Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 3502


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In the ancient palace, after some investigations, Su Xiao determined that the unknown Evil God had ran away overnight, instead of making a plan or leaving.

First of all, this Evil God was also injured. The Overlord Level creature of the eighth-level Peak was not to be trifled with. For the sake of its overlord spirit and a large amount of source blood, this Evil God also went out to fight with this overlord creature. , Kill it.

Judging from various clues, this Evil God is definitely a great character in Tier 8, but this time the opponent encountered Waterloo and came to this world after a cross-boundary space travel at a high price.

Obviously, this Evil God was very nourishing when it first came, and even conquered many intelligent creatures of this world.

Fortunately, after Su Xiao and the others entered this world, the hidden dangers that originally existed in this world were drawn out.

To be precise, it is not because Su Xiao and the others entered this world that this world became like this, but because this world will become like this, it will become the entry of those who use [The Beginning of the Nightmare] To be precise, Su Xiao and the others accelerated this process.

Two days ago, the Evil God who was going to expand Great Influence here suddenly became frowned and discovered that this place is not simple. Therefore, this Evil God bewitched the believers to hunt for extraordinary creatures, and he also went to find the trouble of the overlord creature. Finally Construct an array map with a large amount of source blood and run overnight.

Su Xiao has some gains during this trip, such as the ceremony image left by Evil God.

The cross-border-level ultra-long-distance transmission of this array of pictures cannot be seen by Su Xiao. The gap between Alchemy and ceremony is a simple metaphor for chemistry and astronomy. It is absolutely buzzing for a chemistry professor to teach astronomy.

Su Xiao can refer to this kind of ceremony array on one hand. This array is constructed with source blood and is a technique for in-depth development of the “power of blood.” The “Power of Blood” is reproduced?

If this is done, can Su Xiao use bloody aura to build an Alchemy matrix? Not to mention other things, the key is to save money. Some basic materials needed for Alchemy’s array are expensive to make people’s heart bloody.

After selecting several core points of the ceremony map, Su Xiao took Boubo Wang, A’Mu, and Baja to leave, and took the demon flame dragon back to the base camp.

in the sky ten thousand li Wuyun, Su Xiao sat on the back of the dragon, considering how to deal with the subsequent situation. The information provided by Caesar is that starting from today, there will be no major changes in the next 10 days. On the side of the Nether forces, more preparations will be made before Incursio.

The power of the Netherworld is still unknown, but if you want to launch Incursio from the outside world, you can’t do it overnight. This is two concepts from Evil God coming to this world. Evil God is a one-way entry. Yes, the ghost forces need to build a stable boundary channel to form a large-scale Incursio.

There is no sign of Pandora’s star at the moment. The parent star of the Prince who took the initiative to go to the Empire clearly already has accurate information. The initial penetration point of the Nether forces is the “Okay Star”.

In this case, Su Xiao is prepared not to consider the Nether power side at this stage. In fact, it is useless to consider it. There is too little intelligence. What he should do now is to stabilize the situation of Pandora.

The Three Great Influences here, the empire, the company, and the Crimson Queen, none of them can unite. They said that the Nether is about to Incursio, that is playing the lute for a cow, compared to those invisible threats They care more about the enemy in front of them.

Ten thousand steps back, even if the Three Great Influences agree to cooperate, in the follow-up process of confronting Nether, there will inevitably be the problem of several decision-makers influencing each other, which will result in the inability to make fast decisions, and all will collapse.

Su Xiao would rather arrange all these Three Great Influences to seize resources for development than to cooperate with pig teammate. Other parties do not say, the company must be pig teammate, which can be 100% certain.

The empire is arrogant and the company is shameless, so Su Xiao decided to beat the Crimson Queen camp first, not because of anything else, mainly because of being close.

