Continental spine airspace, God of Divine Construct.

The Vault of Heaven Lord crossed the high tower and strode into the remodeled cave in the ground.

Before being officially named, the city was once one of the most famous places in the Blackstone area, and its history is close to a thousand years. It has visited this place more than once, and the complicated cave structure does not cause any trouble to it. The only thing that irritates it is the mask Monarch – Nasopelle.

“Adult, my master is conducting an experiment on the important import. Can you pass the master and the master beforehand?” At the gate of the test site, a rising body was in front of Hykezord. As a masked attendants, it obviously chose the same path as the Monarch that they served. The two heads were forcibly connected by magic stone devices, which looked both deformed and ugly.

“Get out of the way!” Hykezord didn’t want to talk nonsense with it. He raised his hand and knocked the attendants over to the ground.

If it is a combat type ascendant, it may have to think a little bit, but the mask is quite thorough on the road of transformation. Most of the magic stones in the body are not suitable for combat, and the ability of the ascendant to follow it is also natural. Can be imagined.

Probably aware of the repressed anger of the Vault of Heaven Lord, the attendants closed their mouths with interest.

Hykezord pushed open the heavy stone door and walked into the test site without heading back. It didn’t open the twisted door and stepped forward to the front of the mask. It was already the greatest respect.

Behind the door is an extremely empty cave.

Thousands of glowing magic stones are inlaid on the top of the rock, like a night sky full of stars. At the foot, there are dense inferior bodies – they are more numerous than magic stones, most of them are worm-like, and they are kept in fences like animals, and they are repeatedly stimulated by Magic Power Core.

Hykezord couldn’t help but frowned.

Even in inferior bodies, they are the most useless ones. Without hands and feet means that they can’t work, and extremely low intelligence is difficult to achieve. However, the unexpected discovery of the carrier test is probably due to the fact that the meridians are extremely primitive and simple, and they have the highest success rate when they are combined with foreign bodies, and are ideal parasites.

Of course, not every worm inferior body can live to resonate with the “Growing God Stone”. The dead will be the feed of the next group of inferior bodies, and if they successfully adapt to the symbiotic state, they will become qualified weapons.

The Vault of Heaven Lord will naturally not sympathize with these incompetent incompetent people, and now they can at least contribute to the community compared to the previous ones. It is dissatisfied with the twisted taste of the mask.

The transformation process can be placed in a closed cave, but the other party deliberately set it in the most striking area – four high-hanging suspension bridges crossed the heads of tens of thousands of inferior bodies from four directions, and the thick stone in the center of the cave. The pillars are connected, and whenever they want to enter the center of the test site, they have to be forced to “appreciate” the other party’s triumph.

The body of the inferior body twists and turns, the squeaking of the pain, the smell of the excrement, and the corrupted skin of various failed works, making the entire cave smoldering. Any normal person is likely to stay in this dark and negative place, but the mask will be placed on the stone pillar. Hykezord even suspects that its head has been damaged during the fusion process. It will become more and more unreasonable.

Through the suspension bridge, it found Nasopele in the top floor renovation room.

Seeing the sight in front of me, Vault of Heaven Lord suddenly felt mad, and saw that the mask Monarch was looking around the iron bird wreckage that was dragged back and forth around him. There were several human nobles lying around, and the only one still alive. The person was caught in the hands of the other party, the face was extremely frightened, and the obvious wet marks were visible on the robe.

“Nasso Pelle!” it shouted. “Who allows you to automate the people I bring? Even if you want to experiment, you should pass my permission!”

It’s no wonder that it’s furious, it’s hard to transfer land-migrating people to the Great Rift Valley, and then send them to the God of Divine Construct, in order to prevent Greycastle from expanding the war potential, and also to supplement the labor in the city. It is said that it is a multi-pronged policy. Unexpectedly, with a group of humans returning to the God of Divine Construct, there was a worried Eternal Winter noble who came to the door and said that several of his companions had been taken away by the guards, and the whereabouts are still unknown.

