Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 3501


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I am most afraid of the sudden silence of the air. This is the situation right now. It is nothing if Caesar takes out the Jar of Abyss. The main problem is the natural phenomenon of the Jar of Abyss.

The deep green smoke wafts out from the mouth of the can frequently. This deep green smoke has several points of the feeling of the abyss. It is more dark and ominous, as if only a slight touch will be corroded by it. ,assimilation.

In the nest, the atmosphere was quiet for a while, but it was broken by the undead girl.

“This is?”

The undead girl has never seen the jar of the abyss, but she faintly feels the danger of this thing, the depth and depth, and the oncoming sense of the abyss, all make people look away.

The undead girl stayed at the eighth level for a long time. She was deliberately accumulating resources. She has been to all kinds of dangerous worlds. Among them, the one that impressed her most was undoubtedly “the abyss.” At the top of the order, it just has the qualifications to touch the abyss. If you want to shake it hard, it is undoubtedly mantis trying to stop a chariot.

Compared with the undead girl, Su Xiao has long known the terrifying of the power of the abyss, how was Silver Moon Wolf back then? In the end, he was eroded by the abyss, and with his broken body, he wielded the sword that had violated his original intention.

Su Xiao saw the jar of the abyss, his first thought was that the coming disaster, is it possible that is the direct Incursio of the abyss energy?

If that’s the case, then it’s dead. Once the energy of the abyss flows directly in, in terms of the life strength of the eighth world, the abyss Incursio Early Stage must be an extinct racial annihilation. dark.

Thousands of years, or even tens of thousands of years later, the abyssal energy in the world will gradually become thinner, or depending on various gains, with different characteristics, will the creatures recover again. That is how many years later. .

Su Xiao observed the tank of the abyss for a while and came to a conclusion that this world has a probability of more than 90% and will not be directly Incursio by the power of the abyss. The reason is that the deep green smoke floating in the tank of the abyss is obviously It already has a characteristic, which is an extreme force amplified by the energy of the abyss.

So inferred, it is that this kind of power closer to the ghost and the dead will cause Incursio to this world.

Although this is not good news, at least it is not a desperate situation. If the power of the abyss comes, the Early-Stage stage will be unsolvable. What’s more, this Early-Stage will last for at least several thousand years. For the abyss The whole process of the invasion, thousands of years is indeed only considered Early-Stage.

With a general understanding of the source of the danger, Su Xiao felt the pressure on his shoulders plummet. He never feared the strength of the enemy, but was very afraid of unknown dangers.

“This power is tentatively called You Ming, what does it represent? A power?”

The undead girl looked at the deep green smoke floating in the jar of the abyss, looking thoughtful in her eyes.

“Perhaps it is not just a single power. The empire has implemented colonial policies for many years. More than a dozen biological stars have been oppressed by the empire’s colonial policies. Among them, it is inevitable that the powers of the mysterious system may be destroyed. The hidden dangers left behind, when people are in extreme despair, Evil God, ancient gods, and other existences, as long as they can help them, they will ask for help.”

Priest’s words are reasonable. The empire has been dominating for many years, and under the bloody colonial policy, the accumulated hatred is unimaginable.

What is certain is that the existence or force temporarily named “Nether” is not the system of this world, but more like Incursio coming over.

Incursio, there must be an Early-Stage sign, but looking at the current behavior of the empire, it is obviously not at all vigilant. The Third Fleet is still cleaning up the insect race on Pandora Star neither fast nor slow.

The empire is a technology side force. Over the years, they have used spaceship, Mecha, and railguns to defeat mystic forces. They are currently encountering the “Nether” force Early Stage Incursio. The attitude shown by the imperial forces will remain until Now the contempt of mystic by the technology side.

Actually, this is normal. According to the empire’s perception, those babbling Power Systems are rubbish, and the ship is bombarded with ashes.

The empire is obviously a frog in well. They should go to the world, the tree-born world, and the black king world to see and see how terrifying the mystic invasion of the dark tendency is. , A calamity that can only be numb to accept, a calamity of that level, to be able to die when the calamity comes to Early Stage is actually a kind of luck.

This also caused the survivors to use the most plain tone to speak a history of disasters that people have one’s hair stand on end, but surging forward with great momentum.

