast aside all considerations for face with the dependents. Su Xiao needs highly mobile transportation.

The lights in Fort 2-Layer were bright, and the upper and lower doors were locked. Su Xiao hesitated and threw the medical rubber gloves aside. The risk of Dragon Race infection is very low and he went directly to the particle cutting saw.


The cutting saw was running, and the saw blade gradually cut through the chest and abdomen of Storm Winged Dragon, half-opening the intestines, Su Xiao picked up the oversized scalpel on the side, and prepared to ‘cut eggs’ for Storm Winged Dragon.

At the same time, the “big gathering place” of the wild beast tribe is mostly wooden buildings in the shape of tents. This is due to the culture of the wild beast tribe. They prefer to be close to nature.

Behind the “Great Judgment”, a magnificent building in an imposing manner is located here. Stepping into a high door fan without a door, it is a large hall with a rough style. Sitting on a large rock seat on the side of the main hall silhouette, this is the Beastmaster.

The flames flickered, and most of the Beastmaster’s body was hidden in the darkness. It was nearly 4 meters tall. Although it was similar in shape to humans, its hands were beast claws. Its original image was closer to a big angry lion. Going stronger, it once swallowed the soul of a Human Race powerhouse, so it gradually evolved into what it is now.

The Beastmaster retains many of the characteristics of an angry lion. Sitting there, the burly lion has a sense of not anger and self-prestige.

Located on both sides of the seat, there is a beautiful snake. She is not a combination of humans and snakes, but as a different snake over eight meters in length. Her head is quite anthropomorphic. She even has eyelashes. , This is the leader of the sea tide among the four beasts, the beauty snake.

The remaining two animal walks, the leader of sand and the leader of wind riding, are a cloud of quicksand with unpredictable shapes, and a giant ape with metal skin and hair all over.

Under the Three Beasts, there are more than a dozen alienated beasts, all of whom are outstanding in strength, all present at this time.

“We lost to the Sun camp this time, guys, don’t you have anything to say?”

The beauty of the snake’s voice is sharp and charming. The sand leader and the wind riding leader opposite her are silent. Seeing this, the beauty snake narrows her long and narrow eyes and continues:

“Are we not going to save the sky? It’s surprising that it was captured as a dragon in the sky.”

The king of beasts, the leader of the sand, and the leader of the wind riding still have no one to speak. Seeing this, the beauty snake’s eyes are angry. Just about to attack, the colorful moth flies near her and turns into colorful smoke, which she inhales into her mouth. She closed her eyes.

After a while, Beauty Snake’s eyes opened suddenly, and she could vaguely see her cheeks trembling.

“There is news about the free dragon.”

The words of the beauty snake make the face of the Beast King look better. Among the four beasts, it trusts the sky most. The Beast King asked: “The sky is captured?”

“Yes, it is not only captured, if my information is correct, it will be cut…”

When the beauty snake said this, her expression was a bit complicated.


A stunned look appeared on the Beastmaster’s face, and instead, its expression gradually became dignified, and the Fengqi leader on the side was equally dignified. It looked at the Beastmaster, thinking that the enemy was too cruel.


The Sun Fortress, 2-Layer.

The Winged Dragon of the Storm is still under anesthesia. Of course, it has not been cut. It has become the first Dragon Race to be cut. The organ that was cut is used to store a special energy.

Part of the evolution nest organization climbed on the storm Winged Dragon and assimilated supreme strength of yang to it within the body.

Su Xiao doesn’t think that the storm Winged Dragon will succumb to him. In that case, the sun purification method will come in handy.

Supreme strength of yang This kind of energy is absorbed by those who believe in the sun. It has many benefits and has no side effects. However, if it is absorbed by creatures that do not believe in the sun, they will either join in to believe in the sun or be purified into weak|mindfulness.

Through the physique of Winged Dragon of the storm, a single supreme strength of yang input, It shouldn’t be has too strong effect, you can consider increasing the dose later.

The alienation greenhouse connected to the evolution nest has begun to work, cultivating the first batch of war pig mounts.

The squad led by Hausman has returned. The hunting of “Sub-Overlord Level Creature·Mane Oak” was a bit unexpected. After being forced to a desperate situation, this sub-Overlord Level creature panicked when escaping. , Actually jumped off the cliff, and the chasing Gluttony also jumped down.

When Hausman and the others descended to the bottom of the cliff, they saw Gluttony biting the “Less Overlord Level Creature·Mane Oak”.

After collecting enough genetic samples, the corpse of the “Sub-Overlord Level Creature·Mane Oak” is not very important. Su Xiao took some tenderloin and pork belly, etc., after returning to Reincarnation Paradise, take Daoxia there. When the ingredients.

The alienation hothouse in front was slowly surging. Su Xiao glanced at the time. After more than two hours of this training, the first batch of war pig mounts is about to appear.

This means that wild boar cavalry is about to appear, but before that, the war lord’s “battle skill awakening” ability must be used to let all wild boar warriors master “beast riding”.

