Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 3451


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In the center of the queen’s bedroom, as Su Xiao fought with the swords in the hands of the ghost queen, the impact spread to the surroundings, lifting a layer of slate on the ground, and in the next instant, the splashing debris collapsed into dust particles in the sky.

Su Xiao holds a long knife in his right hand and a blood spear in his left hand. After he resists the queen’s double knives, he feels the pressure, not at all. The queen’s power is stronger than him, but not at all. It’s too strong to resist.

At the beginning, fighting with the old Knight was really unstoppable. The old Knight’s domineering slash, dare to parry, will most likely collapse.

The queen is another type of powerhouse. She is slightly stronger than Su Xiao in terms of strength, and is much faster than Su Xiao in terms of speed, especially the slashing speed.

This is where the queen’s terrifying is. There is a slight tendency to be suppressed by her. Even if she can defend against her continuous cuts, she will cut faster and faster, the cutting power will become stronger and stronger, and the final blow will break the defense. Cut the enemy to pieces, 12 pairs of mad dogs with knives are like that.

Although Su Xiao held up the light and dark knives in the Queen’s hands, it did not interrupt the Queen’s attacking rhythm.

With a sigh, the light blade glided along the Dragon Flash’s blade, and the dark blade also swept across the blood spear’s spear blade. The queen was going to ignore Su Xiao’s parry and defense and cut her own abilities.

Su Xiao will not allow this to happen. He releases the blood spear in his hand, and a sense of crisis is oncoming. It is the queen who is going to be slashed. The battle is not about you, but instead of fighting each other. In the competition of experience, ability, and even courage, there is no such thing as watching the enemy prepare big moves.

The light and dark double knives cut out the oozing sobbing sound. The queen is going to perform a whirling dance. Brother Ascendant and the others are killed by this trick. It can only be said that Brother Ascendant is true.

The sharp blade cut to the front of Su Xiao’s neck. Su Xiao side blood spear exploded. In order to prevent himself from being injured by the blood spear explosion, a crystal layer was formed in front of him.

A blast spread, and the queen’s beheading was stopped. This was a suppressed move. In the eyes of others, once the queen performed a whirling dance, she could only run far away, but this was wrong. , The queen’s whirling chop dance, at the beginning of the sword, there is a weak spot that is not obvious. This is the process from the initial speed to the fastest speed, which is inevitable.

Although the queen’s attack only paused, it was enough for Su Xiao. He stepped forward with one foot and an impact force moved forward. At the same time, he controlled the crystal layer in front of him to break.

With a snap, the crystal layer shattered and shot forward with a howling sound. The crystal fragments hit the queen.

First, he was bombed by blood spear, and then hit by crystal shards. It didn’t seem to cause any damage to the queen, but he successfully prevented the queen from using the whirlpool dance. Su Xiao would be very troublesome if he was cut off by the queen.

If the Queen’s Sword Technique is a combination of speed, gorgeousness and beauty, then Su Xiao’s Sword Technique is the ultimate skill of flat cutting.


The ground under Su Xiao’s feet burst open. He stood up and rushed forward. Until now, no one dared to attack the queen actively. He was the first one.

‘Blade Dao Knife · Pole. ’

Su Xiao’s raised his right arm and slashed down at an angle. The meaning of’extreme’ is not extreme speed, but extreme cutting power.

A black and blue cut mark was drawn by a long knife and left in the air. In the eyes of GuLu, Hymn and the others, this knife was not fast. Even the Hymn of the Healing Department had confidence to escape.

But they didn’t know what kind of tragic follow-up slashes they would suffer if they risked avoiding the knife.

As a double Grandmaster, the queen’s sense of crisis made her immediately stand up with double swords.

Dang! !

The fire star splashed up, and the Queen, who had been leaning low, staggered back two big steps. While retreating, the light and dark knives cut to the sides of her body, cutting the dense one after another just about to generate. Slash and disperse.

But the “Blade Dao Knife · Extreme” is only the prologue of the opening, the real ultimate move is still to come.