There is a lot of bad news, but there is also good news. After Caesar’s king bombed out, he directly bombed Old Fart ·priest into a good teammate·priest.

Su Xiao, priest, and dead soul girl are not afraid of death, but this does not mean that they want to die. On the contrary, they will cherish their lives, but when needed, they will be pressed without the slightest hesitation.

The priest of incarnation’s good teammates is extremely powerful. This Old Guy is going to go to the empire’s mother star Okay by air rail.

The so-called air-rail ship is a kind of jumping space technology. As long as the two places have a stable cable station, high-speed cross-planet travel can be realized.

Priest’s trip to Okay Star is a huge sacrifice. The World’s Power of this World is undoubtedly concentrated on Pandora Star. If the priest goes to Okay Star, the income will be greatly reduced.

The power of the empire has been rampant for so many years, and Okay will likely become the starting point of “Nether” Incursio. It is conceivable how dangerous it will be.

Priest temporary incarnation is a good teammate, taking such a big risk, of course Su Xiao, Undead Girl, and Caesar should say that they must at least provide some sponsorship.

Beside the round table, several people were silent. The undead girl took out a mini skull, placed it on the table in front of the priest, and said: “In case of an emergency, throw it out, you can summon a small number of skull .”

“A small amount?”

Priest hesitated a little about this small amount.

“Well, that is eight or nine thousand.”

“pu, knock knock ~”

Boubo Wang’s juice came out of his nostrils, coughing constantly, this ‘small amount’ is actually ‘too little’, and the last sentence is ‘eight or nine thousand’, which sounds wrong.

If you are heard by the normal summon department, you will surely shed tears of envy.

As soon as the priest put away the mini-skeleton, Caesar took out a crumpled invoice. After the priest took it, he looked surprised for a moment, and then solemnly put away the crumpled invoice.

Su Xiao took out four glass columns 20 cm thick and half a meter high. Inside were translucent solution. The solution was immersed in the swallower. The four swallowers were placed side by side.

First Generation Devourer·Black A: The advantage is the hexagonal warrior, but the disadvantage is that it is tyrannical and difficult to control.

Second-generation Devourer·Boiling Red: Exclusive for women, control system, the strongest method is “Dark Demon Blood Shadow”.

The Third Generation Devourer·Dark Sun: Tai Yang Fire flame system, pure Fire Element, extreme and powerful.

Fourth generation Devourer·Sun messenger: God stick model, medium battle strength, especially able to flicker.

“Choose one from four.”

Su Xiao lit a cigarette and exhaled smoke.

“Can’t select all?”

Priest looked at the four Devourers and liked them all.

It’s no wonder that this is the case for the priest. On his trip to Okay Star, it is the best choice to find a local person to cooperate or use. The problem is that having strength means having a background, and all kinds of troubles continue.

Priest does not need a person to plot against each other, but a stunner who helps him keep stepping on thunder in front.

It’s too difficult to cultivate this kind of stunned youth. If it gives birth, all kinds of side effects will be huge. It is inevitable that the person will become desperate and become a dead man.

At the beginning of the Alliance Star, Su Xiao felt that the Devourer is easy to use. Is it the Devourer or the First Generation model, which is the black A.

The combination of Black A + Aiqi is simply invisible, and he slams on the thunder like crazy in front.

At this time, after the Priest Sensor got the characteristics of the four Devourers, it immediately realized its great value. This is simply the best choice for cultivating thunder-ridden people.

After the symbiosis of the devoured person, the stunned youth will mistakenly think that he is the chosen person, the main character of the novel, the protagonist of the harem man, etc. In just a few days, the opponent’s strength will be resonated by the devourer.

With such a stunned young man exploring the way ahead, the risk of going to Okay for the priest’s trip is reduced by at least 40%. The characteristics of the Devourer are too suitable for the Old Fart method of the priest.

If necessary, the priest can pretend to be a kind clergyman or a ‘guide NPC’. Just ask, who would suspect a kind ‘guide NPC’? Who would guess that the head of Xinshou Village is a bad person?

Among the four Devourers, the priest was the first to exclude the “Four Generation Devourers·Sunbringer”. He is a god stick himself and does not need to cultivate a big flicker.

