Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 3455


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Su Xiao turned off the prompt. From the current point of view, the operation just now was very successful.

If there is only Su Xiao himself, or Caesar alone, it would never be possible to do this now. After the two cooperated, this impossible thing became possible.

A long time ago, Su Xiao discovered the judgment of the Void Tree. As long as it does not involve violations or touching the initial regulations, the Void Tree is at best a warning or deduction of his credibility.

As long as the violation of the initial regulations is not involved, Void Tree will not retract the notarization, or force the notarization to be modified. For example, after Ai Duoer was notarized by the double overlords this time, Void Tree did not retract the notarization. It is through punitive measures to achieve balance.

The problem is that in the judgment of the Void Tree, it is balanced, but the final gain of income is not balanced. For example, Su Xiao now receives the income, and Apocalypse Paradise suffers the reduction of notary reputation.

The so-called “notarized reputation of this world” involves a lot of things, such as the upcoming World Snatching War, Reincarnation Paradise and Apocalypse Paradise competing for the tree-born world, then the two parks have initial notarization in the notarization of the Void Tree Credibility.

Assume that Reincarnation Paradise’s initial notarization reputation in this world is 5, and Apocalypse Paradise is also 5. Once Apocalypse Paradise’s notarization reputation is less than 3 points, this World Snatching War does not need to be played. Void Tree will determine Apocalypse Paradise loses its notarization status for this world.

Without notarization qualifications, the contractor will not be able to send in, and will naturally lose.

However, in the Shusheng world, the notarization of the paradise is actually useless. It is impossible to carry out the World Snatching War, because this world is a “non-developmental resource”.

More than 20% of the area in Shusheng world is permanently banned. For example, Su Xiao has been to the far north. Behind the fog wall there is a banned area.

There is chaos in it…No, it should be called “Chaotic Abyssal Breeders”. The “anomalous” that this world has been invaded by the power of the Abyss in Early Stage are not a question of strength. Most of them are not a’channel’ with the material world.

From the perspective of resource income and payment, notarization of the world is a loss-making business, so World Snatching War will never start here.

A series of prompts that just appeared, the first half of Ai Duoer did not receive, she was imprisoned, and she received the second half.

“What is this…”

Aiduoer looked at the prompts that appeared in front of her and the subsequent warnings that popped up. She seemed to be back in the days of becoming a violator. No, even when she officially became a violator, there were not so many warnings. .

“It’s okay, just get used to it.”

Baja’s statement is a bit perfunctory. Although Ai Duoer wants to continue to ask questions, she knows how to judge the situation. She dare not show the slightest impudent. She is so angry that she can only say: ‘It’s so good. ’

After Su Xiao confirmed that there was no problem, he took the title of “Apocalypse” back into the title list. What he and Caesar did just now seems complicated, but in fact the principle of operation is very simple. The steps are as follows:

1. Capture Ai Duoer.

2. Caesar imitates the life hot spring, which is a unique environment of a higher world. Because there is no suitable environment, Caesar can only use a cauldron to boil water, plus one of his “Three Divine Items” [Fraudster’s head wrap], deceive the prepared snow water in that big iron pot into a hot spring of life.

3. With the characteristics of life hot springs, imitate an Adol Papa that can only exist temporarily.

4. Su Xiao came on the field and temporarily seized Adol Papa’s apocalypse imprint with the title of “Apocalypse”, and then sent Adol Papa into the enclosure. Please note that Adol Papa was Temporarily snatching imprint, plus being locked into a sealed mirror, but she is still a special overlord unit notarized by the Void Tree, because she is not dead yet.

5. Su Xiao temporarily transferred the title of “Apocalypse” to Adol Papa’s replica. Once there is imprint, this replica is being determined, and it is Adol Papa himself, imprint It can’t be fake.

6. Caesar reports the replica of Adol Papa to the Void Tree. This will lead to a situation where the Void Tree will check the replica of Adol Papa, and finally check it , Ai Duor Papa is no longer a special hegemony unit, and conflicts with the previous notarization, the balance mechanism is activated, and Ai Duo Papa is notarized for the special hegemon again.

7. Su Xiao and Caesar removed all means at the same time, and opened the closed mirror to show the real Adol Papa.

8. Two Aidol Papa appeared in an instant, and one of them disappeared suddenly, imprint, the overlord notarization, etc., like a magnet, attracted to the newly-appearing Aidol Papa. This is As it should be by rights, these are things with her characteristics, and of course they will gather on her.

