2123. Chapter 2100 Mouse

Chapter 2100 Mouse

Seeing these two items, Su Xiao’s eyes shined, one of them is quite important.

Caesar’s ability is an eye-opener. His fighting power is very scum, but he has a lot of permission to drill holes.

For example, Su Xiao is dangerous to exchange items with the Wizards’ reputation. Caesar changes the redemption nature of some items to silver coins of the same value.

As for the potion recipe, this item is probably not the item in the prestige store, so the conversion method cannot be converted.

Although Caesar is treacherous and embarrassing, it is very reliable in some respects.

Su Xiao left the wizarding club and took out the map provided by Caesar from his arms. The so-called sewer is not the underground pipe, but the super-large canal in the city, which is used for drainage in rainy days.

The main channel of the sewer is not in the St. Silver area, but in the vicinity of the bone port. If you clean the mouse, it is best to go there.

Su Xiao always can’t figure out the mouse, even if the number is too large, it should not reach the level of the reputation of the wizard after the kill, which is why he chose to clean the mouse.

At this time, the sky is already bright, the sun should have risen, but it is blocked by the fog cloud in the sky. According to Caesar, he has been in Helu city for some time and only saw the sun once.

Walking on the street, the houses on both sides of the street opened one after another, and the civilians who were mad at the air left their homes, and they did not work for one day. The whole family was hungry. This is the city of Helu.

The aroma of the food is scattered on the street. The city seems to be alive. The faces of the civilians can’t see the look of despair. In fact, after getting used to this kind of environment, there is nothing. Human beings are the most adaptable. Races.

No matter how difficult the environment is, people will find ways to survive, and through diligence and wisdom, from ‘survival’ to ‘life’, there is a fundamental difference between the two, the former is the living method of the beast, the latter is the day of human beings. .

Su Xiao bit his mouth and freshly baked long bread. The baking process is very good, but the quality of the ingredients is not good.

Crossing a few blocks, Su Xiao arrived at the edge of the St. Silver District. At the end of the street, I can see a lot of rough men dressed in linen and sweaty body. They are all hard work. The work of one day can only get 3-7. Copper coins.

1 silver coin = 2159 copper coin, this exaggerated exchange ratio shows that the wizard’s monetary mechanism is separated from the civilians, and the civilians obtain extraordinary items, which is equivalent to the enhanced version of the lottery jackpot.

Just out of the St. Silver District, Su Xiao felt the change of the surrounding atmosphere. A single eye hidden in the dark was watching him. Most of them looked at it with a glance, and a few were more persistent.

The rushing footsteps came from behind Su Xiao, a strong man with bloodstained and confused, who was on the road.


When the air broke out, a wooden arrow fell into the squat of the strong man, which made his foot soft and slammed into the mud.

“It’s going to be fast, I will save 200 copper and give me a few more days.”

The strong man crawled his legs and crawled in the mud, and had not climbed a few meters, and the few people in the rear chased him.

“I can run, I am exhausted.”

A sly face man bent his body and squatted on his lap with one hand and gasped.

After breathing calmly, the sly face man pulled out the simple dagger from the calf. This thing is a piece of iron that is sharpened and the tail is wrapped with dirty cloth.

The face man stepped forward and pulled the strong man’s hair in one hand, and the dagger in the other hand reached the neck of the strong man.

Brush pull ~

The sharp edge cuts the flesh.

When the street cuts the throat, and in front of the buildings on both sides of the street, there are several men and women who witnessed this scene. Some of them were eating breakfast calmly, while others were watching others have breakfast.

The murderers just had to drag the body away, a carriage came from a distance, saw the carriage, and the man smashed the body to the ground and took the person straight away.

Amazing and cruel scene appeared, the carriage stopped, the old driver with a black dome cap jumped off the carriage, dragged the body to the carriage and threw the board.


The old coachman snorted and drove the carriage. The carriage came once every morning and was responsible for dealing with unidentified bodies. This is the port of bone port and bone.

“This folk style is really simple.”

Although Baha has experienced various kinds of battles, it is the first time that the bones of this kind of ‘civil and simple’ enemy are coming.

Bubuwang is not strange, the folk style of the dead city is more ‘simple’, where the dead people do not want anything except life.

Walking on the muddy dirt road, no one came to Su Xiao’s trouble, which was caused by his breath.

According to the position indicated on the map, Su Xiao quickly arrived at the main drain of the bone port. Here is a trench with a width of about three meters and a depth of ten meters. The sides of the ditch are square stones, and there are many roads leading to the lower iron ladder. .

After estimating the depth, Su Xiao jumped directly into the ditch.


The sewage splashed, because the water in the sewer was only a dozen centimeters high just after the rainy season, and the air in the sewer was fresh after the rain.

The entire sewer is straight forward, 100 meters ahead, there is a cross-bridge bridge, holding the sewage, before reaching the bridge hole, Su Xiao illuminates a military light stick and throws it into the dark bridge hole.

The blue light dispels the darkness, and there is no mouse. The Bubwang, who is carrying a bag of medicine, is disappointed. It is a ‘hard nuclear’ poison mouse.

Deep into the bridge, the sun is getting wet, and the smell of corruption is getting heavier and heavier.

Tick ​​~

The sound of water droplets came from the front, and Bubuwang turned the dog’s head, and the miner’s lamp on his head illuminated the front.

A mouse appeared in the front, its hair was dark, and it was as hard as a steel needle.

“This is a game… is it a mouse? It is stopped and can eat at least 6 Caesar.”

Bach is a bit stunned, after all, the big cattle are rare.

Bubuwang threw the rat poison in the mouth and threw a foot. With the weight of the mouse in front, it was not necessarily dead to eat dozens of rats.


The roaring sound came, the mouse in the wizarding world was extremely powerful, not like the ordinary mouse, called ‘zhi zhi 吱’.

Su Xiao now knows why the wizard will clean up the mouse. If this thing is not cleaned up regularly, the civilians in the city will be in danger. Without civilians, the good days of the wizard will come to an end.

Hua la, hua la ~

The giant mouse stepped on the sewage, turned and fled, and the animal was sharper than the human senses.


The knife was so eager to see the trajectory, the giant mouse stopped slowly, and a blood mark appeared on its abdomen. Finally, the giant mouse broke into two pieces and lay in the sewage.

A trace of dark energy floated out of the rat’s body and floated to Su Xiao at a very fast speed, so fast that it could not be avoided.

This black energy energy climbed onto Su Xiao’s back and did not invade him with the body, just forming a black thin line on the skin.

Su Xiao just wants to perceive what this black thin line is, and the Reincarnation Paradise prompt appears.

[Hint: You gain 0.3 reputation with the Wizards. 】

17 times the reputation gained, killing a giant mouse only 0.3 reputation, want to get 2000 points, at least to kill about 6,700 giant mice.

Su Xiao takes a test tube out of the storage space.

With a bang, the test tube smashed on the wall and a faint sour taste spread.

After a few minutes, Su Xiao took out the root tube again and it turned out that he couldn’t believe Caesar’s alchemy.

The second test tube smashed on the wall and some sweet taste spread.

After ten seconds~


A giant mouse with a red eyeball rushed out of the sewer.

Su Xiao put a long knife in front of him, he is not ready for melee, and the knife is strong enough.

(End of this chapter)

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