1852. Chapter 1833 Black King

Chapter 1833 Black King

In the contemplative Su Xiao returned to the exclusive room, and Bubuwang, who went out to the waves, also returned. From the food placed in front of Eminem, it should be just a return meal.


Bu Buwang saw Su Xiao’s doubts and asked Su Xiao what he was thinking about.

“It’s not too important, my charisma attribute is low, and the park gives hints, but I haven’t thought of ways to improve yet.”

“Wang ~”

Bubuwang said that he was helpless. Su Xiao sat on the bed. Although he has been promoted to the fifth stage, he is not omnipotent. For example, he has no good way to improve the charm attribute. If he continues this way, the charm attribute may return to zero. Even a negative number?

For the time being, Do Xiao took out five treasure chests from the storage space, one gold suit treasure chest, two epic grades, one growth class treasure chest, one pure black king soul legend set. Treasure chest.

Ignite a cigarette, the enhanced version of the European emperor state, and the 17-point lucky attribute, Su Xiao is the European emperor.

[You have opened the golden treasure chest (sets). 】

[You have opened an epic treasure chest (21%). 】

[You have opened an epic treasure chest (47%). 】

[You get 87,000 points of paradise. 】

[You get a silent ring (one of the golden suit parts). 】

[You get a scribbled note (no grade). 】

[You get rock berry real (epic level). 】


The glare is now, there is a treasure chest flashing, it is the one that the red dog has fallen, and it can be guessed from the reward of [rock berry real].

Su Xiao feels that something strange is mixed in the treasure chest. He opened a booklet and unconditional items in the epic treasure chest. This is not a bad luck explanation.

After looking through a few pages, Su Xiao knows what it is. It describes the practice of obscenity and domineering. If the knowledge skills are not in the form of reels, the score in Reincarnation Paradise will be low, but it does not mean that its value is low.

For example, this scribbled note, if Su Xiao succeeds in mastering the domineering color, he can sell this note, and the price will not be low. As for the repeated sale after copying, the possibility is very low, which is related to credibility. The problem, this note has been completely credible by the notarization of Reincarnation Paradise. As for the private re-enactment, even if the contract is signed during the transaction, it is not a good way. The slight negligence on the contract may lead to deception, which is often taken by newcomers. To the pit.

Borrowing will not work. Without the ownership of this thing, the words above are distorted. Only the contractor of the same adventure group can share. Moreover, it is not easy to master the domineering color. This requires talent and time. The contractor is the most What is missing is time.

Su Xiao has a straightforward ability, but he is still ready to study the domineering, straight-through ability has a strong compatibility, can integrate other sensory skills into it.

Su Xiao throws a whole body of dark red, the shape of the devil fruit resembling a pineapple, which is one of the fruits of the rock berry, the strongest echelon.

[rock berry real]

Origin: One Piece

Quality: Legendary level – epic level (lower limit to upper limit)

Category: Devil Fruit · Nature (rare)

Use effect 1: After eating the rock berry, any part of the body can be lavaized (elementized). After being developed to a higher level, the volcanic group can be made to change the terrain for a long time.

Use effect 2: If the power, stamina attribute is lower than 80 points, it can improve the strength attribute of 18 points, and the 23 point stamina attribute (such as the power of the promotion or the stamina attribute reaches 80 points, which will be converted into the life value, which is relatively painful). If the power and stamina attributes are real attributes, the 3 point power attribute can be improved, and the 4 point stamina attribute (when the real attribute is higher than 100 points, it will be converted to the boosted health value).

Tip: After eating the devil fruit, you will be afraid of the sea floor stone.

Tip: After eating the devil fruit, if 50% of the body is not in the sea, it will be severely deprived, and 95% of the body will be slightly de-energized after entering the fresh water.

Tip: The power of the rock berry will depend on the user, and the initial limit of the initial capacity of the fruit is constant.

Use front: stamina 5 points.

Rating: 700 points

Introduction: This is the secret treasure of the sea and a gift from the devil.

Price: 395,000 points of paradise.


The effect of the rock berry is amazing. Of course, this is for the contractor below the third order. The fourth-order contractor is not too invincible to eat this thing. After all, this thing depends on personal development.

But if the third-order contractor eats this thing, even if it is a little junk, it can be traversed in the same order. As for the first-order and second-order contractor, the result is quite horrifying, that is, the same-order contractor. Our father, pushing a low-order world is no problem, unless the user’s battle can be too low, but even so, the property of the fruit is also the same level of crushing.

Su Xiao is hesitant to sell the rock berry, but there are too few ways to get it, at least he has never seen anyone who sells it.

In addition to the rock berry, Su Xiao also won a golden suit called the silent ring, the silent set of ‘famous’, Su Xiao certainly heard, it is known as one of the four sets of shame in the golden suit, and compete with the mage of the mage In the last position of the last.

The side effect of the Remnant Set is to enhance the desire, not to eat a meat mountain, or to see the opposite sex, the eyes are green, the wearer is the same for both men and women.

As for the silent cover, its side effects are a bit funny. When you hear it, the silent cover is to make the sound in one area disappear, forming a silent field. In fact, the user becomes a scorpion and can’t hear the sound, that is, silent. At the same time, the eyes will be blind at the same time…

Seeing the effect of the silent ring suit, Bu Buwang blinked and said: “What kind of ghost equipment, this ‘silent person’ is really ‘God property’.”

Of course, the side effects of the silent sleeve are serious, but the effect is very strong. After collecting eight pieces, the wearer can ‘see’ the rare minerals deep in the ground, a total of 19 colors, different colors represent different resources.

If it is in Tianqi Paradise, this thing definitely sells sky-high prices. As for Reincarnation Paradise, the contractor here is good at killing people, who specializes in mining.

The harvest of the three treasure chests is not bad, Su Xiao picks up the treasure chest of the Black King.

[You have opened the soul of the Black King. 】

[You get the black king’s burnt offering. 】

[Black King’s Sacrifice]

Origin: Can not directly produce from the derivative world.

Quality: Legendary · Set (exclusive suit, only five suits in the legendary level)

Category: Armguards

Durability: 106/106

Equipment needs: Willpower more than 60 points, such as willpower less than 60 points, will be eroded and assimilated by the Black King.

Equipment effect 1, tremors (passive): When confronted with enemy units whose willpower is below 20 points, the enemy will have a sense of fear. After the enemy crouched on the ground, the fear is greatly reduced.

Set effect (not activated, you need to collect three pieces before you can trigger the suit effect).

Set effect 1, unwilling will (passive): After successful activation of the suit effect, the wearer will be recognized by the king of black, subject to will baptism, after the completion of baptism, the wearer’s maximum life limit is permanently increased by 50%, the willpower will be permanently improved At 35 o’clock, before the health value is less than 5%, it will not enter a state of sudden death. If it enters a state of sudden death, it will only be slightly affected by the state of sudden death until death.

Tip: Under normal conditions, the health value below 12% to 15% will enter the state of sudden death, the state of sudden death moves slowly, and the total attribute is temporarily reduced by 95%.

Set effect 2, invisible, need to activate the suit effect.

Set effect 3, invisible, need to activate the suit effect.

Rating: 530+

Introduction: Only the strongest is qualified to become a black king — King of Black · Adjesh.

Selling price: cannot be sold after equipment.


(End of this chapter)

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