This also leads to a situation where Ai Duor Papa has a dual hegemony status. Before, Su Xiao received an announcement from the Void Tree. The content is as follows.

“Announcement 2: Transfer of Special Overlord Status (When the special overlord unit·Aidor Papa defeats the enemy, she can transfer the existing special overlord unit status to the defeated).”

Su Xiao did all this now because of the content of Announcement 2, after Ai Duoer defeated the enemy, she could transfer her special overlord status to the enemy.

In this way, if you kill the enemy with the identity of a special overlord unit, you can get 100 points of killing merit.

The current Ai Duoer is a double special overlord status. After she transfers a single overlord status to the enemy, there is a high probability that a special overlord status will remain.

This is particularly interesting. After Su Xiao killed the enemy whose overlord status was transferred and gained 100 points of killing merit, Ai Duoer was still a special overlord.

More importantly, from defeating the enemy, to transferring to the opponent’s special overlord status, to Su Xiao killing the enemy to get 100 points of killing merit, these processes are all announced by the Void Tree, which is completely reasonable. Compliance, the basic rights that every participant can enjoy.

During this process, Su Xiao was completely in accordance with the killing Competitor rules formulated by the Void Tree to obtain revenue. As for the title of “Apocalypse”, this is a notarized title constituted by Apocalypse Paradise. Why can’t it be a notarized thing? use? Have a question to check Apocalypse Paradise, it has nothing to do with him?

Su Xiao sometimes can’t figure out one thing, why should he be a violator? What’s so good about that? The ones who were thrown out all day, like the racing dogs, ran as fast.

As for breaking free from the shackles of the paradise and regaining freedom, the situation may be different. Su Xiao was shot down by a killer who was disguised as a security guard. If he had not been recruited by Reincarnation Paradise, now his grave head is grassier than Haidong’s. The tombs are all high, let alone enter each world and have today’s strength.

But so far, Su Xiao has never thought of breaking away from Reincarnation Paradise, because this is a refuge, even if he fights for the probability of 1/10000th, he really broke away. The next thing will be hiding the sky. and covering the earth’s Spellcaster.

Based on Su Xiao’s understanding of Arcane Eternal Star, once he loses the shelter of Reincarnation Paradise, the entire Arcane Eternal Star Spellcaster, the upper and the top echelon, including the highest, will come together to destroy him, Void Overlord Influence is not called for nothing. As long as there is a chance, they will use all their strength to make Su Xiao die without a burial site.

Perhaps when his strength reaches a certain limit and the scene on the road to becoming stronger comes to an end, Su Xiao will consider those. Now, even if he can leave Reincarnation Paradise, he will not leave. The speed of becoming stronger here is Nowhere can it be compared.

Thinking that Su Xiao was completely unable to fight against the demon castle Alice, if he encountered it now, he didn’t even need to move his finger, a blood spear could nail the opponent to the ground.

Su Xiao looked towards Ai Duo’er, this special overlord can’t do anything, the other party can simply lay the “Golden Egg”, referred to as the Egg Laying Ji.

The first is that 10,000 soul coins can be pinched every day, and the second is that at 12 o’clock every day, her position will be made public, attracting other combatants.

Su Xiao Zhengchou couldn’t find any other participants. More than 70% of the participants in this world ran when they saw him. They ran faster than rabbits.

With Ai Duoer, there is no need to worry about this problem. At that time, participants will find them on their own. It is all killing merits. If the opponent is a violator, it is killing merit + diamond Medal Of Honour.

Su Xiao looked up and down Ai Duoer, from his eyes, the opponent’s survivability was not good enough, and he could kick blood mist with one kick. In case he was killing the incoming combatant, Ai over there Duo’er suddenly died suddenly, not only the 10,000 soul coins every day was gone, but also the subsequent killing exploits were not found, and he suffered a blood loss.

Su Xiao gave Baja a wink, meaning that this is the key protection object, and cannot die before being squeezed dry. Baja knows how to use eagle claws to make OK claws.

ka ka ka ~

The crystal seat is composed of Su Xiao sitting on it. He is currently practicing the control of Azure Steel Shadow energy crystallization. Unfortunately, the progress has not been much. If he can go back alive this time, he is going to the “Dragon Academy”. , There is famous for crystal, crystal manipulation, etc.