Our base camp is in the south, and the empire is in the north of up ahead. In the middle of the two sides is the territory of the Crimson Queen. If the Crimson Queen is not arranged, I will fight the empire or the company. It is either a chrysanthemum|flower or a fight. On the flanks, the Crimson Queen must be killed first.

The problem right now is that the Crimson Queen camp is composed of five insect race mother queens, brutal Kara, low-key Issiah, Zhuhepai ​​Guy, and finally Spider Queen, all of them belong to Crimson Queen supporter.

As a result, playing one is equal to provoking five. This is not the situation Su Xiao wants to see.

His original idea was to unite with the empire and besiege the Crimson Queen’s camp back and forth. The problem is that the empire is preparing to enter a new fleet on Pandora, the existing third fleet will not move, and then the eighth and ninth The fleet is stationed in.

Apart from this, the immigration area built over there for a long time was also opened a month ago, and citizens have moved here one after another.

The attitude of the empire is that Pandora is determined, but due to the need to settle in the fleet and move citizens, the war between the Third Fleet and the Crimson Queen’s camp has temporarily ceased.

Now let the empire go to war, there is a high probability that you will get a promise. When the war really starts, there will be no soldiers. Watching Su Xiao and the Crimson Queen die, finally sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits.

Since it is impossible to obtain foreign aid, it is necessary to weaken the enemy from within. Su Xiao estimates that after the truce between the insect race alliance and the empire, the five female emperors of the insect race alliance are likely to have minor conflicts.

In any case, the armistice was proposed by the Empire, and the insect race alliance can be regarded as a small victory. A victory in a war, even if it is only a small victory, must be followed by interests.

If the following four insect race mothers can divide the spoils unevenly, it will definitely aggravate the conflict. Even the Crimson Queen, who is the leader of the insect race alliance, will at best mediate and cannot be suppressed by military force.

From another perspective, why did the insect race alliance cease the war so easily? Su Xiao estimated that over 90% of the empire put forward the idea of ​​coexistence, and later tried to make the insect race fight.

This method of giving a punch at the beginning, then giving sugar to coax, and finally disintegrating the enemy internally, the empire used quite a bit, and more than half of the dozen colonial stars under their control were won in this way.

From another perspective, from the perspective of the insect race alliance, peace will follow for a long time. This is not Su Xiao’s delusion. If the insect race does not think that it will enter a peace period, Spider Queen will never Will continue to lend usury.

Thinking of Spider Queen, Su Xiao thinks of a breakthrough. Spider Queen once cut out the Spiritual Body at the cost of hurting the origin, and created a spiritual clone, and then cultivated a body that looks exactly the same as Human Race. Carrying this spirit clone.

Originally, Spider Queen wanted to sneak into the Human Race and destroy the enemy from the inside, but after just sneaking for two days, she was stabbed in the back.

Who is the person who stabbed the knife, Spider Queen has not been able to find out so far. The only thing that is certain is that it was done by the insect race.

Su Xiao is ready to take care of this matter. Before this evening, Spider Queen will personally bring his subordinates to send 150,000 units of life ore. By then, Spider Queen will be its own creditor.

It’s easy for the other party to become a creditor. For example, Su Xiao found out who stabbed Spider Queen through a ‘special channel’ and solved the problem for the creditor.

First of all, the person who stabbed the Spider Queen back must not be the Scarlet Queen, because Su Xiao could not beat the Scarlet Queen’s tribe.

The remaining three parties, the brutal Kara, the low-key Issiah, the master and the pie Guy, Su Xiao decided to choose the master and the pie Guy, not only because the other party is not far away from him, but also because Guy is not the real master Hepai, over there, just wanted to avoid the battle and let others be cannon fodder. This made the other four insect race mothers dissatisfied with her for a long time.

Su Xiao will fight with the opponent under the name Gay had stabbed the Spider Queen back. The advantage of doing this is that even if the Scarlet Queen wants to intervene, she will find the Spider Queen first. The reason is that from the outside perspective, Su Xiao seems to be under the command of Spider Queen.

