Release that Witch Chapter 1479

The sixth day of Roland’s coma.

When Anna entered the room, Wendy was taking care of him.

“Let me come.”

She picked up a bowl of water, went to the bed, wet it with a cotton swab, and gently applied it to Roland’s lips. Although the Symbiosis Seed has been planted, his body has been affected, such as drying and cracking caused by long-term dehydration.

For several days, Anna spends far less time with Roland than Wendy, Nightingale and others. It is not unwilling, but she has imposed a rule on herself, that is, the contact time is no more than half an hour a day – otherwise she is afraid that she will no longer leave the room.

Wendy will also let go of the matter at hand and let Anna accompany her.

These thirty minutes are usually calm and peaceful, as if time is stuck at the moment.

Until the report of the personal guard outside the door came, Shen Jing was broken.

“His Royal Highness, the front investigation team has returned, and everyone else is waiting for you in the staff room!”

Anna paused for a moment before slowly dropping the porcelain bowl in her hand.

“Anna…” Wendy said with some concern.

“Do not worry,” she raised head. “I have no problem.”

At that moment, Wendy felt that the state of Anna had changed. The look of Roland before it had become very firm at the moment, as if the two were not the same person.

The girl is growing at an alarming rate, Wendy realizes, but recalling that in the past when she was in Border Town, she was always the first to learn what Roland taught, and such progress might be reasonable. Because of Anna’s relationship, Bian’s small town became the Holy Mountain of witch, and now she is leading everyone to a new height.

“Go and finish what you can do.” Wendy softly.

“Roland is pleased with you.” Anna leaned over to her and then walked out of the bedroom.

After passing through the long walkway and the ladder, after arriving at the door of the staff room, she stopped and took a few deep breaths before reaching out and pushing the door open.

“Queen’s Highness!” Everyone in the room stood up and saluted her.

Anna didn’t take it for granted, but returned to the same etiquette – she knew that she was good at what was good, that she could arrange everything, and that everything would look right and right for the time being, the result of all people working together.

“Let the meeting begin.”

“Yes!” Morning Light replied with respect.

The investigation of the Island of the Mist was done by Lightning, Macy and Silvy – according to the position provided by Hykezord, Silvy has confirmed the specific location of the island. Although the eye of magic power still cannot penetrate the illusion barrier, in the flat sea, it is as conspicuous as the stars in the night.

In addition, Silvy also found a large number of magic power reactions, which almost filled the surrounding waters, which is why the Exploration Club finally gave up the deep fog.

Undoubtedly, these magic power sources belong to the Sky Sea Territory – in addition to the common sea ghost, nest mother and blade beast, there are several amazing “big guys”. Devil calls it a mountain beast, which usually evolves from a nesting mother. It no longer has the ability to make a beast and a beast. Instead, it covers the whole body with thick armor and uses the giant mouth of a winch to feed the land. Create a suitable battlefield for the main force of Sky Sea Territory.

Obviously Sky Sea Territory does not intend to hand over Endless Territory.

Just as the Advisor Department developed countermeasures based on the new information, Silent Disaster and Isabella suddenly walked in come in — the combination of the two is quite strange, one is Devil Monarch, the other is the original Church Pure One, anyone sees the heart Surprised.

However, Anna knows that the part of the two of them is responsible for the import.

The other party did bring good news.

Isabella smiled at her. “His Highness, the experiment is successful.”

Anna couldn’t help but feel a loose heart. The biggest trouble with the Sky Sea Territory is the bladed beasts that come and go. The defense of the Western Region’s witch will inevitably lead to the deflation of Neverwinter City. Therefore, the safest way is to let ordinary people find the trail of the beast. The only Monarch chaos promoted by Eye Demon has the ability to get rid of all obscuration, but it has a smaller scope and is far less versatile than passive vision.

If you can make the scope of the chaotic Monarch expand several times, you might be able to play the role of a hammer.

It wasn’t others who originally proposed this. It was Hykezord and Anna who first thought of the infinite Sigil that Jerome had used – and finally the plan became three parts: Silent Disaster was responsible for persuading chaos, and Anlieta provided high rank. Magic stone, Isabella conducts related research. This is why the combination is so strange.