“Boss, what’s the matter with you, you keep looking at me, I’m sorry.”

Aiduo’er looked very unnatural. She was afraid of encountering a sorrow. If she had to take soul coins from her and rub her on the ground, she would choose to die.

Su Xiao ignored Ai Duoer, he used imprint to open the team permissions, and formed the “Breaking Dawn team”.

[Breaking Dawn Team]

Number of members: 15.

Squad rank: SSS (shares Hunter’s single-player Adventure Group rank).

Squad skill upper limit: 24 (Squad skills can be shared through team skills, or inserted into team skill cards. Such skill cards are extremely scarce, and are fixed levels, fixed bonuses, and cannot be upgraded).

Squad Skill 1: Glorious Team (Passive, Lv.EX), all team members HP +9700 points, Mana +4200 points.

Squad Skill 2: Rejuvenation (Passive, Lv.24). When a team member’s HP drops below 10%, this ability will be activated and will restore 1550 HP +26% of maximum HP in the following 3 seconds ( The cooling time of this skill is 19 hours, and the cooling time between team members is calculated separately).


After finishing the team, Su Xiao sitting on the crystal seat lit a cigarette, exhaled the smoke, and said to Ai Duoer:

“you are too weak.”

“Um~, I know this, but don’t say it so bluntly, it’s very depressing.”

“You die, my loss is great.”


Aiduoer dared to be angry but didn’t dare to speak. Whether she was captured alive or used as a tool, she didn’t doubt life, but after hearing Su Xiao’s words, she doubted life a bit.

“You can’t insult my personality!”

Aidor clenched her fists, and at this moment, she received a prompt.

[Reminder: Reincarnation Paradise · Hunter · Overlord Level unit · Kukulin · White Night invites you to join the “Breaking Dawn Team”. 】

Seeing this prompt, Ai Duoer hesitated and chose to join. Immediately, a strange energy blessed her, and her life force improved a lot. After seeing the two team skills, she The sense of security surged.

Aidor completely forgot what she just said, “You can’t insult my personality.” She resolutely chose to join the Breaking Dawn team.

Su Xiao closes the giant metal door of the Seal Hall from the inside, and attaches a lock disk half a meter in diameter to it. After the lock disk unfolds on its own, he puts a glass tube into it.


When the lock disk is closed, Su Xiao lays some shadow lines and connects them to the trigger hooks around the lock disk. As long as someone pushes the metal door from the outside, bang~

This is a special liquid Apollo made by Su Xiao. The formidable power is slightly different from the explosive range. The advantage is that once it is triggered, it will be activated immediately. To put it simply, its activation method is not spirit strength activation, but closer to contact pressure.

After finishing these arrangements, Su Xiao took out [Ancient Divine Idol], and just about to start, the announcement of the Void Tree appeared.

[Announcement (Void Tree): This world has been opened for 4 days. According to the previous tree-born world opening rules, the world store in this world will be opened after 10 points. 】

[Location: Ancient Capital of Yada (west direction·Teng Clan residence·Ring Tree City). 】

[Any participant can purchase items in the world store through killing exploits. 】


Seeing these tips, Su Xiao was looking thoughtful in his heart. There is no doubt that the item and real value of the world store must be extremely high. This is caused by the value of killing exploits.

Whether to splurge in the world store, or stay till the end, through the settlement of the Ranking List, get the rewards corresponding to the ranking of the Ranking List, it all depends on the personal decision of the participants. If the two sides are vacillating, the rain and dew will be in the final Little gain.

Although Su Xiao now has an egg-laying lady, his slaughter feats are actually not very ridiculous. Even more how this time the opponent is the priest, so Old Guy is very capable.

Su Xiao activates the ancient Divine Idol, and dense fog gradually envelopes the surrounding area. When the surrounding fog dissipates, Su Xiao entire group is already located under the initial tree of the ancient capital.

There is no mark left by Wood and Sin Yas nearby. The two of them should be still on the way back. They feel like teleporting props. They are indeed very good.

Su Xiao has already known [Talent Awakening Device] of the large ruins located in the extreme south. With a goal, his heart naturally settles down. In addition, through the queen, her elder sister, he also learned other information about the large ruins. The situation there is particularly complicated. Wood spirits, tree spirits, etc. are not easy to mess with.

