“叮 铃铃铃…”

The phone on the desk suddenly rang.

It took Roland a few seconds to find the one that was waiting to be connected from a bunch of machines and leaned over to pick up the handset.

The label of the phone machine indicates that the caller is the Aerial Knight school.

As more lines were added to the office, he had to add a small table at his desk to place the phones.

“Yes? I will come right away.”

After hanging up the handset, Roland stood up with a smile and picked up the coat hanging from the chair and put it on his body.

“Tilly called?” Nightingale asked an eyebrow.

“Well, the preparation for the big plane has been completed and it will soon be tested.”

His so-called big plane is the key project of the Greycastle Design Bureau – the four-speed long-range bomber. After learning that it was possible to obtain a mobile landing field, he first asked the relevant technical personnel about the feasibility of the replacement. The answer is that as long as the weight is adjusted slightly, there will be no effect on the pneumatics. However, the replacement of the Phoenix engine will bring about a significant drop in performance, such as taking longer runways for take-off, carrying up to half of the internal oil, reducing the range to about one-third of the original, etc… In short, the new aircraft is in various The indicators can no longer meet the requirements of the previous long-distance attack.

And its only benefit is that it can see the results immediately.

The essence of the Phoenix engine is still an improved star engine. Anna has completely figured it out in more than a year, which is much more mature than a large inline engine equipped with a bomber – even if the design bureau provides all the large samples. Under the drawing of the drawing, the prototype must also be tested on the platform first, which will inevitably lower the progress of the entire project.

In fact, at the beginning of the plan, the bomber was put into the “One Year Plan”, which is a very bold plan for Neverwinter City. Even if there are no accidents in the R&D process, it should be half a year away from normal.

If it weren’t for the mask, Monarch made Roland aware that the God of Divine Construct had the same ability to do the same, and it wasn’t too long in a year. But now, the situation has become very different – ​​once the God of Divine Construct rises to the sky at the cost of overdrafting the God Stone, even if it destroys its core, it can’t save the damage caused by its fall.

Coupled with the fact that humans now have an empty island-like floating island, the performance of the bomber’s loss is no longer unacceptable.

Crossing the twisted cable, Roland walked over to the door while wearing a coat. “Let’s go and see it, this is the biggest airplane ever!”


Just as he crossed the mahogany long table, the flipped corner suddenly came to the teapot at the table, and when Roland realized it, the body had irreversibly tilted toward the ground.

“Ah…” Nightingale seemed to move, and the figure disappeared for a short while, but it was still a little late.

The teapot was like an invisible object. It floated in the air for half a lap before it fell on the stall. It broke into several pieces, and the freshly brewed hot tea also sprinkled on the ground.

“You seem to be slowing down,” Roland yelled. “You used to have never lost a hand with this empty hand. Will it be too much to eat and lose weight?”

“…” Nightingale unexpectedly did not repay, but some Confusedly looked at his hand.

“Let the maids clean up here. Let’s go to the Aerial Knight school first, and Tilly is still waiting there.”


On the landing field of the Aerial Knight school, a black plane that was much larger than The Seagull was slowly pulled into the runway by the trailer.

In addition to its large size, the wide single wing and the four engines hanging under the wing are also the most obvious difference from other fighters.

Although the star-shaped engine with a short outline is not commensurate with the slender figure of the aircraft, most of the onlookers will not notice this inconsistency – it is enough to grasp it as never before. The eyes of everyone.

Compared to the light shape of Skyfire, its black coating is like a giant beast lying on the ground.

Gourd is no exception.

Since the appearance of the plane, his eyes have not left the target for a moment. If he didn’t drive the Skyfire himself, he was afraid that it was hard to believe that this heavy machinery could fly into the sky. But even so, Gourd was full of surprises and shocks – but it was a year since he left Neverwinter, and the power of Queen’s Highness was too exaggerated.

In addition to repeating the “big”, Finkin can no longer describe other descriptions.

“Is it estimated that only the best Aerial Knight will be qualified to drive this giant in the future?” Heinz said with emotion. “In our class, there should be only Gourd hopeful.”

“Not so.” Unexpectedly, answer him is actually an indifferent Hawk Face instructor. “As far as I know, the bomber’s driver will not be drawn from the first-line flight officer. Of course, this does not mean that those people are not good, but His Highness Tilly judges that ensuring air superiority is the most important goal of Aerial Knight. Bombers, shooting down any enemy who dares to approach, can do this, even if the big fly machine is a newcomer, there is no problem.”

“Instructor adults…” The three suddenly straightened up.

“Relax, I am not here to reprimand you.” Hawk Face glanced at them blankly. “You are already the top fighter in the Aerial Knight and have confidence in yourself.”

“Yes, yes!” The three-person ceremony.

“Then everyone will face Devil’s main force, work hard.” Hawk Face walked back to the other side.

Finkin breathed a sigh of relief. “How do I feel that the instructor is special today…”

“Gentle?” Heinz answered.

“Really,” Gourd shrugged. “But if these behind-the-scenes arguments are passed into his ears, he should not hesitate to let you go to the toilet for a week.”

The two immediately turned to the topic of interest.

At this moment, the black aircraft’s propellers were running at high speed, and the roar of the cockroaches instantly overshadowed the onlookers’ opinions.

Even after so long, when Gourd hears this familiar and rhythmic rhythm, he still feels alive.

I really like flying very much…

In this endless stream of pistons, the bomber began to move forward slowly and accelerated – the process was much longer than the Skyfire, but it was still a little raised when approaching the end of the runway.

Gravity can no longer bind it.

The black behemoth seemed to spread long wings and climbed into the sky against the slightly damp sea breeze.

After a lap of climb, the bomber turned in the direction and flew towards the northwest of Neverwinter. In that direction, the Northern Slope Mountain suspended in midair is particularly eye-catching.

Gourd knows that all the elements they took out were ready.

The decisive battle with Devil is close at hand.

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