Release that Witch Chapter 1449

After finishing the official business in the evening, Roland returned to the bedroom and saw that Anna was finishing the clothes, and she was still wearing a large suitcase.

“Hey… what are you doing?”

“I don’t know if I can see it.” She patted the folded clothes in the wardrobe. “Ready to travel.”

“The Neverwinter City is about to stop,” Roland said half-jokingly. “Is it really good for the Minister of Industry to leave without saying goodbye?”

“Do not worry, except for a few finished products like steam turbines, enhanced piston machines, the factory is now basically able to produce, the most qualified rate is low. And the members of the Wonder Objects Society that you brought back, the talent is not bad, let They will not have any big problems in hosting the department.”

“Wait…” Roland suddenly noticed something wrong. Anna’s clothes were basically simple and durable. There were no silk dresses or skirts in the usual banquet or other formal occasions. Not like a joke, “Where are you going?”

“Floating Island, with you.” She showed a look that was still asking. “You are not going to wait for the results of the front line in Neverwinter City? I can see that after talking with Taqila three seats, you It’s already decided. Not to mention the Endless Territory from the air is more convenient than taking the mainland spine. You can’t just come back for a good reason.”

“This won’t work -” Roland consciously vetoed, “Don’t say what the devil fights with Devil. No one knows what Endless Territory has. And listen to Hykezord, where it has been occupied by Sky Sea Territory, how risky this trip is. You are not unclear-”


Anna stretched out his hands, patted him on his face, forced the shaking head to force it, and then rubbed his cheek. “I certainly know. Because it is clear, it is so.”

The sound is not high, and even has a gentle feeling, but as long as I look at her eyes, I understand that this cannot be refused.

For a moment, the other party overlaps with the appearance of the past.

At that time, Anna was still childish, with nothing but her ability, but even so, her determination was extremely difficult to change.

Roland had to make a final attempt. “You are different from the past. As Queen, it is not a mature practice to leave everything in Neverwinter City to take this unnecessary risk.”

“If you are truly mature, you will not agree to let you go to Endless Territory in a ignorant situation.” Anna pressed his hands and interrupted him. “What will you end up with, failure or disappearion? It is possible.” In other words, this attack is likely to be the last time you meet. Do you think I will stay in the city? Since it is an adventure, there is not much to add me.”

“…” Roland knew that his last attempt was also disintegrated. After all, he wouldn’t want to wait alone at this time. “If we are not able to come back…”

“The situation must be too bad to be worse?” Anna let out his hand and smiled. “But even then, I won’t regret it.”


Through the black and white twisted lines, Nightingale walked into the empty office.

At this time, the night was deep, and most people fell into a deep sleep, and only a flash of fire could still be seen in the yard.

After she pulled the curtains, she opened the drawer and placed the glowing magic stone on the lamp holder.

Soon, the room was illuminated by soft light.

The pieces of the teapot have already been cleared by the maid, and the carpet has been replaced as a whole. The previous accident did not leave any traces, as if it had never happened.

Nightingale crossed the phone table and quickly found her goal – a wooden box placed at the table and covered by messy files.

In the fog, she does not need to rely on light to argue, the unpredictable field is like another world, and always stays in a three-color state. The outlines constructed in black and white are even if there is no light source.

There is only one situation exception.

She opened the box, which contained a stack of papers full of handwriting and a few translucent small stones.

Nightingale picks up one of them and holds it in the palm of the hand, then tries to break into the fog – the surging magic power suddenly dissipates before forming, as if it was blocked by something.

“Sure enough…” She sighed and threw the stone back into the wooden box.

This is a report from “Magic Tower”, not from Agatha and Celine, or Isabella, and of course it is more likely that they were co-written – the crisis of God of Divine Construct was lifted soon, at this moment Hermes Plateau The red mist on it still didn’t completely dissipate. The Taqila witches also needed to digest the discovery and experimentation of Pure One, so Isabella simply stayed at Neverwinter. Coupled with the technology acquired from Devil, they seem to have a lot of results during this time, and a report will be sent to the office every few days.

Roland always checks on the same day, but today is an exception. The separation of the Northern Slope Mountain and the trial of the big plane were arranged on the same day, so that he had not had time to open the box.

Nightingale noticed the existence of this thing from the beginning – after all, in the foggy world, only two things will not be affected, one is the magic power, and the other is the pure black hole made by God Stone. Of course, according to Isabella’s research, the two can be classified as one thing.

So when she met Barry Lothar in Roland, she discovered the black light, but it was much smaller than the usual God stone, and it was obviously modulated by Isabella. Because it is a sample related to the report, she did not pay too much attention.

That’s why, when the teapot fell, she didn’t use the momentary step–black light blocked the falling teapot, and when she entered the fog, her body had already made an “irreparable” judgment.

If that’s the only thing that’s going on, it’s just a small accident, but Nightingale sees a line that makes up the table popping forward under his own touch, passing through the black light and finally hitting the teapot. , changed its fall Orbit.

Any distortion in the fog is uncontrollable, even if she must always be on the line of restlessness, otherwise she is cut off.

She was the first to see such a thing.

It’s just that Nightingale isn’t sure, it’s a coincidence, or is it really happening.

She once again showed her ability to repeatedly touch the table corner in the fog, and simulated the situation at that time, and tried to rush several times. As a result, no accidents appeared.

It seems that I really want to think more. Nightingale has some embarrassing retraction. Agatha is right. It can’t be done because there are a lot of witches in the league. It is easy to think that evolution is a breeze. Fortunately, I didn’t say it at the time, otherwise I would definitely be teased by Roland.

She took the glowing magic stone back into the drawer and left the office from the original road.

“kā chā ……”

There was a soft bang in the still room.

In the place where no one can see at the table, a crack blooms along the wooden texture.

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