Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 3454


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Cold cemetery, inner area.

cold wind whistling, blizzard makes the visibility less than ten meters, and the cold wind that blows is cold enough to freeze the soul.

A slightly slender silhouette walks on the snow. She is about 1.6 meters tall, with light-colored blonde hair tied into a fishbone braid, and the tip of her nose and cheeks are slightly red from the cold. Wearing thick winter clothes, she does not Traveling at a fast speed, exhaling white breath evenly in his mouth.

If God gives Adol Papa another chance to choose, she swears that she will not activate the “admission ticket”, so as to be eligible to enter the tree-born world.

Aidor Papa is a former offender of Apocalypse Paradise. In fact, she is quite innocent. One time she played World Snatching War. As a member of the search team, after finding World Nucleus, she took the World without any resistance. Nucleus, gave the contractor of Reincarnation Paradise, that person, named Mad Doctor.

The situation at the time can be imagined. As a member of the search team, Adol Papa and her companion nine deaths and still alive found World Nucleus, and she was the only one left in the search team.

In this case, I met the mad doctor disguised as the contractor of Apocalypse Paradise by imprint, and Mr. J and the dean in the same disguise. With the cooperation of the three, Adol Papa was caught on the spot. Suddenly, she was very touched at the time. The three teammates came to meet her not far from ten thousand li.

This level of error is no longer a simple judgment error, so Adol Papa was judged by Apocalypse Paradise as a reserve offender.

This made Aidor Papa very angry. She was so desperate that Dad Apocalypse actually said she was a traitor, and she decided to become a violator completely.

After the progress of the two worlds, Adol Papa’s smokey makeup was painted, and Little Pi clothes were also put on.

If Adol Papa is just a violator of Apocalypse Paradise, he is at best chased by the fighting angels. Before doing it, he must first negotiate the therapy and do not agree before he does it.

I don’t know what Idol Papa thought at the time. He actually formed a temporary team with a Reincarnation Paradise offender and a Death Paradise offender.

Actually, she is not to blame. At that time, the two people urgently needed to find a treatment department to cooperate. Although Adol Papa could only be regarded as a “two|milk”, but it is better than nothing, so they shared something with her. A mission, Idol Papa was seduced by the reward of that mission.

In the subsequent situation, the attractive spectacle, Hunter and the death knight-errant, each have a 50% probability of hunting, and Hunter will eventually come.

The Hunter’s brain is abnormal, and she especially enjoys the feeling of hunting. The cat woman will ambush first and wait for the enemy quietly. After the enemy enters her ambush area, most of the enemy’s battle strength will be abolished by the thunderous method , Leave a hunting mark and retreat.

The woman would play with the prey little by little, watching the prey move slowly due to severed limbs, and staggered down due to severe blood loss.

The thing that madwoman likes to do most is to catch the enemy after playing enough, and verbally say that he wants to use the enemy to test a certain ability. In fact, it is deliberately staying alive, and then the enemy escapes due to ‘mistake’.

When the enemy was about to escape, she suddenly appeared in ecstasy, tearing the enemy in despair to pieces.

The female lunatic did this because her core ability can permanently increase her strength by absorbing the fear of the enemy.

In the original words of the lunatic woman, fear is fresh, and blindly chasing and killing the enemy will numb the enemy, and the fear that the enemy exudes will lose its sweetness.

On the other hand, when the enemy thinks that he will be able to escape and have a desire for life, he suddenly finds that all of this is a delusion, and that will burst out a particularly fresh and sweet fear.

During being chased and killed by a lunatic woman, Adol Papa regretted being a violator. During those days, she was pierced into her chest by the lunatic woman with her bare hands, stroking|touching her warm and live organs, and After experiencing an eyeball drawn by the other party’s mouth, then the other party licked|licked in her empty eye socket with her tongue, she could even feel that the other party licked her brain, and she collapsed on the spot.

Aidor Papa survived because the madwoman occasionally encountered the death knight-errant who also came to hunt.

Hunter and the death knight-errant have always been dissatisfied with each other. In the Hunter’s view, the death knight-errant is the second child, with a bald head and a barcode behind his head. In the death knight-errant’s view, the Hunters It is a group of lunatics who don’t know how to unite.

cold wind whistling came, and Adol Pappa shuddered. After seeing how terrifying the Hunter of Reincarnation Paradise was, she chose to abandon her identity as a violator, mined for atonement, and became the contractor of Apocalypse Paradise again.