The First Generation Devourer is very reckless, the second generation has a delicate mind, and the third generation Devourer, regardless of the host’s character, is a flame and silly. The iron-headed baby among the Devourers, if you use black A, this is a fool .

Priest points to Dark Sun, the Third-Generation Devourer, apparently preparing to quickly train a Han Han Han to help him step on the thunder in front.

“What are the taboos of this thing?”

Priest looked at the dark sun inside the glass pillar and was very satisfied.

hearing this, Su Xiao said: “The consciousness of Anyang itself is not very smart. Find a host with a better brain for it.”


Priest picked up the glass pillar, got up and left.

Seeing this scene, the undead girl frowned. She kicked Su Xiao’s leg under the table and asked in a low voice, “White Night, this Old Guy won’t run away with the money.” /p>

“How to say.”

“The day before yesterday, he almost took my deposit and absconded with the money. I told you, this Old Guy can do this. Old bastard is very bad.”


Su Xiao didn’t say a word. Based on his understanding of the priest, the other party could indeed do this.

“Let’s go, work hard on your side, I’m a little bit in touch with the imperial forces.”

Leave this sentence, the necromancer wears her own big hat and leaves. In this regard, Baja also specifically asked why the necromancer wears such a big hat, the other party’s answer is a bit funny, this kind of super-sized witch Cap, she started wearing it from the first order, the purpose is to prevent headshots by snipers.

Please don’t laugh, the Gunslinger in the first order is really not easy to lock in front of someone wearing such a big hat.

After reaching a higher rank, the undead girl has become accustomed to wearing it. If she doesn’t wear this kind of hat, she always feels almost meaningless. In her own words, it’s like going out without wearing underwear, not practical.

Caesar’s treacherous smile disappeared a little after seeing the outsiders gone, and he said seriously:

“My dear friend, this time the situation is more dangerous than we thought. The previous few times, we only came into contact with the rest of the abyss. This time we are too close to the power of the abyss. This is not what Tier 8 should contact.”

“Remaining in the abyss?”

Baja asks questions that others also want to know.

“Yes, the remaining memory, such as the dangerous thing of the alliance star, the eldest daughter of the abyss who gave birth to the world, Elf Race mutation, these all are the remaining memory…”

Caesar’s explanation is that the contact with the abyss is divided into Level 3, from strong to weak: face, invade, and survive.

The remaining level refers to the power of the abyss once a world has been invaded by the power of the abyss. After the power of the abyss merges with this world, the power of the abyss appears deformed, which is the second generation of the power of the abyss.

The power of the second generation of the abyss also affects the creatures or existence in this world, which is called the remnant of the abyss.

Dangerous objects like Alliance Star·S-001, or the Holy Grail of Death, as well as the eldest daughter of the abyss of the tree-born world, four-born evil spirits, silted people, etc., these all are “survival of the abyss”.

The “invasion level” higher than the “survival level” refers to a species that has been directly attacked by the power of the abyss and has undergone aberration or transformation.

As for the most dangerous “face level”, it is directly against the abyss.

In Tier 8, anyone who encounters the “Face Level” abyss event will die, even if it is only affected, it is a certain death situation.

When encountering the second echelon’s “invasion level”, Caesar analyzed that what we are about to experience now should be the same. The nether force is the terrifying force that has experienced the erosion of the original state of the abyss and survived.

The “survival level” of the third echelon is about to die, and the higher Level 1 “invasion level” is obviously not the eighth level that should be encountered. This is forcibly stacked.

“How long do we have preparation time?”

Su Xiao frowned and said, this is his most concern.

Caesar found out about the jar of the abyss. He thought about it for a while, and said: “There should be about 10 days left. Although Nether is strong, it will take some time to come from outside World Incursio.

“10 days.”

Su Xiao muttered in a low voice, pressing his elbows on the table, crossing his fingers, thinking about the follow-up countermeasures.

Simply mining is absolutely impossible. Borrowing a loan shark from Spider Queen and borrowing 100,000 to 150,000 units of life ores can quench thirst. After the brood is promoted to Tier 8, the resources needed, It’s a huge amount.

