Release that Witch Chapter 1430

“What are you doing here??” Vault of Heaven Lord.

If it’s not a sudden silence, if you just go one step later, I’m afraid it’s not just the other party, even it’s hard to escape! At first thought, if the other end of the door is still in Dianchi, or if there is no place to open the second twisted door, Hykezord feels cold and cold.

But now it is not so good to go anywhere, no matter whether the mask is dead or not, it will be known by the king. Even if it has nothing to do with this matter, it does not mean that you can get out of it. As long as the king asks for memory, it will undoubtedly fall into an extremely passive situation!

This made it impossible to get angry.

Before the silence refused to help it, it thought that the other party was a calm and rational person, I did not expect to see Vakiris, the attitude of Cerroshhi has changed so much –

No, this guy is still calm and rational, so he will leave quietly, instead of explaining his intentions to himself – because it knows that he will block!

“Once the second program is started, things can’t be recovered, and the only way to stop it is.” There is no change in the tone of silence, as if you don’t care that you are just a line from death.

“Who said that there is only this kind? If you sink your heart and think hard…”

Hykezord said that half of the sound was suddenly reduced.

Is there really a better way?

Under the situation that the mask is not allowed to be noticed, let alone the king knows, the God of Divine Construct remains the same… This method may exist, but what time? In fact, I don’t mention the strategy that requires a lot of effort to lay out. I just don’t make up my mind if I don’t want to do this.

This guy… is it clear?

Hykezord’s lips squirmed for a moment, and finally only changed a topic.


Cerro, I hope to ask for it, seems to be waiting for further inquiries.

“In this way, we will completely stand on the opposite side of the king. Other Monarch will regard us as enemies. And…” Vault of Heaven Lord paused slightly. “Humans will not necessarily let us go.”

“Because of the trade-offs.” Cerroshhi said simply.

“trade off?”

“In my eyes, this problem is not that difficult to choose.” It turned and walked outdoors – although at the moment the control room had only half of the wall and a crumbling door. “The future things can be slowly thought out, but Vakiris can’t die in this way.”

What is the answer… “Do you mean that Vakiris is more important than the fate of the ethnic group?” Hykezord sank. “I don’t believe this will mean it. You are sure that what you see is that nightmare.” Monarch, not a scam set by humans?”

“No, it tells me that if it is for the ethnic group, it would be fine to sacrifice it.” Cerroshhi quietly replied, “This is my personal judgment.”

“…” Vault of Heaven Lord didn’t know what to pick up.

The situation has become tricky.

Suddenly, a dull squeaking roll rolled over the heads of the two men, it seemed to come from under the feet, or deeper!

In this endless rumble, the God of Divine Construct trembled!

“This is — what happened?” Hykezord looked at the lagoon under the pothole in surprise, and saw the lake that had previously been crystal-like boiling, as if something was coming out. The Birth Tower in the middle of the lake also shines faintly!

Such a vision has not been seen for centuries.

And the Vault of Heaven Lord soon saw a more incredible sight – the Magic Power Core, which should have been blasted, burst into a dazzling blue light, slowly rising from the lake and flying towards Birth Tower.

This thing is not unfamiliar. Although it is very clever in construction, it is the only creation of Underground Civilization that can change the shape of magic power. However, the skeleton itself can be cut off by one hand, which is not so strong. The previous explosion could even fly at the top of the central tower. How could it just push the core into the lake?

Cerroshhi also changed his look. It took off the long-handled sword and slammed a few steps, then threw the hilt with maximum strength!

The sword edge turned into a streamer and hit one of the cores accurately.

But the latter did not break due to the sound, but the silk did not move. The long-handled sword is like a very sturdy object. It spins and flies, then falls into the tumbling lake.

“How come…” Siroshahi muttered.

When the core is close to the Birth Tower, there is a flash of light between them, as if they are connected to each other. The other cores are the same, until the moment when the four light strips come together, the four cores begin to rotate slowly around the Birth Tower, and the tower’s light is filled to the extreme!


The vibration suddenly expanded several times. The dust and gravel fell from the top of the head. Many houses built near the potholes even collapsed into the lake. The central tower is obviously not so good. The part connected to the pit wall is smashed. The cracking sound, the visible crack began to spread on the tower.

During the violent shaking, Hykezord felt a clear sense of overweight, as if there was something to press himself on the ground.

God of Divine Construct is on the rise!

“Damn, shouldn’t this plan start after the king arrives at Fertile Plain?” Hykezord gnawed his teeth. “How can it be prepared for so long?”

Cerroshhi also noticed the difference, which is exactly like the long-planned behavior.

“Is it…” Hykezord stared at the Silent Disaster for a moment, then pulled it into the twisted door and returned to the bottom pot. “You take off your armor!”

“…” Cerroshhi looked at it with a puzzled look, but did what he said.

The Vault of Heaven Lord took out the colorful magic stone and saw it in the other’s beam of light. There was a faint “hair” in it. It was so fine that it would be difficult to tell if it was not deliberately observed.

“Don’t move!” Hykezord stretched out two fingers and stabbed into the silent shoulder – the latter frowned, but did not stop. Soon, it pulled a bunch of flesh and blood from the other side. After leaving the host, the sarcomatous living creature immediately stopped squirming.

“Nasopelle -” Silence squeezed his fist! Undoubtedly, the parasite is just a fake face, it is put into the wound when it is stunned, and it actually has no reaction to this!

“So it has long known about our conversations, even… you met Vakiris in Consciousness World.” Hykezord threw the sarcoma in his hand to the ground and then stepped on the ground. “As a result, it can be explained in advance by preparing for it.”

Siroshahi walked away from the door despite the wound on his shoulder.

“Wait, where are you going?”

“I want to destroy Magic Power Core!”

“It’s too late!” Hykezord shouted. “You also saw that the cores are resonating with Birth Tower. What can you do alone?”

The core of the adjusted instrument has now become a whole with Birth Tower, not to mention throwing a long sword, even if they both do their best, I am afraid that they can’t hurt it.

Even if there is a miracle, it will completely deprive the God of Divine Construct and fall straight from the sky!

It has seen the worst ending.

“Notify the human beings that Vakiris is attached to, let him immediately flee the mainland and avoid the disaster of the collision. This is the only thing we can do.”