Release that Witch Chapter 1427

“Can you speak more in detail?” Roland asked.

“There is nothing to say,” Silent Disaster is clearly wary of the king of mankind. “You know very little about the Sky Sea Territory, even if you say it, you can’t understand it.”

“It used to be the case, but it is different now. The Greycastle Western Region is being attacked by Evil Beast’s, and there is Sky Sea Territory.” Roland didn’t care about its tone, but seriously climbed the skeleton monster on land. Describe it again, “This is the first time we have observed it outside the sea.”

“Tell him the information he wants to know,” Vakiris said. “In any case, it’s better than letting human heritage fragments fall into the hands of Sky Sea Territory.”

“Since you said that…” Cerroshhi nodded helplessly. “Listen, humans, the things you see are called nest mothers. They are also the core of the Sky Sea Territory expansion site. The nesting itself is Battle strength. Not strong, but it can control many people to fight for it -”

“Like the brain?”

“It can be described as such, but don’t interrupt me next time.” Silently impatient, “This creature is older than you think, maybe they existed at the beginning of the birth of the world – but a long time They have little impact and their shape and ability have changed very slowly until recently in just a few months…”

After some explanation, Roland finally understood the reason why the Sky Sea Territory was uncharacteristically.

According to Devil, they will also evolve, but unlike the evolution of abilities in the usual sense, every change in Sky Sea Territory will affect the whole family. For example, the nest is the nest, the blade is the blade, and the individual does not show significant differences before, unlike humans and Devil, each individual is relatively independent. Probably for this reason, their evolution is very slow, and it is only a few hundred years before they notice a little difference.

The recent big variation proves that this idea is very wrong. No one knows how many times Sky Sea Territory has evolved in a few months, the only certainty is that their strength has grown dramatically. For example, the Blade Beast, which used to be a helper for the nesting mother, can be shredded by wild demon as long as it is locked in position, but now they have not only increased their size several times, but also have strength, endurance and reaction speed. Greatly improved, the claws filled with magic power can even threaten the high rank Devil.

Even in the case of a confrontational situation, the high rank Ascendant can easily kill a bladed beast. The problem is that the evolution of the Sky Sea Territory is universal.

This is like when the witch awakens to Transcendent, the other witches will become Transcendent as well – as long as the number is sufficient, the volume change can easily lead to qualitative changes.

Devil’s reluctantly maintained line of defense was no longer able to withstand the erosion of the Sky Sea Territory. Countless enemies climbed out of the sea and waved to the battlefield. Wang had to make a decision to abandon the Blackstone domain.

This is not a good news for Roland.

If Devil is really powerless to maintain its territory, then humanity will take on this new pressure – the impact of the Western Region’s pioneering land is only the beginning.

“Human, I suggest that you immediately transfer the fragments,” Silent finally said. “With your strength today, it is difficult to face the army of Sky Sea Territory. Vakiris is right, it is impossible for us to get the pieces by Sky Sea Territory. One thing accepted.”

“I didn’t plan to give them the pieces.” Roland shrugged. “In addition… don’t you think this evolutionary time is a little coincident?”

“Oh?” Vakiris said, “Speak and listen.”

“The Blackstone domain has been playing against Sky Sea Territory, so the evolutionary time should not be biased – and three or four months ago, it was almost the time when god’s envoy ambushed Zero.”

“Do you suspect that the dramatic evolution of Sky Sea Territory is related to gods?”

“Just guessing it,” Roland said, “but I am very concerned about it… Have you ever talked to Sky Sea Territory?”

Vakiris’s look gradually dignified.

“I don’t think so? But the other participants of War of Divine Will have had exchanges with each other.” Roland said slowly. Humans and Devil don’t say it, and the Cloudy Heaven school of thought has even co-existed together. The Underground Civilization, which has been ruined, also “contacted” the witch union before its demise, and this was followed by the God Punishment Army program. He believes that the experience of the other side should be similar, which can be seen from the expression of the nightmare.

The only exception is the Sky Sea Territory.

There is no literature left about them in history. If human beings are rarely involved in the depths of the sea, even Devil has no experience in this area.

After all, communication is the commonality of civilization, even if they are mutual enemies.

It seems that it is like a Silence outside the tribe.

Following this line of thought, the reason behind the evolution of Sky Sea Territory is somewhat chilling.

“What are you going to do next?” Vakiris asked.

“Go to Endless Territory before everything can be recovered.” Roland looked at the two. “I hope that you can stop all offensive operations and use the power to deal with the Sky Sea Territory.”

“This is impossible.” Silent Disaster categorically refused. “It’s just a matter of saying that gods and deliberate scams are the ones. The current Western Front Army commander is a mask, and the Symbiote Body is controlled by it. What’s more…”

“What’s more?”

Cerroshhi did not answer directly, but for a moment, “I want to talk to Vakiris alone.”

“Call…” Roland sighed softly. “Okay, but don’t forget the time.”


Silence took the door under Vakiris’s guidance and walked to the side along the aisle of the package.

From this perspective, an indescribably magnificent city is presented in the eyes of Cerro Shahi. The block-like gray high-rises are one after another, and they are not inferior to the Birth Tower, but there are several levels in the number. They stretched out along the criss-crossing road, as if there was never an end, even the God of Divine Construct could not accommodate so many forgeries.

This strong impact made it breathe a bit.

The previous glimpse in the window has made Cerrochhi shocked, but the scene after leaving the room is far beyond its imagination.

What is even more incredible is that there are many figures walking in the city. They are neither like the slayers who are absorbed by come in, nor the dead objects made by the conscious field – this is the biggest difference between this place and the dominant holy throne.

No wonder the man will call it the “world.”

“Heen it will be alright here.” Vakiris stopped his footsteps.

The voice also interrupted Silent Disaster’s thoughts, forcing himself to refocus his spirits, and after careful induction for a while, he said, “There are other magic powers in the room!”

“I know, it’s a witch.” Vakiris said indifferently.

“…” This reaction is somewhat unexpected by Cerroshhi. “You have already… know?”

“When you are waiting for this time, I have a few words with them – although they still don’t like me.” The nightmare nodded. “The main purpose of the witch is to protect Roland, but in fact he does not need protection. This is just to make everyone feel at ease.”

Even if it is Transcendent, it is not so easy in front of Monarch, let alone a mortal male? Silence found that the news was as shocking as the War of Divine Will.

“Otherwise you think. If he is so good, I have already started.” Vakiris said that paused here, it seems a little lamented, “Of course… that is the beginning idea.”

“Witch didn’t follow us.” Cerroshhi grabbed its hand. “Tell me, how can I bring you out of Consciousness World?”

Vakiris looked at it for a while, then shook his head slightly. “You haven’t found it yet? I have been impossible to leave here.”

“No, since I can come in, you can definitely go out. Right! If I bring your body together -”

The nightmare reached out and pulled out the long hair in front of the forehead. This action suddenly silenced her eyes.

“Vakiris adults…your magic stone…”

“I am different from you, and different from those witches,” Vakiris did not correct its title this time. “If the tribe loses the magic stone, the only result is death, but I don’t.” This is probably the same as the way I entered the dream. Related. Now I have become part of this world, I am afraid I can’t leave with you.”