Release that Witch Chapter 1413

Oh shit……

Roland took a deep breath, raising your hand and wiping your cheeks, it feels too real.

But he knows that he is just pretending to be easy to cover up the negative emotions of the bottom of heart. Until then, his hand was still shaking slightly, and the back was a bit wet.

Just now, he seems to have experienced a terrible disaster, even though it was only a short moment, but he spent the last stage with the life and civilization that disappeared, or he himself was one of them. One member. From fish worms to birds and beasts, from low to high, their struggling figures and painful sounds are lingering, as the entire universe has become dead.

This tear is flowing for them.

For a time, Roland even reluctant to leave the window to shoot the sunshine of come in.

The sights that were originally unremarkable outside the window have now become particularly attractive.

Even the sewage flowing through the wall and the dog skin advertisements everywhere can be vivid and natural.

Looking at the messy and busy streets for a long time, he barely calmed down.

Now he is basically certain of one thing – magic power does not exist in this world from the beginning. This speculation was proposed by Anna in the second act, and it was confirmed at the moment.

It is the “door plan” that led to the emergence of magic power.

But there is no doubt that it is not the result that the interlocutor wants.

“Gray Shadow” is looking forward to getting rid of gravity, and the other party is more straightforward about “unpredictable risks.”

It seems that magic power is an accident that they did not expect.

The catastrophe caused by magic power became the so-called “cost” of gods. In the end, this power spread in a very short period of time, and the interlocutors did not escape.

The whole world has also become what he sees now.

However, Roland found that even if he understood this, what he knew was still only a little fur.

The most crucial question is, what is the “gate plan”, and why does “gray shadow” not forget this? How does War of Divine Will relate to all this?

Will not expect them to fill in this loophole?

He turned his head and stared at the courier box for a while, and finally picked up the phone.

“Hello, Mr. Rock, I need the association to help me find someone.”


Neverwinter City, Fertile Plain entrance, stop 2.

A train slowly docked in front of the loading dock.

“Man, let me take a step first.” Chuck rushed to the platform without waiting for the front of the car to be completely still.

“Hey, you guy, boiler filling can’t always let me alone -”

“Please, please! I will please at night!”

He hurried to the freight car and left Hank’s voice behind him.

After the end of Taqila’s battle, Chalm did not become a mighty and handsome officer as he expected – although the father and the elder brother of the sacrifice, all four of them received Your Majesty’s award and honour, but The Executive Office transferred him and his father to the queue of the First Army and switched to become a full-time train driver.

The father didn’t have any opinion. After all, the train still had someone to open after the war. This kind of powerful machine does not carry cannon, but it also has a very wide range of uses. Even after the main force withdrew from Neverwinter, the vehicles that rushed over Fertile Plain did not decrease, and the Executive Office removed them from the army for this reason.

In the words of his father, it is not where you are for Your Majesty.

Moreover, the treatment is still much higher than before.

Chalm was not so happy. He had to deal with the dark coal all day, and there was a lot of guns to fight with the monsters. Moreover, the elder brother sacrificed in the camp to defend the battle. He took a few Devils on the front line to avenge the eldest brother. Serving a steam train can not do this.

What makes him most worried is that the second brother has not been affected, not only successfully promoted, but also was selected into the elite of the First Army.

This is too unfair.

Chalm thought that in the next few years, he would have to spend it in this desolate wilderness. I didn’t expect the development of the matter to exceed his expectations.

A large number of residential areas and farms have sprung up north of the Impassable Mountain Range. The number of stations has grown linearly, and pubs and shops have followed. It is no longer a boring job to transport goods. If it ends early, he can do it every day. Go to the restaurant and have a few drinks. The train driver is undoubtedly a popular occupation for the audience. Whether it is a local or a migrant, everyone is interested in the restricted area that has been passed down as a “cursed land”, and it is interesting to renew the cup. Save yourself.

Of course, this kind of treatment is similar in Neverwinter City or other stations. What really makes him look forward to is the people here –

“Please arrange a team and receive your own dolls in an orderly way!”

Next to the truck box, a girl’s both hands shouted. Not waiting for him to come, the other party has already seen him, happy to wave his hand, “You are coming!”

Looking at the lovely smile, it was great that Cham felt that he could become a train driver.

“I am here to help.” He picked up his sleeves.

“Okay, then you also take a person on your body.” The girl smiled and handed over a straw-studded doll, licking it and hanging it around his neck.

“Oh, nothing to pay attention to.” And another woman jumped from the pile, and coldly gave him a look.

Chalm returned without retreating, and the two men blinked at the moment and stalemate in the carriage.

In the end, the girl interrupted the confrontation between the two parties. “Well, Poshan, Mr. Chalm is just warm-hearted. When we lost our way, didn’t you help him?”

When it comes to getting lost, the woman’s face suddenly becomes stiff. She starts with a disdainful sigh. “I’m too lazy to care about you today, let me go, I have to work.”

After she said that she grabbed two bags of seeds and walked back to the yard without heading back.

“Sorry…” The girl was embarrassed to be slightly stunned. “Poshan is just…”

“It doesn’t matter, I don’t mind.” Cham pretended to be a generous hand, then carried the seeds and followed them up.

In fact, he expects that the day has been going on for a long time, and the drafts have been played countless times – the Neverwinter Theatre has a new drama in the evening. He has already set two tickets, and then waits until he finishes his work early and then opens an invitation to the other party.

Both of these women are Sleeping Spell’s witches – their acquaintances are very dramatic, and the girl accidentally sat over when she first took the train to the second station to assist in construction. Looking at an empty plain, she was at a loss and was crying with pears and rain. And Poshan, who was with her side, didn’t have a good place to go. In the face of a strange and unfamiliar environment, she showed a highly alert, shocking and fearful look, like a cat who had been stepped on the tail.

In desperation, Chalm had to stop the train, transfer the two to another returning train, and repeatedly smashed their destination to the opposite driver, so that they could successfully reach the second station before dark.

He thought it was just an accident, and then there would be no more intersections. I didn’t expect the two witches to assist with the station uninstallation work.

After one to two, they gradually became familiar with each other, and he also knew the name of the other party – Xia.