Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 3450


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At the bottom of the big tree cave, in the queen’s bedroom.

At this time, the queen’s body has thin silver white armor. This thin armor is close to the queen’s skin, like her 2nd floor skin. The neck, joints and other positions are very delicate and exquisite, obviously from someone The hand of a forging Grandmaster.

The queen just now has a gentle voice and treats people with kindness, but after she reveals her armor, holds black and white knives, and stands up from the bed, her gentleness and kindness have disappeared, replaced by body shape and Oppression brought by dual Grandmaster capabilities.

From the perspective of known abilities, as long as the queen has a slight advantage, it will continue to suppress the enemy in defense until the enemy breaks the defense and is shredded by her light and dark knives.

As the queen stood upright, her two vertical pupils with faint white light looked around in front of her. Due to the difference in size, she had to lower her head slightly to look at Su Xiao.

In order to avoid cutting the air, the queen leaned down, her legs bowed slightly.

Da! clatter! clatter!

The queen walked forward with her legs wrapped in metal boots. She had long legs and a slender waist. She was slender, and she accidentally cut across the ground with double knives while walking, leaving black and white scratches on the rock slab on the ground.

The queen walked towards Su Xiao, although the speed was not fast, but the oppression force it engulfed, people couldn’t help feeling chills, and sweaty palms.

The queen did not rush over directly. Although she lost her sanity, she did not lose her sanity. Something else replaced her consciousness, which was the depth and darkness of the abyss.

Because of this, even if the queen has lost her mind, she still did not surprise Su Xiao. Su Xiao, who is also the Sword Technique Grandmaster and standing in place with a long knife, gave the queen a sense of crisis.

Just as Su Xiao confronted the queen and waited for the other party to reveal a weak spot, so as to seize the opportunity, a black hole appeared outside several dozen meters.

This black hole appeared in midair, facing downwards, and dozens of silhouettes fell out of it. You don’t need to think about it. You don’t need to think about it. This is the pit of the abyss that Wood came from.

After Wood fell, he took off his suit calmly, revealing the black red shirt inside. His head was a skull studded with rice-grained Little Black gemstones, but his body was not. It looked a little dry, but there was Skin and flesh.

In addition to Wood, Oona has also arrived, and the current situation depends on her from the ancient gods.

GuoZu three brothers, GuLu, hymns, ghost brothers and the others were also cheated.

Not only was the seven of them being scammed, Su Xiao also saw an acquaintance who was a tyrant who had encountered several consecutive world progress.

Su Xiao remembers that when he was in Darkstar world, the tyrant was besieged to death by the execution squad, and in Alliance Star, Su Xiao met this guy again.

The tyrant was hit by the artillery of Alliance Star West Continent, and the tyrant was washed by naval guns and then bombed by Apollo. But when Sel Star was hitting World Snatching War, Su Xiao learned through the tyrant that the tyrant was still alive, and Participated in that World Snatching War.

Afterwards, the tyrant was besieged to death by the family’s military police, but this guy came to life with his own ability and came to the world of the tree.

It is an exaggeration to say that the tyrant is reborn from a drop of blood, but as long as part of the flesh and blood tissue is preserved, he can be reborn.

It’s not that it’s costless. The tyrant’s viability is so perverted. Under the influence of this ability, his brain is not so good, saying that he is a bit’wise’, not insulting him, it is almost immortal The price.

Almost 3 meters tall, his whole body muscles are like steel, and the bronze-skinned tyrant goes there, giving the feeling of racial Motionless As Mountains. As a tank of Apocalypse Paradise, the tyrant’s degree of resistance is beyond doubt.

Generally, people who “die” many times and come back alive will feel like a great enemy of the race, but the tyrant does not. He gives the race: ‘look at it, the tyrant is dead again. ’

The tyrant hugs his shoulders and looks at his surroundings, but when he sees Su Xiao, his expression is obviously stiff. He is just that his head is not smart, and he is not stupid. He has been’dead’ because of Su Xiao many times. Let him make up his mind, cannot afford to offend, he can hide.