When the Scarlet Queen came to Spider Queen for this, the other party must have a dumbfounded look and proceeded that I did not, I am not, and I didn’t even want to do so.

At that time, if Su Xiao can knock Guy down, he will be rewarded for Spider Queen successfully. If the hammer fails, he will say that this matter is driven by Spider Queen and owes usury over there, so Spider Queen will hit him directly The chances of coming are minimal.

More importantly, at this time, the insect race alliance has ceased war with the empire. In addition to the various behaviors of selling teammates by Lord Hepa Guy during the war, she was beaten at this time, and the other four insect races, even if they did not applaud Laughing at hehe, eating melons and watching the show, and said:’You have today too, heaven has eyes! ’

The plan is gradually conceived in Su Xiao’s mind. Right now, it is waiting for Spider Queen to send the 150,000 units of life ore to become its own creditor.

The demon flame dragon flying high in the sky swooped down and landed in front of the base camp brood. Su Xiao jumped off the dragon’s back and walked into a small wooden building with a 2-Layer structure. The root of the tree is the Rare Item seed that the world and the mushroom prophet sent when they parted.

In the spacious and bright 2-Layer, Su Xiao sits on the ground, wanting to attack other insect race mother emperors, so as to develop rapidly. The 150,000 life ore borrowed from Spider Queen alone is not enough.

1.5 million points of biological energy, a total of 30,000 elite demonic beasts can be cultivated, even if the strength of Lord and Pie Guy is the lowest among all insect race queens, but also not with more than 30,000 elite demonic beasts It can be defeated with 10 demon flame dragons.

di di di ~

Electronic sound came from the side. Su Xiao picked up the communicator and it was Caesar who called it. After receiving it, Caesar’s deliberately lowered voice came:

“My dear friend, the electronic route map and time information will be sent to you in a while. There are two news, one is good and the other is bad, which one do you listen to first?”


“The bad news is that the escort is responsible for the company’s three major ace employees and an imperial executioner.”

“The executioner?”

Su Xiao did not listen to this information.

“The simple analogy is that the ultimate individual soldier has the strongest battle strength. Not only is he strong, he will also detonate his energy core when he dies. With a bang, everything within seven or eight kilometers nearby is gone. “

“Well, what is the good news?”

“The good news is that I have confirmed one thing. Because of the existence of a huge consciousness in Pandora where we are, the forces of the Nether can only engage in violent Incursio and cannot penetrate. The specific reason is not clear to me. Simply put, , Before the imperial mother star Okay, and the fall of the dozen or so colonial stars, we are safe here.”

“en. ”

After saying that, Su Xiao hung up the communication. This is indeed good news. He estimated that this may not be because of the huge consciousness of Pandora, but because it is being notarized by the Void Tree, so he avoided suffering. Early penetration.

After a while, Caesars sent the information. The company’s base camp is on the east side, which is the front right direction of its own base camp. The company’s plan is to be responsible for the launch of the mission’s spaceship at 3 o’clock this afternoon. It is expected to be 6 Arrive at the station of the Third Fleet at 10:15 to 6:15, which is the “New Star City” in the north.

On the way from the company’s base camp to New Star City, hundreds of people on the spaceship must undergo scleral and voiceprint certification every 5 minutes. This device is carried with you, and if something is wrong, an alarm will be triggered. .

Not only that, the entire spaceship has monitoring facilities and is subject to real-time monitoring from New Star City. What’s more incomprehensible is that if there is any abnormality here, it will lead to the control of New Star City’s control office and the company’s base camp. So, no signal to carry the spaceship was received, and the new star city would unilaterally detonate the “fission-type gravity bomb” in the cargo, causing the entire spaceship to be compressed into a basketball size.

Su Xiao projected the road map and the structure of the spaceship to the table. Boubo Wang, Baja, A’Mu, and Ji La gathered around the table. It is worth mentioning that the last two are here to join in the fun.