In order to curb the subsequent consecutive slashes from the ‘Ji’, the queen cut the light and dark swords to both sides of her body, which opened the empty door in front of her. Su Xiao suddenly rushed forward and kicked.

The queen’s eyes shrank a little, knowing that he couldn’t be hit by Su Xiao’s kick.

The queen let go of the light blade in her hand, and the rays of light suddenly appeared on it, forming an impact, causing everything around it to slow down, including Su Xiao who came on.

The dark blade in the queen’s right hand cuts Su Xiao in the middle.

At this time, Su Xiao only felt the whiteness of the surrounding area, and couldn’t see the others. A wind pressure hit from his side, and the side of the waist was aching, which was about to be cut in the waist.

Pu chi!

The dark blade cut across Su Xiao’s waist. Su Xiao was cut into two suddenly, and a large amount of blood was scattered.

Su Xiao was hit with a knife, and the Queen’s left hand was emptied, and the light blade that had just been released was sucked into her hand. She stabbed Su Xiao’s upper body to the ground with a knife.


The flames exploded, Su Xiao’s upper body shattered, and the blood splashed all out, infiltrating the surrounding ground with spray.

The needles in the sleeping hall became audible, and just now they had a hard fight with the queen, and Su Xiao, who even suppressed the queen, was shattered by the flames.

But after 0.5 seconds, with the light blade pierced into the ground as the center, the blood that splashed around gradually turned into bloody aura. More importantly, after Su Xiao was blown up, there was no bloody flesh or broken bones. .

Any ability cannot be used rigidly, such as bloody aura. In Su Xiao’s opinion, bloody aura is one of the best energy to form a “stand-for body”. Bloody aura can be 100% mimicked into blood, as long as energy The control is strong enough to form a bloody aura stand-in, which can be splashed with blood after being attacked.

Su Xiao could not do this before. After mastering the blood spear Grandmaster and gradually developing it, he succeeded in doing this.

Shadow Blink +bloody aura incarnation, which combines evasive attacks and confuses the enemy.

Space fluctuation appeared above the queen, Su Xiao appeared above the queen’s back and kicked.


The quake spread, and the queen seemed to be so bad as the close-range strikes of a heavy artillery. She was already leaning low and she was directly one-knee kneels on the ground, almost lying on the ground, she smashed into a big pit, smoke and dust filled .

The interaction force of a kick made Su Xiao rise to a certain height. While the queen was kicked on the ground, his long knife flashed through the cold glow and pierced the queen’s heart.

While falling, Su Xiao felt a tingling of skin all over his body, which was a frostbite pain caused by low temperature. Almost at the same time this feeling appeared, a fine network of ice crystals appeared around him. He was restrained for an instant, and he managed to break free.

Although it was only restrained for a moment, it was enough for the queen below. Although she was kicked not lightly by Su Xiao, she felt that her spine was about to be broken, but she herself had risen from the pit and faced with one hand. Su Xiao caught it.

The wind pressure struck, Su Xiao in midair had a long knife in his hand. If the queen’s hand dared to grasp him, she would instantly draw her sword and cut her formidable, enough to cut off the queen’s finger.

But the queen didn’t care about this, she grabbed Su Xiao’s torso with one hand.


The crisp slashing sound spread, and the hand that the queen grabbed was chopped together with the silver armor wrapped around the skin, and the scattered fingers fell.

Su Xiao stepped on the ground, and the queen’s other hand also grabbed him. The queen was too fast to hide.

Looking at the queen at this time, a light clone has emerged behind her. This light clone has only the upper body, like a ghost when the queen is walking forward, and shares a lower body with the queen in a non-harmonious form.

The characteristics of the light clone are enviable. During the existence of the light clone, all the damage suffered by the queen will be transferred to the light clone. For example, the left hand of the queen who was just chopped up has been restored to its original shape at this time. The light behind her clone lost his left hand.

The queen grabbed Su Xiao with one hand and did not hesitate. She knew clearly that who was more dangerous to grab Su Xiao was not certain, so she used all her strength to move Su Xiao to the wall outside several dozen meters. Throw away.

Su Xiao swept out a series of gas explosions, and then crashed on the wall. A large semi-circular pit appeared on the wall, and rubble scattered around.