Although she is not a violator, she still knows the transaction channel among violators. This time, she bought the “entry ticket” of Shusheng World through this channel.

Aidor Papa didn’t come to fight with people. She has inquired about the situation of the tree-born world. Each time she enters about 400 people, she finally has 300 survival quotas.

Aidor Papa doesn’t care about this. She came to regenerate the world to find a new way. She is not here to kill Competitor, she is here to mine!

According to Aidor Papa, there is a high probability that the minerals of this world have not been mined. The participants are busy fighting each other, and no one has the leisure to mine. If you think about it, the mineral resources here must be Rich, she has been digging underground until then, isn’t it beautiful.

The idea is full|full, and the reality is very skinny. After Adol Papa was cast into the Shusheng world, she found that something was not right. This time there were 1296 participants, but only 100 survivors. .

Aidor Papa panicked, and the surprise was still to come. When she was notarized as a special Overlord Level unit, she almost passed out of ‘happy’.

After Aidor Papa passed the initial pitifulness, helplessness, and despair, she decided to hold a thigh, and choose one of the four genuine overlords to give money to hold the thigh.

After Idol Papa saw the names or code names of the other four overlord units, she almost cried out, Reincarnation Paradise ·Beheading Night, Hellwalker·Solomon, Secret Puppeteer·Grey Gentleman, modern One of the most notorious killers in the void, female Crow.

These four people, Idol Papa didn’t dare to hug anyone’s thighs. She estimated that if these four people were found, she would go to send warmth. Those people “eat” her, even bones. will not spit one.

The wind and snow became even more anxious. Aidor Papa exhaled the cold. She chose the cold cemetery to resist the cold of the soul, so as to block the people who chased her. Now it is 12 At this point, she didn’t dare to stay in the same place all the time, but moved on the snowy field. If she persisted for half an hour, she would live another day.

The cold wind was whistling in her ears, and Adol Pappa stepped forward. The snowshoes stepped on the snow and made a crunching sound. She took a normal step.


Aidor Papa felt a numbness in her left calf, and looked down at a hideous animal trap that clamped her left calf. She could vaguely feel the cold tingling sensation of the metal touching the calf bone. .

Encountered an enemy attack, Adol Papa’s Sensor was fully opened, and fine star marks appeared in her pupils. From her perspective, everything around her became black and white.

There are no enemies around, which made Aidor Papa feel a little more relieved, but in the next second, she felt that the numbness on her left calf faded and replaced by a surge of pain.

With a puff, Idol Papa fell to the ground. At this moment, all of her strength is used to resist the severe pain from the left calf. There is a problem with this trap. It seems that some kind of medicine has been applied to aggravate the pain. .

The sound of breaking wind hits from above, there is a bang, something falls from above, and the smashed snow flies horizontally and spreads around.

Aidor Papa exhausted all her strength to jump from the ground, but suddenly, a fist wrapped in a crystal layer appeared in front of her.


Aidor Papa plunged into darkness, from beginning to end, she didn’t know who she had encountered.

In the flying snow, Su Xiao looked at Ai Duoer Papa who fell in the snow. He stepped forward and kicked Ai Duoer. After confirming that this was not a clone or fantasy, he browsed tightly frowns. This is too easy to catch. Why hasn’t it been caught by other combatants before such a special overlord unit that is easy to catch?

The reason why Ai Duoer can persist until now is because she has been’driving the train’ in this Extreme-Cold Land, whoever will chase her, she will walk here, let the enemy chase her with the freezing of the soul , After the duration of coordinate sharing ended, she hid in the underground congregation, completely restraining aura, unable to survive.

I was caught this time because it was too bad luck for Ai Duoer. As soon as her front foot left the underground settlement, Su Xiao arrived. As a result, she was just above Su Xiao after the coordinate sharing started.

One hour later, Ai Duoer, who was thrown near the throne, woke up in the enclosed hall at the innermost side of the underground gathering.

“Woo! Woo!”

Aiduoer twisted on the ground like a caterpillar. Her hands were turned back, her legs were handcuffed, her eyes were covered with black cloth, her neck was wearing a metal collar that blocked the Sensor, and her mouth was sealed with special tape. , At this moment, Ai Duoer heard the conversation.

