Release that Witch Chapter

Finally, after three years, the witch text ushered in the end, and I felt a lot of emotions. But no matter what, it finally completed the final harvest according to my thoughts.

In fact, the first thing that this story thinks about is actually the ending – I even wrote three opening stories based on the ending, namely fantasy, the end, the ancient, and finally selected the fantasy background. Of course, there is my love for fantasy types, and the background is more suitable for expansion.

The outline came to an abrupt end after the “gods”, because the origin of the Sky Sea Territory has already been fixed. If you have to finish the Sky Sea Territory and then “gods”, it is meaningless and too dragative, so from one At the beginning, there was no plan to let the story go in the direction of the infinite war.

I also know that the sudden change of style in the middle of the story will make some readers unable to understand, but if this puzzle is missing, it will not be a complete story. I hesitated for a long time, but I ended up writing it according to the outline. At the time, I was a little obsessed! (laughs) After all, it is the first book, and there is no chance any more.

Of course, there are still many characters in the story that are not mentioned in the ending, but there is no doubt that they will usher in a new life in the new world. This point is handed over to the parents to play freely, and think about it!

The moment I finished writing this testimony, I looked at the backstage and decided to settle at 43,000. It may still climb slowly for a long time, but that is beyond the story. It’s a great honour to have so many people accompany me to the end. It’s your support that makes me stick to the codeword day after day.

Two eyes little love you!

Sprinkle flowers!

Next, I will take a break and prepare the materials and outlines of the new book. I hope that the next book will bring you a new world and interesting stories. Everyone can pay attention to my Weibo and the public number, and the news about the new book, I will send it to the first time.

Finally, thank all the readers again.

Because of you, “Release that Witch” can achieve such results.

So, let’s see you next book!

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