Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 3452


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The ice and snow in the queen’s bedroom gradually melted away. Except for the traces destroyed by the battle, it became almost the same as when Su Xiao first arrived.

As soon as the battle was over, GuLu, who was in the corner of the wall, took action. The short blade slipped out of her cuff. After holding the handle of the knife, she stabbed the hymn to the neck with a knife.

pu chi ~

The short blade without guards pierced the head of the hymn in response, and the blood-stained blade pierced her top of the head.

With a puff, the hymn kneels weakly and can only look up at GuLu.

“Your skin is really good.”

GuLu grabbed the chin of the hymn, and slowly pulled out the short blade in the other hand.

The hymn stared at GuLu firmly, the astonishment and unwillingness on his face gradually turned into a smile.

“You will… regret it.”

I like the hymn of burying people, and I was killed with a smile on my face. In the past, this face of the big sister next door gave me an indescribable sense of horror.

Watching this scene, Caesar, who had a treacherous smile on his face, narrowed his treacherous smile, and asked in a low voice: “My dear friend, do you have any grudges with this woman?”


“Don’t kill her personally. The safest way is to let things that are more difficult than her kill her.”

Caesar’s rare expression is serious. Upon hearing this, Su Xiao learned a key piece of information, and the hymn was not dead.

Su Xiao came into contact with hymns in the last world. She doesn’t know much about the other party’s information. Most rumors are that hymns hold funerals for enemies.

I don’t know if this is the hobby of the hymn, or something else. After the hymn kills the enemy, as long as there is enough time, it will definitely let the 12Knight mine of the “Holly Knight Group” + cut trees on site to make a coffin, and then 12Knight will carry the coffin into it burial.

This is not over yet, the hymns have to pray for the dead, and if there is plenty of time, they can even open a simple memorial service for others.

According to the known information, Hymn seems to be the strongest healing system of Tier 8, and she was the representative of the Holy Paradise party in the last world, which is also a leader.

The hymn and the fairy are old rivals. With the acting style of the fairy, they didn’t take the initiative to find the trouble of the hymn, and there is a tendency to hide away.

Previously, when fighting for the material box, in front of that many people, Xianji slapped the hymn. With Xianji’s temper, not only did he not take the initiative to retaliate, but there seemed to be a tendency to turn this story. ?

Thinking of this, Su Xiao was wary. In a fully open world like the tree-born world, sometimes it’s not that the battle strength is stronger than the enemy, so you can sit back and relax, similar to the hymns that only show true strength after being killed. People should be highly vigilant.

It is GuLu who killed the hymn right now. Su Xiao looked towards GuLu and asked: “Have you gotten the killing?”

“Got it, but…”

GuLu didn’t continue to say that the kill notification she received was a bit strange, but she didn’t feel anything unusual about herself.

When the battle is over, it is natural to distribute the benefits.

Judging from the current situation, Wood and Sin Yas are not prepared to take action, because they will continue to cooperate in this world.

In this battle, Su Xiao certainly had the biggest head. He had a head-to-head battle with the Queen throughout the entire process, so he accounted for 50% of all profits and would like to mention a crown.

Sin Yas inherited the contribution made by his wife, because Oona invaded the queen within the body during the whole battle, and the risk she took was much smaller than Su Xiao, but in view of her role in the battle The effect, occupying 20% ​​of the income, the dark blade of the light and dark double knives belongs to her.

Wood is also 20%. Although this fellow was weakening the queen throughout the whole process, he did not face the queen directly. After weighing it up, the light blade belongs to him.

Sin Yass and Wood are not members of the paradise camp. Although they have a temporary notarization of the Void Tree, they can at most get the kill rewards of ordinary and elite units. For example, after killing the “One Punch Super Mushroom”, Can obtain soul coins.

They don’t have “paradise imprint” and cannot get the kill rewards of boSS Rank units, but they are also participants in the battle. As compensation, the Void Tree gave them “share of notarization rights.”

For example, Wood’s “notarization right share” is 100 points. He wants to take the light blade out of the world and bring it back to the void, so he must first use the 20 point notarization share to notarize the light blade.