“Boss, the strength of the company’s three trump cards is the eighth peak echelon. In addition to them, there is also an imperial executioner. The executioner’s battle strength is likely to be stronger than the ace employee. And this cargo warehouse carrying the spaceship also has a “fission-type gravity bomb”, which is difficult to do. “

Baja has a frowning expression, hearing this, Ji Ra and A’Mu are all groaning that this is nodded.


Su Xiao, Boubo Wang, and Baja were all a little speechless, but Jiula and A’Mu did not participate in this action. The result looked like they were the main force.

Su Xiao took out a large box of spicy small dragon shrimp made in Xia, A’Mu and Ji La’s eyes started to light up. After a few seconds, they both went to eat the small dragon shrimp. lose interest.

“This spaceship will sail for 3 hours and 10 minutes. Let’s do it here.”

Su Xiao points at the top center of the map. Both Boubo Wang and Baja are nodded to express their understanding.

“This area is a high-gravity zone. Unless the company’s spaceship detours for a few hours, it will definitely pass through here. If you pass this high-gravity zone, the signal of the spaceship will be slightly affected. Boubo, you will be dark Enter the control system of the spaceship to make the signal interference more serious. Baja, you can solve the “fission-type gravity bomb” of the warehouse. Is there a problem? “


“Okay, Boubo, you immediately cut off the main plot control that carries the spaceship, so that all the cabins of the spaceship become separate cells.”


“Well, it depends on you when the time comes. The plan is basically like this. Is there anything to add?”

“Boss, do you top those ace employees and executioners? The hands-on time for you is too short, do you want to contact the dead girl…”

“No need.”

“Well, I’ll listen to you, it’s over, Ollie will give it!”


Su Xiao closed the projection of the terminal, took Boubo Wang and Baja away from the 2-Layer wooden building, and went straight to the company’s base camp, which is the “Aitage Laboratory”.


At the same time, in the central part, an insect nest with a height of more than 200 meters stands here. With this insect nest as the center, various insect race buildings stand up. This large building complex covers an area of ​​more than 2,000 square kilometers. From a distance, this is a city with an insect race style. There is even a city wall made up of biological tissues on the edge, and a high defense tower that blends with the city wall every 500 meters.

This is the group of the Scarlet Queen. The strongest insect race mother in the world is not in vain. In the war against the empire, the Scarlet Queen’s insect race force is the absolute main force.

At this moment, in the heart insect nest, the mother emperor’s sleeping room.

Sunlight came in through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The Crimson Empress was sitting in a place out of the sun, with a cup of black tea in her hand and a faintly discernable smile on her face. At this moment, a voice came from her side. :

“It’s so boring, there is no tension and excitement, impetuous~”

The Moon Apostle lay leaning on the recliner, shaking.

Morey and Hao Sister on the side, one is repairing the mine shovel, and the other is meditating. After all, Hao Sisters sword technique Grandmaster, every day meditation, has been maintained.

This time, Moon Apostle is the MVP of the team. Originally, the three of them were Su Xiao’s neighbors and shared raising insects together. On the first day of the game, they discovered that their neighbors developed the 7th grade insect nest. At that time, Morey The mood can only be described by Five Thunderbolts.

God finally looked after the three sisters of the apocalypse once, originally wanted to take the insect race mother to join the moon apostle of the insect race alliance, but found that he seemed to know the crimson queen, when the two met, the moon apostle just wanted to laugh up to heaven three times, because The Scarlet Empress is indeed her former “tongqifang”.

The so-called “same contract” is the exclusive advantage of the summon system. The summon system often comes into contact with foreign world existence, or Spiritual God, etc. In the face of some high-rank existences, even if the summon system cannot reach a contract subordination relationship with it, It is possible to conduct sacrificial offering mode transactions with the other party, so that both parties profit.