Before, in order to master the “Hammer Specialization”, the wild boar warriors had passed their lives once, and once again, the problem shouldn’t be big. This time, it is the riding ability.

The intensity of krypton life is not the same every time. The specific lifespan consumed depends on the intensity of the mastery.

The surging frequency of the alienation hothouse in the front was reduced, and finally stopped. Before the alienation hothouse was opened, Baja flew out and said, “Boss, the family sent more than a dozen from there. A nobleman, he said he came to patrol.”


Su Xiao is frowned, the family members sent aristocratic patrols are false, and it is true to watch.

Before the pig mount is enough for all the wild boar warriors to ride, Su Xiao does not intend to expose it, and after cultivation, let it hide in the underground mine or mountain space.

Su Xiao’s strategy is to temporarily attack the wild beast clan to paralyze the dependents. When Sun Legion reaches full body state, the dependents will be taken away in a wave without giving them a chance.

This time the family members sent to the nobles to patrol the nobles, and this plan will come to an end. In any case, these nobles must be dealt with.

Killing quietly seems good, but it may fall into the trap of the family. Su Xiao thinks for a moment and asks Baja to call Hausman.

After Hausmann arrived, Su Xiao confessed a few words to Hausmann. Hausmann was repeatedly nodded. After a while, it carried steel teeth, Fireball five brothers, Gluttony, and a dozen wild boar warriors. Walked outside the fortress.

In order to ensure the diplomatic image of the Sun Fortress, Hausman also temporarily recruited three Sun Maidens. As for the Sun Maid Mida sitting on its shoulders, this girl was abandoned, and Baja learned to breathe fragrance.

Housman’s mission this time was that he clashed with the opposing leader. He was impulsive and irritable, which led to a fight between the two parties.

There is a prerequisite. These nobles from the dependents cannot be gang-fighted. It is something that will be done only after a complete turn of their faces. Fights with equal numbers are different.

The Sun Fortress is not vain, and the two sides deal with this kind of brawl, at most they are fighting each other.

Su Xiao’s mission to Hausman this time was to maimed all those nobles with the same manpower in the shortest time.

This is not simple. The nobles here this time are not without battle strength. Someone on the family’s side may have thought of the way the Sun Fortress would fight for the subordinates to deal with this incident. So the nobles sent over there, The strength is not weak, according to Boubo Wang’s perception, the headed nobleman is stronger than Hausman.

Hausman and the others just came out of the fortress. A dozen nobles wearing black noble costumes and ceremonial swords hung around their waists came to face each other. They were all wearing riding boots, more or less decorated with accessories, some more It is men’s perfume.

The headed nobleman has a mustache on his chin, and his expression seems peaceful, but in fact he has an indescribable arrogance. It feels like he has come to the country.

“Dear Sun Fortress…”

The headed nobleman was about to speak. Less than 2 meters in front of him, Hausmann, who stopped walking, pressed one hand on his chest and stepped on one foot slightly in front of him, making a bow and salute action. It bowed greatly. , It’s almost 90°.

Seeing this, a dozen nobles look at me and I will look at you. Although they are contemptuous in their hearts, due to the tradition and etiquette of the nobles, they can only take off their hats with one hand, press the other hand in front of their chest, and bow Repay the courtesy.

Just as all the nobles bowed in return, and when their sights were on the ground, Hausmann and Gangfang smiled. They picked up the Warhammer in their hands and threw them at the back of the heads of the two nobles in front.

The five wild boar brothers also raised their wands, which can be called stick weapons. They held their hands above their heads, and slammed the stick art stick at the back of the opposing nobleman’s head.

The headed nobleman was bending to the fullest extent, and he felt a bad wind coming from behind his head. His eyes widened. Unfortunately, it was too late. This position is really not suitable for counterattack, and he has no chance to evade.



West of Simao Forest, Human Race territory·Capital·Genli.

This is a prosperous city. There are several dozen meters high fountains in the center of the city. It looks very magnificent. The streets are clean and the buildings are scattered and orderly.

Located in front of a three-story building in Nancheng District, more than a dozen men and women are waiting outside. These are all contractors of Apocalypse Paradise.

Originally, they were all in the “Kwabo Ring” of the dependents. For various reasons, they could only run away.

This world Three Great Influences…no, Four Great Influences, there are family members, sun fortress, wild beast family, and Human Race in total.

The contractor who could escape from the “Kwabo Ring”, without exception, chose to come to the Human Race territory. They did not give up the hope of a comeback. In their opinion, the current situation on the Sun camp is very embarrassing.

In front of the three-story building, there are more than a dozen Apocalypse Paradise contractors waiting here. Of course, this is an advantage. This building is not an ordinary place.

Among the dozen or so people, Hao Mei, Morey, and Moon Apostle were all present. The three of them didn’t know what happened, but they formed a team, which felt like a victim alliance.

dong dong dong.

“I know there are people inside, don’t hide in there and not come out.”