After Su Xiao, Wood, and Sin Yas divided the spoils, GuLu gave a light cough, meaning there was still 10% of her.

Sin Yass looked towards GuLu suspiciously. After Baja briefly explained the situation to him, he suddenly came across.

“Since you are participating in the battle, you should get the trophy, take it, this is your trophy.”

Sin Yass picked up the queen’s pillow on the huge bed. The diameter of this thing was half a meter thick and the length was higher than GuLu’s height.


GuLu, who was a little confused, took it subconsciously, and instead, she was nodded and accepted the reward. The filling in the queen’s pillow was valuable.

There are not many treasures kept by the queen, except for the crown and double knives, there is only one metal box.

The workmanship of this metal box is exquisite. Judging from the color, it has been around for some years. It was found in the hidden compartment of the huge bed. The material can shield the sensor and it is impossible to detect what is inside.

GuLu crouched in front of the metal box, making a gesture to open the metal box, but three feet from three directions stepped on the metal box.

This thing cannot be used. If it is a good thing that cannot be divided, Su Xiao + Wood + Baja will work together to deal with Sin Yas, Sin Yas is in the best condition now.

“Why not get as high as the price?”

“What is the measure?”

“Soul coins are fine, Reincarnation Paradise, Void, and Falling Stars all circulate this hard currency.”

“en. ”

Preliminary discussion, this metal box can’t be opened, and whoever comes out with a lot of soul coins will belong to this thing. After that, those soul coins will be based on Su Xiao 50%, Wood 20%, Sin Yas 20%, GuLu 10% Way of distribution.

Su Xiao can’t afford this thing, he entered this world not long after, plus he paid Solomon 3000 soul coins before, now he is very poor.

The more crucial point is that Su Xiao doesn’t think there are good things in it. From the perspective of Wood, Sin Yass, and GuLu, the queen is a powerful enemy of chance encounters, and they know very little about the queen.

Su Xiao knows a lot about the queen. The impossible in this metal box is a resource to enhance strength. There are such things that the queen has already used by herself.

The queen does not love power. How did she become the queen of the north? The answer is to eat.

The queen’s resistance to food is not high, as everyone knows, the meat of the extraordinary wild beasts is very good, just add salt, and it will be fragrant after roasting. After a bite, people can’t stop at all.

The extraordinary wild beasts in the entire northern part were almost eaten by the queen and cried. They estimated that if they didn’t think of a way, they would have to be eaten extinct by this ghost girl.

A group of extraordinary orc Elders found the queen, bowed down to the queen, affirmed, and expressed their acknowledge allegiance from their hearts.

The queen was very hesitant at the time, and finally agreed. Upon hearing the news, those humanoid creatures were terrified. In the past, the ghost girl didn’t eat them because they were humanoid, but it took a long time. Heaven knows After the opponent can’t eat the meat of the extraordinary wild beast, will he overcome the psychological obstacle and swing his knife at them?

In this way, a large number of extraordinary races came to take refuge in the queen. In that scene, one pretended to be more pitiful.

The queen is a bit angry, so she can swing her knife at the acknowledge allegiance. She really can’t do it. After she was betrayed by the ghost tribe, these extraordinary races all stood up and expressed their support for the queen, and Annihilated the ghost tribe.

Because there is no order from the queen, these extraordinary races dare not to act blindly without thinking. In any case, the ghost race is the queen’s progeny.

The queen became accustomed to nature. Later, she came to the bottom of the big tree cave and ordered the building of the bedroom here. At that time, because of her strength, she had begun to be corroded by the power of the abyss, and she simply came to the abyss The place where the power is the strongest and continues to spread outwards, uses itself as a shackle, so that the power of the abyss will no longer overflow.

It can be seen that the queen does not value power and money, and only such a person can build a double Grandmaster.

With the temperament of the queen, what good things will be in this metal box? Even if she had it before, she had long been rewarded by her subordinates with merits. She was eroded by the power of the abyss too deeply. Those priceless and unique rare treasures were already out of her reach.