In the wall, Su Xiao stared at the queen. Although he felt that the bones in his body were about to break, the expression on his face remained the same. He cried out in pain. It would not relieve the pain. It would only let the enemy know that you were hurt It’s heavy, but at this time the face doesn’t change, and there are many thanks Marvin · Waltz.

The body’s consciousness quickly recovered. In the pit on the wall, Su Xiao’s head was on his side, and the light blade was nailed to his ear. The splashed gravel even made a few very shallow blood marks on his face. The queen several dozen meters away threw a light blade.

Did off the light blade, and then the dark blade, this time unavoidable.

Su Xiao has a blue glow in his eyes, and his pupils shrink a little.

‘Blade Dao Knife·Time. ’

The realm of time spread, covering the nailed dark blade. The dark blade’s flight speed was slower, but it still couldn’t hide. Su Xiao’s body has not fully recovered consciousness yet.

ka ka ka ~

The crystal layer wraps Su Xiao’s left hand. At this time, I want to block the Dark Blade. I underestimate the Queen’s ultimate move. Even in the realm of time, Su Xiao can do it, at most it can only change the Dark Blade. Flight trajectory.

Su Xiao felt that everything around him was getting slower and slower. He slowly raised his left hand, creating a “water mark” in the air. As the dark blade hit, his left hand pressed against the spine of the dark blade. Side, pulled hard to his side.


The dark blade pierced from Su Xiao’s side waist and nailed it to the wall with the handle slightly upward.

As his body recovered, Su Xiao stood up with one hand on the spine of the Dark Blade. After that, he leaped lightly and stepped on the spine of the Dark Blade. As he moved forward step by step, he stepped on the spine of the Dark Blade with one foot. At Mobin, his eyes were on the queen who was several dozen meters away throughout the entire process.

GuLu and the hymn who watched the game admitted that in this brief moment they were sour, with various abilities of the acid technique, but after thinking of how poor the technique was, they immediately balanced.

Wood is continuing to weaken the queen’s battle strength, as well as invading the queen within the body Oona, but to be honest, Su Xiao doesn’t feel too obvious.

This is not Wood and Ona’s release of water. Wood’s weakening is slow to take effect. As for Ona, Ona’s heart is bitter now. After she invades the queen within the body, the experience is particularly sour and refreshing, even if she is an ancient god Yes, there is no bargain for the power of the abyss.

‘Blade Dao Blade·Blue Ghost. ’


The blue light flew out and went straight to the unarmed queen.

The green ghost slashed towards the queen in a frightening manner. When she hit the queen, the queen waved her hand and a chill passed by.

After the freezing sound, the blue ghost of the ice blue slashed on the queen’s collarbone, and then exploded, splashing ice debris.

Ashamed, he was actually frozen.

Watching this scene, Su Xiao wondered if the previous deep development of the green ghost was a waste of water.

But saying that the blue ghost is useless, it is not true, Su Xiao has taken the opportunity to rush to the front of the queen.

‘Blade Dao Knife·Flow. ’

The ethereal wind mark slashed, and the queen’s chest and abdomen appeared slash marks, and the blood was spilled. Without a weapon, she could only resist Su Xiao’s slash.

Su Xiao rushed three meters in front of the queen. The queen who was cut by the stream finally showed a trace of decline, but at this moment, the double swords of light and dark suddenly appeared in her hands, as the Sword Technique Grandmaster. She threw out these two weapons, and naturally she was sure to retrieve them.

dang~ dang~ dang~ dang~ ……

There was a rapid slashing sound, and the double knives in the Queen’s hand slashed continuously, leaving many slash marks in the air. The weapon clash caused the fire star to splash one after another, and the Queen was deliberately showing weakness.

Tear and pull~

Su Xiao’s shoulders have scars, followed by the abdomen, under the ribs, etc. If Reed sees this scene, he will be emotionally unstable. It’s not because Su Xiao is injured, but he will roar:’Don’t come here I wear leather repairing armor. ’

The long knife in Su Xiao’s hand is blocking one after another. When he can feel that the oppression from the queen is getting stronger and stronger, his right arm holding the knife has already felt sore and tingling due to continuous blocking.

