Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 3503


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On the open apron, the cargo has been loaded, and the staff is doing the last overall inspection of the spaceship to avoid errors in the transportation.

Su Xiao is now in disguise. Together with other company guards, he is on guard with a gun.

This time using Xiangu mask to disguise, Su Xiao discovered one thing. He had previously disguised himself as the Royal Knight at the Dragon Academy. After entering the disguised state, he felt like his whole body was wrapped in a layer of illusory fog. In the eyes of outsiders, this fog layer is the full-body armor of the palace Knight.

This time the camouflage has undergone a qualitative change. It is not the previous feeling of being wrapped in a layer of fog, but the individual combat armor that really constitutes the guard. This individual armor is black and camouflage. The helmet and face shield are sealed and equipped with an air filtration system.

No matter how you look at it, this is a bit beyond the scope of disguise, but like a realistic armor. If the ancient mask has really become a “daddy” artifact, then its disguised state can take all of a person’s Ability to reproduce?

Su Xiao has a feeling that this mask will stay on his own for a while, because he is an Extinguisher + Hunter, and he was born with a daddy-level item, and he belongs to the kind of person that dad-level items are the least to see.

Su Xiao originally thought that he could use the ancient mask for a long time. Now it seems that he underestimated the growth rate of the Dad-level potential artifacts.

Su Xiao didn’t feel a loss. Right now, he could use it for one day. He didn’t invest the cost on the ancient mask. First of all, this mask was found by Bailey’s treasure hunt and used to merge with it. Cost, when bombing Dawning Paradise, it was not a small thing to get the faceless man Pete Peber to death.

The side door carrying the spaceship opened and turned into a staircase shape. The first to board the spaceship were men and women in suits and a serious man in imperial uniforms and caps. The expression is tense, and he looks like a bad talker.

In the reservation, the executioner should come this time. Although the executioner is powerful, they are more inclined to be the weapons of the empire. Once they are defeated, the energy core of their within the body will explode.

It’s obviously not the executioner at the moment. The temperament is different. The executioner is more inclined to the dead. The one who is right now is powerful, but the arrogant and cold aura is not something the executioner can have. .

Beside this officer, there is a middle-aged, fat man with a big smile on his face. He treats other people and the young officers ignore him, including facing two senior executives of the company. The middle-aged fat man, who is also a company manager, has a good attitude, and sometimes squeezes a smile. This makes the two company executives who are nodded and bowed very envious.

The reason is mainly because the daughter of the company manager has a special relationship with this young officer, because the young officer is too busy and the two have not been able to get married.

The young officer’s name is Rhein Gold, known as the hand of the empire. Although it is only a collegiate rank at the moment, it is already the highest rank that no fleet can achieve. For Rhein Gold, the rank is even higher. They are mostly representative and convenient to access certain occasions.

The first dozen people to board the spaceship, in addition to Rhein Gold and his future father-in-law, as well as Fiancee as a technician, the remaining few are the company’s three ace employees and two middle-level employees.

This transportation is very important. The C5N2 superconductor independently developed by the company has only completed its first mass production until today, and the price paid is beyond imagination.

In this transportation and handover, according to common sense, the company’s three ace employees are more than enough to escort the company. Pandora’s hostile force is only insect race, and the probability of insect race to grab this cargo is very low. Level, impossible to steal the intelligence of the transportation team this time.

Rhine Gold’s participation is not to say that it is a cannon to fight mosquitoes, but it is not much compared. The fact that this level of escort dispatched such a character is a bit exaggerated.

Considering that the Chief-In-Charge of the transport team is the future old man of Colonel Rhein Gold, everything makes sense.

The arrival of Rhein Gold also changed the transportation plan. For example, the “fission-type gravity bomb” that should be placed in the cargo warehouse was removed. No matter how you look at it, this cargo transportation involves other things. Matters, such as political stance, high-end technology negotiations, etc.

