Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 3453


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Darkness Territory, in the innermost temple of the town.

The bones on the wall are piled up in a slope. These bones have a special structure. Multiple skulls are squeezed together. The neck bones are short and thick, and the lower ribs are very thin, but dense, with three layers, glued together, limbs The form is closer to four groups of running beasts.

It is worth noting that there are signs of bone cracks or comminuted fractures on these bones. They must have flesh and blood, but they have been removed, and the organs in the ribs have turned black and shriveled.

Apparently aware of the arrival of Su Xiao’s, the light transmitter sitting in front of the case in the side stopped praying.

Perhaps he knows how strong his image is and does not match the first impression given by the light-passer. He has a mustache on his chin and wears glasses with a chain.

Unfortunately, these concealed costumes are extremely helpless compared to the clergyman Robe who is supported by the pectoralis major and biceps.

“New residents, welcome to stay in “Dawn Town”. The darkness will always pass, and the dawn will come. “

The light-transmitting person smiled kindly, but at this moment, a slightly burnt fragrance floated from the small wooden door inside.

“My name is Anderson. I am the light bearer of “Dawn Town”. These are candlesticks and fat wax. Take them well. If you encounter any trouble in the town, you can come to me. “

The light bearer Anderson handed over an old copper candlestick and a candle in white and black.

“You have chosen a good residence…”

In the middle of what the light bearer Anderson said, the wooden door leading to the back room made a peng peng sound, and something lightly knocked the door inside.

“It’s my pet. Maybe it’s hungry. Wait a minute, I’ll take care of it.”

Anderson got up and walked towards the back room. Behind him, he stood up, with a height of 2.7 meters and full of oppression.

As soon as Anderson opened the door, a dark claw protruded from the crack of the door, scratching left and right, this black claw gave people a strong sense of evil, filth, and distortion. Undoubtedly, this thing is not to be trifled with, However, judging from the groping movement of this black claw, it is now panicked.

Anderson calmly used the 67-yard big foot to push the black paw back, seeming to be worried about what Su Xiao suspected, and he also explained: “It seems that it is really hungry.”

A few minutes later, after taking care of it, Anderson walked out of the wooden door, holding a tray in his hand, on which were several large hard breads and some dried fruit.

Liming Town is not a resource-rich place, but the residents here will not starve to death even if they don’t eat.

Anderson sat on the floor, put the tray between him and Su Xiao, and gestured to please.

Su Xiao picked up the quick toast and didn’t eat it. He judged that the age of the toast should be older than him. It was because of the special environment of Liming Town that it did not decay.

Su Xiao took out some food from the storage space. Anderson still only ate the expired toast in his hand, he warned:

“Eat these rich foods as soon as possible, and then forget their taste, which can reduce the pain when you miss them for a long time in the future.”

Anderson spoke. As the only light-transmitting person in the town, he was also unable to leave the Darkness Territory.

Rather than saying that this is the Darkness Territory, Su Xiao feels that this place is more like a place of exile, exiling those dangerous and unstable existences here.

It’s not Su Xiao’s random guessing. Don’t forget that the only entrance to the dark realm is in the queen’s bed, which she personally takes care of.

Of the three dark residents I met before, two of them gave people a sense of danger. Brother Pig is strongly savage and vicious, just like the mouth of a swallowing world, while imitating a man is weird, pure and extremely weird.

The last Arya is also the queen’s elder sister. She is here, most likely because she has nowhere to go, or it might be the queen’s eyeliner staying here.

Thinking about it this way, Arya is the watcher, the light bearer Anderson is the guard, and the pig brother, the impersonator, etc., are the most vicious people exiled here.

From the previous prompt, Su Xiao learned a piece of information. Everyone here is the most observant of Chaotic Neutral, followed by Chaotic Evil and Extreme Evil. Looking at the entire Dawn Town, no good person can be found.

During the meal, Su Xiao learned something from Anderson’s words. For example, Anderson is not an aboriginal in this world.

Anderson came from a place called “Netherlands”, he used to be an executioner.

In the Great Empire, a rotten monster about to die, plus a bloodthirsty tyrannical monarch, and many imperial ministers who only listen, and finally a population of over 2 million, on the verge of violence Empire.

Adding these factors together, you can imagine how busy Anderson was as the executioner at the time. He beheaded and executed every day, tired at night, with a sore waist and back pain, and his arms were swollen and painful to sleep.

