2124. Chapter 2101 Caesar is very panicked

Chapter 2101 Caesar is very panicked

When, when…

The melodious hourly clock came, and in the sewer, Su Xiao held the dragon in the sheath with one hand, and in front of him, it was a burning flame.

Looking at the existing reputation, 529 points, the mouse in the bone port sewer has not dared to rush out, no matter what agent Su Xiao used to induce, obviously was killed.

Su Xiao came to a fairly complete giant mouse corpse and extracted a small amount of cells. He tried to destroy these cells with Qinggang shadow. In normal terms, Qinggang shadow can only destroy energy.


The blue arc flashed and the cells of the giant mouse quickly turned into ashes.

“this is……”

Su Xiao just wants to try it. I didn’t expect it to be rewarded. These mice are not mutated, but some kind of energy combined with their cells makes them so huge.

Su Xiao cares about another thing more than the mouse’s hugeness. He lifts his right arm, and his entire back of his hand, including the skin of some fingers, becomes dark, and this darkness spreads in an erosive manner.

If left unchecked, these darkness will invade Su Xiao within the body at a very slow rate. As for its origin, Su Xiao will enlarge a black mouse on the back of his hand.

As for the use of Qinggang shadow energy to annihilate, it is ok, but the mana cost to be consumed is too much, and the energy of the qinggang shadow converted by 8000 mana is probably able to annihilate the darkness of a centimeter area, which can be extinguished, indicating that The order of the steel shadow energy is higher than this black, but this darkness is rooted and has a huge root.

Su Xiao activities right hand, basically no effect, no guess, this is the ‘darkness’ that the sorrowful woman said before, the phrase ‘I will help you dispel the darkness’, not an incentive, but a woman of sadness can indeed Do it.

The woman of sorrow also said that she will not hurt any living beings. It is also worth pondering. In other words, the existence of harming the living in this world will be eroded by the darkness and eventually become a monster.

Or, as a woman who can clear the ‘darkness’, she cannot accept the darkness herself, or she will lose the ability to clear the darkness?

The side effects of the potion, plus the erosion after killing the creature, it is no wonder that the wizards will go crazy.

“It turned out to be.”

Su Xiao looked at the raging rat body. He was not prepared to continue cleaning the mouse. It was too slow. It was just to verify some conjectures. This time it was a great harvest.

Su Xiao returned from the original road, left the sewer, climbed the iron ladder and went straight to the wizarding club in the St. Silver District.

When Su Xiao returned to the Wizards, Caesar at the reception of the Wizards was busy.

“So fast?”

Caesar looked at Su Xiao with some surprise.

“I am not interested in helping the wizard to clear the mouse.”


Caesar stunned and subconsciously grabbed his pocket.

“You’re thinking……”

Caesar swallowed her saliva, and her heart suddenly panicked.

“The proposed method of forcibly redeeming a potion formula with prestige is not feasible, and the risk is too high…”

“Wait, wait, what you are about to do, the risk is even higher! There are at least 200 secret wizards here, we are simply stunned. Even if it is really flat, the divisions of the wizards will be wanted by us. ”

Caesar looked at Su Xiao with amazement, and Su Xiao looked at Caesar in confusion.

“I have said that this is flat?”

“Amount ~ that is not, but it is yours, don’t say that the wizarding association is closed. Even if you want to kill the city of Helu, I feel that you are doing it.”

Caesar has nothing to do with the nodded.


Su Xiao is speechless. From the perspective of foreign warfare, the wizards should be the strongest force groups in the world, but their power is too fast. It is very likely that when confronting certain existences, there is no chance of rebellion. To clean the mouse, Su Xiao basically verified this.

“Caesar, the wizard’s potion will not appear out of thin air. According to what you said, the demand for potions is large, and the output is independent. Who is the one?”

“The Moen family.”

Caesar felt a sigh of relief in his heart, and he was really afraid that Su Xiao would be hard to pull the knife and the wizard.

“Where are they?”

“Just upstairs 9-Layer, you don’t want to… The Moen family is not too good.”


Su Xiao took a picture of Bu Buwang’s head. Bu Buwang took the heart and joined the environment directly. He slammed Su Xiao and let Su Xiao see it.

Su Xiao took out the wireless headset, throw it to Bubuwang, and put on one.

Bu Buwang was very skillful to take out the entire set of monitoring equipment, stepped out of the small door and ran upstairs.

“Good, good proficient…”

Caesar looked at him. He looked at Su Xiao very seriously and seemed to know the old friend again.

“A group of wizards who are eroded by different energies to the unclear mind, and they fight for you to die, will only waste stamina.”

Su Xiao took out the tablet and threw a wireless headset to Caesar and said, “Tell Bub, where the exact location of the Moen family is.”

Caesar looked over and looked at the picture on the tablet and began to help Bubuwang guide the position.

From the beginning, Su Xiao didn’t plan to venture into the potion formula. As for the way to gain reputation through the deployment of potions, it’s really desirable and efficient.

According to Caesar, buying a potion costs silver coins, but drinking potions and subsequent processes can be enjoyed for free by simply joining the wizarding club. This is the rule set by the immortal wizard, Dawn, and there is no wizard to dare to violate, including Within the family, they are only responsible for the deployment of potions. In the final analysis, they are only important members of the wizarding association, at best, they are high-level.

With the composition of the wizarding association, as long as they do not attack the place, the wizards cannot unite. They are accustomed to it, do not touch their own interests, and want them to be desperately impossible.

So before, Su Xiao speculated that the deployment and sale of potions would only offend the potions, not to be hostile to the wizard. Before he went to clean up the mice, he wanted to investigate the terrain of the city. In order to facilitate the strategic withdrawal of the critical moment, the second is to clarify the attitude of the Wizards to the wizards and civilians.

The picture inside the tablet changed quickly. A few minutes later, Bubuwang arrived at the Wizards 9-Layer, ignoring dozens of warning devices.

Bubuwang stopped in front of a metal door with a tail-snake pattern on the metal door. This emblem represents the Moen family.

Bubuwang activates the sacred traveler and penetrates the wall directly into a dark room.


The night vision device is activated, and Bubuwang looks around. This is a room of more than 200 square meters, with rows of bookshelves, a metal table on one side of the wall, and a bottle and can.

For this kind of business, Bu Buwang is quite skilled, it does not look for rummaging, because the secret drug such a secret drug item, it is impossible to save in a physical way, cloth cloth choose to wait.

After waiting for more than seven hours, the door was pushed open, and the silhouette of a gray robe walked into the room. His hand waved in front of him, seemingly driving the mosquitoes that did not exist.

Waiting for more than half an hour, the gray robe, wearing a hooded silhouette, sat in front of the metal table, took out several materials from the metal table drawer, and began to mix.

Bu Buwang leaned closer to the camera, and Su Xiao on the other side watched it carefully.

Within a few minutes, a bottle of pure black color was dispensed.

“Yes, cloth, the distribution of potions is simpler than you think, this kind of bad technique can be adjusted…”

When he heard Su Xiao, Bu Buwang came to the wall in a leisurely way, and walked out through the wall, and the silhouette wearing the gray robe didn’t notice the abnormality.

Su Xiao puts the tablet down and looks at Caesar.

“The kinds of materials, can you get it?”

“Amount? Ah? Can!”

Caesar looked at Su Xiao with a sullen look, and he was treacherous like him. He was also stunned by Su Xiao and Bu Buwang. He had a feeling that if he was hostile to Su Xiao, he would be arranged to understand clearly and die. I don’t know how it died.

(End of this chapter)

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