Actually, Su Xiao’s transaction with Maosheng’s Frenzy and Lord of the Old is a bit similar to the “same agreement” of the summon system, except that Su Xiao’s transactions are more terrifying than the other. Huhu|The kind of trough.

At the moment when the Scarlet Empress and the Moon Apostle meet, the feelings of both sides are complicated.

In this meeting, the Scarlet Empress decided to cooperate with Moon Apostle, Morey, and Hao Mei. Of course, in addition to the personal feelings of the Scarlet Empress and Moon Apostle, the Scarlet Empress was also somewhat attacked by the Moon Apostle’s wealth. inverted.

Morley and Haomei were stupid after they learned that the cooperation was successful. In Morey’s words:’Apostle Moon, before I met you, I always heard that you are a thigh, but after meeting you, I found out You are not right, after so long, you finally became a thigh, you twitched my mouth to make me sure this was not a dream. ’

The Moon Apostle was not humble either. As soon as he raised his chin, he almost said, “You two hold my mother and one thigh and take you off.”

The three sisters of the Apocalypse can be said to have reached the top in one step, but the three of them did not float. After testing, they found that the Scarlet Queen really wanted to find them to cooperate. The Scarlet Queen is also very difficult. There is no one to trust. Since the end of the war,’Friends of Neighbor’ Brutal Carla has always been eager to have a try, wanting to replace the Scarlet Queen.

“Moon Apostle, with your servants joining, our mining speed will be increased by at least three times, and I am going to continue to grow the number of people.”

The Crimson Queen spoke and put down the black tea cup.

“Why do you get promoted to Ruler Level first?”

The proposal of the Moon Apostle made the Scarlet Empress feel a little helpless shook the head, saying: “It’s not that simple. I want to be promoted to Ruler Level and need resources.”

“What kind of resources, what do you mean.”

“This… I don’t actually know.”

When the Crimson Queen said this, she laughed, and Apostle Moon and Morey had expressions of indescribable love.

“Speaking of which, the insect nest you mentioned before is 7th grade insect nest in your words. I asked the ministry to investigate.”

“Strong over there!”

Morey was a little excited.

“According to the existing information, it is not strong. If you want, you can bring a fighting force to destroy the insect nest.”

“Well this.”

Mo Lei, Yueyi, and Haomei looked at each other. Every time they confronted Su Xiao before, they were beaten and a little bit shadowed.


The Apostle Yue suddenly became firm, she wanted to overcome herself and cross the psychological shadow of until now.

“When will we leave?”



Morey tone barely fell, when she heard a loud noise, the vibration caused by the loud noise shook her from the chair.

bang! bang! bang!

The earthquake trembled, and the three of Morey, Yueyi, and Haomei quickly walked to the French window. The scene in front of them stunned them.

A dozen giant skeletons, one hundred meters high, came from a distance. In the sky was densely packed and covered the sky with the dry Winged Dragon. As for the ground, a sea of ​​bones surged from the horizon.

“This…this monster!”

Of course, the Moon Apostle knows who is coming. They are the recognized monster in the summon department, the undead girl.

A giant skull top of a hundred meters high, the undead girl stands on it, she is holding an immortal +14 undead staff with three immortal gems with a full rating. This staff is named [Endless Undead].

The undead girl raised the staff in her hand, her pupils turned gray.

‘The dead return. ’


A shock wave spreads around the undead girl. After a short silence, bone claws protruded from the soil.


At 1:00 pm, east, in the jungle near the “Aitage Laboratory”.

This area is the company’s site. The Aitaiqi Laboratory is just a general term. The overall area here is about the size of a city. Entering this area is not much different from entering a modern city.

However, within half a year of the establishment of the “New Star City” of the empire, the company forces did not dare to call it a city. If they stole the empire’s limelight, they would not be able to eat.

Located around the entire building complex, there is a protective wall formed by a magnetic grid. Su Xiao looks at the magnetic grid in front of him. He is not going to sneak in like this. He has agreed with Caesar before that the other party will come to respond.