I don’t know where to start, Anderson could hear a lot of strange sounds. One night, he dreamed of sinking into the dark mud, and he woke up with sweat.

Early the next morning, the “Master Ann” who started a new day at work, just cut off the head of the first prisoner, he discovered that a strange force was flowing to him within the body. A few minutes later, when his The body absorbed this strange energy, and he became stronger.

As a price, the chaotic babble in Anderson’s ears is more pronounced, but the work has to continue, and Anderson repeats the execution every day.

The situation in the empire became more and more chaotic. Anderson’s execution targets ranged from ordinary person to warrior, then became a relatively weak transcendent, and then a powerful transcendent. In the end, among those executed, occasionally Famous and ruthless role.

Anderson found that the stronger the prisoner he beheaded, the more strange energy he could absorb, and the stronger he became.

Anderson’s salary is getting worse and worse. Originally, he worked 10 hours a day, and later worked 16 hours, 18 hours a day, and finally worked 24 hours a day.

The prisoner is escorted up, pressed on the pile platform, beheaded with an axe, and his head falls into the bamboo basket. This is what Anderson repeats every day, boring, bloody and brutal.

A sleepless executioner, this leader, even attracted the attention of the cruel monarch, personally visited Anderson’s execution and awarded him a reward.

Although Pang Great Empire is decayed, it will be a few years or even longer before it collapses. This also causes Anderson to become a torture machine. Until one day, Anderson cut off the prisoner’s head with a single stroke and found He cut out a black mark himself, and he opened the Spatial Rend with that only ordinary execution axe.

An executioner gained the ability to continuously strengthen his body through killing. In addition, he had forgotten how many people he had executed. At that time, even Anderson himself did not know how strong he was.

The bad news is that the babble that Anderson heard became more and more obvious, and he was executed endlessly because of these babbles, he couldn’t sleep.

Finally, one day, Anderson’s strength exceeded a certain limit. He grabbed those “dark wandering souls” from the unknown with his bare hands, and split them with a few axes.

At that time, Anderson felt that the world was clean. After 4 years, he was finally able to sleep peacefully. After sleeping for a whole week, Anderson returned to his previous job, executed and executed, with only punishment and blood every day.

This kind of life lasted for another 3 years. Anderson was completely bored. He couldn’t understand why so many people wanted to kill those royal families? There are too many enemies of the royal family.

In order to solve the problem from the root cause, that night, Anderson went to the palace by himself with a torture axe, smashed to death the Great General, known as the strongest in the empire, and then washed the palace with blood.

Anderson did not leave alive, even left witnesses. After doing all this, he returned to the penal institution. To him, power and money are meaningless. His greatest pleasure is with the death row prisoners. Chat, those on death row prisoners, every word they say is confided to the heart, there is little hypocrisy and few lies.

The royal family of the old empire was slaughtered, and the new empire was established. As a torturer who did not involve rights, Anderson was not affected. Of course, this is also related to his not to be trifled with.

In the beginning, Anderson’s job changed more. A few months later, he ushered in the off-season. He only executed a few people a day. This gave him plenty of time to chat with those on death row because he had enough Money can buy meat and wine, and those on death row are naturally willing to chat with him.

Unfortunately, Anderson’s good days did not last long. After 60 years, he found that more and more prisoners were to be executed. Everything seemed to be back to what it was before, and this time it was even more excessive. The newly formed royal family, many times Investigate why the unshaven and sloppy image shows no signs of aging for more than 60 years.

The number of prisoners to be executed has increased again. Anderson has no time to chat with them, and the royal family keeps on making small moves and temptations. Finally, Anderson is annoyed.

Everything is the same as 60 years ago. The royal family and the Guard in the palace were killed to the last one overnight. According to witnesses, it was done by an evil spirit with black smoke all over.

After the demise of Empire 2.0, Empire 3.0 was established in a short time, and Anderson was still unaffected. His feeling at the time was that this royal family seemed to be okay.

Anderson is careless, Empire 3.0 has only been maintained for more than 40 years, and it is about the same as Empire 1.0, not as good as Empire 2.0.

Anderson, who was a little tired, unearthed his torture axe to destroy the two generations of royal families from the ground, and destroyed the royal family of Empire 3.0.

After Empire 3.0 was destroyed, Empire 4.0 appeared in just ten days.