“I’m gonna, almost burned to me, Caesar, the fire is ready, do you want to cook now?”

“Let’s go now, and when she wakes up later, she will struggle.”

“OK, I look up, you lift your feet.”

Hearing the last sentence, Ai Duoer was sure that she was going to cook her. She struggled fiercely, but she was still thrown into a big pot.

Aiduoer didn’t feel hot. She found that her body was warm, but her body energy was rapidly declining, and her HP would drop for a while and then recover again.

“45.72°, keep this temperature for at least one hour or more.”

“What you said is simple, after the temperature is accurate to the decimal point, are you still a person?”

“I’m simulating a life hot spring to make her reach a better state.”

“GodTM a big pot of life hot spring.”

Caesar’s conversation with Baja, Adol’s ears gradually pulled away, she only felt warm and wanted to sleep.

Caesar and Baja are busy around the big iron pot. Of course, they are not going to stew Aidol, but they are afraid of what happens to each other.

Su Xiao watched for a while before losing interest. Just like Caesar couldn’t see him mixing Alchemy potions, he didn’t understand the “wonderful transcendence” of Caesar.

Su Xiao stopped next to the stone throne. The completion devices have been fixed at the four corners of the throne, which makes the stone throne look like a translucent frozen throne.

Su Xiao held the crown in one hand and sat on the translucent ice throne. To be honest, the others didn’t feel it, but it was a bit of a cold fart.

[The Stone Throne has been activated. 】

[The uncrowned crown has been activated. 】

[It has entered the notarization stage, and it has been verified that Hunter can improve its ability here…]

【Complete the inspection, the following abilities can be improved through this unique opportunity. 】

1.Goddess’s Affection (Passive Skill).

2.Devil’s Seal (Passive Skill).

3.Shadow Blink (Active Skill).


Su Xiao discovered that this special opportunity to improve ability is different from the skill improvement warehouse. Although this opportunity cannot improve the “basic passive·physical” and “basic passive·soul toughness”, it can improve the Shadow Blink ability.

Be aware that the current Shadow Blink ability has reached Lv.MAX+++++++, continue to break through, there is a high probability of reaching Lv.EX.

Su Xiao has been improving his various abilities to Lv.EX one after another, and then considers whether to master the new passive ability, bite off more than one can chew, he always understands, and now he is improving The abilities to Lv.EX are: “Devouring Nucleus”, “Technology Sublimation”.

He plans to use golden skill points to reach Lv.EX with the four abilities of “Physique”, “Shadow Blink”, “Shadow of Slaughter” and “Basic Passive·Resurrection” in the near future. Once and for all.

Before, Su Xiao’s these abilities were not up to Lv.EX level, but now they can. This is because his body has become stronger enough to carry these abilities to the limit, and the burst out is powerful, there is a sentence The words are good, if you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight.

There are three abilities that can be improved at the moment. Of course, Su Xiao is to improve the Shadow Blink ability. If it can be upgraded to Lv.EX, the gain this time will be overwhelming.

Su Xiao was about to improve his Shadow Blink ability, but he hesitated in his heart. After seeing the ability of “Goddess’s Affection”, he thought of a lot. This ability is to enhance the lucky attribute. In the last ten hours, he has been lucky very good.

From the time he defeated the queen to the present, everything went smoothly for Su Xiao. Meeting with Caesar and so on was normal luck at best, not good luck. There were three other things that made him particularly concerned.

1. At the queen’s elder sister, at the price of a bunch of Bailey’s sweet spots, she learned the location of the [Talent Awakening Device].

2. Obtained [Ancient Divine Idol] from Anderson.

3. Occasionally encounter Ai Duo Er·Papa, only a little bit of a small plan to capture the opponent alive.

First of all, let me talk about the first thing. The negotiation with the queen’s elder sister was so smooth and the price was so low that it was shocking. But considering that the queen’s elder sister is a foodie, Su Xiao didn’t think much about it.

After that, Su Xiao dealt with the affairs of the extreme north, and only waited for Anderson to spread the belief in the sun, he would go back the same way, from the tree hole to the Black Forest, then the white swamp, the cold cemetery, and finally back to the ancient capital. Even so, it is only the starting point to find the [Talent Awakening Device].

After the negotiation, Anderson decided to reward [Ancient Divine Idol] and let Caesar help him leave the Darkness Territory.

