2122. Chapter 2099 Task Flow?

Chapter 2099 Task Flow?

The front hall of the wizarding club, the reception.

Caesar is drilling under the wooden table to find something, only one leg is exposed from time to time. It seems that he is not dead.

Caesar climbed out of a pile of debris, holding a crumpled black paper in his hand and looking at the material, like the skin of a creature.

“This is a map of Helu, a bad luck ghost left before.”

Caesar’s face was slowly laughed at Su Xiao, and he licked his fingers, meaning to give money.

“you are welcome.”

Su Xiao pulled the map from Caesar and began to view it.

In general, Helu can be divided into three areas, the St. Silver District, the Bon Harbour, and the Mist Cemetery.

The St. Silver District is where Su Xiao is now. The Wizards will be here. There are large residential areas around it. It can be said that the St. Silver District occupies four-fifths of the area of ​​Helu City.

The bone port is also a residential area, but it belongs to the slums. The law and order there is very chaotic, and it is impossible to manage to the extent that the wizards can’t manage it.

In places like Helu City, too strict management will only cause a rebound, so there is a place like Bon Harbor, where there is a gathering place for scum, criminals, and desperados.

In this part of the bone port, no one is willing to take the initiative to cause trouble. Those who are deported there are not good men and women, and they are provoked to fierce person. They may directly smash a dagger and be smashed through the skull.

As for the foggy cemetery, the smallest area there is the place where the mad wizards live, and it is also the public cemetery of the city of Helu.

You know, more than 90% of the world’s civilians can’t afford the coffin. At most, they get a straw mat and become a ration for rats and underground insects.

Over time, the surface of the foggy graveyard has been able to see the white bones, and ordinary civilians simply do not dare to go there.

The St. Silver District, the Bon Harbour, and the foggy cemetery make up the city of Helu. There is no perfect law here. It is best to be careful when you want to live.

In order to gain the reputation of the Wizards, to make a contribution to the wizard, to pay for extraordinary materials, or to eliminate some of the deceived wizards, in order to gain the reputation of the Wizards.

With the level of communication in this world, I want to find those who have been defected, almost in a haystack.

It is not advisable to transfer alchemy pharmacy through alchemy and turn it over to the Wizards. The process of gaining power from wizards is too simple and fast, and they are not too eager for alchemy.

“The only way to gain the reputation of the Wizards is?”

Su Xiao throws a piece of soul into the mouth. From entering the wizarding world to now, he has eaten a lot of soul crystals, which can enhance his soul strength and has now increased by 21 points.

“No, the easiest and quickest way is to go to the sewer to clean the mouse.”


“Yes, the mouse, the flood of the Helu city mouse is not a matter of a day or two. Killing a mouse can gain little prestige.”

“This place… has a sewer?”

“Amount ~ Yes, the building of the city of Helu has existed for hundreds of years and is said to have been built in the old king era.”


Su Xiao feels that it may be feasible to kill the mouse in the sewer, but the efficiency should not be very good.

“Can the wizard’s potions get it?”

“Can, 200 to 300 silver coins a bottle, the most secondary one…”

Caesar’s words were just halfway through, and suddenly turned to look toward towards Su Xiao, and the thief’s squinting eyes seemed to be shining.

“I forgot, you are the Alchemist Master, I rely on!!”

Caesar tried his best to beat the thighs and hurt himself.

“Ah Hahaha, those silly witches are waiting to go bankrupt.”

Caesar began to dance, but after a moment of thought, like the same basin of cold water drenched on it.

“We don’t have a recipe for potions, and the potion is not alchemy. The two are not the same. I am sure.”


Su Xiao glanced at Caesar, and Caesar argued as if he had been stabbed and insulted:

“With my Caesar’s level of alchemy, I can’t interpret the ingredients of the potion. Although your alchemy is a little higher than me, but…”

Caesar hesitated for a moment, and pulled out a flat glass bottle ten centimeters long and thick fingers.

“This is a second-class potion, worth 283 silver coins, be careful.”

Caesar passed the potion with a painful face.

[Enlightenment Potion]

Origin: Wizards Association

Quality: white

Type: Special

Effect: After special ceremony, array, energy guidance, after drinking this medicine, it will enlarge its potential and become a gray wizard.

Tip: During drinking, the drinker will suffer a huge mental burden and physical mutations, such as a mental or physical breakdown, the drinker will die.

Rating: 10 points

Description: The deployment of highly difficult pharmacy, there are unremovable side effects after drinking, and the spirit will gradually become crazy, this characteristic leads to a significant reduction in the quality and score of this drug, which has slipped six grades.


In Caesar’s desperate gaze, Su Xiao unplugged the bottle of ‘Enlightenment Potion’ and took out several small instruments to begin analyzing the ingredients of the potion.

Half an hour later, Su Xiao threw the potion back to Caesar and shredded a sketch.

“It’s not very difficult, but the process of blending and some materials can’t be solved. If there is a potion recipe, it’s not difficult to deploy this stuff.”

Su Xiao has basically a general plan to gain reputation, but this requires Caesar’s cooperation.

“Potion recipe…”

Caesar’s face was hard to see, and after his inner struggle, his expression began to worry. Obviously, Caesar was not a good person.

Both teams contractor and Hunter are dead, and Caesar, who is with them, is safe and sound, which explains a lot of problems.

“At least 2,000 points of wizarding reputation, we changed the formula of ‘Enlightenment Potion’ in the prestige store!”

Under normal circumstances, the prestige store can never have a potion formula, even if it is, it will not be so cheap. Obviously, Caesar is ready to operate from it and use unconventional means to exchange the potion formula.

“Materials, the channels you sell, you get 30% of the silver coins you get, but one thing, every time you sell a bottle of potion, you have to have the same reputation.”


Caesar calculated the proceeds, and in addition to the cost, Su Xiao earned three-fifths of the net profit, and he accounted for two-fifths.

In this transaction, Caesar has to play many roles. Although he is greedy, he knows that there is no Su Xiao’s knowledge of alchemy. He can’t get a silver coin, knowledge = wealth.

“My dear friend, if Caesar is dead, remember to help me with the coffin, and don’t bury me in the foggy graveyard, the broken place haunted.”

“Wang ~”

Bubwang slightly came with a roar of vibrato, and Caesar wondered about it.

“Take it to you here.”

Su Xiao patted Caesar’s shoulder and walked outside. The first thing he had to do was to go to the sewer to kill the mouse, not for prestige, but to determine the conjecture in mind.

It is already clear that things have developed to this extent. First, they will be able to see the three immortal wizards when they reach the level of the secret law. Then they will explore the clues of the ‘dominations’ from the immortal wizards and will be the ‘dominant’. Find out, then slaughter, the second ring mission is completed.

“My dear friend, wait, show you some good things.”

Caesar’s hand waved and a virtual screen appeared in front of Su Xiao.

[You have opened the prestige store. 】

[Prestige store locked in…]

[Because of the authority of Nicholas Caesar, some items are already in a convertible state. 】

1. Immortal contract (expandable number of followers: 1.)

Price: 175,000 silver coins.

Reputation exchange pre-position: secret law level.


2. Old god ashes (summon out the old god to help fight, the old god exists for 30 minutes).

Price: 286,000 silver coins.

Reputation exchange pre-position: secret law level.

(End of this chapter)

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