Everything is like yesterday. There was a constant rotation between new birth and death. Hundreds of years later, when Anderson watched the establishment of Empire 12.0, he was very disappointed in the heart and humanity. People always think that if you switch to being the monarch yourself, You can do better in that seat, in fact, it’s just that you haven’t been in that seat.

At that time, Anderson figured out a lot. People hated greedy ministers, but they envied power and pleasure. People hated the monopoly of wealthy businessmen, but wanted their products to be unique and unmatched. People ridiculed the empire’s morals and corruption. But after he made a mistake, he spent money to manage relationships, hoping to be exempt from punishment. This made Anderson understand that what people are angry is not unfair, but angry that they are not in a favorable position and fail to become vested interests. It is the human heart, this is human nature.

When Anderson was fully enlightened, one thing attracted him, faith, faith in Spiritual God.

Anderson left the royal city, went to the sacred place representing faith, and became a servant of God.

But not long after, Anderson discovered that the Spiritual God, known as the “Lord of All Things”, seemed to have impure motives. Who can come to believe in them, and those who are willing to correct evil and evil will immediately To get the love of God, on the contrary, those simple people who have been faithful to several decades, just because of a little mistake, were sent down to Divine Punishment.

With questions full of questions, Anderson found the representative of the “Lord of All Things” in the human world, the god priest, and the question about Anderson, the god priest was furious and shouted on the spot: “Take this heresy.”

As a result, the heresy did not take it. The sacred place of faith was mostly destroyed. From beginning to end, the “Lord of All Things” did not come.

It is also difficult for the “Lord of All Things” to exist. He is just a Spiritual God. Seeing that the whole body is about to form a real Anderson, the “Lord of All Things” has a cold back and a buzzing brain.

But the stubborn Anderson decided to find an explanation for the “Lord of All Things”. He was full of pious heart. Why did he say that he was a heresy?

The final result is that the “Lord of All Things” found three other Spiritual Gods to exist, as if they were facing an enemy to deal with Anderson, but because of a wrong answer to a question, all four Spiritual Gods were hacked by Anderson.

Just after the battle, Anderson was swallowed by the gushing darkness. When he woke up, he had come to the tree-born world, which was the flourishing period of the Yada civilization in the dark age.

The Yada people’s thirst and belief in light touched Anderson. He saw many shining points of human nature in the Yada people, so he became a light bearer and walked with the Yada people in the dark. Spreading light, he no longer kills easily, and gradually tempered his violent temper.

Whenever you share light with other people and look at the happiness on their faces, Anderson has a sense of fulfillment.

In the final battle between the Yadas and darkness, Anderson was swallowed by darkness. I don’t know how long it took. When Anderson woke up again, he was already in the Darkness Territory. At that time, Dawn Town had been established. However, there were a dozen rows of houses at that time, unlike now, only two rows on the side of the street were invaded by darkness.

Hearing Anderson’s reminiscences, Baja groaned and swallowed, and Boubo was stunned. Although Anderson said this in a calm tone, the content was too harsh.

“It’s all the old things in the past, you just listen to the story.”

Anderson’s kind laughed, he didn’t take pride in being strong before. On the contrary, when talking about passing the light, he said in extra detail.

“Anderson, do you believe in a god who represents the light?”

“I have no faith, I’m just a lighter.”

Anderson, who was sitting cross-legged, put his hands on his knees, and his smile became more gentle.

“Have you heard of anyone who believes in the sun?”

“Believe in the sun? What god is that?”

“Not a god, but the sun.”

Su Xiao threw a small bottle to Anderson, which contained the strength of Faith·Sun.

After Anderson opened it, tiny golden light particles floated out. Anderson tried to touch it with his hands. In the next moment, his eyes became apathetic, but he seemed to see a thousand things.

After a long time, Anderson’s eyes recovered, his slightly shocked face seemed to say: ‘In this world, there is such a great way of faith? ’

Instead, Anderson shook the head, without saying anything else, got up and walked towards the back room.

Su Xiao left the hall, found an uninhabited stone house on the side of the street, and opened the door to enter.

The stone house is about 30 square meters. Although the tables, chairs and beds are old, they are all available. A whole wall is occupied by bookcases. Inside the wooden lattice, there are many books, mostly historical biographies. , Did not see a valuable book.

The bedding on the bed had black hair and hard hair, and was thrown out by Baja. Considering that he might stay here temporarily, the new bedding was covered.

