Release that Witch Chapter 1450

A few days later.

South of Fertile Plain, T10 station.

Poshan is outside the turret and looks at the outline of the ancient city in the distance. She had seen reports of the Northern Expedition in the weekly newspaper, knowing that it was once the history of the famous city Taqila, Devil had to travel thousands of miles in order to capture it, but was eventually repelled by the First Army.

Now, they are going to defeat the new enemy here and recapture Taqila.

One minute… thirty seconds… ten seconds…

She blocked her ears while she was silent.

“Booming and banging–” behind him, the roar of cannon was heard. The continuous tremor is transmitted to the body through the ground, and she can feel the slight numbness of her arms. It was the artillery’s 152-mm stronghold gun that was pouring fire at the target, which was completely out of one level compared to the short-tube field gun on the tank.

“The leader, have you not adapted to the cannon?” The driver turned back and teased. He sat cross-legged in the front of the car and held a box of canned food in his hand. This is also the point she admire to each other – even if he is on the battlefield where Evil Beast is scented everywhere, he can eat as usual. “It doesn’t work. You have to learn to let your ears filter out the unrelated noises to stay focused.”

“I think you are just not very sensitive in your ears.” Possan looked away with a blank expression. Although the driver and the gunner were experienced veterans, according to regulations, the captain was the leader of the team. Moreover, judging from the actual age, maybe she is a little bigger than the two. “The only thing I need to listen carefully is the screaming magic stone’s abnormal sound – neither gunshots nor your nonsense, understand?”

“The leader…you are really mean.” Bellow licked his mouth. “I thought Miss Miss was sweet and lovely, just like the Nana angel…”

“Witch, five years ago, was the incarnation of Devil’s minions and evil.”

“Hey – you will not like it like this.”

“Who said, I think the team leader is very good.” Gunner Shure interjected come in, “Simply straightforward, strong ability, never had military experience, but can adapt to the battlefield in a short time, completely as the captain The choice above.”

The two were simultaneously looking towards Shure.

The latter groaned, “Why, what am I saying wrong?”

“No,” Poshan shrugged. “Although you tried to shoot ten shots during training, you are not alone.”

The gunner reveals the expression of enjoyment.

“I have done it, or don’t say this.” Bell quickly transferred the topic. “To the leader, who was waiting for you outside the camp when he was at Tower 9? He also seems to wear the First Army. Uniform, is it your friend?”

“What do you ask for this?”

Bello was a little embarrassed. “I saw his medal hanging on his chest, so I want to know it. It’s not easy to get a honour. He should be a very good guy.”

“I do know, but he is not that great. It is estimated that it has become Evil Beast’s food without me.” Poshan pretended not to care, but the tone could not help but slow down a lot.

“Wow, you are too strict…”

Without waiting for the other party to finish, she covered her ears.

Another round of deafening shelling.

Unprepared shells were slammed by the roaring roar.

After this time, the three green signal flares followed, and that was the signal of the attack.

“It seems that your attention is not so concentrated.” Poshan patted the side steel plate of the turret, “Twelve-car, set off!”

Bay did not return the mouth, but dropped the cans in his hand and slid into the car from the driving window. Shure also retracted the narrow gun inside tower and prepared for the battle – no matter what the usual time, at the crucial moment, the two were still unambiguous.

Poshan raised the t-mirror and saw that under the attack of the cannon forces, many Evil Beasts had ran out of the ruins and fled towards the north. Looking back, the First Army soldiers were divided into dozens of squads, and the tanks of the tanks were steadily advancing.

This battle is obviously not used to deal with ordinary hybrid species.

The deeper the plain, the more the number of blade beasts they encounter – from the first two or three days, to the present day. Because it is hard to detect by the naked eye, it is far more difficult to deal with than the general Evil Beast. There is no doubt that the military’s upper-level strategy is effective. “Scream-Resonance” can find targets outside the short-barrel’s range and then annihilate them, but the enemy does not seem to be a mere beast.

They will hide behind various shelters and launch a sudden attack on the army. The fire of the artillery can scare off Evil Beast, but they can’t scare them away. Therefore, it takes a lot of effort to recapture the strongholds along the railway. After paying a certain price, the First Army quickly established a set of tactics centered on armored units. The original guns only used tanks as scouts, but now they have learned to rely on them to clear the work.

The Taqila ruins in front of you are by far the most complex non-field battlefield.

Half an hour later, the 12th car, one of the pioneers, entered the city of Taqila, while the ones around Bossan were the 9th and 17th. According to the plan, they will be responsible for cleaning up the area leading to the West Square in the main street and reclaiming the two fortresses set up here.

Looking at the surrounding scene, Poshan couldn’t help feeling the scalp numb. Many stone steps buildings made the city’s situation extremely complicated, and Screaming Sigil’s scope of investigation was greatly reduced – she now has multiple magic power sources, but she is unable to locate Go to specific goals.

“How did you get here before?”

“It’s very simple, as long as the red mist tower and the bone shelves are killed, Devil will naturally retreat.” Shure replied, “Have you found the enemy?”

“Not yet. But sure, there are a lot of monsters in the city.” Poshan said that the soldiers behind him were more gestures, getting them closer to the tank, and stretching the other two groups. distance.

Not long after, a gray concrete fortress appeared at the end of the street – the First Army was forced to give up this place, but these solid fortifications were not destroyed by the enemy.

At this moment, a scream is obviously getting bigger.

Poshan frowned, it was not the sound of the beast.

She looked at Amy, the captain of the No. 9 train, who shook his head to show the same puzzle.

When driving past the fortress, Sigil’s cicadas were so large that they could be heard.

For the sake of caution, she temporarily stopped the two cars and decided to go to the square to see it first, and then activated the resonance Sigil at hand. Even if the target is not a beast, she wants to know where this magic power source is pointing.

Soon, a fluorescent light appeared out of the air, pointing straight to the center of the square not far away – and there was nothing at all.

Did she encounter a new invisible enemy?

No, Poshan soon discovered that the stone bricks on the surface of the square seemed to be smashed by something, surrounded by black corrosion marks.

That thing is hidden under the ground!

As soon as the thoughts arrived, the mud under the stone bricks suddenly arched up – a monster consisting of flesh and ribs crawled out of the ground and spit out a bunch of “transparent bodies”! If it weren’t for those things that were still a little slime, Posnan couldn’t separate them from the background.

Almost at the same time, Screaming Sigil issued a warning of sorghum, and she suddenly realized that those things were all beasts!