Even if it doesn’t develop, the bioenergy required for the Spangler to advance from the Sovereign level to the Ruler Level alone will reach a shocking 8.7 million points, which is 850,000 units of life ore.

Don’t think there is a lot of it. If Su Xiao hadn’t let Thora swallow the Abyss Stone and absorbed a large amount of Eminent Mana, Shira wanted to be promoted to Ruler Level, it would definitely not have biological energy.

Look at the Crimson Queen. The other party has been stuck at the Sovereign level for many years, and until today, he has not been promoted to Ruler Level. As for the level above Ruler Level, it is a theoretical level, and there is no one in this world. There has been an insect race of that level.

Su Xiao does not need Spindle to be promoted to the insect race Peak of this world, but to be promoted to Ruler Level within ten days. Only in this way can he withstand the first round of attacks by the “Nether Forces”.

There is a problem. If you only save creatures to promote Spindle to rank, the combat insect clan will not develop. The defense of your own brood and the deterrence and attack against external forces are not guaranteed.

Therefore, in addition to the promotion of 870,000 units of life ores, it is also necessary to obtain the biological energy required for the development of the elite demonic beast and the demon flame dragon.

Only mining, the daily output of 18,000 units of life ores is already the limit. Su Xiao looked towards Caesar on the opposite side. This servant often enters the world as a quartermaster as his initial status. Is this the same this time?

“Caesar, what is your initial identity this time?”

After hearing Su Xiao’s words, the opposite Caesar smiled and rubbed his hands.

Seeing this, Baja asked tentatively: “Are you now the quartermaster of the empire?”

Caesar stretched out his index finger, swayed left and right, and said: “My post is in the company, the current logistics manager, I was just promoted yesterday.”

While speaking, Caesar smiled a bit wretchedly, and can only say that the company’s influence is afraid that they are ignorant and promote Caesar to be the manager of the logistics department.

“But my dear friend, the method we used before, this time doesn’t seem to work. The company’s internal forces are extremely chaotic and they are all biting each other. I loosen my hands a little bit, and a group of people will bite it. It’s hard to do.”

Caesar sighed with a grimace, as if there was nothing he could do. After swiping his eyes for a few times, he suddenly said:

“However, recently the company has several batches of special metal and life ores to be transported. I just know the route. Pandora Star is a very dangerous place. If it is robbed along the way, tsk tsk tsk~”

Caesar looked regretful, chatting and shaking his head slowly.

After Caesar’s introduction, Su Xiao learned that the company’s premium metal technology has been greeted by the empire for a long time. It is also because of this technology that the company can develop under the suppression of the empire.

It is said that part of the super metal to be escorted this time is a superconductor. This thing is made from the companion creatures of life ore. Now it is only produced by Pandora. The empire urgently needs this superconductor.

Caesar’s unspoken implication is already obvious. As the company’s logistics manager, he can steal the company’s next transportation route.

After that, Su Xiao took the shot and robbed this batch of supplies. With the road map and accurate time information, the success rate was extremely high.

Attention, the Sao operation is next. After Su Xiao succeeds, Caesar will act as a mysterious person to contact the empire, the company, and the Scarlet Empress.

At that time, Caesar will sell the goods to the Empire, the company, and the Crimson Queen at the same time.

These three parties, the empire needs this material, the company is the owner, the Scarlet Empress does not want the empire to get this material, so all three parties will buy it.

After this, more sorrows came. Caesars wanted to get an online platform to invite the Empire, the company, and the Scarlet Queen to auction these materials online.

This kind of behavior, the anger of the empire and the company, is definitely rising. This is exactly what Caesar wants to see. At that time, he will throw this incident to Cain’s Hall of Valor and let this large Adventure Group backs the pot.

As for why I chose Kain, in Caesar’s words, the name is so similar to I. Those who don’t know still think that they have relatives. Since they are relatives, there are difficulties.

If Kain knew about this, he would definitely say something elegant and easy-going, I TM thank you.

After throwing the pot to Cain, the real operation began. When the company turned its attention to this matter, Su Xiao and Caesar would repeat the same tricks, go to the company to ‘restock’, and then run overnight.

When the company forces reacted, Su Xiao had already developed. If he didn’t agree, he would come to fight, and then the company forces could only bite their teeth and admit it.