After a group of heavyweights boarded the spaceship, it was the turn of the guards to appear. In most stories, if an accident happens, these guards are not to highlight the cruel cannon fodder of the villain, or they can’t fire them. Miscellaneous soldiers giving away their heads.

After Su Xiao got on the spaceship, he sat on the seats with his back against the wall on both sides of the tail compartment, and fastened his seat belts like other guards.

The rumbling sound of the spaceship engine came, and the experience of riding in the tail compartment was not very good, and it did not stabilize until it was completely lifted off.

Several guards sitting nearby were talking in a low voice. They were talking about where to go to prostitution after the work was over. Some manipulated their masks to shrink and lit cigarettes.

Su Xiao sat down and took a nap, this time disguised as a little guy, so he had to take a break before he did it. There are so many scenes in a little guy.

The total voyage of this transport team is 3 hours and 10 minutes. Su Xiao is ready to start in 1 hour. According to Caesar’s intelligence, the entire spaceship can be divided into four parts, the cockpit, the front cabin, the middle cabin, and the tail cabin.

The front cabin is the area where Rhein Gold, company manager Womis, and the company’s three ace are located.

The middle compartment is the largest and is the enemy that stores the cargo. There are a total of 52 imperial soldiers guarding here. As for the rear compartment, there are 129 company guards.

It’s not sound to say that these guards are here to fight soy sauce. It is the attitude shown by the company. The real core defense force is Colonel Rhein Gold, the company’s three ace, and finally 52 imperial soldiers.

Su Xiao is in charge of the front compartment, Baja is the main force in the middle compartment, and Boubo Wang is the assistant. As for the guards in the tail compartment, Boubo will take care of them.

At that time, Boubo Wang will hack the spaceship’s central control system and the guards’ individual armor, and then open the spaceship’s tail hatch and manipulate the guards’ individual armor to make them like dumplings, tú tú Jump spaceship.

Time passed by one minute and one second. Suddenly, a noise came from the front compartment, and then the whole spaceship shook, and the ear-piercing alarm sounded.

Su Xiao looked towards the corridor leading to the front cabin, and a dozen guards who had received orders had already rushed over.

Seeing this scene, Su Xiao guessed a possibility. When he met his counterparts, there were others who also followed this transport spaceship.

Su Xiao was just about to take action, the red warning light flashing above went out, the rapid warning sound subsided, the white light turned on again, and everything returned to normal.

After a while, a middle-level company with a bad face walked into the tail compartment, and he said a little impatiently: “You, you, and a few of you, follow me.”

The middle-level man in the firm suit put down these words and turned to walk towards the side corridor. Seeing this, the guard Captain asked tentatively: “Boss, are we going this time?”

“Which that many shit, let you follow, hurry up.”

The middle management of the company was obviously touched by the mildew. After a glance at the guard Captain, he cursed lowly and walked forward.

“You guys, hurry up, don’t froze!”

Guard Captain’s tone is rough, and he obviously wants to find someone to vent his anger.

Su Xiao unfastened the X-shaped seat belt, got up and followed the guards in front of him to the direction of the front cabin. He was going to see what happened. If the opportunity was right, he would do it. Anyway, he took off for nearly 50 minutes.

Passing through the slightly cramped side corridor, Su Xiao arrived in the spacious and bright front cabin, where there are not only couches and massage chairs, but also an open bar.

The blood-reeking qi spread here. Su Xiao looked at the source. Several corpses were lying on the ground. All of them were wearing the uniforms of imperial soldiers. Their necks were soft and lying, like the bones inside were all covered. It was broken, someone disguised as a soldier, trying to control this spaceship.

Su Xiao looked around, three of the company’s ace employees were drinking at the bar. Nearby, two middle-level employees of the company were talking with a communicator.

At the four-person square table on the other side, sits a young military officer, Rhein Gold, opposite him is a fat middle-aged man, and a slightly panicked woman dressed as a spaceship technician. The kind of Peak is beautiful, but it looks very comfortable, natural and clean. It is the first choice for marrying a wife.

