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1853. Chapter 1834 Combination

Chapter 1834 Combination

Su Xiao holds [Black King’s Sacrifice Festival] in his hand. This is a metal arm guard that wraps the arm and the entire palm. It is pure black, and its collocation ability is very strong. If the enemy’s willpower is not strong enough, After confronting Su Xiao, it may be embarrassing if you have not started a war.

As can be seen from the equipment brief, the king of black is different from most of the kings. He has a strong fighting power and his willpower is determined to be terrifying.

Although I can only see the effect of the suit, Su Xiao is also attracted by the black king. After the set is assembled, these three pieces of equipment can make a permanent gain to Su Xiao, not to mention the permanent increase of 50% of the life, and the 35 will. The force attribute, simply exempting the state of sudden death, increases Su Xiao’s determination to collect it.

Once in combat, once you enter the state of sudden death, it is no different from death. It will be killed by the enemy in a short time, and the effect of the black king suit will reduce the lower limit of the sudden death to 5%, and even if it is true. In the state of sudden death, Su Xiao can continue to fight until death, which is equivalent to a half-life, can have a chance to fight, and if you take the opportunity to use the recovery medicine, then you may turn defeat into victory.

There are two minutes left in the state of the European Emperor. Su Xiao picks up the last treasure chest. The income from the battlefield on the top is indeed beyond his expectations.

[You have opened a growth equipment treasure chest. 】

[You get the watchman. 】


Place of Origin: Reincarnation Paradise

Quality: pale gold (growth equipment)

Category: Special

Durability: 28/28

Equipment requirements: This equipment needs to be bound.

Equipment effect 1, conversion (active): converts the wearer’s energy properties, can only be converted in the opposite state, such as light / dark, death / life, etc., after converting the energy properties, the corresponding capabilities will also change.

Hint: This ability has no cooling time.

Hint: Each conversion will consume 1 to 4 points of equipment durability, and the equipment durability can only be restored within Reincarnation Paradise.

Growth needs: absorb any kind of energy (only the wearer’s own energy).

Rating: 260~? ? ?

Introduction: We have watched many worlds, how small we are.

Price: Cannot be sold after binding, to be bound.


Seeing the attributes of this growing class of equipment, Bu Buwang’s dog face is arrogant, and some do not understand what this ghost ability is, can actually convert the energy attribute? It seems to be good for the Master.

“This thing…”

Su Xiao’s brow is locked. He is contemplating a certain method of use. Obviously, this thing is not suitable for him. God knows what energy the blue steel shadow energy will transform into. The risk is huge, no, it is death.

Thinking for a moment, Su Xiao looked at Eminem.

“Amm, come over.”


Amu swallowed three burgers in his mouth and came to Su Xiao.

“The attempt of millions of paradise coins is too expensive.”

Su Xiao throws [Watcher] to Eminem, this is a string of necklaces, because of its ‘special category’ attribute, it is effective as long as it is worn on the body.

“Activate it.”

Su Xiao’s voice just fell, Eminem wears [Watcher], as long as Su Xiao speaks, even if this thing is worth tens of millions of paradise coins, Eminem will not hesitate to bring.

Bu Buwang was a bit embarrassed and hadn’t thought what Su Xiao would do.

“Can you convert energy properties?”


Eminem nodded sullenly.

“Converted to… Magma properties.”


Bu Buwang immediately understood the meaning of Su Xiao. His eyes looked at Eminem. Eminem was an ice attribute. [Watcher] can transform the wearer’s attributes into opposite attributes. The ice can be converted into a flame. The magma seems to have nothing. problem.

Ice energy gathered in the chest of Amu, cold and piercing, tearing a bang, a white steam rising, blazing magma emerged in the ice, Eminem’s double fists clenched, black smoke rising in its fists.

“Eminem, eat this thing again.”