With a bang, the metal door closes after nearly 10 cm. Not to mention, the residents here have a strong sense of anti-theft. The materials of the doors and windows, plus the blessing of the dark and extraordinary characteristics, can’t be bombarded by ship shells. open.

In the dark, Su Xiao lit the fat wax, and the white candlelight was shining on. With the closed and safe environment of this place, it gave people the urge to live here forever.

This is obviously some kind of inducing method in Dawn Town, so that the dark residents here stay at home and don’t mess around.

Su Xiao sat cross-legged on the bed| and took out the queen’s crown. This thing is of great use. He used to drink [Blood Wine] with the queen in the Queen’s bedroom and completed the “hidden mission · Stinging Pain” “.

The [Stone Throne Supplement Device] obtained by mission is used in conjunction with the Queen’s Crown.

First, Su Xiao will return to the “Underground Congregation Siyi” located in the cold cemetery, and go to the deepest enclosed hall there, where the Stone Throne and Queen’s adoptive father Betrayer Golu are located.

At that time, Su Xiao can complete the Stone Throne through the [Stone Throne Supplement Device] and get it notarized by Reincarnation Paradise.

There will be a cold mist of soul floating on the stone throne. If Su Xiao wears or holds the crown and sits on the stone throne, he can filter out the cold in the cold mist of the soul through the crown and obtain pure soul energy.

These soul energy will pass through the [Stone Throne Supplement Device], and after the impartial transformation of Reincarnation Paradise, Su Xiao can directly absorb it to improve his own abilities.

The effective time limit of [Stone Throne Supplement Device] is 5 hours. Simply put, Stone Throne + Supplement Device + Reincarnation Paradise Notarization + Crown is equivalent to a 5-hour skill promotion authority.

Su Xiao Sensor’s own situation, fighting with the Queen, caused him to be seriously injured to the point of death. As an Alchemy teacher, he has recovered a lot from his injuries with the cooperation of vitality liquid + spiritual shadow line.

This deadly battle gave Su Xiao a lot of hidden gains. For example, after this battle, the energy of Azure Steel Shadow has completely stabilized.

Su Xiao took out [Old Beastmaster’s Essence], the Devouring Nucleus ability was activated, and began to absorb the energy in the Essence, the biological energy in the Essence was filtered, purified, and purified, and turned into a colorless energy , Su Xiao within the body, was quickly absorbed by the Azure Steel Shadow energy within the body.

Two hours later, the empty shell of Jingpo floating in front of Su Xiao turned into dregs.

[Reminder: Azure Steel Shadow has been upgraded to Lv.50. 】

An immortal spirit enhances the ability of Level 8 Azure Steel Shadow, which is the benefit of increased energy absorption rate.

[Azure Steel Shadow: Lv.50 (Active Passive Skill)]

Conditions of Use: After enabling the Azure Steel Shadow ability, it consumes 240 Mana points per minute (30 points increase).

Active effect: Each melee attack will burn the enemy 782 Mana points (increase 32 points), and cause the burning Mana × 1.7 times of True Damage (1329 points True Damage + Dragon Flash increase by 25% + Azure Shadow King increase by 30% = 2060 True Damage), the enemy will endure the intense pain after the mana is burned.

Defensive form: Prideful Song (active)……

Battle form: Destroy the law (passive). After you take damage from the law system, the Azure Steel Shadow energy within the body will be further activated, thereby continuously improving your law system resistance (incremental increase).

Reminder: If no legal damage is taken within 40 minutes, this bonus will gradually decrease.

Reminder: After each battle with the legal system, if you have suffered multiple legal system damages, your legal system resistance will be slightly improved permanently.

Reminder: When you are subjected to effects such as lightning, fire, freezing, etc., increase the corresponding resistance permanently (this is a growth-type promotion, and the speed of promotion is slow).


The True Damage breakthrough 2000 point mark caused by the energy of Azure Steel Shadow is a new feature that has been accumulated and has never been awakened. It is also awakened this time.

This passive feature called “destroying the law” can be described as simple and unpretentious. After being attacked by the law system, Su Xiao will continue to stack the law system resistance, and eventually it may stack to the level that the law system enemy can’t move.

Combined with the 60% legal system damage immunity provided by Absolute Magic Physique, Su Xiao’s defensive power in the legal system will reach a particularly exaggerated level.

One thing Su Xiao understands is that when Extinguisher and Spellcaster fought, why many Spellcasters besieged an Extinguisher? The reason is simple and helpless. If you don’t besiege and bomb, you simply cannot kill Extinguisher.