Su Xiao has no objection to the plan. In terms of division, he is temporarily involved in the development of the brood. After he has survived this time, I will talk about division. If he died of the “Nether Force” Incursio, no more divisions Meaning, when one is qualified to withstand the Incursio of the “Nether Force”, that’s the time to make money.

“it’s a deal.”

Caesar got up and left and went back to the company to plan this event. I can only say that this time is really an unparalleled road. Without the company’s cargo transportation this time, things are really difficult to handle.

How to rob this batch of goods is straightforward. It’s not a question of whether you can kill the transport team. In this escort, soldiers from the empire are involved. The style of the empire is extreme. Every time important materials are transported, they will be arranged. Explosives are in the cargo. Once important materials are about to be robbed, even if they are exploded, they will not be cheap to the enemy.

So this time robbing the supplies, Su Xiao is going to complete the quick goal in the disguise of [Ancient Mask], so as not to be bombed.

Su Xiao checked the brood data, 340,000 workers Sasori mined for a whole morning, only let the brood get 28334 bioenergy, which is a huge gap between 8.7 million.

Looking at the time, the visitor from Spider Queen should be coming soon. The visitor’s visit this time is the key to whether he can borrow loan sharks from Spider Queen.

Su Xiao asked the spine to reduce the number of Sasori workers, one by one, the workers Sasori were on the fungus blanket, and the fungus blanket was broken down.

A total of 300,000 Sasoris and more than 10,000 demonic beasts are converted into bioenergy, and the bioenergy reserve of the brood becomes 256,986 points.

Su Xiao uses the existing biological energy to cultivate the elite demonic beast and the demon flame dragon. It is time for the thorn pull to be promoted to the female Sovereign level and must show his battle strength.

Following the order to breed the Demon Flame Dragon, an egg nearly two meters in diameter broke away from the egg tissue and was transported to the breeding sac.

After a while, a crack appeared in the mother’s nest, and the scaleless, rough-leather dragon wings came out, and instead, a huge black shadow flew up under the wind.

The whole body of the demon flame dragon flying in the sky is black, with irregular granular protrusions on the dragon skin, blood vessels-like lava patterns under the rough skin, and the bottom of the neck is completely lava colored.

After unfolding its wings, the Demon Flame Dragon has a wingspan of about 40 meters. Inside the pair of vertical pupils, it is like a fire of purgatory burning.

Burning, thick smoke, strong skin, and hard-to-injure body, this is the first impression of the demon flame dragon.


The demon flame dragon roared in the sky, and then, two more demon flame dragons flew up, 4000 points of biological energy can cultivate a big guy, quite a card.

When there are only 136 points left, there are 4097 elite demonic beasts and 10 demon flame dragons on the fungus blanket in front of the brood.

Compared with the ordinary demonic beast, the elite demonic beast’s body size has been improved, and the overall battle strength has soared. It has been directly promoted from the 7th grade Peak combat unit to the upper and middle upper reaches of the eighth grade. If the spinner can be promoted to Ruler Level, the demonic beast will change with the insect nest and must be upgraded to the eighth-level Peak combat unit.

Now it seems that the number of combat insect clan has been reduced by more than half, but the overall battle strength has not decreased but increased. You know, this is still in the case that the war lord has not fully triggered it.

Spider Queen is about to send a messenger to make that messenger feel that her side is too strong. Spider Queen is definitely not willing to borrow usury anymore, and the other party is worried about not coming back.

On the other hand, if the opponent feels that the Acanthus group is too weak, they will turn their faces directly.

The scale is very important. Su Xiao believes that the scale is just right right now. He asked all the praying mantles to start building large “districts” to shelter the demon flame dragon. The best scenario at that time is that the demon flame dragon will not be exposed Come out, only let the visitor Sensor arrive, so I feel jealous.

The visitor arrived before Su Xiao waited too long. Su Xiao put away the chapter of greed. Recently, he attacked Dark Crow. The strategy is relatively high. Dark Crow’s split blood sucking flow is really difficult to deal with.

Different from Su Xiao’s guess, Spider Queen did not send an envoy, but the deity arrived. To be precise, it was Spider Queen who cloned the spirit and cultivated the second body. What came at this time is that this is close to reality. clone body.