The Moon Apostle came forward and knocked on the door, and Morey on the side breathed out. Haomei was also lacking in sleep. The two encountered by chance last night first played against each other, and then formed a team for special reasons.

When the Moon Apostle was about to knock on the door again, footsteps came from the door, and the contractors’ eyes were shining. This time they found this place after a big luck hit.

The opposite door was opened, and the room was a little dark. The contractors looked inside the door, and the people in the door were a little short.

Seeing this person, Hao Mei, Morey, and Moon Apostle all hummed in their heads, standing still.

In the early morning, Caesar was thrown into the room in the early morning. Caesar, who was wearing a fading pajamas, took half a loaf, grabbed a large piece, and chewed it hard in his mouth.

Yes, Caesar has come to Human Race as a quartermaster. The reason is that the dependents have a tendency to reunify, and the follow-up is not very good.

Previously, through the information shared by Su Xiao, Caesar learned that the contractors of the Apocalypse Paradise side would be expelled from their families, Caesar thought.

Why should we keep stalking the wool of the indigenous people? To know how to keep up with the trend, when Caesar came to Human Race as a quartermaster this time, he came to gather the wool of the contractors of Apocalypse Paradise.

In this matter, Su Xiao provided precious information. Without this information, there would naturally be no plan for this time. Caesar was responsible for scalping the wool by himself, and the income was divided into 50%.

It is worth mentioning that Caesar was in the “Kwabo Ring” before. In order to preserve the chance of harming the “Sentinel Tower” and the “Aurora Council”, he has been in contact with the natives separately as a dual quartermaster. We and contractors create the illusion that two quartermasters are dealing with affairs.

In the eyes of the aboriginals, he is the quartermaster Caesar, in the eyes of the contractors, he is the quartermaster Qiutli, which is inevitable except for the Haomei. Haomei has a contract and dare not disclose this. .

The previous installations harvested sweet fruits at this time. Except for Haomei, Morey, and Moon Apostle, no other contractors recognized Caesar.

The three of Morey reported Caesar? They won’t. According to Morey and the Moon Apostle’s rich experience of being trapped, Su Xiao will not be far when they meet Caesar.

“Dear friends, please, we are your quartermaster, Caesar.”

Caesar was very enthusiastic, and the contractors outside received a prompt at the same time.

[Reminder: Due to your personal temperament, quartermaster Caesar’s favorability for you increases by 50 points, and you get 20% off. 】

The contractors outside the door remained calm. They seemed to walk into the small building peacefully, but in fact they were secretly happy and became extra confident in their own temperament.

Prince, who hadn’t been mining, quickly walked to the wooden counter in the room and tried to activate the faction store. Although he has no reputation, he can still have an eye addiction.

Prince failed to activate the faction store, but he triggered a reminder.

[Hint: When the Human Race faction is in non-war time, it is extremely difficult to obtain the reputation of this faction, but the item exchange price will also be greatly reduced. 】

Seeing this prompt, Prince understands that on the Human Race side, a faction mission can get hundreds of prestige points. It is good that the exchange price of the item will be ten times lower than that of the dependents, or even more. .

[Reminder: Because your friendship with Quartermaster Caesar exceeds 30 points, Caesar has activated the following permissions for you. 】

[Caesar has helped you activate the “swap” permission. You can redeem the precious prestige value of your camp at a ratio of 1:1 by consuming soul coins. 】

[Reminder: The minimum amount for a single “replacement” is 100 soul coins. 】

[Reminder: After “swap” 125 points of reputation in this camp, you can immediately open the Human Race camp store, which contains many rare materials. 】


Seeing these tips, Prince’s heart is beating in peng peng, and the reputation value of the Human Race camp is quite precious, and it can even reach 1:1 with the soul coin. This shows the real value of the item in the Human Race prestige store.

Prince was still a bit hesitant, and just then, another prompt appeared.

【Because of your personal friendship with Quartermaster Caesar, the 20% off benefit has been successfully activated. 】

Prince previously thought that this “20% off” was a 20% off when redeeming items in the prestige store. Now it seems that when soul coins are used to redeem Human Race prestige, a 20% off discount is given.

Prince didn’t hesitate anymore. He paid Caesar 100 soul coins. If it was 20% off, 100 soul coins would be exchanged for 125 reputation points. The previous prompt said that after gaining 125 reputation points, the reputation can be activated. store.

[You have paid 100 soul coins, and you have gained 80 reputation in the Human Race faction. 】

Seeing this prompt, Prince blinked and scratched his head again. The 20% off treatment seemed a bit wrong. What was wrong? He resisted it for a while and didn’t react.

It stands to reason that the 20% off treatment should be 80 soul coins and 100 prestige points. Now it is the other way round. It feels like going to lottery, and the result is 5 million special prizes, and then lottery informs You, are you paying off the 5 million at once? Still pay in installments.

Two seconds later, Prince finally reacted. It turned out that the 20% off discount was not for him, but for Caesars. After reacting to this, Prince was stupid. 20% off treatment.

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