It’s no wonder that Marvin Waltz said at the beginning that if you want to fight, you must first ensure that you can survive. This ability called “killing the law” completely implements the battle method of Extinguisher vs. Spellcaster, that is, you Beat me for a long time, I’m fine, but if I give you a knife, you are not dead and you are seriously injured.

Su Xiao exhaled the turbid breath, his body condition improved a lot, he took out the [container core] from the storage space, and replaced it with the right arm of the shadow spirit before. He was about to combine the two.

The ideal way to combine the two is to add some other materials as a balance. He took out five [active crystals], a certain amount of [fire gold], and about 10 ounces of strength of Faith. ·After the sun, the combination of the container core and the shadow spirit’s original energy began.

The candlelight flickers from time to time. Su Xiao is not in a hurry to leave Liming Town. His goal has been partially completed, and the pressure has dropped sharply.

At the moment, he and the Gray Gentleman don’t seem to be in direct confrontation, but they are actually competing with each other secretly. He needs to get Broken Soulstone and find a talent wake-up device to wake up Extinguisher’s unique Talent.

He is convinced that the Grey Gentleman is also accomplishing something, so the two sides are restraining each other at this stage. At most, they are entrusting cooperators to disgust each other.

The situation at this stage is that once Su Xiao finds the talent awakening device and awakens Extinguisher’s unique talent, he will be able to free his hands. Then, his remaining thing is to catch the gray gentleman and beat him, which will make the gray A gentleman is hard to vomit blood.

In just 0.72 seconds, Caesar recorded the first third of the reel, but Su Xiao closed the reel.

Caesar began to sort out the knowledge in his mind, which made the sly smile on his face disappear, and his eyes revealed a rare dignity. He found that “decay and dangerous fermentation” and him are simply a match made in heaven. If there is With this knowledge as the basic foundation, he has many unachievable ideas that can be Full Mastery. For example, one of his “Three Divine Items”, the [Vicious Footwrap] has been greatly improved.

Caesar’s eyes went from solemn to tangled, to uncomfortable and scratching. He tentatively asked: “My dear friend, is it all right to bring someone to the outside world?”


“That…can do it.”

Caesar had an expression of willingness. Seeing this, Su Xiao knew that most of the time was ripe, and the more crucial point was waiting.

Su Xiao left the residence and went to the stone house of the queen’s elder sister Arya, knocking on the black-patterned wooden door.

“Is it Mr. Extinguisher?”

Aaliyah’s gentle voice came from the door.

“How do you know that I am Extinguisher.”

Su Xiao has a different look in his eyes, pressing one hand on the handle of the knife.


Arya was speechless for a while, she thought about it seriously, and said, “I guessed it.”



As if to hear the sound of drawing a knife, Arya inside the door was a little nervous. She hesitated and said: “Actually, I can predict something, yes, I am a prophet.”


Su Xiao still didn’t speak.

“Sorry, I lied, it was told by the lighter.”

Arya began to lie frantically within the limited intelligence.


Su Xiao remained silent, because the light transmitter didn’t even know that he was an Extinguisher.

“I… saw it.”

After saying this, Arya sighed, hearing this, Su Xiao’s hand loosened the handle of the knife, and the Dragon Flash, which had not been completely out of the sheath, slid back into the sheath, making a crisp sound.

“Since I was young, I have been able to see a lot of things, some of which I can understand, and some of which are beyond my understanding. I can see and make wishes.”

“Make a wish?”

Baja, who was on Su Xiao’s shoulder, took the call, and it decided to negotiate for Su Xiao temporarily.

“Well, making a wish, as long as it is what I make a wish, it will definitely be realized, but I have to pay an equal price, very…a painful price.”

“So, your parents are both excellent ghosts?”

Baja continues to explore.

“My mother is a ghost, but she is very different except for her beauty. My father, I have never seen it, only heard many people mention it.”

Aaliyah’s chatterbox opens, and it can be said that she knows everything.

“After talking for so long, we are also friends, at least tell us your father’s name.”

Baja discovered that although the queen’s elder sister · Arya is a gentle voice, she has the same mentality as a child.

“Yes, people call my father…the abyss.”

Hearing her words, Baja’s eyes trembled, but he asked gently, “Abyss? Is this a person’s name?”

“My mother said that she accidentally walked into the dark one day. When she walked out, her belly was already big. The next morning, she gave birth to me and my younger sister.”