“Don’t you welcome me?”

Spider Queen said, her overall image is not a human spider belly, but a complete Human Race appearance. The reason for this is because Spider Queen’s original intention to cultivate this body is to sneak into the imperial camp. , Persevering suffered a backstab.

Seeing Spider Queen coming, Baja made a enthusiastic attitude and said: “Of course welcome, please come from Queen.”

“Queen? I don’t like this title.”

Spider Queen, which combines the characteristics of charming and snake Sasori beauty, speaks. Just hearing her voice makes people want to stop. This is obviously Spider Queen’s charm system ability.

“Yes, then I won’t call you Queen, I will call you Queen from now on?”


Spider Queen always feels something is wrong, and can’t think of it for a while.

The reserve creditor came to review, and Baja greeted the other party at the beginning. It’s eloquence that he can borrow usury.

“Please inside.”

After Su Xiao made the gesture of please, he walked into the brood with Boubo Wang, Baja, and A’Mu, which made Spider Queen startled. It stands to reason that she is a guest. Shouldn’t she leave first?

Obviously, Su Xiao did this on purpose, and it was time to show off his acting skills.

Without taking a few steps, A’Mu stopped and turned and looked towards Spider Queen, as if he was asking: ‘Why don’t you come in? What are you going to see if you leave it. ’


Faced with the enthusiasm of the Su Xiao team, Spider Queen’s expression froze, but she calmed down in her heart. She is here to lend usury, so you must be steady and not scare these people.

In a wonderful atmosphere, the entire group came to Fangcai’s nest room. After seated, Spider Queen looked around and was skeptical of the taste of Spindles. It didn’t look like an insect race.

Actually, this is the bedroom that Spider Queen has never been to. Everything in there, insect race is full of beauty.

“Regarding your troubles, I have seen it. Indeed, you need a large amount of resources to survive Early-Stage when you reach the Sovereign level, but the risk of borrowing 100,000 life ores…”

“Madam, it’s 150,000.”

Baja reminded with a smile, his attitude is very humble, I can only say that acting is very good.

Actually, both parties are acting. Spider Queen fears that Su Xiao will be frightened by her fame, so she dare not borrow usury at the last minute.

Su Xiao is worried that Spider Queen has discovered its own explosive ability, so she dare not borrow loan sharks.

This creates a situation where one wants to lend and the other wants to borrow, but they can’t say it clearly.

“Impossible, do you know how much life ore is in 150,000 units?”

Spider Queen’s attitude is firm.

“In this case, the negotiation between our two parties can only end here.”

Su Xiao changed his attitude and became stronger.


Spider Queen smiled charmingly, not caring that Su Xiao suddenly became strong. In her opinion, she had cut this piece of leek and no one could grab it.

“When we contacted you, we also contacted the company and the result was not bad.”

Baja also changed his attitude. It seems that the negotiation with Spider Queen is no longer necessary.

Hearing this, Spider Queen frowned. Her impression of the company was extremely bad. It was obvious that she had been robbed of business before and loan sharks were too much in line with the company’s temperament.

Seeing that the negotiations are gradually deviating, Spider Queen asked: “Do you believe in the company? Believe in the company dogs who are willing to give in to the aggressor?”


Boubo barked, his eyes clearly said: ‘Who are you scolding, you scold again! ’

“Compared with you, the company seems to be more sincere.”

Baja took out a document, which was a contract from the company. Seeing this, Spider Queen subconsciously thought of fraud, but after checking it, she found that it was true, and there was even contract power on it.

More importantly, the company stated in the contract that it is willing to borrow 200,000 units of life ore to Su Xiao, and the interest is only half of Spider Queen.

Seeing this contract, Spider Queen felt uncomfortable. Since the Empire and the company came to this planet, the world has gone downhill, and even loan sharks have competed.

Seeing Spider Queen’s gaze, Baja almost laughed. Shente Mo’s loan shark accused the other loan shark of unruly.

“Since the company has given such generous terms, what’s the point of this meeting? I can understand it as, are you kidding me.”

Spider Queen squinted her eyes, her breath became dangerous, like a poisonous spider about to kill her prey.