In addition to the tyrant, there are several other combatants, the two-axe man dressed in Viking style, and the ascended brother who has not seen for a long time.

Brother Shengtian still wears a green halo on his head, which is as unique as ever. Judging from his expression, he is very dazed.

The other four combatants, Su Xiao has never seen before. These four cover each other and are in a small team.

Counting Wood, there are a total of 16 combatants, including Su Xiao, Boubo Wang, Baja, and a total of 19 combat units.

In other words, the effect of “Remaining Hatred of Betrayal” has been fully extended. The female Royal General overdrafts her body energy, plus the potential of the black and white swords, gaining a 167% increase in damage intensity.

The Queen’s Attack Power was originally terrifying, and the situation at this time can be imagined.

“Not good.”

As GuLu leaped back, her figure disappeared into the air. After she faced the queen, the sensor tingled all over her body. With her small arms and legs facing the queen, she was really dead.


Ona bit her teeth until Ka ka makes a noise. Of course, she guessed where it was and what Wood had pitted.

“Don’t panic, we must unite in this situation.”

Summon shouted out the hymn of 12 double-sword mad dogs. She is a Captain of a large Adventure Group and has outstanding leadership.

Heavenly Ghost brother was originally the confidant of the hymn, and now they are standing around the hymn.

“This lady is right, we want to unite.”

Brother Shengtian also stated that compared to working with Su Xiao or Wood, Brother Shengtian feels that joining the hymn is more reliable. Seeing this, the tyrant, the two-axe man, and the group of four are standing on the left and right sides of the hymn.

After the three brothers of GuoZu looked at each other, they also adapted to the situation and chose to temporarily join the hymn team.

The hymn became the conductor present. She blinked her left eye at Ona. Ona didn’t say anything else, but stood beside her. Obviously, before the hymn and Ona arrived here, they reached something. A degree of cooperation.

“The demons, do you want to join us, time is not and the others.”

When the hymn was speaking, she stared at the queen. Although she didn’t know why the ultimate boss didn’t rush forward, she was so happy. The situation was too sudden. The hymn should cherish every second and establish a way to deal with the current situation. Battle strength, to give play to her advantage as a top-tier treatment department.

Wood didn’t speak, and joined the hymn team unpreparedly, and the hymn didn’t say anything to win.

After the hymn looked towards Su Xiao, she turned her attention, she would not pull Su Xiao and GuLu into the team, because her hostile relationship with Su Xiao’s was too clear, and she was worried about becoming a temporary teammate with Su Xiao. After winning, he was beheaded.

As for the hymns do not invite GuLu, this is entirely because of GuLu’s call from my father on the spaceship.

Perceived that Hymn is not planning to invite Su Xiao and GuLu to join the team, GuoZu’s three brothers have a dark feeling, Aona slightly changed her complexion and she is Su Xiao’s ‘good teammate’. Naturally, I know Su Xiao and Wood better than the hymn. If Su Xiao and Wood do not join the team, Oona is sincerely worried that there will be problems.

Ona was just about to speak. Wood was enveloped in black smoke, and the jar of the abyss was floating above it. This guy was about to make a trick.

Why didn’t the queen take action? Because of the hymn of fear and the others? No, just because Su Xiao, who is also the Sword Technique Grandmaster, gave her a sense of danger. At this time, it was because of the sudden appearance of the jar of the abyss.

Baja flew by Su Xiao’s side, its wings spread out, the different space opened, Su Xiao and Boubo Wang retreated into the different space.

Seeing this scene, the hymn squinted her eyes, she was about to take action.


A buzzing sound appeared in everyone’s minds. After Su Xiao, Boubo Wang, and Baja, Wood also disappeared. Not only did this fellow disappear, the walls in the bedroom were covered with root-like black silk threads. Wood was based on the abyss. The tank banned this place, and if it was yin, it had to be Wood.