Hearing this, Su Xiao thought that in the queen’s information, the category was the eldest daughter of the abyss of the ghost race. He had previously thought that the queen was severely corroded by the power of the abyss. Now it seems that it is not.

The queen’s mother was once affected by the power of the abyss. Not only did she not die, she was also conceived due to multiple coincidences and gave birth to a pair of sisters.

The younger sister aptitude is amazing. Although she was delayed by the old bastard of the ghost tribe and was selected as the “heir”, her strength continued to grow. When she was able to act freely, she only spent two years. From the middle to the upper echelon, he became the most powerful house in the northern continent and became the queen of the north. What a horrible talent and aptitude.

The queen is elder sister Arya, if Su Xiao guessed correctly, this is an abnormal existence. She does not have the powerful aptitude of the queen, but she has two abilities from the beginning of her birth, “See “And “make a wish.”

As long as Arya makes a wish, it will definitely happen. Afterwards, everyone involved with this wish, except Arya herself, will have to pay an extremely painful price.

The ghost tribe once attached great importance to this ability. A few years later, the ghost tribe threw Arya in the Black Forest. In the eyes of the ghost tribe at that time, Arya was a monster wrapped in a soft skin.

As for Arya’s danger, Su Xiao knew from the very beginning. The metaphor in Reincarnation Paradise’s prompt is already obvious. There is no good person in the entire Darkness Territory.

Su Xiao will not make a wish through Arya. This seeming ability to ascending to the skies with a single leap has an unimaginable price behind it, but it is still possible to “see” this point.

“Aaliyah, can you help me “see” one thing. “

“It’s okay, but you have to exchange it with me at the same price, otherwise some things will be “linked” to you, and everyone can only let me see him once. “

Aaliyah while speaking, a rectangular flat wooden box without cover, pushed out from under the door.

Su Xiao groaned. Since it is an equivalent exchange, Soul Crystal or Soul Crystal core is the best choice. Considering that the matter he asked about is serious, he took out five Soul Crystal cores and placed them in a flat one. In the wooden box without a cover, he paid a lot of money this time.

The wooden box was dragged over, but after a while, it was pushed out with disgust.

“I don’t want these spar blocks, I just bite…cough cough, it doesn’t make sense to me.”


Su Xiao frowns, put away the five Soul Crystal cores, and wiped off the saliva on one of them.

Su Xiao took out some Bailey’s favorite desserts from the storage space of the team, including caramel pudding, ice porridge, soufflé, osmanthus cake, yogurt and fruit fish, etc., and filled the flat wooden box with no lid.

This time, after the wooden box without cover was pulled back, within a few seconds, there was a sound of suction and jelly in the door.

Su Xiao lit a cigarette. He knew it would be so easy to pass. How could he even take out the Soul Crystal core? This is really a fish.

“White Night, what do you want to know?”

Aaliyah inside the door opened her mouth. She called Su Xiao’s and had approached White Night from Extinguisher. This was obviously a great increase in friendliness. It can only be said that she is indeed a twin sister, who are all foodies.

“Where is the talent wake device I am looking for?”

“Is there anything else at the Great Ruins?”


“Then I will continue to eat, this is really delicious, sweet and soft.”


Su Xiao walked to his temporary residence, and the talented wake-up device was in the “great ruins.” For him, this was both good news and bad news.

The bad news is that the “Great Relic” is in the extreme south, the farthest place from the extreme north where Su Xiao is located.

If the original road returns, he has to pass through “Black Forest”, “white swamp”, “cold graveyard”, and then to the central “Yada Ancient Capital”.

After arriving at the southern side of the ancient capital, first enter the “Hot Jungle”, then pass the “Sunshine Wetland” next to the “Hot Jungle”, then pass near the “Soul Arena”, and finally reach the “Great Ruins” .

The tree-born world has three initial trees, one in the Black Forest, one in the ancient capital, and the last one, a large relic in the extreme south.

If it is said that it is a cold climate to go north, and go south is getting hotter and hotter, walking, Boubo Wang may be hot enough for temporary incarnation.

After returning to the temporary residence, Su Xiao settled down and waited. He waited 12 hours at most. If it fails, he immediately sets off to the south.

The person he was waiting for did not let him wait for 12 hours. The other party took the initiative to find the door after more than 5 hours.

dong dong dong 、

The door is knocked, Su Xiao motions Boubo Wang to open the door, and Anderson walks into the room.