Five blood spears gather above Su Xiao, and the appearance of remote blood spear, which is “blood spear · Shou”, can basically be regarded as Su Xiao entering the second stage.

Boom, boom, boom!

Three blood spears are pierced and detonated. They stab the queen diagonally from top to bottom. The queen can only use double knives to cut the blood spear. The long knife cuts the blood spear and the blood spear explodes.

This is the shameless of “blood spear · hunter”…cough, the strongest point, even if it blocks its shooting, the subsequent blood aura explosion is equally difficult.

Sure enough, the queen was bombed back.

A blood spear appeared above Su Xiao. As soon as the blood spear formed, it attacked the queen one after another. The blood aura exploded one after another, making people only vaguely see the queen’s silhouette.

The queen gradually retreated as the blood aura exploded, and Su Xiao stepped forward step by step. Each blood spear shot above him would immediately regenerate one, causing a continuous suppression effect on the queen.

In the corner behind, after seeing the blood spear, GuLu had a bad memory rise in the mind. She was bombed by the blood spear before and went to heaven.

The ear-splitting roar continued. After the queen was suppressed and took a few steps back, she began to cut out the Blade Aura, which had two characteristics of light and dark, and blasted against the blood spears that struck.

Although the queen used Blade Aura to resist the continuous attack of blood spear, her HP was gradually falling due to the explosion of the blood aura.

The queen realized that it was impossible to go on like this, her eyes focused, and the cold air rose and spread. The queen disappeared in place and appeared in the place where the cold air was, behind Su Xiao.

The dark blade slashed down and blew Su Xiao’s black hair. It was too late to escape. He moved the Dragon Flash above his head, holding the handle of the knife in one hand, and dragging the spine of the knife with the other, and tilting the long knife as a whole. Use the slope of the blade to reduce the strength of the enemy’s chopping.


It is not surprising that she can do this. Sin Asnah has the ability of time system. While this ability is powerful, it also has many constraints.

Invading the queen again within the body, Oona regretted it, it was too cold.

Let’s not talk about Oona’s situation. At this time, in the frosty hall, although the queen had no lower body and supported the ground with her hands, her height at this time was not significantly short.

The queen’s little sanity that was originally left completely disappeared at this moment, which caused her body to change greatly.

Not only does her skin appear translucent and white, her long white hair has also become very long and fluffy, with ice mist floating on it, and her face is the difference between Heaven and Earth, originally a beauty , At this time it was in a beast state, with two slender ice horns bending backwards on the top of his head.

The current queen has completely become the girl of the abyss, no longer the gorgeous female Sword Technique Grandmaster.

The queen’s HP is below 50%, and she has not entered the state of the ice king, but irreversibly transformed into the state of the girl of the abyss.


The queen roared, and layers of sound waves spread to the surroundings. All objects affected by the white sound waves of frost showed ice crystals on them, and then they were frozen into ice slag. The formidable power of this trick is so strong that it makes no sense.

zheng! zheng!

Two slashing lights staggered towards the queen, a row of the queen’s claws, the moment before the claws were injured by the slashing lights, the low temperature on them froze the cut lights, and then they were shot into ice slag.

A blood spear hit the queen’s eyebrows, but was grabbed by the queen with one hand. Before the blood spear exploded, it was frozen into ice scum and scattered along the queen’s fingers.

The queen’s claws moved forward and then pressed on the ground, moving forward in this way.

Don’t think that her speed is slow. At this time, the queen is at the innermost side of the hall. Everywhere and on both sides of her path, she is covered by extreme ice. As long as she touches the extreme ice, she will not only suffer from ice cave damage When the freezing value exceeds a certain level, the part of the body that touches the extreme ice will be frozen into ice slag, scattered like gravel.

It can only be said that it is wise to sculpt the independent golden rooster on the top of the head, Boubo Wang. Although it is now shivering in the cold, it is fortunate that it does not touch the extreme ice.

As the queen moves outwards, the size of the battle arena is quickly compressed. With the queen’s wingspan and extreme ice ability, the smaller the battle arena, the more advantageous it is for her.