In addition to these people, there are three unexpected people. These three are contractors, Kain and his two team members.

Among the two members, there is a strong man with a ponytail. His name is Aaron, Kain’s Vice-Captain. They have a fatan and a forcetan, and they rush to the front every time. , Are the two souls of the Hall of Valor,

The last person is a black silk long-legged elder sister. This look is glamorous. When she goes to the station, the eyes of the three ace employees of the company are about to be angry.

Cain’s participation in this incident shows that he has been mixed up in the empire and company camps. After all, he is the Captain of a large Adventure Group. Of course, he is not a simple character.

“overestimate one’s capabilities.”

Aaron spit on the corpse on the ground. This seems to be an insult, but in fact it is not. Aaron is testing, whether there are any associates of these tribulations bandits. As long as there is a slight fluctuation in popularity, his domain Can be sensed.

“You guys, collect the dead.”

After leaving this sentence, the middle management of the company who led the way before, walked to the side of the young officer carefully, and explained it with a lowered eyebrow.

The young officer, the hand of the Empire, Rhein Gold, didn’t care about this. He had just retired from the battlefield a few days ago. This kind of sudden occurance, he has long been used to it. The battlefield is much more cruel than this. This escort mission is the same as a vacation.

Rhine Gold looked at Fiancee, who was slightly pale, and the iron-blooded officer poured a cup of hot water for his girlfriend.

“Si si~, everyone, listen to me, you are stupid.”

Suddenly heard such a sentence in the spaceship broadcast, everyone in the front cabin was taken aback.

No one noticed that Su Xiao, who was pretending to collect his corpse, had quietly approached the three ace employees of the company at some unknown time.

The three people who were drinking in front of the bar, after hearing Baja’s announcement, all three knew that something was wrong, and they walked quickly toward the middle cabin.

When the three of them arrived within two meters of Su Xiao, Su Xiao lifted his mask from Xiangu, his appearance suddenly recovered, and the individual armor on his body disappeared without a trace.

A black short blade appeared in Su Xiao’s hand. This short blade was named 【Dark Walker】, a weapon with abyssal characteristics.

This short blade has two core characteristics. 1. If the damage caused by a single attack is higher than 20% of the enemy’s maximum HP, it will cause the enemy to die immediately and immediately restore 100% of the user’s HP.

2. After holding this weapon, you will lose 5% of your maximum HP per second, and it will take at least 30 seconds to release the equipment. During this time, you cannot restore HP by any means other than this weapon.

The company’s three ace employees are difficult to deal with, and they have to be killed in a short time. In other words, these three ace employees are the three most powerful in the company.

The moment when Su Xiao lifted the ancient mask, the dark blade appeared in his hand. This weapon with black smoke diffused in the next moment from the ear of a company’s ace employee, from the temple on the other side Pierce from above.

The ace employee named Jerry Jie had a huge panic on his face for an instant, and his eyes turned black.

The short blade pierced and pulled away, and a strand of blood was dragged into the air.

‘Blade Dao Sword·Time! ’


A shock spread, Su Xiao stood forward, leaned over and avoided the side punch of the ace employee in front, and stabbed with a dark blade.

pu chi ~

The tip of the knife came out of the top of the head of this ace employee for an instant. Apart from disbelief, there was no other expression on his face. Thinking about it, he had never thought that he would die so simply and suddenly.

On the way to the fall of the second ace employee, Su Xiao has arrived in front of the third ace employee. This ace employee named Crowe is a courage entirely to break.

Of course, he understands the strength of his two colleagues. If it weren’t for the company’s generous treatment, their three people would never look down on the company.