Spider Queen is going to be hard. In her opinion, this large vein is her private property and will not be given to the company.

“Madam, don’t get me wrong, we are looking for you, in fact, we want to cooperate with you more. How stinky is the company’s reputation, and we are well known in the presence. On the other hand, madam, you, your reputation, we can still trust it.”

Baja has a rainbow flattery, which makes the atmosphere soothing.

“All right.”

Spider Queen expression is as usual, but she feels unprecedented a little guilty in her heart. These people seem to be pretty good. They lie to these people and make her conscience a little pain after a long absence, but she said instead:

“Okay, 150,000 life ore, delivered tonight,”

While speaking, Spider Queen stretched out a white and slender hand to Su Xiao, and said: “This is your Human Race etiquette.”

Seeing this, Su Xiao hesitated in his heart, and finally chose to shake hands with Spider Queen. It was more difficult to converge his breath when he came in contact with him.


Spider Queen looked around, with doubts in her eyes, she suddenly felt a chill coming, but it was fleeting.

“I wish our cooperation smoothly.”

Baja spoke, and Spider Queen smiled nodded when he heard him say that.

“The situation has been very chaotic recently. There is a Spiritual God in the ancient ruins near us.”

Spider Queen spoke like a small chat.

“Spiritual God exists? What god? Neutral Spiritual God or friendly Spiritual God?”

Baja’s tone has improved slightly. At this moment, there can be no more disturbances from outside forces.

“It seems to be…Evil God? Well, yes, it is Evil God.”

Spider Queen picked up a light drink of black tea. Obviously, there is no intuitive concept of what Evil God is. After all, he has never left the world. The knowledge in this area is limited and understandable.

After chatting for a while, Spider Queen, escorted by a team of elite combat insects, left her territory.

After Spider Queen left, Su Xiao, Baja, and A’Mu stopped restraining aura. With the breath of the three of them, Spider Queen came, and immediately felt that this was not a good guy. To be safe, I chose not to do it. This business.

Su Xiao just relaxed here, and the spines in the next nest room are already pale and almost fainted. Only then did Su Xiao, A’Mu, and Baja be able to completely restrain aura without being detected by Spider Queen. It is because of the thorny spirit strength shielding.


Su Xiao confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the thorn pull, so he took Boubo Wang, Baja, and A’Mu and jumped onto the back of a demon flame dragon.

He wants to go to the ruins where the Evil God descended immediately and behead the Evil God. Now it’s not a question of whether there is grievances, but once the Evil God starts to make trouble, the follow-up development will be more difficult. This Evil God hunted it down before it started doing things.

To go to the hunting god, you must bring Boubo Wang, A’Mu, and Baja. As for the hunting god, the three of them are professional like Su Xiao.


The demon flame dragon roared and flew high in the sky. Su Xiao stood on the dragon’s back, the wind whistled past, and the sight below was unobstructed.

More than half an hour after the demon flame dragon flew at full speed, a large ruin appeared below. Su Xiao controlled the demon flame dragon to dive down and land in front of the ancient palace of the ruins. crack.

Just here, Su Xiao browsed tightly frowns. He did have the breath of Sensor to Evil God, but it was too weak.


The long sword came out of its sheath, Su Xiao jumped off the dragon’s back, just and honourable walked into the ancient palace’s main entrance, and just entered the ancient palace, he saw the corpses of extraordinary animals on the ground, these extraordinary animals, strength At least it is Lord Level. One of the gorillas is also an Overlord Level creature of Tier 8.

These extraordinary animals all died tragically. They were drained of blood and life force. Su Xiao continued to step forward. On the ground on the inner side of the ancient palace, he saw a formation diagram with a diameter of nearly 20 meters.

This formation diagram is drawn out of blood, apart from this, and there are many empty soul stones inlaid on the ground.

Observing for a moment, Su Xiao judged the purpose of this formation diagram. This is a technique of Ceremony, which is used for cross-border transmission, which is quite costly.

All of this represents one thing, that is, the eighth-order Evil God came a few days ago, and then last night, he set up this formation diagram and left this World to harm the other world.

Does this mean that this world is so dangerous that even Tier 8 Evil God is unwilling to stay here for a long time, and it is still running overnight.