1851. Chapter 1832 Regression

Chapter 1832 Regression

The azure flame burns the wall of the test tube, the colorless liquid in the test tube boils, and a trace of orange flame emerges in the liquid, like the first sun rising in the morning, this is the flame of dawn.

“The success rate is too low.”

Su Xiao raised his hand and picked up the test tube on the flame. He struck with the tail finger, and the orange-like medicine inside it gradually sank.

Put the finished Dawn Pharmacy on the test tube rack, which has placed more than one hundred bottles of pharmacy. This is the result of Su Xiao’s five-day manufacture. Unfortunately, he does not have the ownership of these pharmacies, otherwise he will definitely sell a large paradise. After all, the permanent gain agent available below the 50 point attribute applies to the second order contractor.

Su Xiao came to the window and pushed open the window. The fresh breeze blew into the room, the thin velvet curtains blew, and the smell of various materials mixed in the room was blown away.

Sitting on the wooden chair in front of the window, Su Xiao looks at the alchemy skill tree. At the top of the skill tree is bombology, followed by pharmacy, biology, and down to the plant reconciliation. As for the plant reconciliation, it is gray.

Alchemy is not impossible to “self-enlightenment”, but it takes a lot of time to study and experiment. Su Xiao doesn’t have much time, so he gains higher knowledge through his own combat power.

[plant reconciliation Lv.11, yes / no to enhance this ability, such as this upgrade, need to consume 10,000 points of paradise + 110 points of proficiency. 】

There are only 5,760 points left in the paradise. Fortunately, there is a small vault on the side of Beni. Although I don’t know where the comet went, I received a message from the Su Xiao team, and Benny put a piece directly into the team space. The 200,000 denomination of the paradise currency savings card, obviously, this comet has made a fortune.

The Paradise Money Savings Card was broken in the hands of Su Xiao, and he chose to enhance the plant reconciliation.

[The plant reconciliation article has been upgraded to Lv.12. 】

[The plant reconciliation article has been upgraded to Lv.13. 】



[The plant reconciliation article has been upgraded to Lv.25, and the proficiency is insufficient to continue to improve. 】

Su Xiao didn’t even go to see Reincarnation Paradise’s tips. He pressed his hand on his forehead, and the temple suddenly jumped. A lot of knowledge about alchemy was pouring into his mind.

After nearly half an hour, Su Xiao slowed down and the tingling in her brain disappeared.

[New formula has been unlocked: Holy Dragon Guardian (plant reconciliation Lv.20 unique pharmacy). 】

[Shenlong Guardian: 500 mana cost per manufacturing, material consumption: St. Dragon’s flesh, bio-energy wire (C-type), the birth of the guardian, crystal bottle. 】

[Hint: This medicine is extremely difficult to manufacture, and it is specially formulated for the plant reconciliation to Lv.20. 】

[Effect: subcutaneous injection is required when using. After the injection is completed, it takes 10 hours to transform the subcutaneous tissue of the user to generate the holy dragon guardian. The holy dragon guard can block the curse, virus invasion and microorganisms whose intensity is below the fourth order. Erosion, etc., such as the holy dragon guardian continues to remain intact, will default to 300 points of internal protection layer (this agent stamina below 80 points can be effective, repeated use can be fatal.)

[New formula has been unlocked: Active · Force. 】

[Activity · Force: 1000 mana cost per manufacturing, need to consume materials: high vitality essence, power eternal, clean water, life polymer T, crystal bottle. 】

[Effect: After drinking/injecting, permanently increase the strength of 6 points. (This potion power attribute takes effect below 80 points, and repeated use will lead to power runaway). 】


The plant reconciliation article has improved by 14 levels, but only unlocks two agents. Su Xiao is not unexpected. The ability of alchemy, the higher the grade, the rarer the formula. After a certain level, the plant reconciliation cannot even unlock new ones. formula.

Even so, Su Xiao will improve this ability. If you get a high-grade formula in the future, but you can’t master the level of plant reconciliation, that is the most depressing thing.

With only six hours left in the stay, more than 500 pieces of material have been squandered by Su Xiao, and it doesn’t make sense to stay.

[Hunter has chosen to return to Reincarnation Paradise and the remaining stay time is cleared. 】



Su Xiao, Bu Buwang, and Amu disappeared in the room. A few seconds later, a teenager with a black hat and a metal hose jumped into the window.


The juvenile pressed the top hat on one hand and turned his eyes to the test bed, which was almost filled with the flame of dawn.


[Hunter returns to Reincarnation Paradise and begins to settle derivative world rewards. 】

Derived World: One Piece · Top War

Difficulty: Lv.3~? ? (Open world, different regions are different in difficulty).

The source of the world: 114.2%

Number of completed tasks: 4 (main line task × 4.)

Comprehensive evaluation: S+

Start collecting the source of the world…,

The source of the world is collected and the rewards are started.

Earn rewards: 14 points of real attribute points (included in the derivative world), 9870 points.

The overall rating is S+. Today’s Hunter rating is Lv.40, Hunter rating +4 (derived world order x mission completion number + comprehensive evaluation – mission completion time), and the Hunter rating has been upgraded to Lv.44.


Su Xiao just returned to the exclusive room and spent 4,750 baht to recover the injury. It is difficult to completely recover the blood hole of the red dog.

A large piece of emerald green granules appeared around Su Xiao, and Bubuwang began to repair the hair. For the hair to be neat, it first let Beni, who laughs to the fast shock, shave it. From the sly, sly photo, this It is a wrong choice.

Ten minutes later, Bubuwang recovered the soft hair of the body and looked at it. It was clearly ready to be demolished.

Su Xiao’s injury was completely restored, and the left-winged arm that had been numbly returned to normal. He began to liquidate the rewards he received.

Among the many items, four items have the highest value, namely, the growth equipment treasure chest, the soul of the black king, the stone of the broken soul, and the trial of steel.

After viewing a multitude of items, Su Xiao puts six demon fruits into the team’s storage space. These demon fruits can be used to identify attributes, but the cost is high, so that Benny is the best choice to sell, and Beni is also in Mary Joa. ‘Search’ to a lot of items, most of them are not high grade, but a large number.

Beni took the devil’s fruit and other items to trade the market, and Bubuwang, who was busy in the world, also went out to wave. Eminem fell asleep and remained vigilant in the Revolutionary Army branch.

Half an hour later, the property-enhanced hall, 175th property strengthens the warehouse.

[Hunter has completed real attribute allocation, power +4, agility +4, stamina +3, intelligence +3, yes / no for this promotion. 】

Su Xiao’s hand is pressed on the console, and the property strengthens the warehouse to run. It feels that he has experienced it many times, and the body adapts to this improvement, but the feeling of getting stronger physically still makes Su Xiao feel good.

At low levels, improving physical fitness is by no means a good experience, but after the fifth stage, the experience is still not good, but Su Xiao has long been used to it.

[This attribute enhancement has been completed, and the real properties of bare clothing are as follows. 】

Power: 108 (real attributes)

Agility: 108 (real attributes)

Stamina : 107 (real property)

Intelligence: 107 (real attribute)

Charm: 1 point.

[Hint: Hunter charm attribute is too low, has seriously affected the interaction with the lawful plot plot characters, please raise this property appropriately. 】


Su Xiao walked out of the property-enhanced warehouse. If she was thoughtful about her face, she might have killed too many enemies on the battlefield. The charm attribute dropped to an unprecedented 1 point, and the level of prompting appeared.

“If you want to improve your point, no, at least 10 points.”

Su Xiao thought about it for a while and found that there was no such thing as a good way to enhance the charm.

(End of this chapter)

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