There are three options in front of Roland. One is to use the opportunity created by Vakiris to set the ambush to kill Hykezord. The risk is almost zero, which is equivalent to a Devil Monarch under an empty glove.

Considering the difficulty of high rank promotion and the special ability of Hykezord, the benefit for the front line is real. Afterwards, Vakiris may not be able to see anything from the reason why the other party failed to make an appointment to the accident or other factors. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to lure other Monarchs in the same way.

The second is to let Hykezord enter the dream and have a face-to-face conversation with Vakiris. Since the latter has taken the initiative to move forward a step forward in cooperation, the key point is not the nightmare itself, but the rapper. The most ideal situation is that after the nightmare verifies the reality, the Vault of Heaven Lord is conquered, the army is withdrawn from the human kingdom, and the information that “War of Divine Will must be suspended” is spread to Devil Tribe. As a result, the path from Eternal Winter to Endless Territory will be unobstructed, and as long as the last god’s envoy is eliminated, he can face the gods in Endless Territory.

If this is just a war between humans and Devil, Roland will undoubtedly choose the former. After all, killing Hykezord is a matter of making a profit, and the battle in the north can gain a greater advantage. The longer the time drags on, the more fully the industrialized war potential can be exerted.

But by zooming in on the horizon, the situation becomes completely different.

In addition to Devil and Sky Sea Territory, the threat of gods is close at hand, and a Vault of Heaven Lord has become an insignificant result. Even if you win the War of Divine Will, human civilization can’t escape the end of destruction.

At least Roland can’t think of it, and to what extent, to survive in such a terrible natural disaster.

Time is not on their side.

Probably also seeing this, Vakiris chose to take this risk.

It must be said that this practice reveals a certain degree of sincerity – at least after witnessing the erosion and the attack of god’s envoy, it has seriously considered the embarrassing warning as a top priority.

The problem is that the enlightenment of the “Millennium” has a great influence. It can be said that it was planted in Vakiris’s mind long before the War of Divine Will had completely broken out. Being able to temporarily put aside the victory or defeat of a war, and from a higher perspective to fight for the continuation of ethnic groups can be said to be a matter of course.

However, Hykezord does not have this experience. It is still a question whether it can be agreed with Vakiris after the exchange. Generally speaking, this choice about ethnic destiny may not be determined by a negotiation. The more times you meet in a dream, the more the risk will multiply. This is also the unacceptable place for Roland.

For now, he prefers the third option.

That is the Endless Territory that is temporarily maintaining the status quo and striving to reach the end of the mainland by human power.

To be honest, this choice is the most suitable for Roland’s appetite. It is also the goal he has been striving for – no matter how Devil reacts, human beings have the ability to cross thousands of kilometers to reach their destination, which is undoubtedly the most stable result.

Just north of Eternal Winter is a stretch of mountain terrain. To cross the continental spine, you must develop an aircraft with a range far greater than the Skyfire, and also have the ability to protect against air attacks. From research and development to production, this process will undoubtedly take a lot of time, and it is also unknown whether the frontline situation will change during this period.

As he had previously realized – in the face of the threat of divineness, choosing to be safe is also an adventure.

The only difference from the first two choices is that the degree of risk of this choice can be more or less dependent on human efforts to make up for it.

Next time you enter the dream, try to seek support from the association.

Roland thought.

After dinner, Anna walked into the office with a roll of drawings and sat down across the mahogany table. This is a regular exchange time between the two, and it is also a leisurely and pleasant time of the day. As long as the institute does not start work at night, she will come to the office for two or three hours, and the content of the chat will have everything from the work of the same day to the whimsy that pops up.

At this time, Nightingale will also show up, while leaning on the coffee table to chew snacks, while looking at the comic book that Scroll has re-enacted from the dream, and occasionally insert two sentences, the atmosphere is calm and warm.

After solving the technical problems, Roland talked about the problems that plagued himself in the dream.

“It’s this that made you sigh and sigh…” Nightingale snorted. “Do you have any connection between the two? In case the dream is what you see, it’s just a random piece of it? The more you think about it, the more white it is. The faster you get, the more people don’t understand.”

Roland rolled his eyes. “The brain doesn’t have to be degraded. If everyone is like you, then the world will be finished.”

“But if you think about it again, it will only finish faster than the world.”

“…” He decided to take back the peaceful and warm view.

Anna didn’t answer the words. After she had been indulging for a long time, she thought about it. “I think this time I’m afraid Nightingale is right.”

Nightingale and Roland can’t help but simultaneously, “Eh?”

Anna couldn’t help but laugh. “I don’t mean not thinking, but the thing itself… the connection between the two scenes may not be as complicated as you might think.”

“Don’t you find any clues?” Roland was curious.

Anna shook her head. “It’s just a guess. It’s not necessarily correct.” She rolled her hair and stared at the notes she made. “For example, the order of the two, or – “time”. ”

“Contact is… time?” Roland frowned and thought after a moment, “If the second act happened before the first act…”

“They can be connected into a complete story.” Anna picks up the road.

“This is the price.”

The price is not about going up to the sky and eventually going to the unknown Radiation Race.

Not to mention those left behind by the tsunami and the storm.

The two differ by tens of thousands of years on the scale of time… millions of years…even farther.

The price is something else.

The result is that gravity is no longer worthy of admiration, and a huge red void appears in the universe.

And if the word “magic power” is implied in this line of text, then “from this moment” points to an astonishing conclusion.

Roland and Anna looked at each other.

“- There is no magic power in this world.”

The two are almost identical.

Without magic power, it means that creatures that need magic power to survive will no longer exist.

For example, Devil.


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