1850. Chapter 1831 New species?

Chapter 1831 New species?

The contractors are still carnival in the contact platform, and the contractor merchants who took the opportunity to acquire the items were blushing and the message refreshed too fast.

Seeing this pile of news, Su Xiao suddenly remembered that the gun master scroll he had obtained in the last world had not been sold yet. At present, hundreds of contractors are paying attention to the derivative world contact platform. This is a selling thing. Good opportunity.

Even if the order of these contractors is generally not high, some of them are members of large-scale adventure groups, which are all sales channels.

Anonymous (discrete): “Pistol masters ability reel, cold weapons class, purchase can be directly contacted, provide purchase channels, after the successful transaction, reward 100,000 paradise coins, no purchase intentions do not disturb, number tracking permission (Hint: this is Killing permission).”

Xiaodoudou (dissipating people): “Can’t afford it, leave.”

Anonymous (adventure in concealment): “Brother, you are too dangerous, the number tracking authority can be okay, is this the harasser is dead, I have channels, but I will contact you after returning to the park.”

Apps (sanity): “Anonymous decoration, the most deadly, but the above is really difficult to sell, ‘defects’ is very serious, it is too expensive…”


Seeing the news from Apps, Su Xiao frowned. The guy’s breath in the battlefield was distorted and crazy. After the war ended, he was simply flying himself. He could only say that he was a visionary, Apples.

In less than half a minute, there are more than a dozen contractors who contact Su Xiao. Most of them have channels, but they will have the exact news after returning to Reincarnation Paradise.

Su Xiao didn’t expect to be a pistol master right away. The situation is very good.

[Hint: Hunter has completed the mainline mission and can return to Reincarnation Paradise immediately. 】

[Check that Hunter has completed the main line task × 3, you can choose to stay in the world for 5 natural days, during this period can not trigger the task, you can get the world’s source, treasure chest and other rewards. 】

[Hint: The total number of contractors that can continue to stay in this world is 5 people. 】

One choice is in front of Su Xiao, whether to stay in the pirate world for a while, or to return directly to Reincarnation Paradise.

Su Xiao’s current injury and stamina overdraft, if you don’t return to Reincarnation Paradise, there is no three or four days of rest, you can’t fight with a strong enemy, you can’t fight, there are very few ways to get the world’s source, plus you can’t trigger the task. It will be harder and harder.

Waves, waves, waves…

The phone bug rang in the submarine cabin, and Su Xiao looked around and saw a pink phone bug, not Dolfranming, the Kerala of the Revolutionary Army.


Su Xiao phone bug picked up.

“Hey~ no one answered, no! Connected, hey, Kukulin?”

Kerla’s voice came from the phone bug, and the sister didn’t know how many times the phone bug was dialed. It was already illusory.

“it’s me.”

“Ah!! You are this…”

Kerr’s words in the chest were churning, but as a lady, she forced herself to calm down.

“what’s up.”

Su Xiao’s look is calm. He thinks of a plan in his heart. This time it is not a plan of the old haze class, but a time spent in the world of the pirates, to enhance the plant reconciliation, the revolutionary army has resources, he has the technology, a hit. .

“You actually asked me what, my phone bug, it just cried, because I used it hundreds of times in a few days, it will hate me, you said, Kukulin!”

“Oh, it should.”

“You, oh, where are you, the leader is going to kill me, Saab is also laughing at me, Mr. Haku is rushing to the Champagne Islands, you are an important researcher, please don’t make a killing of the Navy. For something that doesn’t match your identity, please.”

At the end of the day, Clare had no face to be loved, and his heart was very tired. Only when he lost, he knew the precious. After the revolutionary army tested the effect of the Dawn Flame Pharmacy, the dragon even considered organizing the manpower to tie Su Xiao back to the battlefield.

“I am near the gate of justice and return to the Champagne Islands for up to several hours.”

Su Xiao is injured, but he is not worried about the revolutionary army turning his face. He does not say that he has the ability to save the life of the demon, and the revolutionary army will not easily break with him.

“I take people to pick you up!”

“No, I am under the sea, the coordinates are difficult to determine, just like this.”

Su Xiao hangs up the phone bug, and the phone worm actually retracts into the shell, apparently not tired.

“Bubu, you have a smell on your body.”

“Wang ~”

Bubuwang swallowed a sip of water, and it smelled the fragrant smell of his hair and was hungry.

Su Xiao took the electric knife from the storage space and prepared to help Bubuwang shave the burnt hair. Only when he returned to Reincarnation Paradise, Bubuwang could spend the money to repair the hair, and the hair was also part of the body.


The electric pusher pushed over the cloth, and the burnt hair fell to the ground. After a few minutes, the last piece of burnt hair on the cloth was shaved, and Su Xiao’s mouth could not help but twitch twice.

Bubuwang began to shake his hair, it was refreshing, but after the mirror was taken out, the whole dog was stunned.

I saw that Bubuwang was shaved with only one hair left behind. Although he was not bald, he was shaved very short, and a new species called Hastelon appeared.


Bubuwang looked up and squatted, and the hair behind it made him feel like a short head. It looked like a second, and Bubuwang refused. After all, most of its blood is a wolf, and now it has become a sergeant. ,

The submarine boat galloped through the water and the wolf snoring dissipated in the water.

A few hours later, under the 72nd mangrove area.

The submarine boat slowly floated to the surface of the sea. Kerra, who was waiting for a long time, stepped forward and saw Su Xiao coming out of the submarine ship. Kerla showed a smile and did not mention the two members of the revolutionary army who were fascinated.

“Malin Vatican is very lively?”

“Fortunately, the air is general and there is bloody smell.”


Kerla wants to pick up a sentence, a large part of which you kill.

“Where is the material sent?”

Su Xiao returned this time just for the proficiency of biometrics.

“It’s already on the road, a total of 500 copies, all collected in these days.”

“Send as soon as possible, I have to rest for a dozen hours.”

“Well, of course, but the base has shifted. The war between the Navy and the White Beard Pirates has just ended. The world government will not pay too much attention to the Champagne Islands. The new base is on the surface and the environment is very good. But who is this?”

Kerla looked at an ‘unknown creature’ wrapped in a blanket. Bubbawang slid half a head, and the dog’s head did not change. Kerla was stunned.

Kerla took Su Xiao to the ground. Soon, the two arrived in Area 78, where they were sparsely populated, but they built a large two-story single-family house, apparently the rich area of ​​the Champagne Islands.

Entering a two-story home, Su Xiao sits on the sofa and starts to squat. The dragon flashes on his leg and can pull the knife to meet the enemy at any time.

I don’t know how long it took. Su Xiao heard a slight footstep nearby. He had already opened his eye and pulled the knife to pull the knife.


The dragon smashed out of the sheath, and a male revolutionary army carrying a big pusher took a few steps back.

“Mr. White Night, the material you want is here.”

“Send to the second floor, do you have any food?”

The dragon rushes to the sheath.

“Ready already.”

Su Xiao fills up the stomach and enters the room on the second floor. The test bench has been set up here, and a large amount of materials are placed on it. This kind of feeling of improving plant reconciliation is very good without burning money.

The only shortcoming is that at least a hundred members of the Revolutionary Army have been ambushed in the nearby area. One of them has a strong breath and is no weaker than the Navy general. Su Xiao is focused on ‘protection’. The Revolutionary Army is afraid of Su Xiao’s mood. Well, go to the war, not only that, Kerla now carries a gas mask with him.

(End of this chapter)

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