The hymn in the corner turned pale, she seriously doubted, is this really the eighth-order boss?

Su Xiao is standing in the middle of the dormitory, he cannot retreat, but the queen’s extreme ice ability is too dangerous,

What made Su Xiao didn’t expect was that when the queen approached a few meters ahead, he didn’t feel too cold, Jibing didn’t be terrifying as much as he thought.

Soon he discovered that it was not that the ice was not terrifying, but that the resistance was extremely high. First, the ice resistance improved by the basic passive and physique, and then the ice resistance improved by Berg’s Heart. Sex, but these two are not the main character. The [Blood Alcohol Wine] that Su Xiao drank before has raised a huge amount of extreme ice resistance.

Crack, crack.

Su Xiao stepped on the extreme ice, the queen stopped opposite him, cold air was rising all over her body, the next second, the two moved at the same time and rushed towards each other.

With a bang, the long knife fought with the crampons, Su Xiao felt a huge force from the knife, which made him almost unable to hold the long knife. The queen’s speed was slower than before, but the strength soared. At the level of crushing, Su Xiao had been shot and flew out if it were not for the three Grandmasters.

After the queen slapped it with a claw, she spit Ice Flame in her mouth. Su Xiao was enveloped by the Ice Flame and turned into an ice sculpture.

Seeing this scene, the queen patted with her hands, the ice sculpture broke after the peng sound muffled.

Space fluctuation appeared, Su Xiao appeared in front of the queen, slashing to the queen’s throat.

‘Blade Dao Knife · Pole. ’

pu chi.

The translucent red blood splashed, and the queen was chopped off her throat, but she didn’t care, and a shock spread.

[Warning: You have been watched by “Eye of Extreme Ice”, you will lose 8% of your maximum HP per second. This effect lasts for 5 seconds. 】

Su Xiao’s HP began to go crazy, the queen’s ability, no judgment, no enlistment, she just glanced at Su Xiao.

A Baja who didn’t make a move rushed out from a different space, but it didn’t make a move just now. It was to guard against ‘good teammates’, and now they don’t care about them.

Baja showed up to attract attention, it shouted: “I…”

Baja just ‘charged’, the queen turned her gaze to look at it.

“I’m Gan!”

Under the gaze of “Eye of Extreme Ice”, Baja loses 13.7% HP per second, and the effect lasts for 6 seconds. Baja is stupid, so he is looked at, and it loses 82.2% HP. No one believes it.

We must never fight a war of attrition. The terrifying gaze ability alone makes people unable to stand up.

Su Xiao’s HP was originally not more than 50%. At this time, after the HP fell madly, he was about to enter the third stage.

Ona started doing it at this time. I don’t know what she did. The queen’s life fluctuations have become very weak, and her mouth spews blood wearing organ debris.

Wood, who had been struggling all the time, also appeared. He was like a black smoke Shinigami, and Green’s pupil flames quickly dimmed.

The queen’s breath weakened, and GuLu, who had been in the corner, was not idle. She knew that if she failed to kill the enemy, she would not survive in the end.

GuLu entered the stealth state, the bonus of the nightcrawler suit appeared, and the short blade in her hand slashed in front of her. The next second, a slash mark appeared on the queen’s neck more than ten meters away.

The queen turned her gaze, GuLu immediately accepted the gaze of “The Eye of Extreme Ice”, and his HP dropped sharply. GuLu people were stupid with this terrifying damage intensity.


The long knife blocked the crampons, and Su Xiao’s figure was on the ground, and the slab covered with ice was shattered under his feet.

A cold pulse spreads centered on the queen. The first bad luck was Oona. After that, Su Xiao’s whole body was covered with frost, and Wood was also frozen. He suffered from “Eye of Extreme Ice” plus this “Extreme Cold Pulse “Wood is also uncomfortable. Although his current state can weaken the enemy, his own survivability will also be greatly reduced.

Wood turned into an ice sculpture and fell to the ground. GuLu and the hymn turned into ice sculpture. Baja in a different space was also affected.

