No. 876 Chapter Heaven ' s Line

    The second forest god cooks as usual. But the heart is what I see in that illusion. Slightly "leaf Sun, clearly is six. Wang Lin is quiet, respectful and clenching: "Thank you for Lei Yunzi Senior

Lei Yunzi laughed and looked at Wang Lin carefully. After a long sleeve, he took one person from the bluestone and continued the day.

    Wang Lin turned and walked out, and after a thousand bluestones, he crossed his knees in an open space. Instead of looking around the cultivator, he looked at his own eyes, but meditated quietly.

    In cultivate, he can clearly feel the tingling of the forehead, a feeling that seems to be uncontrollable, suddenly emerged in his heart. Wang Lin has a kind of clear comprehension. This Third Eye absorbs the power of Essence and produces amazing changes. Whether this change is good or bad, he himself can't guess.

    But one thing is for sure, if you let the forehead's sting continue, once this force rushes out of the body and is not under control, you will definitely be backlash.

    He breathes deeply and his mind is running. In the body condense out a annihilation core restrictions seal, constantly imprint, gradually localized made three prints. Seal your own forehead.

    However, the forehead of the Forth Eye is too strong. This seal can only be temporarily relieved. If it is to last for a long time, Sun will need to reinforce it every time.

    That being said, Wang Lin does not feel trouble.

    "In any case, the Mystical Ability in this Third Eye will be the assassin copper that I saved after Sun."

    After Wang Lin, 6 continued cultivator to carry out this third level, time it takes to burn two sticks of incense. All the cultivators have completed the test of this third level.

    Lei Yunzi grabbed the right hand and suddenly "" "War" and "character scroll" fell into his hands. When he turned around, a gust of wind came from him and swept around. Anyone who failed before, all They were all sent to the Sky Teleportation Formation and left.

    One hundred and forty-seven people, at this moment, there are only one hundred and twelve people left!

    While Lei Yunzi returned to the petpet. Yan Leizi eyes, in these 112 people swept, he both eyes such as torch, swept the occasion slowly start to talk way: "Guan has passed, can leave, are my Allheaven Star territory Junior leader, next, the Ori Ginally is into six road samsara, Test DAO Intent, just, your number is already close, these six of the clearance then cancel, direct God into heaven ' s line!

    Heaven's line is the last level of the Immortal Bestowment. Take the highest killer, the first fairy of 108 cents, the first 36 people, the day!

    At this heaven's line, you are only entering the body of illusory, even if it is dead. It is only a slight damage to the body, it will not affect too much! ”

    Yan Leizi finished, his right hand was shot on the Storage Bag. Suddenly there was an octagonal wood piece in hand. When it was thrown, the octagonal wood piece suddenly expanded infinitely, but in an instant, it turned into a light of more than a dozen feet of colorful colors, hovering above the sky.

    "Into the thousand Zhang Qingshi." Under Yan Leizi's low roaring sound, the one hundred and twelve cultivators walked into the bluestone ground and sat down on the knees.

    Then, as Yan Leizi made a decision to print, the light of the five colors on the octagonal wood chips scattered in the body of one hundred and twenty cultivators in the bluestone.

    At the moment when the light of this five colors entered, all the cultivators, including Wang Lin, were shocked and lost consciousness.

    This is an extremely dense jungle. The towering trees are filled with infinite branches and leaves. Like a big net, it is isolated from the sky. Only in the gaps that appear faintly, will there be a glimpse of the sun and look at it at a glance. It is quite strange to see a Dao Light column to appear unexpectedly.

    On the ground, there are some rotten leaves, and there are some poisonous insects crawling away from the light column. It looks very amazing. The surrounding is not quiet, there are the rustling sounds of the leaves rubbing against each other and the sound of the cockroaches on the ground, except for these. There is also a distant scream that is heard from the distance.

    Just then, in a towering tree, suddenly the light of five colors, the rays of light, Wang Lin's silhouette illusion, the moment he appeared. Then Li Xuan jumped up and landed on a branch. Both eyes, such as electricity, the core restrictions of the technology cube, and all of their own aura convergence.

    Wang Lin has been honed by life and death. This so-called heaven's line is not even better for him than the Land of Monster Spirit! Behind now, naturally will not make the big mistake of immediately spreading Divine Sense.

    This mysterious, a Divine Sense swept from a distance. There was no pause around Wang Lin and it continued to spread, but at this moment, the Divine Sense, which was released, immediately panicked and shrank, but in a flash, Divine Sense collapsed and there was a scream in the distance.

    Wang Lin looked at it.

    "This place, if you don't have absolute strength, you can't spread Divine Sense. Otherwise, you will be instantly aware of the position. As a result, it will immediately cause robbery!"

    Wang Lin is slightly indulged, the internal force of the body is running, and the observation of his own body. This look is the clue that he sees. Indeed, as Yan Leizi said, there is something like Avatar.