This guy completely trapped the sleeping hall. Everyone in the hymn team didn’t want to die, so they had to fight the queen.

No need to communicate, Wood thought that Su Xiao asked him to snatch some of the combatants, either because a certain enemy’s ability needs multiple people to crack, or it needs cannon fodder.

Su Xiao and Wood disappeared in the sleeping hall, which resulted in the disappearance of those who were confronting the queen.


Darkness erupted in the sleeping hall, and the queen stepped in in the darkness.

“Block her!”

Various buff abilities spread around hymns. The tyrant standing in the forefront seemed to have been beaten up with blood vessels all over his body. An illusion that I was invincible appeared in his mind.

The 12 double-sword Knight drew up, the armor collided, the blade was sharp, and the queen who could greet them was the queen rushing out of the darkness.

The queen is still leaning low, this is the erosion of the abyss, which causes her to transform into a king beast.

zheng! zheng! zheng!

The double knives in the queen’s hand whirl, the black and white double knives are like tornado, with terrifying slashing power and whimpering wind pressure.

There was a sound of metal collision. The original 12-double-sword mad dog was chopped into 12-double-sword Teddy by one face. They could only lower themselves as far as possible and defend with weapons.

Dang! when! When…

Weapons are slashed one after another, sparks flying in all directions, the queen’s black and white double knives show the beauty of magnificence and combat. If Su Xiao’s battle is a manifestation of the power of the Grandmaster, then the queen has shown the ultimate of Sword Technique Grandmaster Attack frequency.

The 12 double-sword mad dogs that were able to besie the enemy in the past have been cut to retreat again and again. This is not the worst.


The blade of light cut off the enemy’s weapon, and one of the 12 double-sword mad dogs collapsed, which triggered a chain reaction.

After a burst of weapon breaking sound, 12 pairs of mad dogs were chopped to stumps with broken arms, and 6 people were killed on the spot, and the remaining 6 people were also injured.

Seeing this scene, the three brothers GuoZu who have been besieged and are about to surround the Queen’s Hammer all feel scalp numb, bladder swelling, 12 double-knife mad dog battle strength, they are all Sensors, but this The strong support of, was actually cut melons and vegetables, half of them died tragically in a short time.

Blood splashed all over the stumps. The light and dark knives of the queen’s hands fought against each other, and at the same time she made a scream on both sides, X-shaped blood stains appeared in the air.

Killing six double-sword mad dogs, the queen’s “betrayal of hatred” and “daughter of the abyss” abilities have not entered the silent stage, 12 double-sword mad dogs are summon things and will not be recognized as betrayers.

The queen is like chopping melons and vegetables, cutting 12 pairs of mad dogs to only 6 left. This makes the hymn and the others breathe. The queen is too strong.

Of course it’s outrageous. In the one-on-one situation, the female capital is stronger than Su Xiao. After the “Remaining Hatred of Betrayal” effect is stacked up, the Queen’s Attack Power is so powerful that it bursts, not to mention the double-sword mad dog, even the Tier 8 top tank , Wearing a set of immortal armor, holding a +13 heavy tower shield full of immortality, unable to withstand the queen’s round and round.

For a while, no one dared to take action, but the queen did not give the hymn team a chance to breathe. She strode forward, with her stride span and swift posture, she looked like she was walking quickly, actually It is faster than the running speed of the participants.

Dang! when!

Two consecutive crisp noises spread. It was a masked Old Brother from the four-person team who stood up. After blocking the two swords, his eyes were glaring, and the durability of his shield fell by 70%.

Pu chi!

While the dark knife pierced the shield, it also pierced the masked Old Brother, provoking him like a sugar bottle gourd. His screams only had time to make a sound.


The black flame exploded on the dark knife, and the masked Old Brother and his shield were blown to pieces. A burnt shield spirally flew to GuoZu’s second foot.

“I drop great aunt.”