But now, two of his colleagues suddenly died like this, which made Crowe suddenly regain his fear of being weak. He shouted very quickly: “I am not from the company…”

Crow is really scared. The dignity of the powerhouse has long been thrown into the stinking ditch. In fact, it is no wonder that he is so. Even Rhein Gold, the hand of the empire, is complexion slightly changed at this time.

In the realm of

time, the ace employee Crowe’s speed was a lot slower, and Su Xiao tended to kick it straight, not pursuing damage, but speed and power penetration.


Ace employee Crow was kicked out of the weak spot. Just when he was about to one-knee kneels to the ground, Su Xiao’s dark blade had already penetrated from his side jaw.

The ace employee Crowe even felt the cold blade pierce her tongue and head straight into the brain. After that, his eyes went dark and he knew nothing.

Su Xiao pulled the Dark Blade away from the enemy’s head and made three beeps, puff, and puff. The three ace employees fell to the ground this time.

[You have killed the ace employee Jerry Jie]

【You have killed the ace employee Mo Fahu. 】

[You have killed the ace employee Crowe]

[You have killed the company’s three top employees in a row, and you have earned 18.7% of World’s Origin. 】

【You get 2829 soul coins. 】

【You get the immortal treasure box · Greed. 】


From the kill rewards, it can be seen that the three ace employees are not weak at all, and their strength is likely to be the level of the four evil spirits, but right now, they are all killed by Su Xiao. This is the power of the abyss characteristic equipment.

“Kain, you go to the warehouse and leave it to me here.”

Su Xiao spoke in a deep voice, and Kain, who was shocked by his three consecutive killings on the other side, twitched fiercely after hearing this.

Cain’s side charm is Black Silk Royal Sister, and her scalp is tingling. She has a killer before and Rhein Gold, the hand of the empire. This station is Celestial.

“You fart, God, we teamed up to kill him.”

Kain’s Vice-Captain Aaron shouted, trying to block the black pot that came on him as much as possible.

Space fluctuation suddenly came from Along’s side. He stepped on the ground, causing the entire spaceship to be shaken. Su Xiao, who came as a surprise attack by Shadow Blink, was shaken back.

“Bah! I’m frank! Also, you guys are stupid!”

Aron finished this sentence with a grinning smile, but suddenly, he saw a flash, his body felt weak, and a slight tingling numbness came from his neck. He raised his hand and touched it. The short blade handle stuck in his neck.

For the Tier 8 main tank, the neck was pierced by a string, which was a serious injury at most, but Aaron felt a chill in his heart. Only then did this knife not only have True Damage, but also a high amount of soul damage. At the vital part, his HP slipped.

“superficial wound only…”


Aron fell to the ground, his eyes turned into pitch black, and died suddenly. Cain, who was surging all over his mana, was astonished. He kicked Aron lightly and said, “Aron, stop playing, get up. !”

Kicked two feet lightly, and Kain found out that something was wrong. In fact, he had already arrived at the Sensor, but he just didn’t believe it very much. An eighth-level Peak ranks tank was given a slash. It’s not like telling jokes.

“Kain, do you want to betray me.”

Su Xiao raised his hand, and the short blade stabbed on Aaron’s neck pulled away by itself and flew back to his hand.

Kain single-handedly stood in front of Sister Heisi. The group often said that two people have an affair. In fact, there is no such thing. Kain will take care of every member. This is while he enjoys the right of Captain. , Also have to bear the responsibility.

Kain quickly judged the current situation. The hand of the Empire behind Rhein Gold was indeed strong, but because this transportation involved the intermarriage of the two families and more political positions, Rhein Gold’s Both the future father-in-law and the future wife participated in this transport team.

Cain can be sure that Rhein Gold’s first priority is not to deal with enemies with him, but to protect the future father-in-law and wife.

On the opposite side, Su Xiao, holding a dark blade, is like a deadly Shinigami, so strong that it is unreasonable, and even makes Kain a little suspicious of life. He has heard that Beheading Night is very strong, but it is at most super·8th order. But right now, the opponent killing the eighth-order Peak tank is as simple as killing a chicken, so what is super·eighth.