Keeping Broken Soulstone is because no one other than Extinguisher can awaken the power of Broken Soulstone, and because of this, the queen put Broken Soulstone on the ring.

Based on this inference, it is not difficult to guess that the contents of this metal box are the kind of things that are only valuable to the queen but not of much use to others.

“I give out 7000 soul coins.”

Su Xiao made the first price. Although he did not buy, it did not prevent him from raising the price.


Sin Yass is unexpectedly rich.


Wood follows the price immediately.


When GuLu made the offer, she gasped, making her a little sleepy.

As soon as the price of 9,000 soul coins came out, the scene suddenly calmed down. Seeing this, GuLu was not sleepy on the spot. She just asked for a price. In her opinion, with the strength of the queen, this metal box containing the secret treasure , At least worth more than 20,000 soul coins.

“Since no one else has offered to bid, then I announce that the bidder No. 4 has won this lot. Congratulations, everyone.”

After Caesar finished speaking, he clapped his hands first, and Boubo Wang and Baja were also with him.

GuLu didn’t react for a while, she scratched her head, always feeling wrong, she asked: “Wood, why didn’t you increase the price?”

“Not enough soul coins.”

“What about you, Brother Tentacle?”

“respect the old and cherish the young.”


GuLu was a little confused by what Sin Yass said.

Obviously, both Wood and Sin Yas were aware of the clues and did not dispute the metal box. GuLu, although she is very smart, there are too many Old Fart in the hall at the moment.


GuLu pays the soul coin, and Su Xiao receives the prompt.

【You get 4,500 soul coins (notarized share income). 】

After the spoils are divided, Su Xiao will check the kill prompt that just appeared.

[Hint: You have killed the eldest daughter of the abyss, Yuro. 】

【You get golden skill points×2. 】

[You get the abyss treasure box (after opening it, there is a low probability of getting the abyss product). 】

【You have been given the Dark Resident (special title, this title will disappear after leaving this world). 】


[Dark Residents]

Origin: The tree grows the world

Quality: ☆ (0 stars)

Category: Title

Title effect: Right of residence (passive), after wearing this title, you will have the right to stay and reside in the “Darkness Territory”.

Introduction: You who have obtained this qualification through the killing of the king will be feared and guarded by some dark residents, but you are feared and sometimes safer.

Price: Unable to sell, this title will disappear after leaving this world.


In the queen’s kill reward, there were 2 golden skill points, which Su Xiao didn’t expect.

The obtained abyss treasure box, this is a good thing, even if there is only a small probability of obtaining the abyss product, it is equally attractive.

What are the known products of the abyss? One is the tank of the abyss, which gives a bad impression, but another product of the abyss, which makes people salivate, is the Black Maple Tree.

The first tree species of the Black Maple Tree was obtained by opening a temporary passage leading to the abyss by hitting the great luck. Since then, in the sky has the Black Maple Tree.

It is said that only the mother tree planted by tree planting can cultivate a new Black Maple Tree with its branches or branches. Dark Abyss, Yuanlongdi, Arcane Eternal Star’s Black Maple Tree are all possible It is derived from this.

Why not cultivate the Black Maple Tree in large quantities? This is not only because of the harsh growth conditions of the Black Maple Tree, but also because of rumors that there is a limit to the number of Black Maple Trees. Beyond this limit, no matter how good the environment is, the newly cultivated Black Maple Tree seedlings will die.

Su Xiao is not clear about the truth of this rumor, but Black Maple Tree is demanding on the planting environment. Su Xiao understands that when his Black Maple Tree was still in the seedling stage, it would die without moving. The appearance to him.

So, even if the [Abyss treasure box] only has a small probability to open the abyss product, it is also very exciting. If you open a treasure with the same value as the Black Maple Tree, it will be developed.

The final title of “Darkness Territory” is temporarily useless. Su Xiao doesn’t know where the “Darkness Territory” is.

The powerful enemy has been killed, and the bedroom has been explored again. This is the end of the big tree cave. It stands to reason that returning to the same path is the best choice, but no one left.