GuoZu’s second child’s cheeks trembled. He just arrived at the Sensor. The masked Old Brother is not weak, but the opponent was killed like a chicken.

After the queen kills one person, she absorbs her Soul Power, the dark blade of the right hand rises with black flames, and the light blade of the left hand ignites flames. The magnificence is impressive. If it is not the queen’s enemy, appreciate her battles, you will be sincere With emotion, this is a combination of battle and beauty.

Unfortunately, the hymns and the others don’t feel that way. The bloody smell in the air tells them that they will die without a burial site with a little care.

The two-axe man knew that this would not work, so he threw the hatchet in his hand with all his strength.

The wooden short axe broke through the air wave, rotated and attacked the queen, the dark blade picked and cut, and it just hit the rotating throwing axe, but the throwing axe suddenly became blurred and materialized when it was about to hit the queen.

Just as the throwing axe was about to hit the queen’s shoulder, with a cry, the queen turned around. When all the participants saw it clearly, they found that the queen had hit the incoming throwing axe with the hilt in their hands. , Don’t forget, is the Queen Agility high enough? ? ? The melee Grandmaster.


The flying axe returned to its original path. When the double axe man reacted, the flying axe was already in front of his forehead. The bearded double axe man widened his eyes and his body became a little illusory. The eighth-order contractor, of course, More life-saving means.

The flying axe was selected from the head of the double axe man, and the recovered double axe man breathed a long sigh of relief. Suddenly, a cold air exploded behind him. What’s more, the queen used the help of the flying axe to dissipate The fog suddenly appeared behind the two-axe man.

Pu chi! Pu chi! Pu chi!

After three consecutive cross-cuts, the two-axe man turned into four segments, his flying head and mouth widened, it was an expression that wanted to shout, but didn’t.

Blood and broken corpses were scattered down. In the empty hall, the queen moved forward at a slow pace, choosing the next target to kill.

GuLu, who originally wanted to show off the “Krypton Assassin” style, was at the corner and was fighting against the wall. It was not her GuLu who was instigated, but the super boss named Queen Yuro. It was too strong. .

The team that had just been formed by the hymns fell apart at this moment. The reason was that none of them took the initiative to attack the queen. For a powerful enemy of this level, whoever attacked first would definitely attract the attention of the other party. The ultimate boss.

Obviously, everyone present did not have the experience of the One on One Duel ultimate boss. In fact, it is no wonder that this is the case. Apart from the skill type, few people will be the One on One Duel ultimate boss, it is too easy to die.

Various combat systems have their own advantages. For example, Mage is good at killing enemies and reaping benefits. Charisma is negotiation and title acquisition, while the technical advantage is the qualification to compete with the big boss One on One Duel.

The scene froze for a while, and in this persistence, a slender needle was nailed to the outside of the queen’s forearm, and GuLu took the shot.

GuLu’s small face wrinkled in the corner of the penalty station, her tentative attack caused the queen’s HP to slip a bit, but in the next breath, the queen’s HP was fully restored, and this life force was restored to speed, allowing it to be used as an assassination system GuLu was very painful and decided to continue to’penalty station’ so as not to be second.

GuLu until now’s ‘krypton gold’ was not in vain, the queen was hit by her and did not find her immediately, but looked towards the tyrant.

“This is a misunderstanding.”

The tyrant wanted to explain, but the queen ignored this.


Boss GaoZu yelled, not at this time, and no fight afterwards.

A large number of white tentacles spread out and entangled the queen. The queen’s hands fluttered with double knives, and the broken tentacles flew randomly.

A white robe flew towards the queen, and the female Wang Yidao cut it away. In the next instant, Ona, wearing a sleeveless body-fitting shirt, appeared behind the queen, pressing her hands against the back of the queen’s head.

The queen leaned back sharply, her body arched back like a stretch, and her head hit the ground.

With a bang, Oona slammed into the stone slab at the back of the queen’s head. Even if she had tentacle cushions behind her, she was stunned and dizzy. The bleeding caused a mouthful of blood to go straight to the throat. Various organs had Signs of displacement.