In fact, Kayin misunderstood that Su Xiao had such an unreasonable attack method, mainly because of the dark blade in his hand, this assassination weapon made from the six-piece abyss, the offensive can be really strong, and if it is fighting head-on, this The weapon is not as good as the Dragon Flash. Just crazy loss of HP, it is destined to not be the main weapon.

Cain also thought of one thing, this time such an incident must have someone behind it, so that the empire’s hands will be behind it? Imagination alone is impossible.

From Kain’s point of view, this matter can’t be avoided at the moment. He found that this was not slamming the pot at him, but that he had already become unconsciously in the pot.


After Kain showed elegance and easygoing, he grabbed his hand and crashed through the spaceship bulkhead and withdrew.

There were only four people left in the front cabin, Su Xiao put away the dark blade in his hand, and pulled out the Dragon Flash around his waist.

It can only be said that this is worthy of being doubled by the super three times, and then Caesar came to a world that was bombed by the king. The upper limit of this world’s rank is by no means a simple eighth rank, such as the opposite hand of the Empire·Rhine· God, gave Su Xiao a sense of threat.

Su Xiao and Rhein Gold disappeared in place at the same time. When they appeared again, they were no more than two meters apart from each other.


The long knife collided with the Iron Fist, sparks flying in all directions, an impact spread, causing sparks to splash on the surrounding bulkheads, all the lights in the cabins burst, the glass of the portholes burst, and the wind blew hu hu. Come in.

Su Xiao does not think that he is already standing on the top of the eighth rank, and the promotion span from the eighth to the ninth is larger than expected. The physics biography churchman · Anderson he encountered in the tree life before, his Similar to Su Xiao’s current level.

At the moment, Su Xiao meets another similar one, whose name is Rhein Gold.

peng sound, the air wave spread, Su Xiao shoved Rhein Gold back with a sharp knife. The guy on the opposite side is strength, speed type, and outrageous in actual combat experience. The opponent’s pair of black cheat arms, even if they meet Dragon Flash , Did not lose the wind, I think it was the empire that invested a large price and built it for Rhein Gold.

Tear and pull~

Rhine Gold’s broken leather gloves shattered. He unbuttoned the first two buttons of his military uniform. The look in his eyes was different. He hadn’t met an opponent for a long time, and the powerful enemy he encountered now, It takes him to bet his life to deal with it. This feeling of blood beginning to boil makes him a long time.


A weak voice came from behind Rhein Gold. As soon as Rhein Gold stepped to the ground, the cabin area where his fiancee and future father-in-law were located collapsed and fell along with the exclamation of his future father-in-law. .

“See you later.”

Rhine Gold leaped back into the spaceship. After two blasts, he was already holding his sweet wife with one hand, and his future father-in-law was holding it in the other hand.

Baja flew out of the cargo hold, the door just opened, and the smell of blood wafted out, and the corpses of imperial soldiers lay on the front side of the cargo hold.

Whether it is Boubo, Baja, A’Mu, or Bailey, their battle strengths, or their respective areas of expertise, are gradually growing. This is the potential activation authority that Su Xiao obtained a long time ago. Simply put Every time the world is settled, the higher Su Xiao’s Comprehensive Evaluation gets, the stronger the potential activation of Boubo, A’Mu, Baja, and Bailey in the Attributes Enhancing Hall will be.

“Boss, like the manifest provided by Caesars, the C5N2 superconductor is 150kg in total, and the life ore is 27,000kg.”

If the life ore is calculated in kg, then 1kg = 10 units = 100 points of bioenergy. After 27,000 kg of life ore is converted, it is 2.7 million points of bioenergy.

It is worthy of the company. The life ore sold in a single shot has such a large amount of life ore, so Su Xiao can determine one thing. The ore vein mining capacity of the insect race camp is completely incomparable with the company.