Now there is no need to rush to the location of [Talent Awakening Device]. On the contrary, Su Xiao hopes that Fairy can go to tracking [Talent Awakening Device] like tracking Broken Soulstone, and things will be easy if the other party thunders. too much.

Previously, the Fairy Fairy team not only helped Su Xiao divert the ice slave group, but also helped him test all kinds of fierce poisons, and finally gave Su Xiao 71 points of killing merit. What a selfless spirit of dedication, like a fairy It’s rare to see Ji such a good person.

If the extreme north is an ancient place of solitude, then the extreme south is the ancient powder keg. Su Xiao is looking forward to someone stab one to explode one. He can observe how far the other party can be exploded and judge that’ Gunpowder barrel’s formidable power.

Su Xiao walked to the west of the ancient capital. The area of ​​the ancient capital was not small. It took more than three hours to reach the habitat of the Teng tribe.

This is an area surrounded by giant trees. Except for an entrance with a width of about 10 meters, the surrounding circular trees are dense enough to the extent that the trunks squeeze the trunks and are airtight.

In the circular tree wall composed of 100 meters high trees, the area is similar to that of a general small and medium-sized city. There are different styles of rock buildings built here, some of which are rock red, some azurite, and some faintly revealing golden.

a The vines walk on the street between the buildings. They are about 2 meters in height. Most of them are working and living very fulfilling lives.

The vine tribe is a very buddhist tribe. In addition to the previous opening of the Void Tree, they can see the combatants, and they get used to it over time.

Not only is there no reward for killing them, but they will also come out. It is the best choice to treat the vines as a neutral unit. In this way, you can also go to their “Ring Tree City” to rest and supply.

Su Xiao walked into the “Ring Tree City” from the entrance of the tree wall, and a prompt appeared.

[Reminder: You have entered the insecure Safety Sector domain (fighting here, you will become hostile to the rattan clan). 】

Su Xiao walks on the street. If he encounters an enemy in the “City of Trees”, he will not shoot in the street. It is no good to be a deadly enemy with the Teng Clan. After killing the Teng Clan, there is no benefit. Use Sun Fury Apo It is wasteful to fried them.

Although there is the title of Safety Sector here, in Su Xiao’s view, as long as it is a place where there are few people, it’s okay. He does not seem to offend the Teng Clan, but the Teng Clan also has to weigh and offend Su Xiao. As a result, Su Xiao was no longer the explorer who had to be careful after entering the mission world.

The world store is located in the middle of the city. Following the direction given in the prompt, Su Xiao didn’t go far and saw a familiar silhouette.

“You guys came back very quickly.”

GuLu spoke, and while speaking he breathed.


Su Xiao will not reveal the existence of the ancient Divine Idol. Seeing that he was silent, GuLu walked to the corner of the street. She turned her back to Su Xiao. Lazily waved her hand and said: “Go back and open the Queen’s box, don’t envy me.”

GuLu while speaking, breathed out again. For some reason, she had been sleepy since she left the Queen’s bedroom.

Su Xiao signaled Boubo Wang to keep up with GuLu. Boubo Wang merged into the environment and followed up with the leaps and bounds. The temperature rose, and Boubo became a little happy.

Su Xiao in the vicinity found an uninhabited house, and Baja picked the lock and opened the door. Su Xiao’s team had done many things before.

Confirmed that this house has been unoccupied for some time, Su Xiao sat on the wooden chair, took out the terminal, and received the picture from Boubo Wang. A few seconds later, GuLu appeared on the screen. She was located in a hotel In the room, the room is not big, but it is very delicate.

The reason why Su Xiao monitors GuLu is to see what GuLu will bear after killing the hymn, so as not to cheat the corpse by the hymn, then he will want to let the other party die, only the enemy who is completely dead , Is a good enemy.

Just now, Su Xiao Sensor didn’t notice anything wrong with the other party, but he was still vigilant, and the enmity with the hymn had already been established. If the other party still has a breath, he must never let it go.

On the opposite side of the video, inside the hotel room.

GuLu was sitting at the table. The metal box left by the queen was on the table in front of him. GuLu attached great importance to the spoils bought by the 8,100 soul coins. Although the auction at the time made her feel wrong, but Not long after entering this world at that time, it was normal that the other three could not produce more than 9,000 soul coins.