Before Oona could react, the queen had already turned over and jumped up, stabbing with double knives in her hands.


The queen in midair was hammered into flight. It was Boss GaoZu who came to the rescue. With the hammer down, Boss GaoZu felt that all his bones were falling apart and the enemy’s resistance was too strong.

The queen flies in midair, and the participants in the battle are not parallel imports. The tyrant, ghost brother, ascended brother and the others are already in the queen’s landing spot.

The tyrant folded his hands together, and the moment the queen landed, the realm of the tank was pressed on the queen, and the ghost brother became angry at the same time. Brother Shengtian’s one-armed heavy artillery punches, five pairs of swords and mad dogs are ready to besiege. The battle is officially started if three “betrayers” die, but now they can’t disperse, otherwise they will die faster.

Seeing this scene, the hymns outside several dozen meters breathed a sigh of relief, and finally stabilized, they can begin to besiege the big boss, and enter their rhythm.

In the tank field, the queen’s low body shape turned into a rickety posture, seeming to be suppressed, but the light blade in her left hand flipped and changed to a backhand grip.

The light blade pierced the ground, and a burst of light exploded. The surrounding tyrants and the others saw a flash, with a buzzing sound in their ears, all fell into the dizziness caused by the light shock.

The queen’s ranged stun ability is not called when used. Her free left hand slaps to the ground. The power control given by the melee Grandmaster makes her shoot the power to resonate, causing the tyrant not far away to crack. , Sprayed with blood and threw himself to the ground by the resonance of the force.

The black blade in the queen’s right hand stabbed up and nailed the tyrant to the ground. She held the hilt of the black blade with both hands and twisted it clockwise.


The tyrant was blown to pieces, and black flames of flesh were flying around.

Without waiting for the ghost brother and the others to recover, the queen has renewed the left hand light blade and right hand dark blade, performing a whirling dance to the surrounding combatants, ruthless but gorgeous.

The blade cut through the flesh and blood, and as the queen turned around, in midair drew a black one white cut.


After the sharp blade whirlwind, the pieces of meat and blood were scattered like a curtain of rain. The queen has stood upright, standing proudly in the rain of blood, cruel and beautiful.

The battle strength of the hymn team collapsed in just 4 seconds, and the tyrant, ghost brother, ascended brother, and the other three combatants all died. If it were not for the life force link, GuoZu’s third child would also die, as a price , The HP of his two elder brothers were reduced to less than 20%, which shows how much slashing damage the old three has suffered.

The queen’s breath in the rain of blood has changed. Although she is sharper, the abyssal breath on her body is not as strong as before. This means that the two abilities of “Remaining Hatred of Betrayal” and “Girl of the Abyss” are temporarily invalid. Within a few hours Unable to recover.

The queen stood proudly, the third brother of GuoZu followed in the footsteps of GuLu, and the third brother stood in another corner with the expression on his face: ‘It’s really scary. ’

Boss GaoZu sighed, as if the words ‘My Life’s Happened’ were written all over his face.

One is four corners, one is GuLu, one is GuoZu three brothers, and one is hymns.

The black-and-white cut marks in the bedroom are vertical|horizontal, and the white tentacles are surging. Without the assistance of teammates, after the promotion hymn’s buff effect, Ona is not weak but strong, blocking the queen’s black and white double blades, but she is also The slashed tentacles flew across.

“Wood, do you want to fight for life with the old me.”

The voice of Sin Yass was heard from the cross on Oona’s neck. Hearing this, Wood, who was watching the battle in the dark, had her eyes tightened. To be honest, he was not afraid of Oona. The opponent was obviously not a professional Fighting, but facing Sin Yass, Wood is very jealous. If he fights with Old Sin Yass, Wood estimates that even if he wins in the end, he will definitely die.