After seeing [Ancient Divine Idol], Su Xiao felt wrong. This kind of sleepy people gave pillows to him, which made him wary, until now, he had no such good luck.

After this incident, Su Xiao returned to the ancient capital first, and then came to Siyi, an underground gathering place in the cold cemetery. An even more incredible thing happened. The special overlord unit, Ai Duor Papa, unexpectedly came to send it. Warm, not more than 200meter away from Su Xiao.

This unprecedented pie in the sky made Su Xiao once again feel that his luck is very good, like stealing the main character halo of the son of the world.

Such anomaly, can’t help but make him think deeply. Is he really lucky to come all the way? The feat of strengthening the +1 three-game losing streak is still vivid, without destiny dominating and blessing the state of Luck Emperor, he would hardly try to open the treasure box.

If something goes wrong, there must be a demon. Don’t forget one thing. When the current Great Destiny is exhausted and the fortune is severely overdrawn, what bad luck will follow? In the past, that’s all, but now, he is playing with the gray gentleman…

Grey gentleman!

Su Xiao, sitting on the throne, narrowed his eyes. He was 80% sure that the matter was done by the gray gentleman or by someone from the opponent’s master.

After the good luck, there will be a big decline. When Su Xiao’s decline, the offenders under the gray gentleman will swarm up. By then, Su Xiao will face the entire world’s malice and deal with many offenders. The situation is ten deaths without life.

Su Xiao can’t be sure that this is completely true, but even if he is fighting the air, he must solve this problem. Otherwise, rushing south will not be very different from sending to death. A foolish man can’t live. Long, except for tyrants.

The enemy is very capable and silent. If Su Xiao until now bad luck hadn’t gotten used to it, it would be difficult to find that this kind of luck suddenly improved.

This kind of ability that is so unreasonable in certain aspects must be flawed. Judging from the current situation, the flaw of this ability will allow Su Xiao to get more benefits at this time of good luck.

The higher the profit during this period, the worse the subsequent deaths. No matter how you look at it, this is a certain death situation. Su Xiao will find it difficult to deal with the coming bad luck.

Think about it again, why should I respond? Since Su Xiao had overdrawn his fortune in the previous ten hours, if he improves his fortune before the end of good fortune, can he make up for the overdrawn fortune?

For example, Su Xiao’s original salary was 10 yuan a day, and he already owes 300 yuan. The overdraft consumption during this period is very cool, but once he has to pay his debts, he is struggling.

If Su Xiao suddenly made a windfall, and today’s income rose from 10 yuan to 270 yuan, then the arrears would not be too much. The remaining 30 yuan would be fine in the next few days. Affect him.

If bad luck also has resistance, after so long of tempering, Su Xiao’s bad luck resistance is definitely so high that people startled to fall the chin.

How to get a big fortune? Do you still need to think about it? Of course, it is to activate the master of fate.

But before that, Su Xiao needs to make preparations. He takes out [Free Luan]. For this lucky item that he killed by his scourge, he was originally not sold immediately. For others, the lucky attribute +4 points It’s a great thing, but to Su Xiao, it doesn’t feel obvious.

Originally, he wanted to try to rescue [Free Luan], this lucky thing was so terrible, and now, he can only sell it to Reincarnation Paradise immediately.

[Freedom of Luan] gradually disappeared in Su Xiao’s hands. In the midst of it, he felt as if he had been improved in some way, but nothing happened. Check the lucky attribute and it has reached 47 points.

As previously speculated by Su Xiao, the enemy’s powerful ability has one of the biggest weaknesses. Once discovered by the caster, this ability will help the enemy.

For example, now, the throne’s authority can increase “Goddess’s Affection”. Su Xiao doesn’t know if this is good luck or it was originally the case.

Activate the permissions and try to improve the “Goddess’s Affection” ability. Immediately, a series of numbers appeared before his eyes: 300.

This means that Su Xiao’s throne has 300 minutes in total. As he chooses to increase the “Goddess’s Affection” ability, this number drops at a rate visible to naked eye, which speeds up the efficiency of use.

Improving the ability of “Goddess’s Affection”, Su Xiao didn’t feel much. After 253 minutes of throne use time, “Goddess’s Affection” went from Lv.50 to Lv.EX directly. This ability is not difficult to improve, mainly because of improvement. The timing is short.