Su Xiao took out the rock berry from the storage space. At first, he didn’t even think about giving Eminem, Bubwang, and Benny a rock berry. The ability was not matched. Now, Eminem’s ability is matched.

If successful, the ice state of Eminem is the defense + control of the enemy, the magma state is the charge + change the terrain + strong destructive power.

Eminem took over the rock berry and slammed it into the mouth.

“Don’t chew, swallow directly…”

Su Xiao’s words are a little late, and honest cow Amu hears Su Xiao let it eat rock berry and throw it directly into the mouth to chew.

I saw that Eminem’s chewing action came to an abrupt end, and the cow’s face began to turn blue.

“If you spit it out, you have no food for three days.”


Amu had a good neck and swallowed the rock berry in his mouth.


Emu retched, the devil’s fruit was very difficult to eat, and eating a desk like a chewing biscuit, Emu, actually spit it out.


Bubuwang looked up and down Amu and signaled it to say what it feels like now.

“Eminem, I want to vomit.”

“Nothing else?”

“Yes, a lot.”

Eminem raised his arm and made a fist. The whole hand was magma, and the red magma dripped on the carpet. The magma of Eminem is very different from that of the red dog. The magma of the red dog is dark red, gloomy and aggressive.

Perhaps the reason for the original ice property, Eminem’s magma is blazing red, the blazing red reveals fire, and even some dazzling, simple explosive power and high temperature, in terms of incineration, the red dog is stronger, the temperature, then Mum should be slightly better, after all, Eminem’s birth process is very special.

The ability of ice and magma does not coexist and will be rejected, but mutual conversion is another matter.

“Yes, the changes will be explored in actual combat, Bob, intercepting the video of the red dog battle, and giving reference to Eminem.”

It is said that Eminem has been stripped of elementalization, and some dazzling fires have disappeared. Although it has eaten the devil’s fruit, the growing equipment [Watcher] has helped Eminem solve the weakness of not being able to launch.

Eminem only needs to be transformed into ice form, it can freeze the water surface, and even if it falls into the sea, it will not drown in a moment. As for the sea floor stone, there is no good way to solve it, and what to pay for it, And even if Eminem touches the sea floor stone, is it really afraid that the enemy will set it on fire? The ice form is equal to the defensive form, and the ability to use the fruit cannot be used. It does not mean that Amu can’t release the ice. This may not be a weakness, but it can attract the enemy’s firepower. This is the situation that Tan hopes to see.

Eminem continued to sit on the side and screamed. Su Xiao looked up and down. After eating the rock berry, Eminem did not show the gloomy temperament of the red dog. This should be related to Eminem’s own character.

Not to mention the gloom, Su Xiao feels that Eminem is more like bio-self-propelled air-conditioning, magma-form heating, cold-form cooling, no electricity consumption, 24 hours of work, only a hundred pounds of food.

Su Xiao puts the Ring of Silence into the team space and contacts Beni to find a chance to shoot it.

Two gems appear in the hands of Su Xiao. The limit of the number of enamel flashes is seven. There are six inlaid at the moment. If you want to embed the Moonlight and the Broken Soulstone, you need to replace it. Drop a gem.

Inlaid legendary gemstones need 40,000 avenues of coins, and replace them with 90,000 avenues. After all, [Moon of the Moon] is an epic gems, which Su Xiao gets from the white-bearded pirates.

[You have paid 130000 yuan, the gem setting begins, please do not touch the equipment in the setting. 】

At the end of the dragon’s flash, a ring of jewels of rice size is set here, a tiny groove appears, the stone of the broken soul is inlaid on it, and the seven gems just form a circle. Su Xiao looks at one of the legends. Grade gems.

Blood Hunter (legendary gems): Each time you kill an enemy, you will increase the minimum attack power of the inlaid weapon, up to 30 points of attack power.

With a bang, the legendary gems and blood hunters are broken, and the gems of the moon are quickly reduced, precisely placed in the grooves.

(End of this chapter)

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