The carrier spaceship was in fully automatic driving, which was controlled by Boubo Wang. As soon as Su Xiao was about to contact Boubo Wang, he felt something hit his leg, and then Boubo Wang appeared in his sight.

“Go to a predetermined location to serve.”


Boubo barked and started gritting his teeth quickly. Please don’t laugh. It’s not biting the air. This is the input device made by Barna’s Human Race for Bubot. It’s inconvenient to operate the keyboard or control panel with dog paws. To Boubo Wang’s demolition ability Peak, so its Barna Little Human Race friends gave it this set of equipment that looks like braces, but is actually an input device.

Su Xiao activates his own innate talent. Hunting for the shadows. In the next second, the source energy that is about to drift around surges and is absorbed by his Devouring Nucleus.

A list of skills appeared in Su Xiao’s line of sight. His shadow hunting ability is simple and rude. After killing the enemy, he can take the enemy’s ability, and then use Devouring Nucleus to consume this ability and convert it into soul energy. , Stored for upgrading Azure Steel Shadow and Azure Shadow King.

Su Xiao selected a kind of ace employee’s “Physical Strengthening Lv.70” ability and swallowed it with Devouring Nucleus. He has discovered that by devouring this ability to increase physical fitness, he will gain more soul energy. After the gentleman, I chose the wrong one.

Soon, the original energy ingested in the Devouring Nucleus was converted into soul energy, and co-existed, the soul energy reserve reached 337%, which can increase Level 3 Azure Steel Shadow or Level 1 Azure Shadow King.

Ten minutes after the overloaded flight of the spaceship, Su Xiao asked Boubo Wang to unload the cargo, open the warehouse directly at high altitude, and drop supplies below.

Looking at each of the metal cargo boxes being dropped, before opening the bombs of various sizes, Su Xiao took the bundle of bombs handed over by Baja, pulled the tabs, and threw them into the spaceship. Then he jumped out from the breach in front.


The explosion came from behind. Su Xiao hadn’t been far down. A demon flame dragon flew over and carried him on his back.

In the jungle below, the alloy cargo boxes were swallowed by the spore tanks as soon as they landed. When the spaceship landed on the ground and made a deafening explosion, the spore tanks and demonic beasts had been withdrawn.


Three hours later, in the new star city, in the control station responsible for the integration of this “MLevel 7 heavy transport spaceship”, the staff wearing headphones did not say a word. On the front screen, there were a lot of different expressions. A strange dog’s head, but no one dared to laugh.

General Sander, who rushed to get the news, looked at the big screen indifferently, and completely ignored the sweaty company personnel on the side, and said, “This is the company’s confidentiality measures? Good, good.”

Leaving this sentence, General Sander took his secretary out of the control station and returned to the office cabin of the main ship. Rhein Gold, who had just entered the door, got up with the smell of gunpowder.

“Sit down.”

General Sander, who has a gray and short hair, raised his hand. Rhein Gold was trained by him. From the same surname and similar names, it can be seen that these two people have relatives.

“Let’s talk about it, what did you miss this time? Because of your baby fiancee?”

“en. ”

Rhine Gold directly nodded and recognized that failure is failure, no matter what reason is used to explain it, it is also failure.

“Who is our opponent this time?”

General Sander lit a cigarette and threw the cigarette box and lighter to the nephew opposite.

Rhine Gold picked up the metal lighter, banged the flames, and said with scorching eyes: “This time the opponent is the third-class felon of the Empire, Kukulin · White Night.”


At 6 o’clock that night, in front of the base camp brood.

Su Xiao watched the life ore in the last alloy box being poured into the crack in the brood, and then converted into bioenergy, which allowed the bioenergy reserve in his brood to reach 2.74 million points.

In addition to this large amount of bioenergy, the loan shark promised by Spider Queen is already on the way. Calculating the time, it will definitely arrive at 7 o’clock tonight.