The black lines on the surrounding walls spread, climbing the walls and the ground of the entire dormitory, naturally touching the six brothers GuLu, GuoZu, Ona, and Hymn.

Ona disappeared, and the three brothers of GuLu, GuoZu, and the five hymns appeared in front of the queen. It was obvious that Wood was in the three brothers of GuLu, GuoZu, and the hymn.

GuLu took advantage of the space restriction and disappeared, the pendant on her neck lit up with a dim light, and she disappeared in place.

GuoZu three brothers pose have nothing common with each other, Boss Dapeng spreads its wings, the second little eagle spreads its wings, the third hen takes off, and the third brother immediately turns into a golden statue, and they all make a jingle. Paladin’s invincibility is such confidence.

When there was a cry, after the light blade slashed through the three people, only a fire star was left in the air. Although the poses of the GuoZu three brothers were funny, they activated Paladin’s ultimate Profound Truth, invincible + props random transmission.

The strong impact of the slash to the invincible individual caused the hymn to be blown out. Fortunately, one of the 12 mad dogs survived.

With a brush and pull, a head flies up, and the last 12 double-sword mad dog was beheaded. This means that the hymn is no longer an elemental Undying Body, except for the top milk volume, she is temporarily not a battle milk. .

On the other side, GuLu, who suddenly disappeared, escaped into a different space, but there was a problem. At the bottom of the big tree cave, except for the sleeping hall, the other areas were filled with darkness. He wanted to travel in the different space. Leaving the bedroom is very unrealistic.

This also caused GuLu to appear in front of Su Xiao after entering the different space, before she could see the situation clearly.


A heavy fist hit GuLu’s lower abdomen, she bowed like a shrimp, and dots of blood spattered from her mouth.

With the momentum of this fist, Su Xiao’s arm continued to swing forward and threw GuLu away. GuLu crashed onto the space wall barrier in front of him, confused.

Su Xiao looked towards the situation outside the alien space, Wood and Ona have appeared and are delaying the queen.

GuLu didn’t panic after being attacked. As an assassination system, is it possible that the Sword Technique Grandmaster who has not drawn the sword yet? impossible.

A few seconds later, GuLu was pressed down, face down, Su Xiao sat on her back, he did not draw his sword, but he was also a melee Grandmaster, an assassination team was close to the melee Grandmaster, and ended up Think about it.

“Shameless’s melee Grandmaster.”

GuLu tone barely fell, the short blade of the saw blade appeared in Su Xiao’s hand and pressed against GuLu’s neck.

“Kill me, you will see how embarrassing Captain will be in the future, and I will help him run errands.”


The short blade cut the side of GuLu’s neck, blood gushing out and bleeding began.

“Face me, I will spray you all over.”

GuLu tried to turn her head. She didn’t care if her neck was cut. Few members of the brigade were in good spirits, and they were generally not afraid of death.

“Just give me a stab, it’s too slow to bleed, and it’s very uncomfortable, and are you really going to kill me? How do I feel that you are bleeding me?”

GuLu licked some blood on the ground and used the blood from his tongue to paint lipstick on his lips.

The bloodletting is almost the same, Su Xiao said: “Help me control the treatment department and kill her at any time. During the period, I need her gain status. After the event, the gain will be 10% for you.”

“Let me think about it.”

GuLu, who continued to bleed blood from the wound on the side of her neck, thought about it very seriously. Small life + unstable income is obviously more important than maintaining her backbone. Moreover, after she called out her father a long time ago, she gave up on Su Xiao The backbone here.

“Help me, my head feels dizzy.”


Su Xiao formed the shadow thread, and manipulated the shadow thread to suture the wound on the side of GuLu’s neck. After a while, there was only a faint red scar left on the wound.

“Are you still a tailor.”


Su Xiao didn’t speak, and realizing this, GuLu took a small step back so as not to be beaten again. Su Xiao beat her, never considering whether she would die suddenly.

“My father, do you know that, my father actually passed away when I was 2 years old. You left so early.”

