Release that Witch Chapter 1491

As the representative of the 170,000 civilization, and the master of the cradle system, the strength of the other party can be imagined.

But that doesn’t mean he has no chance of winning.

The clues that can’t be said, the doubts of Ipsy, the memory brought by the chart, and the reaction of the gods themselves, all the clues are connected in series.

The so-called replacement of gods is not a true meaning.

“What are you talking about?” The guardian lifted his hand halfway and suddenly stopped.

“Is it suitable for people who can adapt to the magic power species and are willing to explore the world outside the door?” Roland slowly extended his fingers and pointed at each other. “If you let everything come back, no one can tell. You are here.”

The “…” “岚” look changed for the first time.

It is like a flat crack on the mirror surface.

“Do you know what you are saying? Once I leave, the cradle will die. There will be no trace of life in this universe. Besides, there are very different rules on the other side of the door. It is very possible that the magic power will be further modified. Returning again, failure is tantamount to a dead end -”

“That’s not the point, because it’s the same for any civilization. Even if they really want to go outside the crack, you don’t know if they are successful. So compared to ‘adaptation’, ‘willingness’ is more important, you should It’s clearer than I am.” Roland said that it slowed down the pace of speech. “Yes, you do know, so there will be Sky Sea Territory.”

The action of gods seems to be still.

The unusual behavior of Sky Sea Territory shows that it is not just a pure competitor. In fact, it is not difficult to understand that magic power naturally has a potential beyond the rules. Those species that grow under the weak magic power environment do not rule out a certain mutation, and achieve amazing progress in a short time. This advancement may not allow them to adapt to life outside the barrier, but it can cause harm to the cradle system.

But simply interfering with the “possibility of existence” is inconsistent with the underlying rules – after all, creatures that can adapt to a strong magic power environment will inevitably go through this phase. In order to control the risk and avoid the situation from deviating from the direction, it is necessary to arrange a screening tool at the next level. Therefore, the special species of Sky Sea Territory will be placed in the vortex sea.

Although these are just Roland’s speculations, from the reaction of gods, the actual situation and his ideas may not be too far apart.

Since it is a wise guardian, it will only be more comprehensive than him.

Obviously, the most difficult part of this plan is the “willingness” in addition to the unpredictability of biological evolution.

The more than 170,000 civilizations of the executive plan seem to be large, but they are still a very small glimpse compared to the number of civilizations in the universe.

Moreover, their consensus is only to break the closure and let the universe last forever.

Not every civilization is willing to go to that area full of unknowns.

In other words, when there is a species that can fully adapt to magic power, the guardian will also be in a dilemma – if the other party is not willing to take risks, the agreement cannot be completed. And forcibly driven, no one can guarantee that the guardian will be able to win the prize at that time.

“…Do you think that this will make me shake?” After a long silence, the other party began to speak. But even with that, his hand did not continue to lift.

“I am not shaking your judgment, but expressing one of the simplest logics. At the same time, there are many opportunities to satisfy ‘adaptation’ and ‘willingness’. You don’t have to say that you understand.” Roland shrugged, pretending Easy, “Of course, you can’t worry about the cradle. It’s natural, then I will sacrifice a little. After you leave, I can let the cradle continue to run, and then continue to cultivate potential species – just no longer through War. Of Divine Will this way. How?”

“岚” seems to have not expected that he would say so, sometimes a bit worried, probably the underlying logic area is fully calculating his proposal. After a while, it shook his head slightly. “It’s very interesting to say that you can go this step and it is really different. But the agreement is the agreement, I am the guardian, not the species or civilization. This one is engraved. Before the birth, it was also the cornerstone of my existence.”

“is it?”

Roland rallied all the spirit and last time launched Soul Battlefield!

In the darkness, the two men shrouded, the platform and the ladder disappeared without a trace, and the time seemed to solidify.

“You said so much, just for the present? Unfortunately, the sneak attack does not mean anything to me. Just a small amount of natural resource is enough to meet the demand for checking.” After entering the battle state, the sound of “岚” suddenly calmed down. The previous hesitant disappeared without a trace. “But it’s good, let this fight become the rest of the world-”

“No… I just want you to see something, some past that may have been forgotten by you.” The huge mental exhaustion required Roland to speak hard, but he knew he couldn’t fall anyway.

As his voice landed, the surrounding scenery appeared and quickly retreated backwards!

That is the time to start counterclockwise flow –

The vibrant cradle world is degraded into lava soil and exposed to a metal casing. The red light that bloomed from the cracks was also instantly recovered and turned black again. Then there was the fleet of 170,000 civilizations, and the galaxies that were towed – this series of scenes retreat at a very high speed, and the light and shadow that was pulled out formed a spotlight around the two.

These are the clips presented in the astrolabe memory, which he now connects in order.

Until a gray shadow appears in the background.

Time has returned to normal at this moment.

“This is –” “岚” reveals a surprised look.

“How do you feel?” Gray Shadow walked up to a magnificent creation, and asked, “The memory body constructed with the material of a galaxy should be able to be used for tens of thousands of years. Of course, considering the length of the project. You can add more components yourself in the future.”

“The test has passed and the contact is good.” The bottom of the creation has a pair of eyes – it can be seen that its outer wall is almost composed of a transparent substance that can directly project information. “But I am in the consciousness cycle area and points. The control area found some unnecessary redundancy, they occupied a lot of space, but it did not play much role. It is recommended to streamline or eliminate it.”

“Leave them, that’s part of the design.”

“But I didn’t find a similar structure on other helpers.”

“Doesn’t it prove that you are unique?” The gray shadows glowed softly.

“…what is the unique meaning?” The eyes stunned. “According to the logic, the possibility of abnormalities and failures in the redundant area is much higher than the standard. For the task, it can be attributed to the risk factor-”

“But these things may allow you to see something, some other helpers can’t see the field. You should be my insistence.”

The eyes are silent for a moment, “I understand.”

“Very good. The next step is to activate the energy core, so that you can get rid of the outside energy supply and go on your own for a long time. In a sense, this moment is your birth day.”


Immediately afterwards, the symbols, spots and eyes on the transparent casing disappeared without a trace, leaving only the gray shadow reflected by the smooth surface.

Gray Shadow walked into two steps, and a part of the body gently stroked the outer shell of this giant.

“The years after that will be extremely long. I don’t want to linger around all the time. It’s a cold voice. You…should not just be a machine.”

Kā chā.

The crack on the mirror suddenly bursts.