In the blink of an eye, Su Xiao is the only one who maintains the battle strength. GuLu, who has turned into ice sculpture, widened his eyes, meaning: ‘You are the hope of the whole village. ’

“roar! !”

The queen roared, layers of frost and air spread, and blizzard fell in the sky, and the ground was instantly covered with nearly 20 cm thick snow.

The queen doesn’t even need to rush to the enemy, just continue to change the environment here, and in the next ten seconds, all Incursio will be put to death.

Feixue blew towards him. Su Xiao stood in front of him with one arm. His current state is extremely bad, and his blood will be frozen.

In this desperate situation, Su Xiao within the body is like a flame, not a raging fire, but a fire of embers.

“Inscription base effect·Ember Fire (Passive): When the base wearer is attacked and loses more than 20% of his maximum HP in a short time, the ember fire will ignite within the body , In the following 10 seconds, greatly enhance your defensive power.”

Su Xiao’s blood about to be frozen seemed to burn, and fire stars and burning patterns appeared on his long leather jacket.

“Night of Rampage Equipment Effect·End of Embers (Passive): When the wearer’s HP drops below 15%, this equipment will quickly consume durability at the expense of defensive power.”

Embers are flying, Su Xiao HP has already slipped below 10%, entering the dying line, without the Black King’s Armguards, he can no longer fight at this time.

“blood spear Grandmaster · Lv. 40 ultimate ability · life after death (passive), if Hunter’s blood volume is reduced to near death, your Soul Power will be fully activated. During this period, all your melee combat Attack damage increased by 50%.”

A handful of melee blood spear is formed next to Su Xiao. With a snap, his left hand wrapped in a metal armband grabs “blood spear · Jian”. Su Xiao officially enters the 3rd Stage. He can reach Strong.


The ground cracked open, and the path Su Xiao passed by, the rock slab and ice layer broke and splashed into midair.


The queen’s crampons block Su Xiao’s long knife.

‘Blade Dao Knife · Pole. ’

Su Xiao pressed the long knife in her hand, and cut off half of the queen’s palm with a brush. She tilted her head back slightly, making a gesture to spray Ice Flame.

Su Xiao’s blood spear, which is nearly 2.7 meters long, swept up and shot the next batch of momentum is big, power is deep. This trick was learned from King Tieyu.

With a roar, the queen who was about to breathe Ice Flame held back, and was struck by the blood spear until it was confused.

Successfully hit, Su Xiao slashed with the long knife in his hand, almost putting aside the queen’s chest and abdomen.

It seems that Su Xiao is playing against the queen, but in fact his situation is very dangerous. Although the third stage is strong, but his HP is only 8.65%, even if the effect of “Double Embers” increases defensive power, it may resist The queen’s blow is really not necessarily.

After Su Xiao was hit, blood was sprayed out, the queen roared, and the sound waves mixed with ice fragments spread, Su Xiao’s HP slipped again.

Su Xiao throws out the blood spear in her hand. The blood spear runs through the queen’s neck, spraying blood, and the queen stops roaring, she looks down at Su Xiao.

Su Xiao grabbed his left hand behind him, and “Death and Ember” appeared in his hand. This slender, ancient gun was aimed at the queen.

peng~ peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

Five shots in a row, hitting the queen’s head, the decayed ash fell under the erosion of the power of silence, and the queen, whose consciousness had become beasts, held the whole family roar with her paws.

The queen’s claws fell on the ground, her only remaining eye was staring at Su Xiao, her hands exerted force, and the whole person flew towards Su Xiao.

The long knife in Su Xiao’s hand returns to its sheath. He leaned down slightly and exhaled white breath slowly. All bloody aura within the body clung to the Dragon Flash. This is the bloody aura system. The strongest cut.

‘Blade Dao Knife·Bloodshadow. ’

In the flying snow falling all over the sky, Su Xiao and the queen pounced at each other at the same time. The bloody cut marks and the ice blue claw marks crossed past. Then the two turned their backs to each other. The picture seemed to freeze for a moment. After 0.5 seconds, Feixue It continued to fall.