Isabella’s affirmation represents a breakthrough in the most troublesome part.

This also made the Adviser Department’s morale suddenly refreshed.

At least for now, the attack Endless Territory has a direction that can be seen.

After the theoretical conditions are met, the rest is the dispatching part.

“I hope that Greycastle is still there.” Agatha said, looking at the map of Four Great Kingdoms.

“I believe Iron Axe them.” Anna whispered.


Kingdom of Dawn, Coral Bay.

White climbed onto the deck with a cane and slowly moved to the “Flying” ship – this is a double mast fast sailing boat, although it is also a sea boat, but the wind and wave resistance is not good, most of the time only Sailing on the side of the coastline. However, its biggest advantage is that it is cheap. In the past, it was said that there are hundreds of gold royals. Now, as long as ninety-nine pieces can be won, if you change into Greycastle banknotes, you can get another 10% off.

“The boss is good!” The sailors carrying the goods on the deck greeted him.

White nodded with satisfaction.

If it is in the past, it would be a big expense to hire such a group of people. However, as the big merchants are more and more interested in Stream Ship, the price of ordinary sailing boats can be reduced and lowered. The young people of Hengfan are also much cheaper – after all, those steamboats don’t need sails or so many people.

Looking at the blue sky and white clouds, listening to the melodious sound of seagulls, White’s mood is particularly open. From the coachman to the owner of the sailboat, his fixed property is equivalent to several times. Although the dry work is still transporting, the employer is basically Neverwinter City, but it is a turnaround change compared to two years ago.

Of course, he didn’t forget the ideal of buying a steam truck, but now the ideal has added a lot of new things, such as buying more boats and cars… Of course, if you can set up a special transport The business is no better.

“Boss, I am still thinking about sweetness Ah?” Someone joked.

The sailors know that when their boss is happy, the favorite thing to do is to brag about the past. As long as no one interrupts him, it will not be a problem for an hour or two. As listeners, they can also sneak in and take a break, so there will always be people who open this head.

“What is the memory of sweetness, this is a life experience, you…there is too little knowledge.” White blinked. “I used to pull the car for Mrs. Earl, then I worked for Church, and then I was hired by Greycastle. Only then did you take down the family business. So those are not bitter at all, but the foundation for success, understand?”

“Yes, yes, you are right!” The crowd nodded.

“Bunny rabbits, I know that you want to be lazy again,” White found a clean place to sit down and patted the floor next to him. “Come on, look at me, I am in a good mood today, it’s fine to talk to you. “”

The whistle suddenly sounded on the deck.

White doesn’t care too much. He is not noble. If he doesn’t make the right choice, follow most immigrants Neverwinter. The current situation will not be better than these sailors.

“Today, I’ll tell you about King of Greycastle’s recollection of Wolf Heart Deep Pond Bay.” He brewed for a moment and then talked about it. Any soldier who stood in the rain and did not fall, lost a helmet and abandoned the noble mission, but more content was concentrated on the fleet that covered the sky.

“You don’t know what a huge team it is. The white sails are almost longer than the sea antennas. It can be unbelievable when the light is far away. It is no wonder that the Baron Deep Pond Bay has been working on Your Majesty Roland on the spot. ”

“What exaggeration?”

“Hey, it was more exaggerated than I said, kid. I bet it was the most magnificent scene I have ever seen in my life. If you want to break your head, you can understand it. Unless you look at it once, you will be in this life. Don’t think about reaching my level. Of course, such an opportunity will not be able to meet for ten years.” White is proud.

“Hey… boss, have you seen the ship that appears out of thin air?” Someone asked.

“What are you talking about? I am talking about real things, not folklore!”

“But it is just opposite the …dock, and… there is more than one…” The voice of the man stuttered.

“How much did you drink last night?” White propped up and pushed the sailor around him, looking in the direction of the sea, and then squatting in place.

He saw a huge “gate” on the sea.

The ships with the Greycastle King’s Flag are like ghosts. One after another, they sailed out of the door and slowly passed the stern of the Flying Speed ​​at a distance of hundreds of meters.

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