Su Xiao sat on the huge bed and took out the [Shooting Ring]. Four Broken Soulstone pieces were already inlaid on it. He took out the piece he had just obtained, and with a click, this Broken Soulstone piece was sucked up.

You have to wait to return to Reincarnation Paradise to synthesize Broken Soulstone, and you cannot master the Broken Soul Shadow ability for the time being.

Just now, Caesar made a hand gesture inadvertently, meaning not to leave the sleeping hall first, this servant obviously discovered something.

“Three of you, how long are you going to stay here?”

Sin Yass speaks and urges Su Xiao, Wood, and Caesar to leave as soon as possible. This is more like a temptation.


Su Xiao did not speak, closed his eyes and sat on the bed, manipulating a few micron-level shadow threads to suture the wound within the body.

As for the left arm, he has formed a crystal arm. This is not an ordinary crystal arm. This crystal arm not only incorporates exile and enhances the overall controllability. The inner part of the crystal arm is similar to the nervous blue lines, which are his shadow lines. constitute.

He can move the crystal arm because it is exiled by manipulation, but this is not precise enough, so he uses the shadow line converted into Azure Steel Shadow energy, mimicking the nerve structure, and connecting with the nerve at the broken arm.

In this way, Su Xiao’s crystal arm not only has the power, but also the detailed control is more perfect. He did not voluntarily develop this ability, because his left arm is often cut off by powerful enemies, and in desperation, this ability becomes more and more perfect.

“Wait for you at most one hour.”

Sin Yass sat under the wall, holding the twisted cross on his neck with one hand, communicating with his wife.

“Go now.”

GuLu turned around and left. She didn’t have the patience to wait an hour, and there was no reason to wait.

After GuLu left, the sleeping hall became quiet. This silence lasted for more than half an hour, and Ona inside the twisted cross spoke.

“Husband, don’t delay here.”


Sin Yass gestured to silence the voice, Oona muttered, but did not contradict Yass.

“It’s meaningless to consume so much.”

Wood speaks, hearing this, Caesar’s expression is tangled, it may be that he can’t hide it, he came to the huge bed, took out a bunch of weird tools, forsythia buckles, and after a while, the metal side panel of the bed , A painful face gradually emerged.

The face retched, as if the end of being fucked was approaching, it turned into a lock.

There are pointers on the edge of the lock disc, and 30 different patterns around it. There are a total of 12 lock slots in the middle of the lock disc. This lock disc cannot be opened by luck and observation.

“How to unlock?”

Xin Yasi looked towards Su Xiao, meaning to let Su Xiao kick away.


Su Xiao didn’t speak, he didn’t kick open the door of the queen’s bedroom. It is conservatively estimated that the strength of this metal bed is much higher than that of the door.


Sin Yass looked towards Wood, Wood shook the head, there were too many causes and effects on this lock plate, and he couldn’t help it.


Caesar gave a dry cough, raised his chin slightly, and the Ouroboros slab appeared in his hand. He tossed the Ouroboros slab with one hand, but when it was connected, the Ouroboros slab fell on his foot. , With a bang, in the middle of the thumb toe cover.

Gu Kai’s contorts one’s face in agony, he needs slippers to check it out.

“Hold on, hero!”

Baja hurriedly spoke. If these were slippers, there would be no one in the bedroom.

Caesar angrily picked up the Ouroboros slab from the ground and asked: “Password.”

‘No comment! ’

Ouroboros is still so stubborn, and I don’t know who gave it the courage.


After Caesar took a big mouthful of phlegm, the Ouroboros slab began to tremble, and the words ‘Extinguisher help me’ and ‘I will definitely help you’ appeared one after another, Su Xiao ignored it.

Finally, a series of pictorial codes appeared on the Ouroboros slab, and Caesar turned the lock disc in sequence, and when the pointer was aligned with the last pictorial, a click came from the bed.

hong long long ~

The bed slowly slides back inward. When the bed stops, a long groove on the ground is exposed. This groove is 1.5 meters wide and has a downward step inside.