Su Xiao finished his daily meditation, and after a long sigh of relief, he came to the wooden table and sat down with Anderson. Using hot water heated by Baja, he made a cup of maple leaf tea for the other party.

Anderson didn’t refuse. The fragrance of tea made it hard for him to refuse, even if he was a person who didn’t drink tea, he couldn’t help holding up a cup of tea.

“It’s not a very important matter. I just want to inquire with you about belief in the sun. Is this a sect? Or a force?”

“This is for those who have nothing in their hearts to fill the vacancies in their hearts. There is no corresponding Spiritual God, no dogma, no influence, or even specific participation in ceremony. The sun is above the sky. You believe in it, It’s as simple as giving back to you.”


Anderson didn’t know what to say for a while.

“I have met many people who believe in the sun before. Believing in the sun is easy and difficult.”

“What do you say?”

Anderson drank maple tea during the questioning.

“In the outside world, it is very simple to believe in the sun, just praise the sun, but here, can you see the sun.”

“That’s right.”

Anderson smiled and shook the head. In this all black, no daylight dark realm, if you can’t see the sun, naturally you can’t talk about faith in the sun.

“This is something someone gave me. I keep it for nothing. Since you are interested in the sun faith, I will give it to you.”

Su Xiao took out a glass column and threw it to Anderson. Inside, it was the Devourer Lieyang.

“This is?”

“Coexist with it and possess the ability to spread the belief in the sun. I don’t know what the specific situation is. After being “sent” by this thing, it will take at least 4 to 5 days before it can be safely peeled off. “

“This gift is too expensive.”

Anderson is very interested in “The Devourer·Sun”. As a light bearer, if he can spread the belief in the sun, it is of great significance to him. After all, the sun also represents light.

Anderson looked at “The Devourer·Sun” inside the glass column, with mixed feelings in his heart. He knew that there was such a great belief system as the sun belief, and he was also qualified as a sun chanter, but he couldn’t get out Darkness Territory, no one is uncomfortable.

Su Xiao is not going to develop the solar Legion current. According to known information, the Northern Continent will definitely not develop. It is a waste of time. The last world can develop because the current situation gives opportunities.

Su Xiao wants the strength of Faith. The sun. As long as someone spreads the belief in the sun with the “Swallower·Sun”, it must be guided by the ring of the sun. In this way, the strength of Faith produced by those creatures ·The sun will be absorbed by the ring of the sun held by Su Xiao.

“Caesar, I think Anderson is good, you can think of a way.”

Baja speaks.

“It’s impossible, absolutely impossible. This is a place that has been eroded by the abyss. I suspect that it used to be the connection area with the abyss channel.”

“Gan, you are too stingy.”

“It’s not a stingy question, this is difficult for me to handle.”

Caesar sighed. After hearing this, Anderson’s eyes were different. He was trapped here instead of willingly.

“You may be able to use this.”

Anderson took out a palm-size wooden sculpture and placed it on the table. Su Xiao picked it up and a prompt appeared.

【You get the ancient Divine Idol (special equipment). 】

[Ancient Divine Idol]

Origin: Trees born in the world · Yada civilization

Type: Special equipment

durability: 107,107 points.

Equipment effect 1: Record (active), which can record the initial tree.

The original tree has been recorded: the ancient capital of Yada·the original tree.

Record limit: 1920 (1 occupied).

Equipment effect 2: Go (active), through this equipment as a medium, teleport to the recorded initial tree.

Reminder: This teleportation requires more than 20 seconds of guidance (if the unit to be teleported is more than 2, the guide time of the teleportation will be increased).

Reminder: Each use of this equipment will consume 1 point of durability. After soaking in water, this equipment will slowly restore durability, but each time a large amount is restored, the upper limit of durability will be permanently reduced.

Introduction: The Divine Idol made by the Yada people. In the dark age, there are many initial trees. This Divine Idol has also become a must-have item for the explorers among the Yada people. This is the highest honor given to the brave. .

Sale Price: Soul Crystal Core×3.


Su Xiao quietly accepted [Ancient Divine Idol], this thing has strategic significance in this century.

Although there are only three original trees left, one is in the extreme south, one in the middle, and one in the extreme north. The location is very good.

At present, the initial tree in the middle has been recorded. Su Xiao can use the [Ancient Divine Idol] to transmit it at any time, which can save a lot of time on the road.