Two hours before the departure of the spaceship, Caesar did not ask Su Xiao to wait for a long time and arrived in a few minutes.

Caesar used the status token to disarm the magnetic grid. He wore a suit a few sizes larger and walked with his back. He said that people depend on clothes. This sentence has nothing to do with Caesar. Even if he wears a dragon robe, he looks like Weasel becomes refined.

“Hurry up, we are going to start.”

Caesar waved his hand and walked backwards towards the crevice of the building. Su Xiao followed. After ten minutes of walking, he reached a cave and jumped down through an underground drainage channel. After turning around, Su Xiao After arriving in front of an elevator, he took the elevator up and walked through the corridor. Su Xiao stopped in front of Room 307.

Open the door with the room key, Su Xiao followed Caesar to a wall, Caesar said:

“My dear friend, I have already calculated that 45 meters diagonally across is the inspection and repair point of the transportation spaceship.”

“Wait a minute, the transportation spaceship is about to set off, why are we going to the inspection office?”

Baja is puzzled.

“This is the case. In addition to the company’s three ace employees and one executioner, there are 129 company guards and 52 imperial soldiers in the escort team this time. They move their hands and feet during lunch, so they have two options: 1. Solve it in their pants, 2. Come to the toilet closest to the apron, which is the inspection office.”

Caesar snapped his fingers. Suddenly, the alarm di di di sounded on his body, and he nodded signaled, meaning that a company guard was coming.

Su Xiao activated the Shadow Blink ability and disappeared in place. When he appeared again, he was already in a long corridor. On the metal low cabinets on both sides, various tools and parts were piled in chaos.

A guard wearing individual armor and a full protective helmet walked towards him. He was carrying a kinetic firearm, a terminal on his forearm, and a small communication device on his belt.

The location of Su Xiao was carefully selected by Caesars. There are monitoring devices on both sides of this corridor. Only Su Xiao is located within 3 meters between two monitoring devices. This is not an omission. , Caesar deliberately made it.

Of course, the oncoming guard saw Su Xiao standing in the corridor. He was a little puzzled, but didn’t ask much. Just as he was about to pass Su Xiao sideways, a crystal thorn slipped from Su Xiao’s cuff. Out.

pu chi ~

The crystal thorn suddenly pierced the guard’s chin. Su Xiao’s hand dragged the crystal thorn into the guard’s brain. After this part of the crystal thorn split like a coral, the guard was killed instantly.

Su Xiao tore off the guard’s terminal, communication device and other equipment, and then took out the ancient mask and buckled it on the guard’s face. The ancient mask revealed the daddy potential. The scarlet tentacles swallowed the guard’s body in a short time. When the tentacles disappeared, Su Xiao put the ancient mask on his face.

At this time, in the monitoring room, the picture in the corridor has been monitored here. A company security guard was drinking coffee and staring at the monitoring boredly. In his sight, the guard in the corridor suddenly walked out of the monitoring range for one or two. Seconds, and then it appeared on the screen on the side without any exception.

Seeing this, the security raised his eyebrows. After adjusting the scope of the two monitoring points, the dead angle between the monitoring points disappeared. As for reporting the incident, he would not ask for trouble.

A moment later, Su Xiao walked out of the bathroom at the end of the corridor. He was already disguised as a guard. This guard, one of the escorts of this transport spaceship, successfully sneaked in.

Su Xiao walked along the corridor in the image of a guard. After passing the corner, he entered an empty warehouse-like inspection office. After leaving this place, there was a large apron. A heavy-duty spaceship was parked here. People are steel and heavy.

Su Xiao’s looked around, and in the next second, a silhouette appeared in his line of sight. This man was sturdy, but didn’t feel like a bodybuilder. On the whole, this man had an inexplicable sense of majesty. Called Cain, Caesar’s pick of reserve guards.