The steps were shrouded in black mist, which did not spread out of the trench and remained level with the ground.

Sin Yass raised his hand and plunged into the black mist.

si si hiss!

After a terrible period of corrosion, Sin Yass pulled out his hand from the black fog, leaving only bones in his entire right hand.

A black tentacle grew behind Sin Yass. The front end of this tentacle turned into a sharp blade. With a brush, his right hand was cut off, and flesh and blood surged from the wound. In a blink of an eye, his right hand recovered as before.

Sin Yath shook the head and signaled that there was no way to enter it. After testing, Wood came to the same conclusion.

Su Xiao looked at the black mist in the trench. He speculated that the “Darkness Territory” should be underneath. He equipped the title of [Darkness Territory], and the crystal’s left hand touched the black mist.

No situation occurred. After Su Xiao wore the title of [Darkness Territory], the “Darkness Territory” had recognized him as a dark resident, and naturally it would not erode him.

Su Xiao asked Baja to test it. As expected, Baja, as Su Xiao’s follower, inherited the effect of this special title, and Boubo Wang naturally didn’t need to say more.

“It seems we didn’t get the’tickets’.”

Wood doesn’t feel sorry, he instinctively feels that the dark mist is not a good place.

“Sin Yass, on the way I came, I found a very interesting place in the Black Forest.”

“Not interested.”

Sin Yass answered casually and seemed to be thinking about something.

“A lot of soul coins can be obtained.”

“Lead the way ahead.”

Sin Yass immediately became enthusiastic.

“You deserve it.”

Wood and Sin Yas walked outside the sleeping hall. Before leaving, Wood said something, and then they met near the initial tree of “The Ancient City of Yada”.

“My dear friend, you go first, and Caesar will arrive later.”

Caesar took out a bunch of bottles and cans, this is to get into the black mist.

Su Xiao descended down the stairs, the surrounding black mist was slightly cool, and he couldn’t see his fingers. After he walked down the last stairway, he felt that the surrounding darkness gradually became translucent, not dissipated, but No longer block his sight and Sensor.

Although the light is still dim, Su Xiao can see clearly that he is in a slender underground passage more than 1 meter wide. The rock walls on both sides are very flat and the upper part is arched.

After Su Xiao, Boubo 汪, Baja marched forward several hundred meters, both sides suddenly opened up.

[Reminder: You have reached the “Darkness Territory”. 】

【You have disguised as a dark dweller (this is the title effect). 】

[Warning: In this area, most of the units are in the “Chaotic Neutral” camp, a small part are in the “Chaotic Evil” camp, and a very small part are in the “Chaotic Neutral” camp. 】

[Checked to Hunter’s charm attribute is -12 points. 】

【When you negotiate with the “Chaotic Neutral” unit, the negotiation modifies +10 points. 】

【When you negotiate with the “Chaotic Evil” unit, the negotiation modifies +32 points. 】

【When you negotiate with the “Chaotic Evil” unit, the negotiation modifies +59 points. 】


Su Xiao looked around. This is a small-town-scale building complex. Surrounding the building complex is rocky and dark with an even fracture.

Preliminary judgment is that the only exit here is the passage when it came.

The buildings in the town have a sense of run-down. Many rock houses say that this is a town. In fact, there are only two rows of intact buildings on both sides of the street. The darkness melted into it like a burning candle.

The entire street is about three meters wide, and the buildings on both sides give people a sense of compactness and closure. To a certain extent, this architectural pattern also gives people a sense of security.

Su Xiao walked on the street, the rock under his feet seemed to have been eaten by insects, and it was full of honeycomb eyes.

There are no bright colors in Darkness Territory, everything is based on black, and there is a musty smell in the air.

There are more than 30 stone houses on both sides of the street, only 4 stone houses are lit by a faint candlelight.

Su Xiao came to a window. The gray glass-like objects and semi-deteriorated metal made up the window. On the wall under the window edge, a layer of black material was glued, which gave people a thick and greasy feeling.

dong dong dong.

Su Xiao knocked on the window.