GuLu pressed the lock button of the metal box, she took a deep breath, opened the lid of the box, looked towards the item in the box.

“╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭”

After a few seconds, the smile on GuLu’s face gradually disappeared.

She took out a large stack of papers from the box and meditated wildly in her heart. This is a precious knowledge record, but when she checked the first piece of paper, she clenched a small fist.

On this paper, there is a picture of an alien creature with a pig head and a human body. It is wearing a slaughter suit. The name of the painting is marked “Butcher Juluo”.

GuLu admits that this painting is very good, but what’s the use?

She continued to look. The painting style on the second paper was dim. In the gray back, there was a black silhouette standing in front of the mirror. The projection of him in the mirror was made up of many faces. This black silhouette looked It was very painful. It seemed that he no longer knew who he was. The name marked under the painting was: “The Faceless Man Pete Pepper”.

GuLu continued to turn down, and the third sheet was blank. After turning down several sheets, she found another sheet with a portrait.

The painting is a thin woman. She is wearing a loose robe and a hood. The background behind her is a dark line of distortion and chaos. The name marked below the painting is: “Daughter of Doom ·Sasha Arya”.

GuLu continued to look down, and soon found another piece of painted paper.

Here is a burly and sloppy man. He is sitting on a throne made of gold. The throne has been severely corroded. It looks black and pitted. He is hacking a torture axe at the armrest of the throne. Under the man’s right foot, there are twelve chaotically overlapping crowns. The name marked below the painting is: “Light Bearer Anderson.”

GuLu found the next two papers with paintings, but apart from the paintings, she found nothing else.

The queen’s hobby is painting? Then keep the best ones carefully? Thinking of this, GuLu only felt dizzy in her head. She spent 8,100 soul coins and bought six paintings in A4 size.

This huge blow caused GuLu to wilt. With her endurance, she forcibly ignored the incident after a while and put the six paintings into the storage space.

Boubo Wang, who was immersed in the environment, saw this scene and was a little disappointed. It was originally planning to steal these paintings. These papers with dark dwellers may be valuable, and their value is difficult to find unless they have been to the dawn of Darkness Territory town.

Six paintings, the 1st is the pig brother, the 2nd is the imitating male, the third is the queen’s elder sister, the 4th is Anderson, and the fifth and sixth pictures are for now.

GuLu was so sleepy and dazed, a security device was set up, and she fell on the bed|to sleep.

“We meet again.”

A female voice entered GuLu’s ears, her eyes suddenly opened, she got up from the bed|, and looked around vigilantly.


Boubo Wang was really surprised when he heard GuLu’s shouted in a low voice. He suspected GuLu had noticed it.

“Don’t hide, I have heard your voice.”


Boubo Wang was confused, and he didn’t say anything.

“Although we are of the same sex, you are damned to spy on me while I sleep.”

Hearing this, Boubo Wang turned around and raised his leg to look at it, very good, it was not what he said.

GuLu Sensor has been searching for a long time. After more than half an hour, she sat back on the bed, scratched her head suspiciously, and mumbled: “Is it wrong? No, someone is talking.”

GuLu was too sleepy. She felt that if she persisted for a while, she might suddenly fall asleep while walking. After setting up her guard, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

“Want to sleep? No way, wake up.”

It was the female voice that appeared in GuLu’s ears again. Her eyes suddenly opened. This time she didn’t get up. As an eighth contractor, she felt that the voice she heard was not from the outside world, but more like It came from her own ears, so she didn’t change places to rest.

GuLu closed her eyes and forced herself to sleep. After a feeling of falling, GuLu felt herself falling into the water with a thud. As soon as she fell into the water, she grabbed her ankle with one hand and looked down at the transparent water. Below, is a hymn wearing a gold-white dress.

“I said, you will regret it, little brother with a special skirt.”

The hymn smiles gently like a big sister next door, GuLu turn pale with fright, she doesn’t know where she is at this time.

GuLu stood up and punched towards the face of the hymn, the hymn did not hide.

With this punch, GuLu felt like her hands were covered with cotton, soft and weak. She even used all one’s strength, but still felt soft and weak.

It feels too much like fighting with someone in my sleep, obviously dying, but no matter how I use my air, my fist is soft and weak.