This will undoubtedly undermine the stable order it has built up.

What makes Hykezord most uncomfortable is that it is only a matter of grasping the civilians to do the experiment. The other side is all about noble–the latter is the key to controlling the people at the bottom. If there is no call and appeal of noble, it wants to indicate these tens of thousands. People, the effort and time will inevitably be several times more.

“Hykezord adults…help me!” The noble of life is like a savior, shouting with a cry.

“Ah… it turned out to be Lord Vault of Heaven Lord.” The mask turned back and didn’t think. “I have to say that this is a misunderstanding. I really like the fusion essence, but that doesn’t include bugs.” The best part of them, I have already got it six hundred years ago.”

The other took off a mask on the head, revealing the face of the human female below – that should belong to a certain witch, but now it has become part of it.

There are more than a dozen such masks, and it is conceivable that if they are all removed, it will be a look of horror. According to Nasopelle, the brain is the spirit of wisdom, more important than any part of the body, and the more heads there have, the more efficient the thinking. Therefore, the characteristics of a strong race should have at least two heads, so as to satisfy the problem while taking a break while maximizing the use of time.

But in Hykezord’s eyes, only the ugly Evil Beast and Sky Sea Territory monsters will grow into this look.

A microscopic undetectable purple light flashed, and the mask in the face of the mask was instantly split into two halves. Then a blood line slowly spread on the female face, and the blue blood smashed out from the crack.

Probably I didn’t expect Hykezord to start, Nasopelle’s momentum suddenly fell, it left the noble in his hand, and the injured face suddenly quits and took a few steps, “Vault of Heaven Lord, you, you crazy Did you actually move to a Monarch for the bug? Don’t forget that I was the creator of the God of Divine Construct, and the hope of the ethnic group to win the War of Divine Will, Is it possible – you want to back the Rebel King?”

Looking at the other side’s panic, Hykezord’s heart was filled with a hint of pleasure.

After becoming the commander of the Western Front, it did not encounter a singular thing, the nightmare Monarch was inexplicably lost, the army always could not break the human defense line, and now even hard work for the ethnic group to win, but also to be stalked from behind. It’s just that!

Nasopelle’s impossible doesn’t know that these humans are carrying the God of Divine Construct, and they are arrogant without its permission. This is undoubtedly a blatant offense – it can only be said that under a series of defeats, Hykezord is small. Read it.

Here is neither the king’s master holy throne, the mask Monarch is not Magic Chopper, if you don’t give the other person’s color to look at it, I am afraid it really thinks that it is good to send.

Emphasize that the brain is more advantageous and what is the use?

In the face of disparity in the power gap, no amount of brains will help. It wants to make the other person clear who is the commander of the Western Front Army.

“If you are loyal to the king, you should understand what to do and what should not be done.” Hykezord removed the blade of twisting, coldly said, “These people are big to me or to the group.” Useful, I hope you can understand this.”

After the two Monarchs looked at each other for a while, the mask was taken first and softened. “I was negligent… I will ask you for your opinion next time.”

“That’s fine.” Hykezord nodded. It is also not intended to force the opponent too much – after all, the God of Divine Construct does require several Ascendants who are familiar with the Magic Power Core to control, and they are basically Nassauele’s men; the Symbiote Body weapons necessary for the war still need The other party to make, it is impossible to really make a fake face, otherwise Wang first can’t spare it.

“Big, adults… Hey, it’s great to see you…” Noble rolled up and touched the Vault of Heaven Lord, hugged its thighs.

“This will be said later,” Hykezord glanced at him, then looked at the mask. “Since it is not for integration, what do you bring humans here?”

Facing the wreckage of the Iron Bird, “I just want to ask them how the core of this thing works.”

Hykezord looked at the other’s gaze and saw a device that looked very good and was placed in front of the iron bird.

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