[Goddess’s Affection: LV.50 (Passive Skill)]

Skill Effects: Lucky attribute permanent +10 (up 4 points).


The lucky attribute has increased by 4 points, making his lucky attribute reach 51 points. There is no reward for the breakthrough 50 point barrier. This will be done in the attribute upgrade warehouse after returning to Reincarnation Paradise.

The lucky attribute is not stuck at 50 points. This is as it should be by rights. Su Xiao has made barrier breakthroughs of 50 points, 80 points, 150 points, and 200 points. At this time, the lucky attribute reaches 50 points. Of course Won’t get stuck.

Su Xiao’s lucky attribute has reached a new height, he is a little curious, what is the lucky attribute of the guy behind the trouble.

With a crisp sound, the cap of the ruler of fate popped open. After Su Xiao lit a cigarette with a golden flame, he exhaled Light Gold smoke. His lucky attribute immediately reached 71 points.


With Su Xiao as the center, a crisp sound spread, golden ripples suddenly appeared around him, turning into golden fire stars, scattered around, the scene was gorgeous and unusual.

Su Xiao checked his own state. The effect of “Qiyun Power (Core·Passive)” added by Destiny Master should last for 15 minutes, but now, the effect is over before even 5 seconds.

The false fortunes around the surroundings were broken. Su Xiao took out a piece of poker, no Sensor, and randomly took out seven cards from it, except for 3 which is 4, the largest one is 8, and there is no one to bring people, very good, his fortune Back to normal.


In a dimly spaced tree space, this place is about the size of several dozen meters.

In this dim light, you can see the sparkling, with a crash, a dry, thin old silhouette, standing up from the pool, his eyes are enlarged to the extreme, and his mouth makes a death-like breath. .


The old man with dry hair took a deep breath and climbed out of the pool. Due to the backlash, he lost his strength and fell on the slippery stone steps.

“You failed.”

A pair of calm eyes, opened in the darkness ahead, is a gray gentleman.

“I…failed, I got the enemy back.”

The old man with wet and dry hair wiped his nosebleeds, afraid to hide from the gray gentleman.

hearing this, the gray gentleman’s eyes were still calm, he said: “Give me a reason to forgive failure.”

“That person, he is sometimes too bad luck! And he is used to the state. Can you imagine that a person’s lucky attribute will slide back and forth between 1 o’clock and 43 o’clock?”

The old man with withered hair doubts life on his face.

“This reason is not enough.”

The gray gentleman seems to be smiling.

“Grey gentleman, that guy doesn’t believe that he will be so lucky, you say, where is such a person in the world? Good luck is still suspicious, is his brain sick? I…”

The withered old man didn’t know what to say, he stepped back and asked nervously: “Grey gentleman, you are not going to kill me.”


The gray gentleman seemed a little speechless.

“You can’t kill me…”

“Why did I kill you? Because of your failure this time? Your ability is very important. Besides, you have helped me to do 7 world progress. It is far wiser to leave you than to kill you.”

“Right right.”

The old man with withered hair is nodded again and again, but he will not easily believe the words of the gray gentleman. He has seen with his own eyes that the gray gentleman will not move someone when he finishes speaking, and will assimilate that person into a secret puppet in the next second. This kind of ruthlessness is not a ruthless look or gaze, but a ruthlessness that makes the scalp numb.

“Grey gentleman, give me another chance, next time, next time I will succeed.”

“Don’t do it next time, if you donate to White Night again, I will be more troublesome.”


The withered old man is speechless.

“Go and support Xian Ji, tell her, remember to use your brain after the incident.”


The withered old man retreated, leaving only the gray gentleman and a petite silhouette in the dim space.

The dim light from the ceiling shone down, and the gray gentleman was sitting on Zhang’s old seat. The wall behind him was a bit special. The wall was lined with rusty metal warehouse doors. On this warehouse door, Four numbers 1349 are printed.


In the sealed hall, the completion devices on the stone throne are all over the cracks. Su Xiao failed to raise the Shadow Blink ability to Lv.EX, only a handicap. If he can return to Reincarnation Paradise alive this time, 1 point of gold skill Click to raise Shadow Blink to the highest.

Su Xiao didn’t upgrade Devil’s Seal. Not only did he not plan to upgrade this ability, but he also planned to strip it away.