A crisp sound spread through the water. It was the hymn that slapped GuLu in the face. It stands to reason that if it is really in the water, the sound should not be so crisp.

“GuLu Lu~”

GuLu spit out bubbles, her heart roared: ‘I’m so angry with my old lady. ’

GuLu was about to explode. She was weak when she hit the hymn. When the other party hit her, it hurt.

“I’ll wait for you to come next time, little brother special skirt.”

After speaking, the hymn sank to the bottom, and GuLu rushed to the surface.

In the hotel room.


GuLu suddenly got up from the bed|, a big dry cough, and water sprayed from her nose and mouth. The water quickly evaporated and dissipated after contacting the air.

“Huh! Huh! Huh~!”

GuLu gasped. She knew that she was in big trouble this time. She chose not to sleep. She would become confused and drown when she slept. This is not a multiple-choice question, but a death question.

Don’t talk about killing the enemy right now, she doesn’t even know where the enemy is, in her dream? Or in her consciousness space?

Thinking of this, GuLu, who was about to explode, slapped himself hard.

“Bi Chi, does it hurt?”

GuLu regretted it after slapped the face. She didn’t know whether the hymn hurts or not, but she was quite painful, and her right ear was buzzing with tinnitus.

On the side, Boubo Wang who witnessed this scene was stunned, while in the house on the other side, Su Xiao, Baja, Caesar, and Ai Duoer were watching the screen together.

“Boss, GuLu is unclear.”


Su Xiao didn’t speak. Compared to this incident, he actually didn’t understand why GuLu always called his father.

“Boss, it seems that the price of killing hymns is very serious.”

“en. ”

Su Xiao walked outside the house, and after understanding the general situation of killing the hymn, he was going to look at the world store.

After arriving in the central area of ​​Huanshu City, Su Xiao quickly found the world store. This is an alley more than two meters wide. He stopped in front of a thick iron door and opened the door. , Walked into a windowless room.

This place is about 50 square meters in size. There is nothing inside. Only on the innermost wall, there is a machine like a vending machine. This is the world store.

There were four warriors in front of the world store, and the weapons in the hands of three of them were either placed on the neck of the man in the middle or against the other’s head.

“You guys hurry up.”

Su Xiao closed the big iron door behind him and stood in front of the wall beside the door.

A few minutes later, the four people exchanged items. Su Xiao, as Hunter, had already arrived as a Sensor. Three of the four were offenders.

99% of the offenders in this world are related to the gray gentleman, that is to say, every time a person is killed, the battle strength of the gray gentleman’s camp is weakened by one point.

But if you do it directly here, it’s a bit too slapped in the face of the Teng Clan. Along the way, the Teng Clan is very friendly. As the saying goes, you don’t hit the smiley people. If you do it here, it’s best to have a reason. All are slaughtered, leaving no livelihood.

Among the four people walking outwards, one of them is a robust man with a height of 2 meters, a face covered with scars and cross flesh, and a fierce face, looking sideways to Su Xiao. With eyes facing each other, Su Xiao asked: “Why do you look at me.”


The scarface robust man was taken aback and didn’t understand Su Xiao’s meaning.

“You are looking at me, you are remembering what I look like, you know who I am, you are a member of the gray gentleman, you have to inform, let the gray gentleman send someone to siege me, so you have to kill I, I and you are only meeting for the first time, but you are going to kill me, offenders, it’s really dangerous.”




The three offenders, look at me and I look at you, are all trapped, especially the scarfaced robust man among them, with buzzing brains.


Su Xiao pulled out the long knife at his waist, walked slowly to the big iron gate, blocked the way out, and the unabashed killing intent spread with bloody aura.

The combatant who was held hostage by the three violators originally thought it was a chance to escape, but he realized that this was not the case. He was not a hostage, but one of the targets of the killing. His tone was firm and low. The voice said: “Let’s cooperate with the four of us.”


The three offenders immediately agreed, and the four were on the same front. The destiny is indeed very strange.

Seeing this situation, Su Xiao lowered his eyes and said: “Oh? It turns out that the four of you have conspired to ambush me.”

“I TM!”

Scarface Robust Man was almost anxious, he really didn’t do anything, he just glanced at Su Xiao.

The formula for killing the law: gaze=possibly malicious=threatening safety=you think you can kill me=enemy=die for me!