Seeing Su Xiao put away the [Ancient Divine Idol], Caesar understood everything, smiled wickedly and motioned for Anderson to go with him.

If the goal is achieved, there is no need to stay any longer. Su Xiao returned the same way, out of the dark realm, back to the queen’s bedroom at the bottom of the big tree cave, and continued the same way back until he exited the tree cave and stood Under the tree.

Su Xiao activates the [Ancient Divine Idol] in his hand and starts recording. After a while, he checks the information of the [Ancient Divine Idol].

“Recorded initial tree: Black Forest ·Initial tree”

Very good, there are two places that can be teleported. Su Xiao waited for nearly an hour. After Caesar arrived, he activated [Ancient Divine Idol] to teleport to the initial tree of the ancient capital of Yada.


A wave of volatility spread, and everything around it became hazy. After dozens of seconds, the surrounding dense fog dissipated a little, the world became clear, and the breeze was blowing with the smell of earth.

Su Xiao looked around, he has returned to the initial tree of the ancient capital. On this circular grassland, there are traces of battle left by the previous contention box.

The crown is still in his hands. Su Xiao rushes north again. He will go through the cold cemetery again and arrive at the “Underground Congregation Siyi” there.

A few hours later, in the blizzard and snow, Su Xiao saw a huge cave in the snow ahead. Just entering the cave, warmth came oncoming, “Underground Congregation·Siyi” arrived.

The underground gathering place is still empty. After experiencing the previous events, looking at the ghost corpse hanging on the vine above, it will feel different.

Behind this hanged ghost corpse, there is a stone wall with many horizontal and vertical bars that count the number of days, and the last message: ‘Female Lord Wang, take me away too. ’

Su Xiao marched towards the depths of the underground gathering ground. Soon, he saw the Fengdian, the metal door that was forcibly opened, and the claw marks on the edge of the metal door.

In the beginning, the ghost tribe was besieging the queen in this hall. As a result, they were poisoned and killed more than half of them. Finally, the queen was freed from it. The ghost tribe is a typical dish and fun.

As the saying goes, silly people have silly blessings, but silly beeps don’t, especially the silly beeps that continue to die. If the ghost clan does not die, with the abilities of the queen and her elder sister, they will definitely be able to The ghost tribe is forced to become the Overlord Influence of the Northern Continent.

There is a kind of conjecture. It can be speculated that why the ghost tribe treats the queen and her elder sister like this. Their birth is closely related to the abyss, and the ghost tribe is extremely hostile to the power of the abyss. This leads to, from the very beginning, the high level of the ghost tribe. They are full of vigilance, but also look down on the queen and her elder sister.

Su Xiao walked into the Fengdian and immediately felt the temperature drop sharply. He seemed to be aware of his arrival, and the Betrayer Golu, who was sitting next to the Stone Throne, opened his eyes.

“Extinguisher, did you succeed?”


“It seems that you succeeded. Bring the crown. It originally belonged to my ghost family, but now it returns to its original owner.”


A blood spear penetrates the betrayer Golu’s head and nails it to the wall behind.


Betrayer Golu’s face showed anger, his expression was very savage, and he no longer hid his strength.

Boom, boom!

Two blood spears attacked again, piercing the neck and chest of the Betrayer Golu, and he stopped on the spot.

Su Xiao came to the stone throne and made sure that the attack just now did not affect the stone throne. He was quite satisfied, and he was impossible to hand over the crown.

Everything is ready. Su Xiao was about to take out the [Stone Throne Supplementary Device] and received an announcement from the Void Tree. It was almost 12 noon. The coordinates of the special overlord unit, Ai Duo Papa, will be announced soon. .

Killing the opponent alone can get 100 points of killing merit. Up to now, Su Xiao has only obtained 76 points of killing merit.

Su Xiao didn’t care too much about this, but in the next second, after the coordinate sharing appeared, his eyes suddenly appeared astonished, his eyes turned to the ceiling directly above, and the special overlord unit, Aidol·Papa, was above. The ground is not more than 200 meters away from him.

Su Xiao didn’t react for a while. After all, this kind of pie-in-the-sky thing was really the first time he met from level 1 to 8. With his until now luck, he felt a little uncomfortable at the moment. .

“My dear friend, don’t kill her.”


Su Xiao looked towards Kaiser.

“Must catch alive, this is a big deal.”

After hearing what Caesar said, Su Xiao knew that this servant was about to operate.

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