Tick, tick~

The long knife in Su Xiao’s hand pointed diagonally to the ground, and the blood dripping from it dripped onto the snow.

With a thump, Su Xiao threw himself into the snow, his left arm was broken, and there were three hideous claw marks on his chest, running through his entire chest.

The blood spread under Su Xiao, dyeing the snow around him red. Behind him, the queen crashed to the ground. She turned her body and looked towards Su Xiao.


The queen roared, her condition seemed better, but after 1.5 seconds, a hideous cut mark gradually appeared on her torso, diagonally across her chest and abdomen, the wound was extremely deep and slow After the slow split, her organs were exposed, and the heart that had been chopped in two was particularly obvious.

A group of bright red flesh and blood broke free from the queen within the body. This was not her method, it was Ona who was frozen to death.

With a bang, the queen fell to the ground, and on the other side, Su Xiao got up from the dyed snow. The team ability “Awakening” was really life-saving.


Su Xiao exhaled cold breath, he who showed red light in his eyes, walked towards the queen step by step on the snowy ground, until he stopped by the queen’s side, not that he did not want to solve the queen, but had to take a breath to get out of strength Knife.

The queen did not die. The only one of her eyes returned to human eyes. The queen has amber pupils, which are very beautiful.

With the last effort, the queen straightened her upper body slightly and raised her head as much as possible.

The one-armed Su Xiao raised the knife in his hand and chopped it down with a single knife. The ice and blood splashed and the huge head fell on the snow.

“You won…just fine.”

The faintly discernable sound appeared in the air, as if it really appeared, and it was also like an illusion.

The queen’s body gradually turned into extremely ice, breaking every inch, together with the decapitated head, turning into crystal clear ice, floating in the air.

The Queen of the Ghost Race has been beheaded.


The battle was over and the snowfall stopped. After the queen turned into extreme ice and shattered, a crown fell on the snow, and Su Xiao’s left arm was bitten off by the queen.

Su Xiao picked up the treasure box and crown dropped by the queen, and Baja, who was frozen into a sand sculpture, escaped from the different space. It was just at the moment of life and death. Fortunately, Baja reduced the queen’s speed with space ability, otherwise the final winner would change People.

Frozen to Baja trembling, take out the cell survival box, open it, put Su Xiao’s left arm into it, and move it skillfully. This cell survival box is the seventh generation product. The freshness at break is the same.

Without waiting for Su Xiao to check the kill reward, a dozen meters away, white tentacles spread, and the pale Ona crawled out of these tentacles.

Ona didn’t say much, she was lying on the ground weak, holding the twisted cross on her neck with one hand.

The white light was released from the cross, and Aona was sucked into it. The brilliance on it changed and turned into black light. An arm protruded from the black light. As the black tentacles spread, Sin Yas turned from the twisted black light Inside break free.

After Sin Yass appeared, he put the twisted cross on his neck. He was still a clergyman Robe with a smile on his face.

“White Night, we meet again.”

Sin Yass smiled from the heart, because he is in the best condition now.

“Gan, it’s a husband and wife file.”

Although Baja was frozen and half dead, he didn’t take much action in the battle just now. This was to prevent Sin Yass. Ona’s various behaviors all represent Sin Yass.

But it’s worth noting that although Meteor Star got two places, there should be something wrong with it. Sin Yass, the couple, can only show up, and the other has to live in the twisted cross. Have language exchanges with the outside world.

“Sin Yas, you can bear it till now.”

Wood, who had just thawed, came, and a trio of good teammates gathered.

At this moment, the door of the sleeping hall opened again. It was not opened by itself after killing the queen, but someone opened the door from outside.

A silhouette of no more than 1.5 meters tall stands outside the door. He is thin and thin, and his whole person reveals a point of wretchedness, 30% sneaky, 60% treacherous, just seeing this person , It will make people subconsciously touch their pockets with money, even if they are sure that the money is still there, they have to keep pressing with their hands to feel at ease.

“My dear friend, Caesar is late.”

Caesar walked into the dormitory with a wicked smile, and the good teammate trio added one more person to turn into a good teammate foursome group. After these four got together, they could only say that he hoped that the world would be well.

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