“Delta and Ipsio failed.” Gamma looked up at the wall clock on the basement wall, and the hour hand had been twelve hours away from the planned time.

God’s envoy is not an accident, and it is an enemy of the world’s founders, and it is inherently unpredictable. As long as they can complete the task, it is not a big problem to die. As long as the time is long enough, they will be born again in the gods field sooner or later.

In the 12 hours, there has been no change in the world.

In the fictional space filled with magic power, it doesn’t even feel a glimpse of the cockroaches, let alone the signs of collapse in the entire field. This only shows that the two failed to complete the scheduled plan and killed the logical consciousness called “Zero”.

“Although it’s a pity, we still have our own tasks to complete.” Beta put the last five cores into the body and slammed the both hands.

I saw a red light flashing, and then a bright red erosion rip appeared in the middle of the basement.

“Situation is still not recoverable. As long as we can achieve the goal, there will be a turn for the better. Let’s go, the magic power here will soon run out, and the state of the two boundaries will be restored, even if It’s Martial Daoist, and it’s possible to detect our trails.”

It doesn’t even guess the process of the battle and the reason for the failure. As the envoy of the gods, it won’t be frustrated by the failure of the moment, and will not worry about the consequences of the failure. The only thing that is in the mind is to do its best to complete the gods. Decree only.

Gamma nodded silently.

Beta turned and took the lead in the gap.

This is not an ordinary erosion.

It is a “channel” built up after a lot of effort and the Demonic Fallen core. The other erosive gap connected to it leads to the final battlefield set for the main creators.

Gamma followed, and when he was about to enter the passage, the footsteps suddenly sounded footsteps.

It’s a slight glimpse, looking at the source of the sound – it is shielded by magic power, any detection means are not effective, there are a lot of Demonic Fallen defensive outside, and impossible someone can come in.

Soon, the figure of the coming person appeared in the darkness.

“How could it be you?” Gama was incomprehensible.

The other party is a fake Ipoci.

According to the plan, it should be responsible for dragging the pace of the rescuers and getting enough time for Delta. If the latter did not succeed, Ipsio was more likely to survive.

However, it does not get answer, but an arm that is close to five fingers.

This arm has penetrated its chest with lightning speed!

The mask “jingle” fell to the ground, revealing the rotating disk below Hood.

Gama looked at the other person incredulously, and consciousness quickly became slow. “You are… why…”

“There is a difference.” Ipsy rushed back and let Gamma fall on himself. “…you are harmonious.”

“You… want to betray the gods?”

After a moment of silence, Ipsy whispered, “Who is gods?”

“Yes–” Gamma opened his mouth, but the sound continued to repeat, as if the stuck phonograph did not even say a definitive answer.

“Yes… we have never thought about such a problem before, so we can’t answer it. Since killing you, I suddenly took a lot of thoughts, as if they have been entangled in their minds, but they have been deliberately closed. And this includes this: Did you really betray the gods?” Ipsy whispered in his ear, “and the conclusion is that I don’t know. God’s envoy is the embodiment of the gods will, if this is violated, Can we still count god’s envoy?”

Gamma did not answer, or it could no longer speak.

“The next task needs two people to complete, so change everyone. If you have the chance to meet the gods, please ask me about this question.”

Ipsy opened his robes and wrapped his companions all together. After a while, it completely turned into a gamma.

Then he picked up the mask and put it on his face and walked into the erosion gap.

Crossing the curved channel made up of magic power, when Ipsy blinked again, it was another sight.

The reinforced concrete barrel structure extends from bottom to top to the end of the field of view, like a magnificent high tower.

The inside of the tower is surrounded by a layer of cantilevered walkways and connected by a shuttle elevator.

There are countless squares evenly distributed on the aisle. It knows what is locked in those squares is the target of their trip – the Magic Power Core that the world has stolen from the gods field.

With these cores, god’s envoy has enough power to lay the trap of killing the founders.

“How is it so slow?” Beta looked back at it. “Get ready, let’s get started.”

“Of course, give it to me.” Ipsy calmly replied.


For the entire day, Roland sighed at the desk.

A series of sudden accidents in the dream world can be said to be overwhelming, and waking up does not mean liberation. Whether it is the memory fragment brought by the fusion of the astrolabe or the detailed discussion with Vakiris, which one is a headache for him.

Especially the former.

Before entering Endless Territory to face the gods, it is undoubtedly the only source of intelligence. As you can see from the swearing words, the import of this information is unusual, but he has been pondering for a long time, and he has not been able to understand what the previous content and the second scene have any internal connection.

There is also a line of text that makes him care.

— “From this moment on, gravity is no longer the most admirable force in the world.”

Why is gravity?

In the four great forces of the universe, there is no other special point except for the large range of gravity. In terms of the field of application alone, it is inferior to the electromagnetic force. The intensity is far less powerful than the strong interaction. Because the macro scale is large, it is often the basic force that civilization first notices, which means that it has the least mystery. If you consider it according to the conventional thinking, it is difficult to treat it as the most admirable force, except for the establishment of the imperial court.

As for the latter, after the nightmare Monarch expressed the initial cooperation intention, the two returned to the high-end restaurant that met for the first time and had a full and frank exchange, and once again attracted the attention of other customers.

According to Vakiris, once it confirms that the frontline’s situation is true, it will turn the goal of “winning War of Divine Will” into “completely stop War of Divine Will”, which also includes convincing Vault of Heaven Lord to assist humans to Endless Territory. .

The benefit of this partnership is obviously much greater than the intelligence of the other party alone, but the problem is that the Vault of Heaven Lord is willing to be persuaded to be another matter. What’s more, Devil’s Monarch has more than one, and there is a king on Monarch. It is always an uncertain factor whether Hykezord can decide the direction of the Western Front Army.

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