“roar roar roar roar roar…”

There was a ‘carefree’ laughter from the window, and the laughter stopped abruptly after ten seconds.

Su Xiao knocked on the window again, and there was an inexplicable hum, much like a pig’s hum.

“Town residents: Brother Pig, unable to communicate.”

To confirm this information, Su Xiao came to a stone house diagonally opposite to Brother Zhu’s house. Candlelight was also lit in this stone house.

dong dong dong.

Su Xiao knocked on the door this time.

“dong dong dong.”

The person inside the door imitated the knock on the door.

“I am a new dark dweller.”

Su Xiao speaks.

“I am a new dark dweller.”

The person inside the door spoke with the same voice and tone as Su Xiao.

“Follow me again, I will go in and chat with you.”

Su Xiao pressed one hand on the wooden door in front of him. Hearing what he said, the people in the door did not imitate him anymore, but they also began to remain silent.

Imitating men can’t negotiate normally. Su Xiao needs to find a dark resident who can negotiate and understand the general situation of the place.

Continue to walk along the street. After a while, Su Xiao stopped in front of a stone house lit by candlelight and knocked on the door.

A female voice came from inside the door: “Is it a light bearer.”


“Unfamiliar voice,” the woman inside the door came closer and asked, “Where are you from?”

“The sleeping hall.”

Su Xiao currently knows too little information. In this case, lies will have the opposite effect.

“Why would she agree to open the passage, she would not agree, unless…she died.”

Finally, the voice of the woman inside the door was trembling.

“Well, she is dead.”

After being confirmed by Su Xiao’s, the woman inside the door was silent. After a while, a low sob came from the door.

“She always said that someone must come forward, but she, in the end, still died, huh, huh~”

The woman inside the door couldn’t cry, while speaking, she cried until she cried.

Su Xiao heard that the queen’s adoptive father, the traitor Golu, mentioned that the queen has an elder sister, and now it seems that this is the case.

Compared with the queen, her elder sister has a completely different feeling. If the queen is strong and approachable, her elder sister is gentle and fragile. Just hearing the news of the queen’s death, she could not cry.

“She is, why, died.”

The queen’s elder sister is very sad.

“I killed it.”


The queen’s elder sister is even more sad. Seeing this, Su Xiao decided to comfort him appropriately, after all, he had to ask for information.

“She was beheaded by me, and she died very simply.”


The cry is louder and the family members are emotionally unstable.


Su Xiao looked towards Baja and Boubo Wang, motioning them to speak.


Boubo Wang said it can’t speak.

“Cough, the queen is her elder sister, don’t be sad, she has been transformed into the elder sister of the abyss before the queen died.”

Hearing this, the queen’s elder sister cried a little less, choked up and said: “I am Arya, the ghost clan within 100 years, the most wasteful heir.”

Hearing this, Baja was speechless for a while. It didn’t understand why Arya specifically mentioned that she was the most trash heir when she introduced herself, as if it were something glorious.

After Arya’s mood stabilized, she said softly: “Don’t be exposed to the darkness all the time, you will be assimilated by the abyss, continue to move forward, go to the light bearer to get the candlestick…”

According to Arya, when you come to the “Darkness Territory”, you should go to the shrine at the end of the street as soon as possible, find the light bearer to get the candlesticks and candles, and then you can go to the stone house where the door is unlocked. It is safe to live inside if the candle is not extinguished.

Su Xiao walked along the street lined with stone houses on both sides. At the end, a large stone house with a semi-melted outer wall sealed the street. This is what Arya said.

The two wooden doors of the shrine were open, and the smell of burning candles for a long time came to the nose. Walking into the shrine, the corners were piled with bones. On the inside, a silhouette wearing a white robe sat at the table. Before, it seems to be praying.

This person is a light passer. Although he is dressed as a clergyman, he is about 2.7 meters tall. The muscles on his body hold up the clergyman Robe. His arms are thicker than the thighs of ordinary people. This inevitably makes people wonder whether he will teach physics if it goes against his dogma.

Seeing this person, Su Xiao knew that the Devourer·Lining Sun’s fitter had been found.

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