In the past, I felt that Devil’s Seal was pretty good. It only attached to the body surface. After inadvertently raising the Devil’s Seal several times, Su Xiao discovered that the development prospects of this ability are quite promising.

Fiend Race is one of the big void races. Of course, its signature energy is very strong. It is because of the great development potential of this ability that Su Xiao is not prepared to develop, but stripped it away. He has neither that much energy nor Without that many resources, and he will not develop two kinds of body energy at the same time, the body energy is only the best for cultivation, that is, Azure Steel Shadow energy.

Azure Steel Shadow energy still needs time to develop, how can there be time to study Power of the Devil.

Su Xiao put away the crown, this thing may still be useful later, the million ice slaves suppressed under the stone throne, Su Xiao hesitated, whether to destroy the stone throne, and threw an Apollo, the Fury of the Sun below, and look How much revenue can be exploded.

If the number is millions, it means the space below is huge. In case the ice slave is not blown up and rushes to the surface, the ghost clan will die. Su Xiao doesn’t care, but he is worried that it will affect the follow-up plan.

The ideal way is to wait for the [Talent Awakening Device] to be found, and then come back and explode. This is a big benefit. If it doesn’t explode, if there is a lot left, the uncomfortable thing is that the plan has not been completed. Grey gentleman.

Su Xiao came to a big iron pot, took out Ai Duoer, and pulled off the tape, blindfold, etc. from the opponent’s mouth. When the cold wind blew, Ai Duoer woke up with a shake. Seeing this, Su Xiao The opponent dropped to the ground.

Who knows, Ai Duoer adjusted her posture before landing, knelt on her knees with a slap, and said in a slightly crispy voice: “Big man, please be forgiving.”


Su Xiao did not speak, but motioned to Baja with a wink to kill the captive.


Baja’s eagle claws brushed the ground and drew out a few fire stars. Seeing this scene, Ai Duoer said anxiously: “There is also a famous Bull Head Tan.”


Baja was a little surprised and asked: “Have you seen A’Mu?”

“I haven’t seen it, but I know you.”

“Know us? You are the contractor of Apocalypse Paradise, and you know us.”

“To be honest, there are not many people who don’t know you at the eighth level.”

Aiduoer smiled reluctantly and bitterly. She won the jackpot this time and was caught by Reincarnation Paradise · Beheading Night.

“If you are willing to pay a soul coin…”

Baja hasn’t finished speaking yet.


[Reminder: You have received 10,000 Soul Coins. 】

Aiduoer paid the money very happily. She was willing to go all out. She would die anyway, so it might as well try out 10,000 soul coins first, in case she could survive.

“Boubo, let go quickly.”

Baja while speaking, stepping forward with the seagulls, untie Adol from Boubo. Adolescent’s small eyes, Divine Spark, are helpless, as if to say: ‘Boss, you guys are too real. ’


Su Xiao, who has not spoken all the time, said, Ai Duoer cast his eyes and smiled and said, “Big brother, you say it.”


Su Xiao has caught a lot of prisoners. Undoubtedly, this must be the most unscrupulous one.

“Adol, what happens next, you try to adapt to it.”

“What…what’s the matter.”

Aiduoer subconsciously both hands crossed near chest, her eyes vaguely made an expression that she would rather die, and the five words’try to adapt’ made her think of something very adult.

“You have a younger sister.”


Aiduoer was confused and didn’t understand what Su Xiao was talking about.

Su Xiao pointed to the oblique rear of Ai Duoer, Ai Duoer looked in the direction she pointed, only to see Caesar and the big pot beside him.

Caesar is now wearing a yellow shit headgear, with his hands raised flat, keeping this posture motionless.

Under Ai Duoer’s gaze, water surged in the cauldron on the side of Caesar, and a human figure formed by the water stood out from it.

The water man walked out of the cauldron slowly, its transparent body within the body, with various organs, and its heart beating at a slow speed.

“She is…my sister?”

Aidor feels laughed and laughed.

Su Xiao is equipped with the title of [Apocalypse]. In the next moment, he appears behind Ai Duoer and opens the “Enclosure” with the title of [Apocalypse], trapping the opponent in it. In this way, Su Xiao seizes it temporarily Ai Duoer’s imprint.


Origin: Apocalypse Paradise Reincarnation Paradise.

Category: Title

Title effect: Apocalypse imprint (active), after activating this ability, you will temporarily activate the Apocalypse Paradise · contractor imprint in this title.