After GuLu came to the wave limit and changed one, his mood really improved a lot.



Baja opened the passage of the different space. Su Xiao walked out of it, and just returned to the sleeping hall, a shock came oncoming, followed by a roar, and Ona, whose body was wrapped in white tentacles, banged on the wall.

GuoZu three brothers don’t know where they are going. The teleportation in “Invincible + Teleportation” is a high-end item. It breaks through the darkness outside the temple, and wants to be similar to [Wandering Bait].

“White Night, are you ready to fight alone?”

Wood speaks, wanting to fight the queen, it is unwise for a few people to join forces to besiege. In Wood’s view, only four guarantees and one can win the chance of victory.

The so-called four guarantees and one is to let GuLu control the hymn first, like the dagger on the neck, let the hymn bless everyone present.

After that, Ona invaded the queen within the body. This is where Sin Yas is good at. As a husband and wife, Ona is also good at it. It is normal for husband and wife to share extraordinary knowledge and trump card skills.

Wood is transformed into another state. Although it can’t hurt the enemy in that state, it can continue to reduce the enemy’s battle strength. It was able to defeat bloody aura incarnation and sunbirds. Wood’s ability is very important.

Finally, Boubo Wang gave Su Xiao’s various benefits with his halo ability.

The hymn and Boubo Wang promote Su Xiao’s battle strength, and Ona and Wood reduce the queen’s battle strength. This is the ultimate four guarantees.

In the hall, the black and white knives in the hands of the queen slashed Oona to pieces. After the black blade pierced Oona’s remnant body, it pierced into the ground, and it was followed by several people who participated in the battle. The black flame exploded.

With a bang, Ona’s body shattered, and part of the bright red flesh and blood splashed on the queen’s body, and these flesh and blood intruded into the queen within the body silently.

Located on the outer corner of the bedroom, GuLu and the hymn are standing here. GuLu’s gaze is wandering around the hymn, clearly wanting to cut off some parts of the hymn.

The hymn has no doubt that the madman of Reincarnation Paradise can do this kind of thing. She naturally knows the purpose of GuLu holding her down. In desperation, various buffs are blessed on Su Xiao and the others.

Boubo Wang is more experienced in such situations than where GuLu and the hymn are located.

Boubo is already on the innermost side of the sleeping hall. On the wall, there is a sculpture half-inlaid. Boubo Wang, who blends into the environment, is standing as a golden rooster with a single dog paw on the head of the statue, with two front paws flat Stretching on both sides of the body, the dog’s face has a solemn expression. With its skeleton structure, the difficulty of this action is at least 8.0. Although it is tired, it is safer.

The black mist devil that Wood transformed into floats in midair. He has been fully energized and looks like a “tortured person” wearing a large black mist robe.

Su Xiao did not look at Wood floating behind him, but stared at the ghost queen in front of him. After some planning, he was finally able to share life and death with the ghost queen.

In the empty bedroom, there seems to be a misty whispering sound. From then on, the light here has become dim. The chandelier filled with candles above, the candlelight ignites by itself, and the chandelier swings back and forth slowly, causing the lower part The illuminated area is swinging back and forth.

As the chandelier swings outward, the light of the fire candle will hold a long knife below, and Su Xiao with a slight blood glow in his eyes is reflected. As the chandelier swings inward, Su Xiao is dimmed again, reflecting the fire candle The light shines on the queen holding a black and white double-edged blade.

When the chandelier stopped swinging, it reflected in the light area below, which happened to be between Su Xiao and the queen, without reflecting them in it.

In the dimness, Su Xiao and the queen who were facing each other disappeared in place at the same time. The next moment, both sides appeared in the center of the light area.


The fire star splashed, the long knife and the light blade slashed against each other, the blood spear resisted the dark blade from the side slash, and the weapons fought against each other. An impact spread to the surroundings, lifting a layer of slate on the ground. These splashed rocks collapsed into dust particles in the sky.

Dead battle, start!

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