…The flower is the same as the body. But after death. However, it has little effect on the ontology. …one

"There will be no killing of the death's line of true death. It will certainly make a lot of original cultivator without original experience, and experience a life and death test here, I am afraid this is the purpose of Thunder Immortal Temple. In order to raise a real cultivator." Wang Lin frowned. Try Seal into the Mystical Ability of heaven and earth Shrink the Ground to an Inch, but this place is not really heaven and earth. However, it has no effect. In the midst of sinking, he is swaying. Turned into a thread of smoke, disappeared into the former place.

    “The three levels of heaven and earth are just assessments. Only this heaven's line is the real battle for the title. Here, there is no good or evil, and if you want to get the first, you must get the most killing." When Wang Lin walks, the eyes are cold light glittering.

    Just then, there was another Divine Sense in the distance, sweeping around, Wang Lin's eyes condensed, and Xuan sprinted away. He was extremely fast. In an instant, he saw the Divine Sense far away. The cultivator.

    This person's That's right that two times was interrupted by Wang Lin, Zhao Yidao, he just appeared, very confused about the surrounding, Clan model cultivation, he subconsciously spread Divine Sense, want observation. Just at the moment when his Divine Sense was scattered, a strong sense of crisis suddenly came to him, making him instantly complicated to pale. But I know that I have made a big taboo!

    He immediately wanted to leave, but at this moment, in his behind, a black fog roared. With a murderous murder, the moment came, and suddenly the silhouette of Zhao Yidao fled.

    A scream came out, Wang Lin silhouette stopped, standing outside Baizhang, coldly staring at the black fog.

    Gas gathering and creeping, it seems that the Zhao surname cultivator even swallowed the belt bone to absorb the same as, after a while. Out of the dark fog, one person, this person. That's right Xu Ting.

    He licked his lips and stared at Wang Lin. The two eyes were confronted by a hundred feet.

    "You and me, at the end, how?"Xu Ting is very jealous of Wang Lin. Not wanting to be willing to take the initiative, at this moment, sinister start to talk.

    Wang Lin glanced at Xu Ting and turned around and disappeared into the former place. Compared to killing Xu Ting. The most important thing now is to get enough killings.

    Xu Ting was relieved, and the seal between the retreat was in the mist. Leave away from the other direction. Between the two, it is like dividing this into a boundary and splitting it into two. Don't make each other!

    Wang Lin did not bother to look for one by one, but simply searched for a big tree, sitting cross-legged, Divine Sense suddenly spread out. Sweeping heaven and earth.

    At the moment when his Divine Sense was released, more than a dozen people, Divine Sense, burst into the air and went straight to Wang Lin.

    Here, you don't kill others, others will kill you!

    Wang Lin's knees, opened mouth spit out a thing, this thing That's right Sealing Immortals Seal ! This sees Fang Xiaoyin floating in front of Wang Lin, bursting out of golden light.

    "Two of the hundreds of thousands of runes on that year. Each sealed a cultivator Origin Soul, the power is obviously different, this time, I do not know for the illusory wisp of soul, can seal Wang Lin look calm, waiting for the first person to die.

    After several breaths, but see a Daoist shadow such as electric light as as. From the jungle on the right, it was only the moment that the silhouette was close to Baizhang, but it was shocked. I saw that the person who was preparing to hunt was actually Wang Lin.

Wang Lin expression was calm and watery from the beginning to the end. At the time of the cultivator, the Sealing Immortals Seal in front of him suddenly rushed out, and it was too fast to catch up with the escaped cultivator.

    The cultivator panicked, hands with hand seals, and Mystical Ability appeared immediately, but these Mystical Ability fell on the Sealing Immortals Seal, but there was no obstruction. In an instant, the Sealing Immortals Seal approached and zoomed in. With a bang sound, squatting toward the cultivator, at the same time a large number of golden rune spread out, sealed this person all retreat.

    The cultivator showed despair in the eyes, a shot of the Storage Bag. Hundreds of flying swords appeared immediately. Wanting to resist, but listening to the rumble of the rumbling, the flying swords all collapsed, the Sealing Immortals Seal fell, and a tragic rumor came out, at the moment the cultivator dissipated. A golden rune suddenly glittered out and Seal entered the dissipated cultivator. After a moment, the golden rune was immediately full of spirituality, and Seal entered the Sealing Immortals Seal.

    Wang Lin glanced back and took back the Sealing Immortals Seal, carefully looking up and slowly raising his head. Looking at the jungle in the distance, calmly said: "You, want to wait until What is act!"

    The jungle in front of him was quiet, after a while. However, four people came out of it. The four cultivation bases are all Materialize Yang, and they are condense together. It seems to form a vagueness that can be opposed to Wang Lin.

Four people Looked at each other, one of them saw a flash of light, not saying anything further directly shot the Storage Bag, suddenly a bottle gourd, right handed hand seals, this bottle gourd immediately spewed a red flame, straight Ben Wang Lin.

    First, continue code cutting

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