Price: Cannot be sold, but temporarily transferable.


Su Xiao tried to transfer the title of “Apocalypse” to the water man in front. Normally, this is not feasible, but this water man is Caesar’s simulated life hot spring. It was created temporarily based on Ai Duoer. Individuals coming out.

[Reminder: The title of Apocalypse cannot be temporarily transferred to this unit. 】

Su Xiao looked towards Caesar, Caesar took off his hood, meaning he used him to build a bridge.

[Hint: You are trying to temporarily transfer the title of Apocalypse to Nicholas Wrath Caesar. 】


【It was verified that Nicolas Wrath Caesar was in a state of “consolidation”, and this title has been temporarily transferred to contractor No. 17***25·Adol·Papa. 】

【It was checked that Adol Papa was in a special state and the title transfer failed. 】

【This title is temporarily transferred to a special host. 】

[Hunter is activating the title effect. 】

[The title has been activated, the special body has the same aura fluctuations as Adol Papa. The special body will temporarily bless the title of Apocalypse Paradise held by Adol Papa. 】

[Hint: Nicholas Wrath · Caesar’s unique ability · The villain first complain (passive, Lv.MAX) ability is activated. 】

【Nicholas Wrath Caesar has reported Adol Papa to the Void Tree. 】

【Because Nicow Wrath Caesar’s Void Tree has a very low reputation, only Adol Papa will be tested this time. 】

[Reminder (Tree of Void): Has been involved in this judgment, under review…]

[Warning (Void Tree): Aidol Papa is a special overlord unit. It is checked that its status is extremely special, and it has not been certified by the special overlord unit. 】

[Prompt (Void Tree): Constantly…]

[Reminder (Void Tree): Constant completion, will complete the notarization of the special overlord unit of Adol Papa. 】

[Prompt (Void Tree): The completion is complete. 】


Su Xiao and Caesar, based on their knowledge, abilities, and titles, created another Aidol Papa from nothing.

What happens next? Kill this clone and get 100 killing points? Then release the real Aidol Papa out of the enclosure, so that he can regain his special status as the overlord? Finally, in this cycle, brush killing merits?

Of course it’s impossible, that’s what the offender will do. From now on, Su Xiao and Caesar will be compliant and reasonable… Well, they will get the killing feat. One of them is Hunter and the other is Adjudicator. How is it possible to do something illegal? Basically impossible.

At the moment when Su Xiao regained the title of Apocalypse, he opened the closed mirror, threw Adol Papa out, and then removed everything that had just been arranged.

Ador Papa appeared in a daze. She was so scared just now that she lost all the imprints. As soon as she appeared, she received a prompt.

[Reminder: You have been notarized as a special Overlord Level unit. 】


Aidor Papa felt this a bit fascinating. She checked her own state and there was nothing wrong with it, which made her feel relieved.

[Reminder (Void Tree): Checked and notarized multiple times. 】

As soon as this announcement came out, Su Xiao and Caesar were not nervous. This was something that had long been thought of. Su Xiao was even more concerned about whether the Void Tree would notarize the notarized situation.

If this happens, everything before that will be overwhelmed. If the notarization is not recovered, Adol Papa will have the status of “double special overlord unit”, and space manipulation will be great.

Su Xiao’s most worrying situation did not appear. From the beginning to the end, neither he nor Caesar drilled the loopholes in the rules, but accomplished this with ability and title, although Caesar’s various abilities are really shameless. some.

[Prompt (Void Tree): Check is complete. 】

[Hunter · White Night, Adjudicator · Nicholas Wrath · Caesar’s behavior check…】

[No abnormal behavior. In this incident, both Hunter and Adjudicator used titles and personal abilities to reach the notarization of the “special overlord unit”. The titles and personal abilities used during this period were all notarized. This behavior is within the permitted scope. 】

[The “Title of Apocalypse” held by Hunter was checked, and it has the root cause of the error. 】

[Apocalypse title Origin: Apocalypse Paradise Reincarnation Paradise. 】

【It was verified that Reincarnation Paradise only perfected this title without any creative behavior. This title comes from Apocalypse Paradise. 】

【This time the key party: Apocalypse Paradise. 】

[Reminder (Void Tree): Apocalypse Paradise’s notary reputation in this world-1. 】