In this way, the biological energy reserve in the brood will reach 4.24 million points. If you cultivate an elite demonic beast, you can cultivate 84,800, and cultivate a demon flame dragon, you can cultivate 1,060.

Considering that the goal this time is to fight the boss and Pie Guy, so as to seize resources… Well, no, it is to avenge the Spider Queen.

Guy’s insect nest is an eighth-order insect nest. There are various insect race defensive towers or other defensive buildings. In this way, it seems better to cultivate a large number of evil demonic beasts to attack The choice, the goal of the Demon Flame Dragon is too big.

But in terms of attacking fortifications, 84,800 only have melee evil demonic beasts, which are not as good as flying units and can breathe dragon flames.

An idea appeared in Su Xiao’s mind, is it possible to promote the Demon Flame Dragon to an elite unit?

Don’t forget that Su Xiao’s title for war is not limited to [Warlord], he also has [Solar Lord] for elite units. This title has always been set in the ring of the sun to absorb the strength of Faith, so For a long time, the strength of Faith and the sun continuously output in the Sel star and the tree-born world have all been absorbed by this title.

It is impossible for this title to increase to eight stars, but Su Xiao estimates that this title has a high probability of being upgraded to seven stars.

Su Xiao’s idea is whether to use [Sun Lord] to add bonuses to the Demon Flame Dragon and make it a Solar Flame Dragon. If there are 1060 Solar Flame Dragons, it is definitely very easy to hammer the Guy’s insect nest , Sun Fire Dragon Flame to find out.

Although this idea is a bit devil, it lingers in Su Xiao’s mind. He walked into the insect nest, took out the sun ring and the title of sun lord, plus received the Overlord Level equipment [collector] not long after, Start testing whether the idea can be achieved.

At this moment, Baja flew into the insect nest and said: “Boss, Spider Queen is here with the insect races under him.”

“Well, please come in.”


Baja brewed his emotions, found the feeling of entertaining creditors, and flew out.

After a while, the nest was re-involved and formed by the spurs, and the biological light illuminates the place. The Spider Queen drank lipstick tea. She liked this drink very much.

“Lord White Night, don’t forget the repayment after one week. You should know that after you get it, you have to pay.”

Spider Queen put away the contract arrears, this contract-powerful IOU is the reason for her confidence.

Spider Queen gradually revealed her minions, which is why she is willing to take out 150,000 units of active ore. She will continue to collect interest from Su Xiao until the large vein of Su Xiao is hollowed out.

“No problem.”

Su Xiao answered very simply, he didn’t plan to pay it back, of course it was simply.

“I heard that your plan to infiltrate the empire did not go well?”

Hearing Su Xiao’s words, the Spider Queen on the opposite side became stiff, and to mention this was like sprinkling salt on her wound.

“I have received some secret information about who betrayed you.”


Spider Queen’s murderous intention is very obvious. In fact, she didn’t pay much attention to Su Xiao’s words in her heart.

“It’s the Guy of the Lord and Sect.”

“She? Hahaha, Lord White Night, it’s not that I look down on Guy, she doesn’t have the guts.”

Spider Queen chuckled, as if hearing something ridiculous.

“My information is more accurate. Don’t worry, I will deal with it accordingly. You are willing to borrow money from me this time. It is a great favor and I will pay it back.”

This ‘favor’, Su Xiao will of course pay it back. At the latest tomorrow morning, he will be dispatched to beat the Guy of the Lord Hepai, with the title of revenge for Spider Queen.

Spider Queen is confused, she is a little confused, is it possible that up to now, the other party hasn’t found out that she lent usury?

“Well, I am waiting for you to pay back the favor.”

Spider Queen’s smile is very meaningful. If there is a chance to come back in this world, Spider Queen will definitely withdraw this sentence soon.

“it’s a deal.”

Su Xiao smiled and smiled kindly. Somehow, the Spider Queen on the opposite side suddenly heart trembled.